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Monday, February 28, 2011

First Look Taurus Male

First Look Taurus Frontline Corset

Trinidad Carnival Diary Blingtastic Blogtastic Sweepstakes Contest # 15

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First Look At Persian Gold

First Look Lunar Cycle Male

Hi Saucy,

I decided to go to the Oval today when most Trinis were probably focusing on Sunday lunch. I got there around 11:45am. IP's sign is clearly visible (entrance is on St. Clair Avenue, close to Elizabeth Street). Was greeted by security. Two girls at a desk directed me to the elevator (past the Carnival Kicks table). The elevator taking a while to come down, so I took the stairs. Distribution is on the 3rd floor.

The room has a view of the Oval field along one entire wall. Soca was playing. There was no line to deal with. Apart from myself, there were two ladies there to collect as well. Made my final payment one on side of the room, and went to the other side to collect. I collected costumes for two persons today. The young lady attending to me opened each box and went through a checklist with me. Using a photo of the protoype as a reference, she ticked off each item in the box. The masquerader's name was written at the top of the checklist, and I signed at the bottom.

I even put on my headpiece and take a lil jump up, much to some of the girls' amusement. Only downside to the entire experience is having to go back on Tuesday to collect goodie bags and Monday t-shirts.

Costume Woes When Social Media Backfires.

Let me preface this post by saying as a masquerader there are certain things I do not fuss for. If my costume comes with accessories I do not like, I will simply buy new ones. My belt is too big (as it usually is every year since I choose to order larger rather than smaller) nothing that a glue gun and moving velcro can't fix . And when it comes to my bra I prefer to buy my own and give it to mas camp to decorate to ensure it is to a quality I expect and the correct size as I know very well that sizes at mas camps in bras vary. I do NOT compromise on costume quality however, I want my costume to look exactly as advertised down to the last bead and plume and if I have any problems I expect them to be dealt with promptly and with excellent customer service. I have only had one issue with my band of choice, TRIBE, and that was with the late delivery of my backpack in 2008. For that inconvenience they offered to have it delivered to my home and offered all the Frontline Masqueraders who had that issue a 50% refund that year. 

That being said I also support masqueraders who have valid and legitimate complaints when it comes to service, their costume and getting the total package that was advertised. Therefore if a costume is supposed to come with accessories  as advertised and it does not I believe the masquerader has a right to speak up as they paid for it in their costume price, similarly Monday Wear is not a "gift" if the band has advertised it as being part of your package! So if any part of your Monday Wear is missing, and that includes SOCKS, you have a right to complain; do not let anyone tell you that you are being petty and let that slide.

As I always say if you were to come up short of $5.00 to finish pay off the balance on your costume the band is not going to give it to you; you must pay in full for every last cent so therefore you should expect to get everything you paid for. Costumes are NOT cheap, they cost the amount of some people's monthly salary so it is not a favour the bands are doing you to provide you with a costume and the package that you are paying for. This does not only apply to YUMA but any band you are playing with.

There has been a firestorm of controversy brewing on YUMA's Facebook page and the vibes is no longer one of hugs! Disgruntled masqueraders are using Social Media to voice their concerns and it is now a war of words between supporters of the band who have no issues with costume collection and quality and those who do have problems. Facebook has been a major communication tool between YUMA and their masqueraders so it stands to reason that the communication, albeit negative, would continue via this forum. Masqueraders are getting periodic responses to their concerns on Facebook so they will continue to vent there.

As far as I am aware YUMA has not set up a Customer Service hotline where masqueraders can reach them to specifically deal with costume complaints, they do not have a costume adjustment center on site ( or anywhere advertised at this point ) and  they have also specifically stated that no costume adjustments will be made by the band at distribution, a point which I think is now sinking in for those masqueraders who did not pay attention to those FAQ: 

It would seem as if YUMA is the only band having complaints when in reality this is not so. Island People have told their masqueraders to return to collect their Monday Wear and Goody Bags, TRIBE has unhappy masqueraders who do not like the surprise purple on their bras for Xi'An Backline:

Xi'An Bra


 Also the ones who were expecting magenta bras in Knights Templar but it turned out to be PURPLE (even though the bras at the mas camp looked purple the professional pics showed magenta):

Knights Templar Bra On Collection 
Knights Templar Bra At The Mas Camp

Website Shot

And over at Bliss some masqueraders collected Caprica costumes without bras which they were told would be ready this week. The difference with these three bands is that if you visit their Facebook Fanpages it is effectively silent; no one is addressing their complaints there because Customer Service  and section leaders have been handling all  the problems . I know  over at TRIBE that once you have a problem you fill out a form with your issue and if it could be fixed on the spot it will be dealt with and if not it is remedied as quickly as possible. 

So now that YUMA's  Facebook Page is brewing a maelstrom of costume controversy and a host of people looking to swap costume for bigger or smaller sizes what is there to do? Well if I were YUMA I would take the issues off Facebook and privately  to customer service. Provide masqueraders with a dedicated number they can call to deal with costume complaints as well as section off an area at distribution for this purpose only. And although they have stressed that the masquerader is responsible for the correct sizing of costumes we all know that many unforeseen challenges can arise, for instance I have been told that the Taurus Frontline over lay top is too long on some people,  so I would say set up an adjustment center and deal with the problems swiftly. A happy masquerader is much easier to deal with and much more likely to be a repeat customer than an unhappy one! 

And to those of you who are writing me asking what to do, how to fix your costume on your own if you are handy with a glue gun making minor adjustments like fixing a belt you can probably try to do on your own. You can also try these tips to fluff up feathers that are looking a little sad and tired:

However if you need expert assistance I know several costume designers (not related to any band) who are assisting masqueraders for an additional fee. If you want their contact information send me an email :

First Look At Oracle

For more pics and a review check out Laura's blog :

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