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Saturday, February 24, 2007

The End of a Saga .......

In the midst of all the Carnival drama I never gave a report on what happened with my friends playing in Fireman, the same ones who were driving me up a wall treating me as their “go to girl”. They were part of the reason I wanted to switch from Fireman, the last incident I wrote about was the call I got when doing my lashes on Carnival Saturday from them saying they were at Cascadia and I did not inform them that credit cards were not accepted. In addition they wanted to know if I could “loan” them the balance on both their costumes, of course I said no and recommended they use the ATM and withdraw cash from the credit card but they were opposed to that idea.

So, I did not hear from them for the rest of the day, I even looked out for them when I went to Cascadia a few hours later to collect my costume. On Sunday I had a function to attend to celebrate the Chinese New Year and then the bloggers lime in the evening. Since my friend was insisting that I had to purchase her mas tights from the minute I told her I got mine, I sent her a text message to say I was not going to Samaroos that day but they were open until 10:00PM. Now, the whole mas tights issue was bugging me if only because she was so adamant that I HAD to purchase two pairs for her! Which annoyed me as I did not know which shade would look best on her and she had ample time to get to Micles weeks before or even Samaroos on the previous day when she came to collect her costume, yet still she made it seem that the fact she had no tights up to Carnival Sunday was my fault!

Well she never responded to my text message or call which was the pattern all along, I was the one doing all the communicating. On Monday morning I sent her another text message to ask what time they were leaving home, same thing, no response. Thing with me is that I have a conscience so I said to my self, I will give her a quick call before leaving home even though she might be mad that I did not get her tights or because they had to go home for cash on Saturday.

Lo and behold when I call my friend she tells me they NEVER picked up their costume and will not be playing mas! I could have fallen off the couch when she told me that! Seems that after leaving Cascadia on Saturday they went home for the cash and were too “tired” to return so they sent her niece to make the payment and collect the costume. BUT, they sent the girl with only $4000.00. The cost of the costume was $2935.00 plus there was an additional $100.00 for a whole suit which was ordered. Therefore the balance was $4,170.00; normal people would have asked the balance of the costume not so? But these were “lazy” people who could not even be bothered to pick up the phone to call me or even TRIBE they simply assumed the balance was $4000.00. If they were there in person as well, the issues would have been sorted out, because the cousin eventually remebered that she had ordered the whole suit and it cost extra, but the poor child they sent had exact money so she called them in a panic and their brilliant suggestion was to pay the cashier the $4000.00, let the person know that she was short the $170.00 and TELL them to give her the costumes and they would drop off the balance of money “later”.

Now you see the sort of ignorant, bold face behavior I had to deal with all these months? I was appalled that they even made that suggestion, so I had to stop her when she told me that and asked her if she was at Hi Lo and was short $100.00 if she thought they would give her the groceries and a credit to drop off the balance of money when she felt like? Because she was most upset that TRIBE did not accept her suggestion!!! She did say the guy at TRIBE told them he would hold the costume until Sunday for them to collect, even though Sunday was the day they would be selling costumes. For whatever reason Sunday morning came and my friend and her cousin decide they are not going to collect the costume, it was too much hassle! So they just let $1800.00 go down the drain because they did not have the “go to girl” to do everything for them. Then, at the end of the phone call she was trying to convince me that she was quite happy missing mas this year and it was “no big deal” “things always happen for the best” and so forth. By that time I was ready to leave and had to wrap up the phone call. I had to admit I was still in shock after she gave me the run down of what happened, I just could not believe the careless attitude that they had towards loosing their money!

Anyway, after a pattern of communication between us not being initiated by my friend I was most surprised to get a text message from her on Ash Wednesday asking “how was it?” And she said she was not missing playing mas, yeah right! So the moral of this story people is when coming to friends, or even family, who are solely dependent on you when it comes to everything mas related (picking out costume, registration, payment, pick up) give the responsibility over to them, only taking charge for your self! It was a lesson learned the hard way for me this year, in the process I may have even lost a friend as I am sure I am being blamed for everything that went wrong leading to her not playing mas, but be sure for 2008 when time comes to register in a band/section the only person I will be worrying about is myself! This “go to girl” has retired!
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