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Friday, August 17, 2007

24 Hours till the Launch + Registration Information‏

News from Island People mas camp on their upcoming launch tomorrow. I see they addressed the unauthorized photos that were posted on a forum, which I think was a devious move by persons unknown. Anyway I am very pleased to see that they will be starting costume viewing next week from 11:00AM, which means it is easy to run away at lunch time to get my up close viewing.

Look out for my photos from the launch early Sunday morning, you know the drill,I will be posting them as soon as it is humanly possible for me to get home after the launch. I am pretty excited and so looking forward to this one!


Are you ready for the Launch of our 2008 Carnival presentation Animal Instincts tomorrow Saturday 18th August at the Jean Pierre Complex? It's almost 24 hours till we reveal our new costumes for Carnival 2008!!!! We are sooo excited and hope that you are too!!!! If you didn't get your tickets yet you can still pick them up at our mas camp on Saturday.

We are aware that there are unofficial photographs of supposed Island People Mas costumes circulating on the internet. These photographs were not taken, nor approved, by Island People Mas. We ask for your patience in making judgments on our actual costumes until we launch tomorrow night and release our official photos and website.

We would also like to take this opportunity to bring you up to speed with a few important dates regarding registration.


Costume Viewing Only:
22nd August - 26th August
Hours:11am - 7pm everyday

Registration for Past Masqueraders (2006 + 2007):
27th August - 30th August

Registration for New Masqueraders:
3rd September - till we sell out!

Credit Card Payments WILL be accepted online.

50% Deposit will be required for online payments.

All dates mentioned above are applicable to online and mas camp viewing and registration

See you at the launch!

Your friends,

Island People Mas

PS: have you joined our facebook and myspace pages yet?

Harts Website is up!!!

After a predictably long wait Harts website is finally up! They have both a high speed and dial up version, and I love the introduction with the curtains drawing back to reveal the costumes. I see that they have changed the basic layout introducing scrolling sections and also a link to see more photos which gives you a close up of the headpiece and bra/belt. These details are very useful to overseas masqueraders and I am glad Harts is keeping up with the trends to showcase costumes in a manner that makes it easier to select when you cannot view them in person.

The dial up version is pretty much similar, the only thing is that you cannot scroll up and down the costume photo, and I think I prefer this except that the enlarged costume close up is smaller than if you viewed the high speed version of the website. The one critique would be that I wish they had also shown a close up of the male costume; I am yet to scrutinize hubby's costume as I cannot see it clearly in any photo.

Revolution..... coming to Trinidad Carnival 2008

The buzz about this rumored new band has been making the rounds for quite a while now, and I can confirm that renowned Toronto Band Leader Curtis Eustace will be bringing a "Revolution" to Trinidad Carnival 2008, as that is what his new band is called. Their presentation is "Imagination of Colour" and the band launch is slated to take place at Pier 1 on September 27th.

Band Leader Curtis has a background in Carnival since he is father is the late Tedder Eustace, a man who won Trinidad King of Carnival in the years 1975, 1977 and 1985, also Curtis' brother, Marcus Eustace, has produced several winning King and Queens in Toronto .

Curtis himself has also played King of Carnival in Trinidad, holding the tittle of a record four consecutive wins in the years 2002 to 2005. His very popular Toronto Band "Carnival Nationz" has won Band of the Year in 2005 and 2006.

As you can see this is a man rooted in mas and I cannot wait to see yet another new band for Trinidad Carnival as it will once again give masqueraders more choices, and hopefully other bands where the prices are more suited to all budgets!

Myths of Babylonia take 2

Well, thanks to anon who alerted me that Myths of Babylonia has reached TRIBE's website! It is on the flash version and since I have been using the dial version which is much easier to navigate I did not even know that they added Myths to the line up.

Here is the photo that floored me at Cascadia, note the nude adonis:

Even though the female costumes are up, the male and prices are still missing. I don't know if the style of the photo shoot or the models are doing the costume any justice (one young lady's breasts are almost falling out the top) and the fit of the costume makes the models look wide in the midsection.

Now that I have inspected the short version of the costume closer I can safely say if you do a google search for "greek goddess costume" a similar looking costume in white will pop up! I will not repeat what I already said about Myths of Babylonia, and suffice it say my opinion has not changed.

Mystique Option A

A photo of "Mystique" option A (small headpiece) has made it unto TRIBE's website just before registration begins:

Mystique Option A

It would have been nice to see the model wearing this headpiece in a full body shot dressed in the entire costume as since the costume is so skimpy as is, the bigger headpiece of option B suits it perfectly.

Mystique Option B

I also wished the shot was head on and not slanted so one could observe the new design properly. Option A looks very much like they stripped the frontline headpiece of some feathers and presented a scaled down version.

Mystique Frontline Headpiece

I actually like the jeweled netted element of the frontline headpiece, so I am leaning towards liking this headpiece but I need to see it with the rest of the costume to make a better judgment.

For those who like a smaller headpiece I guess it will be perfect!

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