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Saturday, February 13, 2010

First Look At Kalpana Frontline

Hi Saucy,

Yes I'm late. But better then never.
First my experience in collecting my costume.

Went to Sonia Mack's Camp. WHERE I registered was not the same place to go collect my costume.

Arrived at Diego Martin camp. Went to back of building and received my chits and band.

To the front... I was given my costume. However when the young lady was going over my pieces, I noticed that the extra bra I ordered was NOT what I was shown at the registration.
( The style was my deciding factor) instead of the triangle bikini bra I was now given the usual bra issued and told that's what it has.

THEN, I noticed, I had no Pasties..
So when I asked about them, I was told that my receipt did not show I wanted Pasties. HOWEVER, the costume box Blatantly showed the costume pieces, with Pasties included.

So they sent someone to find them. Then the illustrious Mz. Mack comes out, with a pair of pasties... One of them having no adhesive cover.
So I asked what am I to do with that!
Long and short, Mz. Mack advised that I buy pasties and use them and stick the designed ones over it.

*sigh* This is my last IP year. I love my costume, but come on man IP, after all this time... Still... Treating ppl like second rate / beggar customers after I forked out $4125 for my costume? Epic Fail.

Everything else was in order though.

Have a safe carnival all.

Finished Product

First Look at Black Indian


Finished Product






Shoe Covers and Bag

First Look At Thailand


Finished Product

Corset Option

One Of These Things Is Not Exactly Like The Other

You may have noticed that up until now I have refrained from commenting on any of the costume photos sent in by blog readers, however in this instance I cannot NOT comment as they affect my friends  who have some obvious costume complaints and are not satisfied with the final product. As these are my friends I am compelled to say something especially given that they are also not happy with the bullshit served to them with a smile!

First up, Wings of Isis frontline:


Finished Product

While I cannot argue that the finished headpiece does not look nicely decorated it is glaringly obvious that the 25 or so  18 inch  Ostrich plumes from the prototype are missing on the headpiece my friend collected. 

The reason my friend was given for the stripped down headpiece was that the plumes were removed after the headpiece was tested for "weight".This change in design was done without informing the masqueraders in the section and adding insult to injury the masquerader was NOT given a cape (which comes with costume) because they had to do "extra" work on her special corset (which she had made on her own and delivered to be decorated).


Corset with the "extra" work that 
eliminated the need for a cape

Are you kidding me Spice? So, removing the plumes was not enough to JUSTIFY giving this woman a cape? For the life of me I cannot see what was done "extra" on the corset seeing that the monokini is FULLY decorated and the corset is not. That bullshit excuse would be akin to TRIBE telling me no leg pieces because I have a bigger bra than an A cup and it took more gems to decorate! 

My other friend is extremely unhappy with her Caspian Sea backpack :


Finished Product

click for large view of closeup

As you can see the feathers on the backpack my friend was given are NOT the colour on the prototype; the periwinkle blue feathers have been replaced and not only that, the feathers they have been replaced with are DIRTY (see closeup image)! And while Spice's excuse to her was that the feathers represent the colour of the sea and the prototype on the website has been "touched up" I have photos taken at Spice's Media Launch with the said same prototype and the colours do NOT look touched up to me:

So this leaves my friend in Wings of Isis looking for a cape to PURCHASE or MAKE two days before Carnival Tuesday after spending close to $1000.00US on a costume that is missing feathers! And, my friend in Caspian Sea left with the choice of either spending MORE money in addition to the $933.00US she has spent on the costume, to fix it to her liking OR not playing mas at all! 

Now tell me, do you think, in any realm of the imagination that this is fair to the masqueraders? Bandleaders, first rule of business the customer is ALWAYS right and instead of the excuses these two ladies could have been given some sort of recompense and alternatives to leaving costume collection unhappy, after all they PAY FOR DAT!

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