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Monday, September 10, 2007

Section III Unmasked

And the countdown is now on for section IV which will be revealed in 5 days, don't forget to check the website!


This Earthly experience is riddled with opportunities for us to prove exactly who it is that we are 'not. Due to the din of life, we get frightened away from being loyal to who we truly are or can be. We make the decisions we believe to be expected from us. Who we think we are expected to be is usually a person that is so far away from who we truly are inside, that we almost feel exhausted with the burden of 'the new me'or 'the sexier me' or 'the outgoing spontaneous me' (this list can easily court infinity). At work, in school, at home, screaming and tortured we silently push the knowledge of our greatest self far away from all recollection, too be once again dreamed upon in some selfish moment of self gratification. Wearing our 'acquired' persona as a mask we silently grin ourselves deep into the very darkness from where we must now try in earnest to recollect information that was offered us on the proverbial 'silver platter' we then begin a many stepped journey to 'finding self', 'remembering self' and ultimately (and hopefully) 'knowing self'.


'WHO NAME MAN?". Where did we find this, drab, shadow of a man that is characterised by his emotional rigidity, coarse social values and complete inability to 'feel' any music or truly 'dance' through to a rhythm's end? When did we throw away pony tails with little bows for army fatigues and pants under our asses? Why can't we be men, why do we have to be MEN?
Grunt instead of sing, shift instead of dance, have sex with instead of make love to. If self does not dance then self does not dance, but how would we ever know if self is not given a chance to speak? This is obviously my personal interpretation for this section, basically shutting up ourselves so that we 'fit in' is like a slingshot in reverse, sending us wheeling into a dark self created pit, far far away from our ultimate destination.But then again without this dark pit, a starting point for progress, how would we know progression at all?

Black Widow ... special option

If you have been looking at the photos on Sonia's website there are several options being offered yet some are not labeled. So far what is clear is that there is an Option A and B which offers a frontline and backline as well as the Individual costumes which are available only by special request.

This version as well is on offer as a special costume consisting of the decorated body suit and headpiece with no feathers; cost $4800.00 available by calling Sonia direct.

Bring on the Bling!!

Did I tell you how much I love the fact that this blog has not only brought all the lovers of mas together but also those H.O.s who indulge in all the extras for Carnival and are generous enough to share their tips and ideas. Yesterday franny, who has been playing an Individual with Sonia Mack for years informed new H.O.s like myself that she customises her own "blinged" out cup for use on the road. Being the diligent student that I am I immediately went out and did some research and found cups fit for PIMPS that we H.O.s can definitely use!!

These totally fabulous blinged out cups have been seen used by the likes of Snoop and Little John but my mission is to have all the F.H.Os and even the Backline Bettys take them to the streets of Port of Spain for Trinidad Carnival 2008! I mean what use is looking hot in your fab costume, killer boots, professional makeup and carrying around a dingy old plastic cup?

Custom Cups has a pretty good inventory and gallery of customised pimp cups that they offer for sale, a google search will also turn up other sites that sell similar items but they are all made of glass. Looks great but not practical for the road in my opinion, if you think you are Diva enough to carry around a glass cup all day go ahead and check them out.

photos of cups from Custom Cups

For the more creatively inclined I suggest buying a plain Cocktail glass, Goblet or Margarita cup in some sort of hard, sturdy plastic or even metal for the goblets. The caveat with buying them online is that they are mostly sold wholesale so it might be better to go shopping for them in stores. If you know by the end of the day the cup will go missing get a cheap cup at that. I have found, however, these pretty cheap heavy plastic glasses than can do the trick at Acemart.

Then you can decorate them as you wish,using rhinestones, feathers and even fur as I have seen in the gallery of pimp cups at The Warehouse; if you need to see some do it your self cups check out the gallery here. And if you need step by step instructions on you do it your self H.O. cups The Warehouse has an EXCELLENT article here (though I would be wary of spray painting a cup I will be drinking out of).

Check out this diva at Nottinghill with her H.O. cup!

Let your imagination be boundless when decorating your cup; use a cup the same colour of your costume so that it matches , bling out the name or initials of the band you are playing with in rhinestones, trim the base of the cup in feathers, sequins or as we have see even fur to make your cup stand out! Remember a H.O. is all about being a High Maintenance Over Achiever so to quote franny, who is the brains being the H.O. cup "GO BIG OR STAY HOME".. make that the motto for Carnival 2008!

More Eustace in the News

Trinidad Guardian's Sunday magazine "Womanwise" featured costumes from Curtis Eustace's band, Revolution which is set to launch on September 23rd. Here is the article:

Eustace, Carvalho adds Colours to Carnival 2008

After copping the King of Carnival title eight times, Curtis Eustace will, in 2008, be putting out his first band.

And if you’re thinking that this move was long overdue, Eustace confirmed that it has been all he’s been hearing for the last week.

Colours is the name of the band that Eustace will front along with fellow bandleader Faried Carvalho.

According to the veteran masman, Colours will be contemporary mas with costumes that cater to all body types.

“Not every woman could go to the gym and get buff. This band is also for the mother who just wants a break from her kids for two days,” said Carvalho.

Photographer Calvin French gives a taste of what’s to come in Colours for 2008.

Modelling the costumes are Kim Seethai and Anya Inniss.

So, I like the costumes I am seeing thus far, but I am really interested in seeing the designs for the ladies who cannot go to the gym every day and "get buff" as these two are pretty skimpy!!

SOURCE: article and photos from the Trinidad Guardian

Mas Jumbies Jab Noir!

Mas Jumbies j'ouvert band website is up and though it is just a preview the full site will be up very soon. In the mean time here is another Jab teaser, this one is "Jab Noir":

For those who are not aware the man behind Mas Jumbies, Brian Wong Won is also an artist with 19 Carnival inspired solo exhibits in South Florida, London and even Trinidad. To learn more about this talent please visit Brian's new website "Brian Wong Won Fine Art".
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