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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Pulse 8 Prices

After getting lost yesterday I finally located Pulse 8's mas camp on Gallus street, I don't know how I did not see that big 8 on the front of the building but it would help if they added "PULSE" before the lone 8. Anyway, I collected my "special prize" and it was not a discount off the costume, though I am quite pleased that the real prize was a bottle of Johnny Walker Black. Some other folks got the discount prizes and there was even one for a free costume,I apologise to hottie hottie who wanted my "discount", sorry girl I was mistaken!

The mas camp is well laid out, spacious and is always the case some costumes look better in person than on the night of the launch or even from the professional shots. Wicked Waitress looked great in person (minus the backpack) but Sapphire Ice did not appeal to me as it first did, those Aquamena beads looked kind of cheap and the colour blue looked somewhat different in person. Mojito I still like, though it looks somewhat out of place amongst all the bright, shiny beaded costumes, the bra and waist band is beaded with tiny brown and green beads, really nice and the backpack is made from some sort of "cocoyea flex".

I was happy to see prices posted and registration has begun at the mas camp.
Islandevents has a gallery up with more pics from the launch by the way.

Wicked Waitress
no price yet for Frontline/Backpack

Mai Tai
Male - $2098.00
Female - $2498.00

Summer Passion
Male - $1998.00
Female - $2448.00
Mid Line - $2598.00
Frontline - $3598.00

Male - $1958.00
Female - $2558.00

Margarita Madness
Male - $1958.00
Female - $2398.00

Melon Fever
Male - $1898.00
Female -$2298.00

Sapphire Ice
Male $2098.00
Female - $2498.00
Frontline - $3098.00

Rum Sweet Rum
Male - $2098.00
Female $2698.00
Frontline - $3298.00

Blue Lagoon
Male - $1950.00
Female - $2398.00

Male - $1958.00
Female Short - $2398.00
Female Long - $2598.00
Backpack $600.00 additional

Anti Freeze
Male - $2098.00
Female - $2598.00
Frontline - $3298.00

Sex on the Beach
Male - $2098.00
Female - $2598.00
Frontline - $3598.0

Depth Charge
Male - $1958.00
Female - $2358.00

What's up with TRIBE's website ?

caisoqueen, one of my regular blog readers, has alerted me to the fact that she as well as other persons wishing to play with TRIBE are having serious issues with the Adobe Flash Player not working. What this means is that they cannot access the new website and are panicking that come Saturday(or whenever registration begins) they will not be able to view the website muchless register. These are people who have no choice but to register online so all systems must be on point least a situation like 2005 repeats itself all over again .

So I am appealing to anyone who has an idea of how to fix this problem to leave a comment, I think if caisoqueen cannot see this new website soon she might suffer a heart attack, and in case someone from TRIBE is peeping, YOUR WEBSITE IS NOT USER FRIENDLY to persons with older computers or those who do not have the latest updates (not everyone has a Dell XPS 600 like me ).

And if all who are affected want to take the matters into your own hands email tribe at : and if you really want to vent call them at 1.868.625.6800 or 1.86.624.2245

Dream Team News

Finally I have something to report on the Dream Team, the other new band coming out of Poison's departure from the Carnival scene They have a website with information on their bandlaunching which will be held on September 16th at Country Club Maraval . The name of their 2007 presentation is "Rhythm Nation..moving to one beat". Sounds interesting, I am curious to see what they have to offer and how they stack up against Pulse 8.

For those waiting on Island People

I called Sonia Mack today to find out when her registration starts and I was informed by someone at her macamp possibly Monday or Tuesday because they have to wait for offical word from Island People as all registration has to start at the same time. So I guess the information that I was given previously about registration starting next week is true, given that Sonia's camp says the same.

By the way, so far the results on my IP poll has Jewel of the Nile leading by a big margin:

Jewel of the Nile 44 votes
Oasis and Goddess & Defenders tied at 34 votes
Nubians 12 votes

My "diet" has been going well, I have not succumed to any temptations and surprisingly I am not having any cravings at all. Today I had one hard boiled egg with tomato wedges for breakfast and snacked on a banana. Lunch is roasted vegetables, braised beef and a green salad and I have some unsalted pistachio nuts for my afternoon snack. I think I will just have some fruits for dinner as the past few days I am not that hungry when I get home.

I think I am ready to hit the gym next week, my first real "excercise" will be getting in line to register for TRIBE on Saturday because you know I will be there early and these legs will have to support me for all those hours of waiting ! Yeah, I am not making joke because I don't want to end up ah Imp!

TLC Cards for Sale...

No, not from me, I was reading the forums on when I saw a post by someone stating that they had TRIBE T.L.C. cards for sale. Now, from the moment I read about the issuing of T.L.C. cards I knew that Trinidadians will find someway to make some a profit or fraud using these cards. There are masqueraders who have played with TRIBE in 2006 but have no intention of playing with them in 2007 for whatever reason and there are potential masqueraders who need a T.L.C. card so it was only a matter of time before those holding the T.L.C. cards realise that they are in possession of a most wanted item. Some people might be generous and give away their T.L.C. while others seize the opportunity to make some cash off other people's desperation to secure a spot in TRIBE.

Now I am not against anyone selling or buying these cards, that is allyuh business, but I just want those purchasing the cards to be aware of a few issues that might come up in February when you go to collect your costume. Firstly, the T.L.C. card is non-transferable, that means that even though you purchased the T.L.C. card it will not be in your name, you will register for your costumes under the name of "Jane Smith". Secondly, if your purchased a T.L.C. card from a female you cannot register a male with that T.L.C. card, it works female for female, male for male. Thirdly, you will not know if the T.L.C. card is genuine or a fake until you try to register. Fourthly, if it were me I would demand a copy of the T.L.C. holder's photo I.D. AND a letter stating that the costume was sold to the purchaser.

The reason I am advising this is because when collecting your costume TRIBE requires that the individual who registered collect the costume in person, if not you need to send a copy of your I.D. and/or a letter authorizing someone else to collect the costume on your behalf. Also, if you sold/bought your costume TRIBE normally requires an email or letter from the seller stating that information so the person who bought the costume can collect as well as the purchaser's name will now be in TRIBE's database which is only fair since they are the one paying and playing mas that year. So if you do not have this information beforehand you will have to track down the person who sold you the T.L.C. card to get a copy of their I.D. or a letter in Feburary, five months after the sale, who knows if you can even find the person then?!

I can see lots of potential for fraud and disappointed masqueraders IF these precautions are not taken. Can you imagine you purchased a T.L.C. card not knowing the rules that TRIBE has in place for costume collection, and after you made your $900.00 deposit the person who sold the T.L.C. card pops up at TRIBE on collection day and collects YOUR costume? After all the T.L.C. card IS in their name, so they will be the one registered for the section and all they have to do is show I.D,. pay the difference and walk away with your costume AND a $900.00 discount!

And if you think they won't know what section you registered for it is quite easy to get that information with a simple phone call or email to the mas camp remember if the T.L.C. is in that person's name all emails will be sent to that individual, the person who bought the T.L.C. card basically does not exist to TRIBE.

So, if you are thinking of grabbing that offer of T.L.C. cards for sale, take all necessary precautions. Unless you are getting a T.L.C from a family member or close friend (i.e. getting it for free) I would be very wary of purchasing a card from a stranger, it might cost you more than that $50.00 in the long run.
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