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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Red Prices

Seems like Red Unlimited website is suffering technical difficulties at the moment so here are the prices for those interested.

Sultry Seduction- Section Leader - Onika Michel Price EC $650.00
Discounted Price EC$600.00 until 31st May 2010

Tempted to Touch- Section Leaders - Krystal Jn Baptiste & Tovah Gibson Price EC $650.00 Discounted Price EC$600.00 until 31st May 2010

Truth or Dare- Section Leader - Alex Calderon Price EC $575.00 Discounted Price EC$515.00 until 31st May 2010

Wet Dreams- Section Leader - Andra Allen- Joseph Price EC $575.00 Discounted Price EC$515.00 until 31st May 2010

Burning Ecstasy -Section Leader - Cheslie Remy La Force
Price EC $825.00, Discounted Price EC$750.00 until 31st May 2010
Special VVIP Package included

Candid Confessions- Section Leaders - Kerchelle Jn Charles & Nangy Pascal. Price EC $650.00, Discounted Price EC$600.00 until 31st May 2010

Erotic Bondage - Section Leader - Lyndon Arnold Price EC $750.00 Discounted Price EC$700.00 until 31st May 2010

Guilty Pleasures - Section Leader - Nicholas Louis- Price EC $650.00 Discounted Price EC$600.00 until 31st May 2010

Sinful Fantasies- Section Leader - Trevor King- Price EC $575.00 Discounted Price EC$515.00 until 31st May 2010

Also Sweet 7 has an entertaining  side by side comparison of Red's costumes versus TRIBE's, check out her blog for more pics as well as feedback:

It is amazing that no one has yet come out in the defense of "inspiration" using the tired line that there is no originality in bikini mas as they usually do,when I point out the similarities between other Carnival's costumes and those from Trinidad! What I think is quite telling in how masqueraders feel about this whole situation (one which I have written about time and time again) is that some St Lucian's are not too happy to see these watered down versions of Trinidad's costumes, where is the local talent, they ask, hmm!  I still want to know who designed those costumes for Red  and where are they being made, maybe that might solve the mystery of why these costumes are so eerily similar! 
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