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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Fete Footwear

Nothing can ruin your carnival more than stepping out at a fete in the stiletto heels that are all the rage, only to twist your foot in one of the many potholes on the sidewalks of Trinidad, not to mention trying to navigate the uneven terrain on the grounds of a fete without falling face forward. The practical side would say leave the heels at home, unless you are totally going to pose off at a fete and do no walking or dancing all night but sometimes fashion sense is stronger than common sense. If you want to enjoy the fete by wining down low, jumping up high or making treks around the venue to check out the eye candy make sure you wear the proper footwear combining both style with comfort.

I am not a fan of sneakers at all, the only pair I own is for the gym, however sneakers are a staple on the die hard feters comfortable fete footwear. One friend of mine has sneakers in all colours to match her different outfits, and for the most part you can get away sporting the latest Nike at the public fetes like WASA and Soca Monarch where sneakers can come in handy when running from a fight! If the diva in you shuns wearing sneakers because they look bulky and clumsy with your hot little shorts or sexy dress, there are many “fashion athletic” shoes that are more about style than function but still quite comfortable. Among these are also the very popular skimmers, which look very nice with jeans, shorts, capris and even dresses, just don’t wear them with long skirts as they make you look shorter.

Obviously not your typical wear in Trinidad, not too long ago people wearing boots were mocked and laughed at since it is seen as “cold weather” footwear; today it is more common to see ladies sporting boots and jeans at fetes. Mas boots are an accepted form of footwear and you will not be jeered at, just to be clear. Boots are comfortable, they protect your feet and look stylish. You are more than likely to see boots worn at the more bourgeois all-inclusives where the fashionistas pay particular attention to trends. Personally I love the booties, short ankle boots, but calf high boots do look nice with your jeans and short skirts as well. Of course to make boots work as fete footwear the heels cannot be too high or too thin. Short stack heels, wedge heels and even flat boots are perfect for fetes.

As seen at Eyes Wide Shut

This choice of footwear is a good option for fetes but take into consideration the venue before deciding on wearing toes out or toes covered. If attending a non-inclusive fete such as Eyes Wide Shut or Bacchanal Wednesday where there will be a large crowd, you may want to protect your toes from getting stepped on especially if you intend to up front by the stage. Ballet flats are in style and are for the most part comfortable, one thing to think about however, is arch support as most of these flats do not offer this as well as looking for flats with a sturdy sole. Ballet flats that mimic real ballet shoes with just a silver of sole are not good for fetes since broken glass can penetrate the thin sole. At all-inclusives you can sport dainty thong or greek sandals, just ensure that the straps are comfortable, not rubbing against your heel or between the toes since your feet take a heavy jamming when feteing

If you simply cannot give up your heels either save the stilettos for the fetes where you are not going to break a sweat, maybe Lara’s all inclusive would be a good choice to wear them. My recommendation would be to try a wedge heel to offer more support than the stilettos, yet still giving height. Another thing to think about when selecting heels is stability; you may want to look for platform heels and wedges to give you some balance when getting on bad!

Ultimately you want to be comfortable, not only with how your feet feel but also how your feet look, so think twice about what shoes to pack in your suitcase and make sure you do a clothes audit before packing to match shoes with each outfit; helps in narrowing down choices as well as saves you from packing shoes you are not going to use.

All shoes pictured can be found at

Sweet Eye for Chrisnival

After the last Sweet Eye Designs open house where custom made, hand crafted jewelry by designer Solange Shaw-Gopual was on sale I have been waiting for a follow up event, and am happy to say that on Sunday 16th December Sweet Eye will once again be hosting a Christmas Show:

With Christmas and Carnival right around the corner those of you in Trinidad have the chance to shop for accessories that can spruce up the feteing wardrobe or even match your costume, that is if you are not already getting Sweet Eye ear-rings with your TRIBE costume. Of course you can also get your Chrisnival gifts if you are into that sort of thing (no one is getting gifts from me this year, sorry, I have my costume to pay for!).

If you plan on going, get there early. The last time I got there way too late and almost everything was sold out!
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