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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

YUMA "Press Play" Teaser

Section: TYRIS

From the game Golden Axe, Tyris will come to life with Yuma Vibe! Press Play at the Premium Drinks inclusive launch at the ARCADE - Sat.13th Aug. $325 ladies/ $350 men.

Bliss "Destination Bliss" Prices

Male $3,150
Backline $4,150
Frontline $6,135

Bora Bora
Male $3,150
Backline $4,150
Large Headpiece - Add: $365
Arm Pieces - Add:$200

Male $2,995
Backline $3,995
Frontline $6,495

Kuala Lumpur
Male $2,995
Backline $3,795
Frontline $5,830

Male $2,995
Backline $3,995
Frontline $6,275
Large Headpiece – Add $595

Male $3,125
Backline $3,875
Frontline $5,925
Large Headpiece – Add $590

Male $2,995
Backline $3,995
Large Headpiece – Add $400

Tahiti "The Absolute Section"
Male $3,650
Backline $4,650
Frontline $6,650
Large Headpiece – Add $625
Special package included. Please contact for details.

Registration 101

I have been getting lots and lots and lots of emails asking about registering for costumes from people who live overseas so I think it is time for a Registration 101 and I have also included some tips from Bandlaunching 101 for the newbies to Trinidad Carnival Diary.

1. Carnival Bands in Trinidad launch the following year’s presentation usually between July and November. The first Band Launch for Carnival 2012 took place in June of this year. This period of multiple band launches every weekend is known as band launching “season”. Announcements of Band Launches are usually made via email, the band's website , local press, radio advertisement or Facebook Fanpage.Tickets for the band launch are usually pre-sold at the mas camp, some other designated venue or through committee members. The normal procedure is the band contacts masqueraders who have played with the band before via email or telephone with information on when and where the launch will take place. After that everyone, masqueraders and non masqueraders alike, will have an opportunity to purchase tickets.

2. The main focus at a band launching is to showcase the costumes for the following year’s presentation. Unlike a regular fete it is best advised to arrive early to see the show, if live models are being used. Though the costumes are the main attraction at the band launch, the trend has been to make it a true post launch party with free drinks and a  live band or performer.

3. After a Band has had it's launch they follow up with launching their website and/or opening their Showroom  / Mas Camp/Band House so that potential masqueraders can go in for a viewing of costumes. This is also where you can be sized by the band by trying on sample bras and belts for correct sizes according to the mas camp's measurements. Actual registration for costumes does not happen simultaneously EXCEPT with Harts who open their Mas Camp post launch and start registration immediately. So far of all the bands that have launched, Spice, Oasis and Fantasy Carnival have all launched their websites. Spice and Oasis have prices listed and Spice ONLY is available for online registration at the time of this post. Oasis begins online registration on August 12. You will note that the trend is to launch a website, open the show room and then post prices at a later date.

4. Most bands offer past masqueraders first dibs at registering for the costume of their choice. This form of "loyalty" registration takes place prior to open registration for the rest of the public. Past Masqueraders will be contacted about details if this is the procedure for the band of choice. In some cases certain sections can or are sold out during past masqueraders or loyalty registration and only the remaining sections will be available for open registration.

5 Pre Registration is an often hushed topic which is a a source of much controversy. This is really a select  registration process by the band, most often coordinated via committee.Friends, family, affiliates, sponsors and lucky few get invited to register before anyone else. This year TRIBE has taken this to a new level with their VISA system, but many if not all bands have this process in place. If you know a committee member your best bet for getting in the costume or section of your choice is by reaching out to them. But be warned the pre registration process is not about who YOU know but who knows you.

6.When registration starts the process is you either go to the Mas Camp or wait for online registration to select your costume. Bands state that there are separate inventory for in house and online so sections will be available for both forms of registration even if a costume is sold out in house. To be honest with you though this may be true to an extent bands will pull stock from online to sell in house during crunch time, severely depleting the amount of costumes left online especially if it is a popular section. Sometimes the BEST advice if you really want a "hot" costume is to have someone go in person at the Mas Camp to register for you (if you cannot physically go in yourself) and have them go EARLY  as well. Show up hours before registration starts on the first day IF the band is insanely popular, make a lime out of it, walk with snacks and drinks; do whatever you need to do to get that costume. Chances are only a few will be available online and you will need to have some very swift fingers to get it.

7. Always have several choices in mind when selecting costumes to avoid disappointment. Chances are your first choice may be sold out either when in house registration begins or you may not be swift enough online. I say make a list of your top 3 in the band of your choice and a savvy masquerader has several choices in several bands. If one is not an option move on though some people settle for costumes that were never their choice only to play in a certain band; this is certainly an option for those who care less about costume.

8. Bands usually require the following information when registering so have ALL your details on hand: 

  • Section Choice (name of section, frontline, backline, small headpiece, large headpiece) 
  • Bra Size
  • Bra choice (tankini, corset, whole suit )
  • Belt Size in inches (where you will wear your costume belt)
  • Hip size in inches 
  • Waist size in inches 
  •  Underwear choice (thong, bikini)
  •  Underwear size (S.M.L.XL)
  •  Select extras such as boy shorts
  • Shorts Size (for men),
  • Waist Size in inches (for men)
  • Meal Choice (vegetarian, non vegetarian)
  • Contact details : name, email address, phone contact, address

 I normally have all this information typed out already so if I am registering online it is just to cut and paste. If you are going in in person to the Mas Camp and have several people to register it is best to do a spreadsheet to avoid confusion. Please note that some bands may have bra and belt sizes listed in S,M,L and XL. There is usually a conversion chart from cup size and waist size to these sizes however it is best to confirm with the band what the conversion is prior to registration.

9. Payment for your costume is made either by placing a NON REFUNDABLE deposit (you will be informed of how much this is by the band) or in full. SOME bands require that overseas masqueraders either pay for their costume in full or have a 50% deposit when registering online, another reason to send someone in person at the mas camp to register for you. Prices are usually quoted in TT Dollars with the exchange rate to the US being 6TTD to 1US.

10. In today's Carnival market the luxury of waiting for all bands to launch and show their costumes is no longer an option. Savvy masqueraders usually have a specific band that they are intent on playing with and as soon as registration begins secure their costumes with said band.You might be lucky and get several band launches happening without the start of registration by any of them until a few weeks later which will give you some time to compare costumes, but the hype and hysteria surrounding getting into a band means you have to make a decision as soon as possible, choose a costume and wait to register for it. If you choose to wait and not get caught up in the hype to get into an "IT BAND" please note that many more bands launch later in the year, not all bands sell out post the start of registration (the insanely popular ones do however) and you may be able to get a costume from someone doing a resale on Carnival Junction and sites of the like.

For all those eagerly waiting to register good luck, hope you get that costume you so desire! Here is a listing of Carnival Band websites, remember all will not be updated with Carnival 2012 information as yet:

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