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Sunday, January 06, 2008

India Comes a calling

Maybe the fact that Brian Mc Farlane's 2007 portrayal was entitled India might be the reason that he reports to the Newsday that costume manufacturers from that country have contacted him to have his costumes made in India:

As the Carnival season this year is a very short one some “mas men” have found a quick fix by having costumes imported from companies in India, China and other countries.

This was first revealed by bandleader Brian Mac Farlane. He said he received e-mails and calls from representatives from a company in India asking him whether he was interested in importing his Carnival costumes from them.

“The gentleman that spoke to me insisted that I should be interested in his offers of bras and bikini bottoms because other bands locally imported from them and I told him that I do not subscribe to that kind of Mas and I make my costumes from scratch,” he said

I find it bemusing that the Newsday would assume that the reason for costumes made in India and China has to do with a short Carnival season when this has been the norm with many bands for YEARS. Island People representative Wyatt Gallery openly admitted that they have their costumes made in China as well as Curtis Eustace of Evolution who told me the costumes were designed in Trinidad and sent to India for production. Even TRIBE has gotten in on the act as I was told the beading on Black Magic was done in India as no one could do the job locally.

It was also quite hilarious that every band contacted by Newsday admitted to knowing of this practice but not doing it themselves:

When Sunday Newsday contacted other bandleaders their overall comments were they were aware of it but they are not the ones that do it.

When co-producer of Trini Revellers, Jeff Gillette, was contacted he said he has heard of bandleaders doing that but not his band.
Nina Mc Kenzie of Genesis took the cake when she said “This is the first time I have ever heard of something like that,” once again Nina needs to stay away from the toxic fumes of the Evo Stick Glue. For the full article, check out today's SundayNewsday edition or get it online here.

HEAT at Fire Fete!!

Ok, allyuh know I did not go to Fire Fete last night (I have never been in all my life either) but I hear REAL piccong was throwing left right at center at the OTHER event raising temperatures last night. Seems like every soca artiste that performed at Fire threw some heat at King George the V Park !

Added to that, the Fire man himself Mr Bunji Garlin was spitting flames to express how he really feels about the rumours that he had gone sorf since getting married saying he has no HIV, no AIDS and he have ONE woman who vex at that lorse! He went on to imply that certain soca stars have been indulging in obeah (voodoo to the foreigners) and that the soca mafia has been telling the radio stations not to play other soca artistes tunes!

The bacchanal continues as Bunji allegedly said he will get vex and call names just now!! Call names I say, that will make the next fete he performs at even more interesting!!

Are you feeling the feeling ?

With such a short Carnival season those of you not living in Trinidad, just coming out of Christmas celebrations, bundled up for winter and are not in tune with the music you are probably missing the Carnival vibes. For those of us here in Trinidad with the start of the feteing season things are quickly heating up, well at least for me as I am only just getting the Carnival excitement with my first fete coming up on Sunday.

If you have got zero zeal for Carnival 2008 at this point in time here are a few tips to start feeling the feeling:

• Tune in to a local radio station with an online feed, I recommend RED 96.7 for the latest Soca and a whole lot of Carnival comes talk! Bookmark this link.

• Start packing for Carnival.

• Go shopping for fete gear; though it might be too cold to lure you out your house in search of sandals and hot shorts in winter, browse online at the many websites that are wrapping up Christmas sales.

• Start working out; find yourself in a gym with your I Pod blasting soca music and bust down some wining moves to get the waist ready for action.

• Look at last year’s Carnival photos and reminiscence on the fabulous time you had. If you are on facebook or myspace change your profile picture to one of you in a Carnival costume.

• Put a carnival countdown clock on your PC at home and at work.

• Make a photo of your costume your screensaver.

• Break out the gems and begin decorating your BLING cup!!!

• Wear your carnival shoes around the house to break them in, don’t forget to jump up, wine down low and lift your leg up to make sure they are truly ready for the road.

• Host a “Carnival We Coming” lime with your friends; do each other’s makeup, decorate boots or simply get together to plan your feteing schedule. Make sure you have some rum cocktails on hand with soca music pumping and this might be another time to break out the old carnival photos on a slideshow!

• Get some “Pick Up Cards” made. Have you ever met a guy or girl at a fete or on the road, connected, sparks were ignited but lost their number because you were too drunk to remember it? With the “Pick Up Cards” you simply slip them the card with your name, phone number and or email address (or as much personal information you wish to reveal) which is much easier than writing the number on your palm or trusting a friend to store it on their cell phone. If you already have business cards this will work as well. (Thanks TP for this fabulous tip!).

• For those playing in bands that are not providing Monday wear, this is a good time to start planning your ensemble. Whether you plan on wearing a simple T Shirt or are more creatively inclined to put together an outfit, envisioning yourself in your creation on the road for Carnival Monday will surely get you feeling the feeling

• This might be a good time to work on decorating those boots or sneakers. Just because you are wearing sneakers does not mean you cannot add some rhinestones or sequins to jazz them up as well! There are many craft stores that sell all the materials needed, so find yourself to the nearest one and stock up on gems, spray paint and glitter! Go wild!

• And finally, read this blog and ALL the Carnival blogs daily! Join in the chat, leave comments ask questions. Sometimes it is hard to get excited about something when you have no one else around you that shares in or understand s your interest. Hopefully connecting with other people with the same plans as you should get you in the mood!

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