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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Island Sky Cropover 2012 Packages

Cropover 2012 “Es La Vida Loca” packages are ready. All packages include accommodation for 4 nights, breakfast, fete tickets and transport (to and from the airport and to the fetes) and a goody bag. 
Choose one of the following packages that best suits your budget: 
• Vida package – double occupancy accommodation
Price $675.00 USD per person
• Loca package - triple occupancy accommodation for 3 persons (one queen size bed and a single bed) 
Price $670 USD per person 
• Rum package – quad occupancy accommodation for 4 persons (2 queen size beds)
Price $660 USD per person 
Party Package cost $420 USD which also includes a Mount Gay Rum Party Kit
Book soon before all spots are taken. 
Deadline date for downpayment of packages is May 31st, 2012. 
Final payment of the packages is to be paid by July 8th, 2012. 
For more information contact 681-2409 or 339-8892.
Paparazzi Carnival held their media launch on Wednesday and here is a preview of what is to come when the band debuts their Carnival 2013 presentation on July 8, 2012.

Costumes from L to R: French Connection, Opulence and Red Carper Ready 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A.M. Premium - All We Wanted To Know

Tomorrow morning at this time hopefully I should be on my way to Maracas to experience the premiere of A.M. Premium Breakfast All Inclusive. I wanted to know some more about the event so I asked some questions of one of the organizers, here we go!

Who are the people behind A.M. Premium and is your committee also affiliated with the Carnival fete C’est la Vie?

A.M. Premium is a joint effort by 2 long-time close girlfriends who have partied together for many years, whose first names happen to start with the letters “A” and “M”.  It is only associated with C’est La Vie in that we were both on its committee, but were encouraged to try something of our own. 

Why a Breakfast Fete outside of the Carnival season? What prompted the idea?

The idea was not to host a breakfast party outside of the Carnival season. Rather, it was that we wanted to host our family and friends to wake up, have a shower, get dressed and “come over and have breakfast”.  When we had done the list, it was so long as we had included friends old and new, and so the idea was born. 

When we hear the description "Premium All Inclusive Breakfast Fete", what can patrons expect? What is on the menu, what is on the drinks list and who are the DJ’s?

Premium for us means having the best of the best.  The menu consists of items that are traditional, such as omelettes and pancakes.  However, we include local dishes like fried bakes n saltfish, sada roti with tomato choka or baigan choka.  Of course we know Trinis love doubles in the morning and the health conscious like a little fruit to start the day.  Because we are going til noon and are aware of the alcohol consumption, we have included corn soup and pumpkin soup to warm you up before you leave.

The drinks will feature Johnny Walker, Grey Goose, Single Barrel Rum, Café and Silver Patron and much more. Also we will be introducing our signature morning cocktail called “Mawnin”….look out for it!!!

The DJ’s include the classic DJ CIN, followed by Slaughter, DJ Dane and Hollywood Sachy and of course, Private Ryan.

The final premium element is our friends who we will get to eat, drink, listen to some music and catch up with in an atmosphere of enjoyment and revelry. 

Where is the venue for A.M. Premium and why was it chosen?

The venue is Bayview Bar on the North Coast Road on the way to Maracas Bay.  It was selected primarily because of its view and crisp morning air. 

What are the chances that A.M. Premium will be on the calendar for Carnival next year?

Hmm, we’re not sure yet, but let’s wait and see.

Monday, May 28, 2012

New Launch Date for Harts

Take Note:

After considering all the e-mails you have sent, we have decided to move our Band Launch date down one week, to Friday 17th August, to give you all time to return and recover from Barbados Crop Over. Hope you guys have a great time over there and looking forward to liming with you all at the Band Launch, same venue 02 Park Chaguaramas. 


Mas Jumbies for Caribana

MAS Jumbies is pleased to announce its entry into Scotia Bank Caribbean Carnival J'Ouvert 2012 in Toronto. e-mail us at for more info

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fantasy Trinidad Goes to Barbados With Blue Box Cart, Cropover 2012

Have to say I LOVE this costume from Fantasy Trinidad for Blue Box Cart, Cropover 2012. Here is the link to Fantasy's Cropover 2012 website

Front Line - $850 BBD, Back Line - $600 BBD, Male - $475 BBD

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Caesars Army Mai Tai Roast

Yeah, Wednesday is going to be a busy day and night ! Caesar's Army Mai Tai Roast, May 30, 2012.


A.M. Premium Teaser

Now this is what we are talking about, can't wait!


Friday, May 25, 2012

Getting Ready To Walk The Red Carpet

Countdown to "new" band  Paparazzi  Carnival's media launch on May 29, 2012:

Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Band Alert - "Colorz For So"

The launch of "Colorz For So" nearly slipped under the radar , if it was not for one of my media friends who was invited to the launch I would never have known about it. No details on the band as yet, I was informed that all will be revealed at the launch tomorrow:

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Red Ants presents... 21 NORTH

Red Ants presents...


An Exclusive Premium Drinks Experience

Johnnie Walker Double Black | Johnnie Walker Black | Hennessy | Nuvo Cocktails | Bubbly | Café Patron | Jagermeister | Malibu | Bailey’s | Absolut Vodka | Bombay Saphire | Single Barrel  | 1919 | Black Label Rum | White Oak | Puncheon | Carib | Stag | Carib Pilsner |             Punchy Punch | Rum Snow Cones...

Sun 27th May 2012
4pm - 10pm

A venue like no other...
Tracking Station, Chaguaramas | Follow the signs from Pier 2

TAO SUSHI served till 6pm

Ladies $350's SOLD OUT
Ltd. Adv. $380's SOLD OUT
Very Ltd. Adv. $400's available
$425 thereafter

V.I.P. Car Pool Parking Available
(4 or more persons per car)

Contact Committee Members for more info!
Adonia Gomez-Burke . Arvinder Rampersad . Brendon Clement . Cherrise Alexander .Chris Carim . David McCartney . Dexter McShine . Gabriel Telfer . Greer Iton . Gillian De Freitas . James Phillips . Jamie Aqui . Jason Mollineaux . Joel Lynch . Kandace Price . Kearlene Crosby . Kendal Latchman . Kendall Sharpe . Kevin Homer . Kimberly Ella Tang . Kristi-Anne Chin . Mark Deane . Marvin Carmino . Nicholas Patrick . Quelita Pierre . Rebecca Elias . Rhiannon Pemberton . Rian Ramrattan . Ryan Henrique . Stephan Homer . Steven Luk Pat . Zikomo Townsend

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

TRIBE Band Launch Date!

It's on now, JULY 21, 2012!

New Problem Child featuring Patrice Roberts - Cropover 2012

5th Annual Victory Games

Victory Games is back again for 2012 and all your favourite Carnival Bands will be there once again trying to win money for their chosen charities. The games take place on June 17, 2012.

Check out the team colours  and the charities they are playing for.

Come out and support your favourite team at Victory Games 2012, ticket is $45.00 which also includes lunch. Last year was lots of fun and YUMA took the top prize. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Petlemas Model Casting

All New. Petlemas…The Band is hosting a massive casting for girls to represent the theme of the band on the Runway, in print, and at our events for Carnival 2013. On Sunday 1st July, girls 18 years and over are invited to come our open casting to get their photo taken for a potential model appearance for Petlemas….The Band!

No modeling experience necessary, that’s what we’re here for! We’ve teamed up with AP Adrenalin Photography and Trinidad and Tobago Facebook Models to prepare the selected girls for the photoshoots and their Debute appearance at our first Show on Sunday 5th August. 

The Tryouts start at 10am at our Murray Street Showroom. We ask that all girls arrive on time.

Solid Coloured Swimsuit
Hair Down
Minimal makeup
No Jewelry

When: Sunday 1st July , 2012
Where: Petlemas Showroom. #40 Murray Street, Woodbrook
Why: Cause you Love Carnival

For Further Information Contact
Petle Claverie: Band Leader (342-4314)
Marlon Williams: Model Manager (342-1707)
Marlon Haynes: Adrenaline Photography (291-8251)


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Beach House Today ... Enjoy!

Cropover 2012 Update

Fantasy Barbados launched their website yesterday and one section is already SOLD OUT, arguably the most popular and my personal favourite "Zulu", there are still 3 more sections open to choose from however.

Dragon Fly Mass, a new band for Cropover 2012 has revamped their costumes and launched their website, promising a VIP experience for their presentation "Alpha and Omega; In the Begning" this is what their package includes:

Package Unlimited Drinks. White Glove Service. Best Street Party Ever.
Membership Package includes: 

  • Free access to two (2) DFM Sunday Beach parties at Copa (available only with DFM Membership Card) 
  • Eight (8) free workout sessions compliments Aswan Fitness starting from June until the week of Crop Over; getting your festival body together. 
  • (Beach side) Premium drinks, wine, and cocktails on our custom made bars placed strategically throughout the band. 
  • Full Costume for Foreday Morning and Grand Kadooment Day ( front line costumes). 
  • Mobile Waiters offering shots and other drinks throughout the band, providing a white glove service.
  • Hot breakfast on Foreday Morning (Trini Style) meals and Snacks Grand Kadooment Day (Beach side).Compliments Purity Bakeries and our top class chefs. 
  • Shuttle service to the band (Warrens) and Lunch at Copa (Kensington Oval for Shuttle)- Parking at Copa for all band members, making life easier. Security tight, yet friendly, throughout the band. 
  • Trailer powered by Barbados’ best sound companies with music from the top five DJ's in the island. 
  • Moving bathrooms with exceptional powder room service and amenities. (White Glove Service)
  •  LTB (Locate the Band) Service - Call the LTB hotline at anytime Foreday Morning and Grand Kadooment Day to find the location of the band. 246-831-9270.
(see more costumes on the website)

And finally look out for Island Fusion's launch of their Foreday morning presentation in two weeks! 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lilliput Theatre Presents “anansi and the world wide web”

Trinidad and Tobago’s Veteran Children’s Theatre Company Mirrors Society With Its Anansi Story

May 17, 2012 – Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago… Trinidad and Tobago’s veteran children’s theatre company, Lilliput Theatre, will explore the many sides of Anansi, the spider, the man, the trickster, the shape-shifter in its 2012 production, anansi and the world wide web. Curtains open on Lilliput’s Anansi story this Friday May 18, 2012 at 7:30 p.m. at Queen’s Hall with nightly performances until Sunday May 20, 2012. 
Kiddies Carnival 2012 Lilliput Theatre’s portrayal of Merylle Mahabir’s designs
 in the presentation, Glad Rags

“Anansi is a spider, Anansi is a man, Anansi is a trickster from a foreign land,” chant the Lilliputians in memory of one of West Africa’s and the Caribbean’s most popular characters. anansi and the world wide web uses the art of storytelling to present the Anansi story in three contexts that reflect modern day society. “The essence of this year’s production is to revive the Anansi story tradition while putting our spin on it. We are interested in what we can learn from this trickster,” shared Lilliput’s director, Wendell Manwarren.

Kiddies Carnival 2012 Lilliput Theatre’s portrayal of Merylle Mahabir’s designs
 in the presentation, Glad Rags

Lilliput’s drama division was charged with translating Merylle Mahabir’s creative vision as presented in Lilliput’s 2012 Kiddies Carnival portrayal, Glad Rags. Costume designer, Mahabir, depicted the reality of vagrancy using environmentally friendly costuming made from recycled materials.  From the harsh experience of street life to the web of the cyber matrix, the junior thespians scripted their latest production exploring issues ranging from homelessness to Internet fraud. Reflecting on the play’s concept, drama tutor, elisha efua bartels, mused, “Anansi is incarnated through music, stories, poems and movement as a mirror to a simultaneously shrinking/expanding global village.”

Kiddies Carnival 2012 Lilliput Theatre’s portrayal of Merylle Mahabir’s designs
 in the presentation, Glad Rags

Lilliput Theatre teaches drama to children aged 7 to 18 and dance to children aged 3 to 18. It was founded in1975 and encourages self-confidence through the challenge of theatre, game play and imagination. The theatre’s production team is led by founder and artistic director, Noble Douglas, and Manwarren. They are supported by drama tutors, bartels and Tonya Evans; and dance instructors, Evans, Arlene Frank, Charlene Harris and Charlene Rollock. For more information email or call (868) 367-5295.

WHAT:        anansi and the world wide web

WHO:           Lilliput Theatre

WHEN:        Friday May 18, 2012 at 7:30 p.m.

                        Saturday May 19, 2012 at 5:30 p.m.

                        Sunday May 20, 2012 at 5:30 p.m.

WHERE:     Queen’s Hall, St. Anns, Port of Spain

TICKETS:   Children $85.00/Adults $95.00

                        Crosby’s Music Centre, St. James or students of Lilliput Theatre

Summer Road March

I am kinda not liking the use of "Summer" since we don't have that season in Trinidad but the concept of a Carnival Take 2 is interesting, event page:

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Paparazzi Band Launch

Sunday July 8, 2012 .. see event page for more details

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Video and Music from Kes The Band

New video by Kes The Band for the song "Take Me Away"


And listen to the new track by Kes The Band; 'My Love' on the Summer Wave riddim by TJ records


Monday, May 14, 2012

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Don't Get Your Panties In A Bunch !

Last night I, along with several other people, viewed Fantasy Barbados' live stream of their Cropover 2012 presentation "Warriors of Africa". The event took place at UWI (University of the West Indies) Cavehill and naturally being a BAND LAUNCH my main purpose for viewing was to see costumes as I will be jumping for Kadooment and Fantasy is a possible band of choice.

Now people who know me and even if you only know me via the blog know that when it comes to mas and costumes I am bordering obsessive. So, when the "launch" started with a mini speech about MSC courses at the UWI Cavehill I sent this tweet: 

Ok at a Band Launch people are there for ONE reason and ONE reason only... costumes!
 Why am I watching a speech ?! 

Imagine my surprise when at 12:17AM this morning I get a message from a Bajan friend that a certain newbie Cropover blogger said that I was saying negative things about Barbados and "shitting up Bim" on Facebook. 

Listen, lets get one thing straight I NEVER said anything anti Barbados, we were talking costumes and costumes ONLY. This could have been a launch for Grenada Carnival, Caribana or Nottinghill my sentiments would have been the same if I was sitting around waiting to see costumes and had to sit through a lecture.

Obviously my concept of a band launch and what Fantasy Barbados presented was different, however I expect to see costumes at a Band Launch and that was my ONLY purpose for viewing. Wen bands in Trinidad launch HUNDREDS of costumes during our "band launch season" people comment from around the world , do we brand them anti- Trinidad because they complain about waiting too long to see costumes on Triniscene's live stream?

And the amazing thing is several people were making comments on the live-stream chat expressing the very same sentiment and some of them were Bajan! 

I do NOT appreciate some upstart spreading misinformation about me especially to people who I know personally, feel free to observe my comments on Facebook and twitter concerning Fantasy's launch to judge for yourself what was said.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fantasy Barbados Band Launch Streaming Live

Seeing as Fantasy Barbados is definitely a contender as a possible band of choice for Kadooment I am very eagerly awaiting their launch tonight and I am very happy that it will be streaming live! Take note and tune in at 8:00PM.

Bookmark this live stream link:

Friday, May 11, 2012

New Blog On The Block

If you are planning your trip to Cropover you may want to bookmark a new blog "The Crop Over Chronicles" for all the latest updates as well as trip planning services via TrpleF Services

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Soca Awards - Time To Vote

The 10th Annual Soca Awards take place on June 29, 2012 but you can vote for your favourite artistes TODAY. Check out the list of nominees and VOTE!

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Booze Cruise Cropover 2012 Update

So, interesting developments for Booze Cruise 2012 this Cropover season. From the information I have received there will be two options for party goers to choose from. One is the All Inclusive All Day Beach party at the Boatyard and the other would be a shorter version of the Booze cruise on the Jolly Roger and two Catamarans. If you choose the Booze Cruise you also have access to the Beach Party so I am guessing it will be a tiered ticketing system based on your choice. I dunno, I am kind of feeling the Beach Party comcept! 

Booze Cruisers!!

We are fully into the planning for Booze Cruise 2012 and have received a number of requests already.  We want to keep the faithful updated on our plans as we continue to prepare for once again another successful, sold out event for this year's Crop Over.

A decision was made by Tall Ships which resulted in the relocation of the Harbour Master from Barbados for the season.  This has been the catalyst for merging our Morning Event, Cruise and After Party into an All Inclusive, All Day Beach Party at the Boat Yard location.   We are taking this opportunity to continue to expand on the premium food & bar while headlining the industry's top performers.  Please note that this year’s event will include the sailing of the Jolly Roger.

Our 2012 event will continue to be what Booze Cruise is synonymous for; a festive, all inclusive unique experience for our patrons in a friendly environment!

Sunday August 5th 2012
We thank you for your continued patronage.
Happy Crop Over!!

Join our Facebook Page at:

Theme 2013 - Showtime Trinidad & Dream Team Carnival

Showtime Trinidad

Dream Team Carnival 

Band Launch : August 11, 2012

Tuesday, May 08, 2012


Island Fusion is once again seeking to raise the bar on what it offers its members as the ultimate Foreday Morning Jam experience. Having taken on board feedback received over the past two years, Island Fusion has developed its 2012 enhancement strategy, focusing on adding more value to their premium product. 

The organisers behind the band, supported by a dedicated team of committee members, have implemented an action plan to enhance their entire operation, particularly in the areas of costume design, registration, security, road amenities and breakfast along with the development of the recently launched 2012 membership card which was spearheaded by the band’s Marketing Director Danielle Brome to increase the overall value the band offers to its members.

Sade Jemmott, director with responsibility for Media and Public Relations said: "We try to keep our social media platforms interactive as well as encourage members to approach any Director or Committee Member directly with their suggestions. This has served us quite well thus far as we continue to cater to our target market and remain tapped into their needs. Our strategy for sustainable growth really has been simply listening and delivering.”

Island Fusion Ladies

As it relates to costume design, the band will once again feature the very popular firstcall costumes it introduced into the Foreday Morning Jam parade last year with innovative changes to depict this year’s theme. Additionally, the band’s Creative Director Toni Thorne promises “something special”.

Registration is perhaps the main focus of the enhancement strategy, with the band implementing for the first time a loyalty programme, whereby past members will be given a 2 week exclusive opportunity to register for the band before registration is opened to the general public, or while stock lasts. Island Fusion has also indicated an intention to adjust its structure in an effort to offer a more intimate experience. Also, with a view to enhance the family 'vibe' that is now their signature, Island Fusion will also introduce for the first time Friday evening after-work limes during the month of June while they conduct registration and once again during the week of distribution.

On the road, security will continue to be offered at a ratio of 1 security officer to every eight members, in addition to an unspecified number of plain clothed police officers. Road amenities will include two fully equipped music trucks, fully stocked drinks trucks and the inclusion of a small team of beer runners. A shuttle service to the beginning of the jump will once again be offered but with a more structured system of strict departure times, stated number of trips and boarding passes issued on arrival at the band’s jump base -Weisers on the Bay.

Jamilya Browne, the director with responsibility for Hospitality, has struck what she believes to be the perfect balance between offering a scrumptious meal and catering effectively to the numbers. As such, Island Fusion has this year discarded the buffet-style breakfast of previous years in favour of pre-packaged items for easier distribution. The breakfast stations will be set up on the beach rather than in Weisers on the Bay in the interest of space. There will also be prominent signage, more staff and security present to assist in providing a smooth, incident-free breakfast experience.  

"In essence, while Island Fusion has enjoyed rave reviews in past years the team behind the brand is adamant about improving in every conceivable way and growing from strength to strength with each passing year. 2012 is therefore shaping up to be the best Foreday Morning Jam experience yet," Rhea Mapp, Director with responsibility for Logistics and Operations added.

For further information, please visit or feel free to contact the Island Fusion team via email at . 

SteelFestt 2012

If you missed any of the performances from Steelfestt 2012, currently taking place at the National Academy For Performing Arts from May 4 to May 12, 2012 be sure to check out Carnival TV to view the concerts:

From all reports I am hearing that it has been an amazing show so far, visit the website for more details:

click to enlarge

Monday, May 07, 2012

All Quiet On The Carnival Front

Well at least so it seems! Apart from bands releasing themes for Carnival 2013 and a few band launch dates the Carnival gossip has been relatively quiet. The thing is behind the scenes the drama is unfolding but everyone is giving me information OFF THE RECORD which is quite frustrating. So, I am going to give you a five point update of what I have heard so far .

* One band is on the hunt for new designers as their legendary design team is now exclusively doing costumes ONLY for another rival band. This means masqueraders should not only expect to see costumes by a few unknown designers but one veteran designer is stepping up to plate and I heard she has several wow designs in store. Maybe change can be good sometimes.

* The biggest behind the scenes bacchanal is brewing between bands that are "poaching" committee members from each other. People are flip flopping and section leaders are supposedly looking to go over to newer pastures. Expect to see familiar faces in new places for Carnival 2013.

*One sophomore band is expanding, I was informed that we can expect 15 sections next year. Hopefully this time they will actually have room for OPEN registration. 

* I am getting excited for things I have been hearing happening over at TRIBE, and I have to say the thought of going back "home" is a very real prospect. One of my FAVOURITE designers is doing more than one section (hopefully) so I am pretty excited 

*And finally, keep an eye out for bands that won't be making it on the road for Carnival 2013......

Saturday, May 05, 2012

A.M. Premium

Breakfast parties are not just for Carnival anymore and I have to say I am liking the trend of Carnival events (hosted by "Carnival committees") happening outside of Carnival; during the lull post Carnival and pre-band launch we now have a host of cool events to go to.

A.M. Premium is an all inclusive breakfast party which will be held on May 30, 2012 at Bayview Maracas, the same venue as C'est La Vie, and promises to be "epic". I can't wait to find out! 

Bottle Of Rum - The Video

Machel Montano launched the video for his Carnival 2012 hit "Bottle Of Rum" on Thursday night  and with the video's release came lots of opinions. Here is the video and comments from Trinidad Carnival Diary's Facebook Fanpage:


click to enlarge

Friday, May 04, 2012

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