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Monday, March 23, 2009


I played with Island people two years and I never got any hiccups despite what everyone reports about and I played with Tribe last year 2008.

I went to Genesis band launch the costumes look nice so I thought I go check them out at the camp not knowing I would be going down a road heading for disaster. So I went and register. 'Stupid Me' not even consulting with my friends, when I asked them they were so upset I did that because they told me Genesis no one plays with them. And why I register? Now I can’t even sell my costume because no one will buy it. Pressure!!

So now time to collect the costume. Everyone distributing Tribe, Island People, Spice, and Elements wow where the collection date is for Genesis anyone?

Lord, when I asked they said they will call me. Carnival Wednesday I went to the camp Nina told me she would distribute on Saturday. When I went there Saturday about 5:00pm they told me come back on Sunday after lunch! I never experience this because I am used to playing with big bands and collection is normally two weeks before carnival. Normally you would think Nina and Ian should know better being in the business so long , but boy when you cheap and don’t want to hire proper staff you will pay the consequences.

Anyways carnival Monday and Tuesday let’s start with Monday shall we. lol

Carnival Monday
Monday 'the band' was supposed to assemble on 'Conville' street Ariapita Ave for 11am which was advertised on the website. When I reached there, by the way I hustle to reach there because I got up late, no one was there I was like OMG the band left without me, because I played by myself because none of my friends registered lol. So I called a representative from the band he said the band was up by the camp. He told me to come up there. When I arrived up there now, Nina nor Ian was no where to be seen, the camp was locked and there were a hand full of people outside including security and the staff. I was like hmm where are the revelers?

Finally Ian came, not dressed, this is about 11:30am mind you, not looking worried or concerned at all. He gave out Jerseys' to security personnel and the barmen on the truck.The truck still had a few cases of Carib to put on the tray. Plus the truck wasn’t even a drinks truck its a normal flat bed so you have to stretch your hand so high in the air. So now Nina pull up now still have to get into her costume now its 12:30pm.They were still dilly dallying all over this time some of the masqueraders now pulling up so now we have like two hand full of people to jump on the road.

So we walking down the road, it’s about 1:00pm now going down by 'Conville' Ave to meet the band the truck is not there. So now Ian says the truck broke down, I was like WTF? So this time 'Elements' passing which look so good on the road,'Pluse8' passing which look better and now 'Mc Farlane'! So 'Mc Farlane' last truck we had to chip behind it for the day because we had no music truck! Lord I was so shame I didn’t even hail anyone on the road because it was the worse feeling I had lol what a way to start the year.

So about 5:00pm our music truck come speeding around the Savannah play one setta chutney like its some band in south I was like WTF lol. That was just half of the Monday experience with Genesis and if you realized I didn’t mention breakfast, because we didn’t get any! Hahaha boy ooh boyyy

Carnival Tuesday.
Carnival Tuesday I had to go back up by the band house because only the music and drinks truck were there on Tuesday no masqueraders, no breakfast again.

So went up by the band house they were still formulating security for what reason I don’t know not like if was a lot of people playing in the band. The band actually went on the road about 9am because they were organizing all sorts of stuff which I could care less about because I pay my money to have a time those things should have been organized months ago. But I guess I burn to learn . The Tuesday experience was not as bad for me because I just listen to the music and I just phased out all that was happening. When I was going down park street to reach St Vincent street I was thinking about how much of a time I would have had in Island People or Tribe because this band was so scanty I literally could have known everyone by name lol. So on St Vincent Street we got some breakfast. Two Styrotex coolers filled with beef, chicken, fish and cheese pies lol which was placed at the back of the drinks truck.

Btw the only premium drink on that truck was Johnny Walker no Hennessy, no Hypnotic; these are PREMIUM drinks, if band leaders cannot provide a variety do not advertise it please, because if I could remember its advertised on the website. So every judging point you have to get in your section and every section had at least not more than 10 people. So good thing they had like 10 sections in the band itself so we looked ah lil plenty full on the road. Even up to 7pm he wanna asking people to get in their section I was like WTF dude take it down.

I am not from Trinidad but I know a lot about Trinidad culture, in terms of Carnival its the best in the world but if you ever play with Genesis and you are a new comer to playing mas you will have a bitter taste in your mouth after your experience with them because you may get the impression that’s how the other bands are; 'Disorganized'

I will NEVER play with Genesis again and I will never advise anyone to play with them there are the worseeeeeee.

Everything I said here it’s not half truth it’s all true, I did not exaggerate, I didn’t lie on them, its all facts. You could ask anyone who played with them.

'Ohh S**t' sorry they may not tell it like it is because it’s all family who made up the band! Ian and Nina you all need to get your act together after 4yrs and you all still making all these mistakes what’s going to happen to you all next year? OMG

You all might just have to be individuals and play mas together lol
I will not play with you all again or any small band never me again I wash my hands, IP and Tribe I coming home!

The IP happy ending

(part 2 of yesterday's review)

It’s Sunday, 11:13am. I’m standing online outside of the stadium, there are 16 people all lined up in front of me; four in back. Various displays of sleepy people still wearing yesterday’s sexy. Must have come straight from Insomnia like me. I figure that those 16 people should be taken care of fast enough, and buying an unsold costume from IP will definitely not be an all day thing. I should have enough time to buy some stuff to fix up costume, make my adjustments AND get some rest before jouvert. My hopes were laid to rest soon after, sharing the same burial plot as my patience and enthusiasm.

The line began to curve alongside the Stadium as people stood near the building to avoid the noonday sun. It would have been nice to have some complementary water for the people patiently waiting. Hell, I would have gladly paid for it. 1:30pm the gate was still not opened for anyone other than those who needed to use the bathroom. At 2:14pm they began letting customers people pick up their missing headpieces and make size swaps. “where de big titty gyal dem?” was the catcall of a ‘helpful’ husband who was assisting his female companion with finding someone who wanted to exchange a small bra for the large one that she ordered. Island Peoples personnel walked up to gate and looked upon the mayhem and did absolutely nothing.

A security guard walked up to the gate and asked, in a voice so low only the people being crushed against the gate could hear- ‘allyuh make two lines’. People passed along the message to the back but no one moved. A short while later they allowed six people in, at this point everyone began to crush towards the front. One of the security guards managed to find his way outside and made small talk with us. He told us that the reason for the delay was because when they closed up the night before, no one stayed late to organize anything. Inside all of the boxes were mixed sizes and even parts from other costumes, not to mention pieces of costumes missing in its entirety. Long story short, ‘it’s just a mess in der’ is what he told us. He then went on to say that he gets an ‘employee discount’ and could buy our costumes for us for ‘a little sumting, nah’. Ok, that seemed like great idea.

No waiting on line, a discount on the costumes and we get to find out whats available and make our decision before we get inside. We gave him our sizes and the sections we wanted to play in (Carnival frontline, Touch, and anything white) He came back and said they were all available. We were unable to cut in the front of the line to get in so he sent us to an alternative entrance where trucks were coming in transporting backpacks for frontline costumes and a few headpieces. After seeing the colorful valances on carnival we decided that it’s ether touch or the white costume with the wings.

“NO WINGS” my cousin muttered. Damn it, so much for our ‘sea salt boots’ matching our costumes this year. Touch it is. (And thank god we listened to her) :

We told him the section we wanted and he returned to us an hour later saying that the Carnival frontline is 4900tt and the touch costume is 3800tt. We told him fine, and to please hurry up so that we can get out of there. Two hours later we saw the people we were standing in front of online earlier that morning, leave with their costumes. WTF??? We found the guy and asked him what was taking so long, let us give you the money and give us the costumes so we can go. He said we had a bit long erto wait. Frustrated, my cousin decides we should just go to the cashier and pay because we are obviously not getting out any faster. She went to the register and met with a woman who had a price list in her hands. She ran back to me with it and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Touch was only 3095tt?????????????? That guy was trying to make money off of us?!!?!? Wtf happened to the ‘employee discount’.

We tracked him down and asked him the price again. He repeated the 3800 and we showed him the price list. All of the sudden he is telling us to pay the cashier and wait on this ridiculously slow line. Anyway, at the register the cashier says that boy shorts are 75 dollars. I told her I’ll just take the panty option. Our ‘friend’ the security guard went to get us our costumes. Despite the issues, we had to admit, the costumes were beyond gorgeous. We told him that we should be given boyshorts for compensation of all this madness. He went and got them for us. As we were getting ready to leave he told us we couldn’t have the boyshorts for free and that we had to pay for them. I asked him for the price, (already knowing the answer) He looked me in my eyes with all the innocence in the world and said……150tt. I told him I only had 40tt and handed it to him as I walked out of the door. I watched him put the money in his pocket. The time was then 6:10pm.

His name was GAVIN

Despite the bad costume pickup experience I went on to have a wonderful carnival Monday and Tuesday with IP. I Think I broke almost every rule in Mimi’s boots rulebook blog

No, the food wasn’t gourmet. No, we didn’t have foot rubs, or makeup refreshing. We wasn’t misted with neutrogena spf 70 sun block spray, we weren’t fed grapes and there wasn’t any piggy back rides for the tired masqueraders who could not hang. But then again, that’s not what I played mas to experience. I wanted the drinks to flow (and it did), I wanted to dance and hang with some of the most wassy, beautiful, jammish, friendly and fun-loving masqueraders on the planet while wearing a gorgeous, sexy and creative costume. From morning ‘til night. And That’s exactly what I got. The lack of sleep, the constant rain and even the ‘wild antz’ song on repeat did not interfere with my sexy or good cheer. I’d definitely play with them again. I won’t ever buy another costume on carnival Sunday, but i’d play with them again.

Btw: The Security in the surrounding sections was good:

People? Awesome

We didn’t have many people in our section, but the camaraderie was there in abundance.

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