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Monday, October 05, 2009

Legacy Masala ..first look

So first of all I would like to thank the blogger who sent me these photos from Legacy's launch of Masala,which took place on Saturday night. The young lady who got these shots said she had to "fight the paparazzi" for photos and apologised for the quality. I think grainy shots or not it is more than enough for me to ask where is the Masala?

From the photos I swear these are the most generic looking costumes Legacy has ever produced, at least with this year's presentation they threw in some Chinese umbrellas and fans. Lets hope the rest of the costumes attempt to convey something akin to what has been described on their Facebook Group Page:


Designers worked at making their mark on MASALA’S multi-plane visual effects, seamlessly
integrating culture with photographic imagery; supporting the overall message of this
miraculously, exciting presentation.

This edition is seen to be substantially dissimilar but yet in line with Legacy’s vast creative molds
with the main focus being “visual enjoyment”. the perception and physical traits of Legacy’s head
Big Mike.

Pleasing, beautiful, sexual attractive, emotional symmetry, cute, are just some of the individual statements used to describe “MASALA”.

click for larger view

No More Wee Wee Trucks for Carnival!!

Having never used the mobile restrooms provided by all inclusive bands this "ban" on the wee wee trucks by the Port of Spain City Corporation will strike a nerve among other masqueraders I am sure. As reported by the Trinidad Express, next year Carnival Bands will see two new rules enforced :

"The Port of Spain Corporation has given notice of two big changes for next year's Parade of the Bands-the first being that truck-borne portable toilets will no longer be allowed along the route and the other, that food provided by bands for masqueraders must be consumed within four hours of preparation."....."The present system employed by some bandleaders poses a health hazard and as such the practice of 'wee-wee trucks' should be discontinued. The alternatives for accommodation for masqueraders on Carnival days are the use of sites, to be determined by the Association in collaboration with the Local Health Authority (PoS Corporation), where 'portable toilets' can be situated."

Click HERE for the full article on the new changes.

What I find SO ironic is the fact that the complaints being made about the Wee Wee trucks, which from all reports are kept very clean, are that they are unhealthy and foul for two days when the alternative which they are proposing, portable public toilets, are totally gross as they are NOT cleaned for the length of time they are set up for Carnival along the parade route (think about the units at Memorial Park and at the Savannah)! One year the stench was horrible as the portable toilets were left in Memorial Park for days after Carnival, marinating in the heat and rendering you breathless if you came within a few feet of the area!

I welcome the regulations concerning the food, too many masqueraders have complained about getting inedible meals from bands , however passing the regulation is one thing, enforcing it another. So, what do you think? Will you miss the Wee Wee Trucks or not? And what do you think about the food stipulations, will this affect your all inclusive experience or not?

Wigs, Weaves and all that you need to know about Carnival hair that comes from the store!

Today I have a guest post on hair from the self proclaimed weave and wig expert Mojito P , who has so graciously shared her tips on hair extensions for those divas that want extra length or easy and manageable hair options for Carnival. It can be a chore dealing with styling your hair during Carnival (no wonder so many ladies prefer braids) especially when you have a whirlwind schedule that includes night after night of fetes. So, if you are considering wearing OPH (other people's hair) take note!

Hola chicas!

It’s Mojito P! Today topic is Carnival hair. In my own mind I’m not a hair guru but I have A LOT of experience with wearing OPH (other people hair) and just wanted to share some carnival hair experiences and advice.

First off I’m natural. I haven’t permed (relaxed) my hair in over ten years so my opinions would cater to women taking the extra step to change her look.

I’ll start with the do’s and don’ts

Take your hair style for a test drive before Carnival. Many women like getting their hair done the day before they get on the plane and you do not want to figure out how to handle the hair while overseas. If you never wore the hair before that means that means you don’t know the shelf-life* of the hair, you don’t know the tools to maintain it, how to sleep in it, what products you’ll need, etc.

Adjust your outfits to suit your hair length/type. I’m not saying to wear Chinese slippers just because you’re wearing a straight bang. What I’m saying is if you choose to wear 26 inches of European rampachaad straight hair then you need to wear fabrics that will not cause friction along the length of the back. I watch my co-workers battle it out in the restroom with their European straight/dreadlocks and all I can do is shake my head and sigh. They say they got a bad pack* when in reality it’s just that they are wearing wool sweaters and cashmere stoles which are drying out the hair and cause it to tangle. You want hair that doesn’t need combing? Stick to satin/silky fabric tops or halters.

Consider your lifestyle over your hair desires. Do yourself a favor- if you can’t commit to what your hair needs then leave it in the store and stick with what you know. You want 18 inch romance curl/silky twists? Then you can’t come home from feteing every night too tired or drunk to comb out and pin curl/roller set and satin bonnet your luxurious mane. You WILL look like shiddy version of the airport diva after week one.

Understand the outcome of using consistent heat on your hair in a hot environment like Trinidad. Yes the flat iron is the emancipation of "nappy hair", but if you are not washing your cooked strands daily, the sweat and dirt being pressed will kick up a cloud of woosh* when you start to dance. You don’t want your head smelling like the feet of the man wining behind you. And if you’re sharing a bed when you reach home you don’t want your room mate to think they are sharing a pillow/ spooning with the devil.

Choose an all-weather hairstyle. You go to carnival to enjoy and free up yourself. You need to fete and get wet yet still look great in your costume when the feteing is done. Don’t listen to anyone that says wet-n-wavy is your only option. Do your research.

Despite everything that can go wrong there is only one don’t.

Take hair advice from someone that has no knowledge on the hair/product/lifestyle that you have questions on. Everyone has an opinion- only the educated ones matter. When seeking a new hairdresser I walked in the shop with three packs of romance curl and a request for a hairline out, center part, side part and back out for ponytail option. (yeah I go IN with the weaves) I took off my hood and the sight of my afro made that woman try to slap me with a rat tail comb with relaxer. I had to walk her through it step by step. At the end every woman in the shop wanted to go natural so they could grow back their edges*

I lied. One more DON’T
Don’t wear second time around hair for carnival (unless it’s braiding hair). I don’t care where you bought it from.

Types of Hair Extensions and Pieces:
I’m not going into braids. We all know about them. And we pretty much covered weaves so onto my favorite topic WIGS! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

I wear wigs all the time. I’ve worn them with my costumes, I wear them to work, I work out in them, I sleep in them, I have….well, you get where I’m going with this;with wigs the only limitation is your imagination.

Half wig/ ¾ Wigs.
These are wonderful for those that have thick enough hair to cover it. I usually braid half of my hair going backwards then try on the wig to see where I want it to be anchored. Then make two additional horizontal cornrows for the anchor combs that are sewn into the wig. There are normally two combs in the front and one at the nape. Even through my whole head is not covered I still like to use a stocking cap under the covered area. I wore this with my costume once and it was too much responsibility for me. My hair sweated out the press and I had to brush it all back and wear it in a half ponytail half down hairstyle at the end of the day.

Full head wigs.
Placed over a fully corn rowed base and bobby pined for security, the best mas experience was in a full head wig- curly, with a bang; synthetic of course. Perfect, long, large curls all day. Every photo was perfect. No my head wasn’t any more warm or hot than it would have been in a weave or otherwise. You move with the confidence that everything is in place. Oh thank you Mr. phototakeoutter! OH- Another one without the headpiece? I’d be delighted to! (the bobby pins combined with the adjustable straps remove all worry from taking off your wig with your headpiece)

Fake bangs.
Never used them. Let me know how it works out for you.

GORGEOUS! OPULENCE- YOU OWN EVERYTHING! WORK!I love them to death. For Carnival however, I would not recommend the FULL head lace since I have yet to meet a bonding glue that does not soften or turned white or peel when met with sweat/rain/ swimming etc. Yes some may say you can use super hold, but if you rip your wig (full swiss lace is a delicate piece) and want to repair it, it will be difficult to get the whole thing off of your head because the glue is too strong. It takes a week to loosen. I use the ear to ear lace with the adjustment combs. They do not require tape or glue. Remember don’t just walk into the store and walk off with the box- check to make sure the lace matches your skin tone. I wear synthetic lace front wigs because I love new disposable hairstyles that don’t require maintenance (curling, washing, etc). The down side is swimming. :/ I only met one synthetic lace front that looks glamorous coming out of the water (afro curl) but it’s too short for my taste.

I don’t approve of ponytail weaves because of the lack of options and the discomfort of them. (sitting back in the car, relaxing is just a chore) It (bobbypins) also damages the hair at the crown of your head. Not to mention that its boring to me and that they are not all weather styles. That brown gel running down the side of your face is not sexy, are you playing in chocolate city? Please note that a properly done ponytail is sexy, but myself not having permed (relaxed) hair it’s just not practical.

Wearing wigs can ensure a fresh style daily, you can sleep comfortably/recklessly and will always be picture perfect. If security is an issue for you, you can always do a light base stitch around the entire wig onto your head for added assurance that no one will try to ‘push your wig back’ (if you’re the fighting sort). The stitching will be easily remove and you can change it up every day.(who else can do that during Carnival! ;)

And in case you were wondering ‘why do all that when I can just wear a weave?’ The fact is while you spent over 100$usd on the hair alone, and in my case an additional 110$usd to have the weave put in, the photo ready lacefronters/wig wearers are laughing all the way to the bank with one gorgeous hairstyle on their head and six more in the suitcase,which means more time to sleep while you are doing your hair to get ready for fetes. The versatility of wigs that will cost them not one strand of hair, while all the thread that passed through your weave will be sure to have caused more than a months worth of shedding in one sitting; yes ladies, it’s the THREAD that breaks off the hair and thins it out in a weave. Using Nylon thread helps….a little.

Lacefronters now have even more to be happy about. A new synthetic material is being used that will allow wearers to apply up to 400 degrees of heat without damaging a strand. Not a flat iron fan?? Hit up ebay and make a tiny investment in a CARUSO molecular steam roller system. Ten minutes and a slight trim will bring any wig back to life without damaging. Weave wears can be happy too, this system works on human and synthetic hair sparing us all the roast corn smelling cloud that following all the over heat processed hair. And do note, even clean hair doesn’t smell right after you’ve applied products and burned it.

That’s all for right now.

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