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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Carnival Nationz goes to Miami

Got this bit of information in my email yesterday, interesting developments and additions to Miami Carnival:

BIG News from the CNz camp...
Picture this... it’s October, getting colder in Toronto as Thanksgiving long weekend fast approaches... dreams of sun, sea and sand on everyone’s mind... yuh feet doh stop ‘cause somewhere around the world ah carnival is about to explode on stage... ahhhhhhh where better to be in early Fall than in MIAMI... playing mas with North America’s #1 Carnival masquerade band...

CARNIVAL NATIONZ – MIAMI in the 2009 rebirth of “One Miami Carnival”.
In this, our 5th year of existence, with 2 Caribana “Band of the Year” titles and numerous King, Queen and Individual wins under our belt, we have commenced a new era in Toronto’s #1 band’s history, i.e. the launch of CARNIVAL NATIONZ MIAMI.


What is CNz Miami about?

CNz Miami is about unleashing the spirit, quality and experience that is deeply embedded within our philosophy and mentality on the sensory overdose that is MIAMI , especially around carnival time. Now we have not ventured into this lightly but rather through months of careful planning. We truly believe that with the recent consolidation of the Broward & Miami carnivals into one Miami festival... the timing is perfect to launch CNz Miami. So we will be teaming up with promoters and other business people in Miami and across the US to re-create the CNz vibe. We are truly excited with this venture and look forward to being able to participate and develop a strong loyalty base in two of the biggest Caribbean-style carnival festivals in the world.

Miami Carnival takes place on the same weekend as Canada’s Thanksgiving Long Weekend – so that is even more incentive to get away and travel to Miami to enjoy a long weekend in the sun, near the sea and playing mas with CNz Miami.

What does this mean for YOU – the masquerader? Quite simply put... if you buy and play mas with CNz in Toronto for Caribana, then you are automatically entitled to use that costume at Miami Carnival in CNz Miami – for a nominal band fee.
So buy one costume and play mas at two of North America ’s premier festivals. There will be further details explaining how this process will work but for the first time in North America the ultimate mas loyalty program will be put into action. Of course if you wine-up too much during Caribana and yuh mash up yuh costume, then you can always purchase a brand new one specifically for Miami . Or you can even buy a brand new costume in a completely different section to the one you played in Toronto .

So buy one CNz costume and play mas at TWO of North America’s best carnivals – Toronto & MIAMI ... this is the just the beginning of the madness!!
MORE INFO to come...

So stay tuned to favourite websites... CNz facebook user group info... CNz official emails... etc... and get more info on:
CNz Miami specific details
Miami travel plans
CNz Miami dates and events
CNz Miami DJs – e.g. Bandit etc...
Any questions regarding CNz Miami please feel free to contact us:
CNz Band Leaders:
Bryce @ 416.985.8488
Marcus @ 416.565.4079
Dwayne @ 416.930.9650

TRIBE Ignite (D.C.) 2009

Greetings peeps, Kermit here bringing you coverage from Ignite on DC Carnival Thursday. This is a relatively young event on the DC Carnival scene and I since heard many good reports from last year’s party, this year I decided to take it in myself to see what the action was like. It has been my experience that while Tribe’s events usually attract many beautiful ladies (and their accompanying male entourage), rarely is there much wildness taking place. Maybe all the pretty clothes and high heels discourages wining with reckless abandon but I heard from reliable sources that last year’s fete was on fire and waist was flying like so much mad-bull and chickee-chong in the savannah breeze so I charged up the camera and came to see if the wind was really blowing.

I arrived outside the club a little after 11:00pm to see a small line at the door. Not wanting to be the first one inside, I limed for a bit outside and within 10 minutes the line had grown from about 20-30 people to around 100; it was now time to buss a line-lime and make my way in. A short time later I was inside and got a good look at the venue. It was a large space with one bar facing and one bar on the side of the main dance floor and a lounge area with couches and tables off to the right and as I surmised, it was mostly empty. No scenes I thought, judging by the crowds outside it will fill up soon enough. I decided to make my way to the bar to introduce myself to my bartender for the night and get the party started. The drinks at this club, while being a bit expensive, were definitely robust and you could definitely taste where your money was going. After fortifying myself with a couple, I decided to start circling and taking pics of the lovely ladies that were by now slowly filling the club.

Maybe it was the combination of the strong drinks, people’s heads being bad, or the Michael Jackson medley, but the crowd was considerably livelier than I would have expected from a Tribe crowd. Make no mistake, the posers were there dressed to kill (pointy shoes and all) looking like ice can’t melt in their mouth, but there were also many women present looking hot who clearly dressed with the intent to fete and fete hard! One particular pretty partier decided that since her high-heeled shoes did not provide enough stability on top of the table, she would remove them before doing her table-top-ting. The pictures will tell all peeps, the pictures will tell all.

Although the aforementioned reliable sources tell me that the music was better last year, in my opinion this fete was very enjoyable. The music was decent, the atmosphere was upbeat and dare I say, wild-ish and the drinks were strong and did not take long to purchase. The ladies even succeeded in looking cute while wining hard in a hot, sweaty fete and that is no easy task. Everybody had a good time and at 4:00 a.m. when the party ended, we all spilled out into the street to breathe some cool air, to lime (of course) and to purchase corn soup and other traditional post-party foods from the vendor in the van. It was very good fete and it definitely got my DC Carnival started on the right foot.

Enjoy the pics peeps, Kermit out.


DV8 DC: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly is next……
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