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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Woi Mas Skullduggery Review

Tuesday, during several moments of marvel, from uptown to downtown, I looked at our band (a true sense of the people word) feeling my early desire to play mas with the first band to launch for 2011 was a prideful validation.

Skullduggery - Dance of Deceit as presented by Woi Mas had a difficult birth (I will not cover the creative differences of designer and production team), but on the streets of Port of Spain in full regalia our exuberant masqueraders made this baby breath and move into vibrant life.

Big kudos go out the quite mature mas players who showed with their enthusiasm, and endurance that their average age around 55 years young was really the real dance of deceit, betraying their own chronologies. For many in Skullduggery I saw in their purposeful dancing in the streets a return to form of playing mas, playing a character, playing a memory almost forgotten, almost mourned.

I feel privilege to have witnessed many beautiful life affirming moment in the company of so many beautiful people from widely diverse hues and ages in our wonderful heroic band. Big thank you goes to the determined legendary Trinidad Carnival King, Peter Samuels. You sir are breath of fresh air and hope. There is indeed a big void in our people’s street art to really play ourselves, the complex us as we are with humorous tongue in cheek SERIOUSNESS and CREATIVE mas/life renewal. I loved this band, lots. Just as a growing consensus now, Trinidad Carnival 2011 was indeed quite a standout VINTAGE year! The music, great times, great people, great vibes, great bands made me feel so high, feel so free.

For the season, IZATRINI (I don’t mean only the song) was real, real, real nice. And so too Charlie Roots musicians, absent from the road for many years, David Rudder, and the ageless Black Stalin moved us with their classic musical additions to a quite real Trini essence and a unique Trini joie de vivre. From the constant bee hived crowd around their big truck mobile stage, the heavily appreciated troubadours easily conjured cherished memories and inspired new wonderful memories of the here and now. Congratulations Skullduggery - Dance of Deceit; evolutionary innovative TRINIDAD mas IS quite alive on the streets of Port of Spain.

Of course, a special and quite warm heartfelt thank you goes to Sonya Sanchez-Arias, the amazing wonderful creative talented designer who brought forth the history and love of Trinidad mas from her rich imagination. Not Halloween as criticized, but a beautiful TRINIDAD mas, Sonya.I am looking forward to more of your works in the future. Blessings to you.

Trinidad Carnival VINTAGE 2011 is the bess! Bless up!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Las Lap...The Aftermath!

Las Lap was a charity event held by TRIBE Carnival last night at Pier 1. The cooler fete was in aid of an employee. The idea, brilliant! I can certainly attest to the fact that it was the perfect opportunity to squeeze the last remaining dregs from Carnival 2011, in the middle of Lent and all! I had a GREAT time! And if you were not there here is a sample of what you missed!

If this fete is to be a staple on the calendar it should be mandatory that people wear costumes! Special shout out to the guys that represented in their board shorts and to everyone that came out in Monday Wear and costume! You rock!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Carnival Is Over... Now What?

If you are like me you have your Post Carnival Relief Mix from DJ Private Ryan on repeat and have made it the soundtrack to your life as your tan and memories of Carnival 2011 fade. So, now that Carnival is over now what? How do you fill the void between now and another Carnival?

Sort out your Carnival Bag/Box/Drawer - I have to admit I am yet to do this as yet but it is a project for this weekend I swear! Over the years I have accumulated lots of Carnival supplies that I have stored in a huge bag. glitter, mangatac, hot glue, beads, feathers, trim, fletch dry powder, extra pairs of stockings, boy shorts.. you name it I probably have it in that bag. At the moment I dumped everything that I used for Carnival in there without sorting the contents and that also includes most of the stuff I received in my Goody Bag and stuff that I wore on Monday as well. I like taking stock of everything I have on hand so in future I will know what I don't need to buy. So if you have all your Carnival supplies lying all over the house, make a dedicated area just for all the "Carnival Stuff" that you may use again next year.

Clean and Pack Away Your Boots/Footwear - If you are like me one pair of boots is probably still riding around in the back of your trunk, call me a procrastinator but you see the trend; I do not want to start storing away anything that has to do with Carnival! It's not like I will be wearing these  boots again, maybe not even next year, but they do need to be cleaned and boxed with silica gel. Go get to yours too! 

Budget and Savings - We have roughly  10 more paychecks to Carnival 2012 and 4 more paychecks before you have to make a deposit on your costume as band launching season starts. Most of us need to allocate funds for airfare, hotel, costume deposit and fetes , so this is the time to do a monthly budget and savings plan. If you choose to join a sou sou, direct deposit into a Carnival account or  even set up a standing order get cracking! Think about it, if you save just $500.00 a month for the next 10 months that is $5000.00 in your Carnival fund.

Book Your Accommodation -  hotels are already taking online bookings for Carnival 2012, you may want to make an early reservation (check the cancellation policy) to secure your dates. I know for a fact that persons who stayed at Guest Houses, Apartments and Bread and Breakfast places have already re booked for 2012, those go FAST! 

Secure Carnival Services - Had your makeup done and were pleased? Loved how your boots were decorated? Need a customized costume service? How about sending  a short but sweet Thank You email to the person whose services you used and at the same time reserve your space for next year. 

Don't Fall Off The Diet and Fitness Train - For the past few months not one scrap of white bread or sugared drink passed your lips and a gym cycle was part of your daily routine as you were committed to losing weight for Carnival . Now, a few weeks POST Carnival and you have practically inhaled bowls of pasta and your gym membership has lapsed. Ok, we all had a few weeks to pig out on all the stuff that we deprived ourselves of over the last few months, believe me I know, and sure you may have gained a few pounds back. BUT set a figure that you are not going to cross on the scale, start back eating healthy and get some exercise in there as well. And yes you are allowed one "cheat day" a week! 

Countdown to Band Launch - I don't think anything cures the Carnival blues more than the anticipation for Band Launching Season to kick off! This year D Krewe seems to be the fore runner as their launch is scheduled for June, 2011. We can also count on TRIBE/Bliss launching the third week in July as they have done over the years and Island People launching in August. What would really make things exciting is if more bands start releasing their themes for 2012. In the meantime you can safely look forward to costumes and more costumes coming soon! 

Take Part in a Regional or International Carnival - There are Carnivals taking place globally  each month from now until November, if you need a Carnival fix take a pick ! Borough Day, St Lucia Carnival, Vincy Mas, Caribana,  Crop Over, Antigua Carnival, Spice Mas, Nottinghill Carnival, Labor  Day or Miami Carnival are just some of the more popular Carnivals that may be worth exploring. 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Carnival Souvenir Magazine!

Click on the photos below for details on where you can get your copy of TRIBE, Bliss and Harts Carnival Souvenir Magazine!




Carnival SCORCHED NOW OUT!! You can purchase the magazine at the SCORCH office, 27 Methuen Street, Woodbrook. (The street behind Synergy Tv, between Powergen and Sweet Lime, Ma Pau) You can call 623-1200 for more info... Price- $60.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Designate before you Participate!
Masqueraders from all bands are welcome

All coolers/Non glass bottles must be in b4 11:30pm
Fully stocked bar available

Wear your costume or your Monday wear!

Ladies: Hot Shorts, Boots, Bra Tops
Guys: Carnival Board shorts

Tickets available from TRIBE and BLISS committee members
Mas Camp (Mon & Tues 12noon-5pm)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Island People 2011 Review #5

“ You are the Shade that make up the molecular DNA of carnival re-discovered and re united with the streets of Port of Spain take the universe and make it yours “and so it was: Island people mas 2011;I would have to say that this one of the best year ever . But there were just a few concerns which I think island people should look into.

It was a smooth, quick and easy process. Well I collected for my cousin on Sunday and for myself on Friday, I was in and out of the queen parks oval within 15 – 20mins. During the collection process there was soca music playing while waiting which was a big plus, The CSR were wonderful: they took their time to go through the package with you making sure that all part of the costumes were there. I would just have to say the only thing that was disappointing was the return to collect Monday Gear and goodie bags which had people like headless chicken and I would recommend a bigger venue for distribution of costumes.

Well the costumes were flawless; Kudos to the designers. Beautiful colours which all blended with each other. Everything was well made and neat. The only problems was their; was the sizing of the costumes, where a X-Large underwear looking like a medium underwear.

The black dress for the ladies and the grey t- shirt for the guys was a great idea which kept the band uniform; it also allowed the masquerader to be creative. But that Monday wear fiasco needs not to happen in the future.

Music was on point. The rotation of songs, It was a nice mix of power and groovy soca on the road. Last lap back to the stadium was great as the DJ’s continued to play pulling down on the curtain on the greatest show on earth. But I would just recommend some music playing while having lunch

Well I Just have one to say about the food on both days …” TASTELESS”. I had the chicken but It was as though the caterer boiled the chicken and then grill it and the rice was dry. But servers needed to be equipped properly head nets and gloves. The collection for food was quick. In 2012, please change the caterers or hired a restaurant to cook the food. For breakfast on Tuesday there were various dishes which was a nice idea. But the menu for breakfast and snack should have be listed on the truck .so keep that in minds for next year.

SECURITY (Extraction team and Perimeter Control)
Well I have to applaud the security, they were on fire; working their behinds off, putting out numerous people out of the band during but I would just have to say I was disappointed when the band turn unto the avenue, it was a mad house. Please make proper provision when it comes to the last lap to ensuring Masquerader’s safety until the band arrived back to the base.

In Comparison to other year, the 2-3 hour wait to cross the savannah stage was the worst, it wasn’t the smooth journey. But I know it wasn’t any faults of island people

2011 Trinidad Carnival - Zante

Greetings peeps, Kermit here resuming coverage of my 2011 Trinidad Carnival adventures. This installment finds me heading to Zanté, a sweet all-inclusive party held the Tuesday before carnival. This is really the beginning of the stretch run to the Carnival Monday and Tuesday climax as the partying will be going non-stop from now until Ash Wednesday. Zanté is the perfect way to kick off what is sure to be a very hectic and happily exhausting week since this is not your typical carnival fete. Make no mistake, there will be plenty premium liquor, food, and ladies present but what distinguishes this party from all of the others is its size. Zanté is a much smaller and more intimate party and it is a welcome change from carousing with 5,000+ people. With a smaller crowd you get to actually interact with the people there and the feeling and vibe present is, well, so much more personal and convivial.

This year Zanté was held on the rooftop of the Tamnak Thai restaurant which is located around the Queen’s Park Savannah, and as I parked and walked past Renegades panyard, I was happy that the party was being held in the middle of Port-of-Spain since it took me all of 5 minutes to drive here and park and as I entered the party and was escorted upstairs by lovely Zanté ladies I knew that the night would be special.

One of the staples at Zanté is alcohol infused sno-cones and I immediately took a red with condensed milk and a shot of Ketel One; AHHHHH, so refreshing! A quick glance around the venue revealed a light crowd so I decided to stroll around to the back and check out the food selections that were available. I was immediately drawn to the two suckling pigs splayed out on the table and my group and I took up residence right next to them since we were informed that they would be served as soon as the staff arrived with the knives. In the meantime, we watched the tattoo artists skillfully practicing their trade and inking those patrons who so desired and of course we sampled some of the other fare which was available and when the pig was finally served we found it to be as DELICIOUS as it looked. We were now full, well fed, and ready to get our Zanté on.

The fete was on a covered rooftop with the bars situated around its perimeter. Since it was a bit of a warm night, there were several industrial sized fans positioned around the roof which provided patrons with a steady breeze throughout the night and it was next to one of these fans that we set up camp for the night’s activities. This was a perfect spot as not only was it cool and breezy, but it faced the main dance floor and was right next to the main bar. After hitting the vodka hard for a few rounds, our beautiful hostess, Pixi, brought out an elixir that must have been made from the juice of some forbidden fruit: she brought out a cooler of Pixi Juice. I enquired as to its composition and received a smile. I hinted at its formula and again received a smile. Since I make a concoction of my own in DC (FLEXXX), I fully understand her refusal to answer any questions about its ingredients and decided that I would go through strong and let the devil take the hindmost.

After the first 2-3 cups, I noticed that the party had picked up rather quickly. It was as if a busload of folks had arrived. All of a sudden there was a raging fete going on in front of me so I leapt into it wholeheartedly. Of course, my interpretation of “quickly” was probably not very accurate. In fact, it appears that considerable time had passed since my first drink of Pixi Juice and my “sudden revelation”. Say wha? De party sweet, and I have a weakness for sweetness. The Zanté ladies showed up with a tin and offered me what looked like saltprunes. “What are these?” I asked while taking 3. “Rum balls.” they said. OK, I thought, rum balls. I popped them in my mouth, chewed and felt myself levitate. Obviously I didn’t really (or maybe I did) but I was definitely experiencing a lightness of being and for me the party really took off from that point on. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who had been sampling all of the various alcohol infused treats available. There was one fellow in particular, I’ll call him Electric Blue, that definitely drank deeply from the Kool-aid and apparently drank deeply enough so that superpowers were revealed to him.

Electric Blue had a time at this fete, of that there can be no doubt. He probably had enough for two times because wherever there was a waist that needed pelting, there he was; wherever a bottom was unoccupied and un-wined upon, there he was; if a breeze passed by him too slowly, it got a some waist on de side. It got to the point where Electric got so hot from hard wining that he had to wine on de fan just to keep cool and after doing this he almost took flight! If you don’t believe me, look through the pics and you will see. The piecé-de-resistance however, was when the DJ played Speakerboxx. (Yes peeps, you know what is coming now.) One interpretation of Speakerboxx is that it is a song about a fellow that is banned from entering a fete by a promoter because when in the fete, the fellow’s wining damages the sound equipment. I guess when this song played, the speaker must have given Electric Blue a kinda bad eye so Electric decided to teach the insolent speaker a lesson, and so he did. Nuff respect due Electric, nuff respect!

With Private Ryan and the impressive DJ lineup keeping the energy level high, the fete went by quickly as good times are wont to do and it was a well charged up and hyped crowd that greeted Benjai when he stepped up to perform. It goes without saying that his new national anthem elevated us all to another level and with hands thrust in the air we sang along with gusto as only Trinis could. As the night continued I noticed a rhythm section setting up. It was Hands of Rythm, a group I had heard several years ago at Salybia and while their presence heralded the end of the party, I knew that we would go out with a bang and so we did. After a night of frenzied partying, it was nice to chip out of the fete into the cool night knowing that the first steps had been taken towards the grand finale on the big stage and that even bigger and better things were yet to come.

It goes without saying that this was an excellent fete and I must give big props to our wonderful hostess Pixi who was more that a match for Electric Blue when it came to wildness and winery. Great job as usual babe and you will definitely see me again in 2012.

Enjoy the pics peeps, Big Bad Beach House is next……..(lawdhavemercy).

Kermit out.

Wotless Friday !

Well this puts and end to the questions ( including mine) the speculation and the rumours on a "racy tape" between a soca star and their backup dancer! The statement has subsequently been removed from Facebook (Fanpage) however.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program folks, no bacchanal on this Friday.

"Hey peeps.... I just wanna take this time to address an issue thats been bouncing around . There is no video and the rumours are 100% false. Now... lets move on with our lives and dont believe everything you hear. Blessings."

click to enlarge

Thursday, March 24, 2011

TRIBE Way of the Warrior Review #10

Hey Saucy,
This is one of your loyal readers. I depend heavily on your blog to keep up with Carnival and all the happenings in Trinidad. You do an amazing job and congrats to the feature in the Caribbean Beat! We were proud to read it on flight!

I wanted to also share my experience with Tribe as attention should be brought to a few issues:

Thumbs up to the cup for the road: the design was now placed inside a clear plastic covering so this way the print didn't rub of on your hands on the road!

Security was a major issue! On Monday we had some homeless people (vagrants) jumping in tribe!! Hey they deserve to have their fun too - but the standards of tribe is dropping when you paying so much and getting this. Seriously Awful! On Tuesday after lunch, it was as if the security was tired and lazy. What happened when we got to St James. It was OBVIOUS security was a low priority this year.

Music: truck number 5 was the BEST Monday and Tuesday. On Monday we crossed stage with Truck 1 - it was very disappointing to have sound issues when u got on stage. (U could barely hear music on one end of the stage).

Thumbs up to the gift bag that came with the costume.

I played with Iroquois- worst headpiece ever! The design was not Practical at all.

I hope these suggestions can help Tribe improve the quality of service.

YUMA Trinidad Carnival 2011 - Review #5

So following my costume collection (which I wrote to you about before), I tried everything on and the sizes were all correct. Thank goodness I ordered a size up from what i usually wear, as I think their sizes were a little on the smaller side, so real muffin top would have prevailed if I went with my usual sizing.

Further inspection of my headpiece resulted in me becoming increasingly unhappy with it. Apart from the design changes, feathers were falling off, bits were coming unstuck and bending over. Although I knew I could have just taken a glue gun to the headpiece, I was determined not to have to fix a bad egg. Given that I was receiving regular updates on the status of the backpacks (which weren't ready as yet as they were returned for fixing due to an unsatisfied mas camp management), I took the opportunity to mention the issues I had with the headpiece, and was told I could bring it in for an exchange. Great! I also needed to get the under bra belt and the neckpiece adjusted, so I took the pieces in to the adjustment center at the mas camp and returned the headpiece to the distribution center. Danielle, Terri and Sascha C were all very helpful and I was dealt with quickly and efficiently. I also collected my backpack on Friday afternoon and Terri ensured I was happy about everything before being sent on my way.

Given that all the issues I had with the costume were either acknowledged by management (I submitted a letter to them) and/or were addressed by management and staff if they could have been, I will give my Customer Service/Costume Distribution experience an A.

Monday reach now and we left home later than planned, but still met the band on Tragarete road. Apparently they had decided to circle around that St Clair area before hitting the lunch stop sometime around 1-2pm, which I thought was a good idea as it prevented us having to wait a long time to eat. On walking through the band, I was a bit surprised at the lack of people, but that was only because my comparison point is TRIBE, so anything else will seem tiny! For a while we were at a standstill and people seemed to still be warming up to the Monday vibe, but by the time we were nearing lunch, everyone was partyin in full swing.

We walked ahead of the band to get to CIC grounds, and there were lots of mats available, you just picked one up to place where you wanted under tents or out on the grass. Lunch was delish! I had the Hakka option and it was yummy and filling! There were a couple other cuisines as well as a non-alcoholic bar at the grounds. The time taken for lunch was just right IMO. Only thing I would prefer to have is nicer bathroom facilities (in more than one location) and maybe a couple smaller tents to provide additional shade. The female washroom line (which I assume had better facilities than the Porta potty area) was way too long - we stood up for 20 mins, during which time Destra's manager came and asked if it was ok that she skip the line (for whatever reason). Eventually we just went to use a Porta potty, which took 5 mins tops! There was no soap by the Porta Potty's, neither was there tissue outside or anything else I have been privy to in TRIBE (blah!). There was a mirror though and ample TP for use in the potty.

After lunch we went into Woodbrook and got stalled on Aripita by some other band. My friends and I were all having fun, although the standing and waiting did start to make me bored after a while. Security was on point throughout the day though and even encouraged us masqueraders to come back onto the band side of the rope while we were in Woodbrook. We crossed the Adam Smith Square stage sometime between 5 and 6pm, after which I thought that the band may have just gone back to the starting point, so I decided to leave as it was getting dark. I was disappointed we never made it to the stage on Monday, but I figured I'd still have Tuesday to look forward to. Little did I know the band was making their way to the Savannah (*insert exasperation here!!*), but then heard they didn't get to cross after all (*internal phew*....sorry to all those who were upset by this).

So I'd give the Lunch Stop a B+, and the overall Monday experience an A-

Tuesday my MUA ran over time due to other appointments prior to mine arriving late (ggrrr). I was half way ready when I went to him so once I got back home it was just to put on backpack, headpiece and costume belt, take pics and hit the road. We didn’t reach the band till sometime between 10:45 and 11:30am (they were supposed to have left at 7am but not sure if they left on time), and we met them as they were at the base of Frederick street heading North. Now I usually find that the South Quay stage has a lot of energy and vibe, so I was a bit disappointed to have missed it but I figured I have WHOLE day ahead to Play Meh Mas, so what was one little stage. EH HEH! Who tell me to think dat!??

First to begin was IP’s trucks rushing ahead of their band and cutting us off at Park Street, so we had no choice but to fall in line behind them. Then somehow Legends got in there too, so we’re now behind two large bands which resulted in us being at a virtual standstill for hours…It actually took us FIVE HOURS from the time I met the band to reach the Savannah stage! *insert grimace here.* I would have much preferred if the band took a decision to reroute and head back to the Savannah later, than stay there all that time. Eventually, I went and sat in KFC (and had lunch courtesy my friend who thankfully walked with money) dozed off a little and then reluctantly got back up to walk 1 meter again. All of our already paid for lunch was waiting for us back at CIC grounds, which the band never reached to till after dusk, so I dunno what people were doing for food if they didn’t have money on them.

Next off my backpack was a bit uncomfortable, although I had lined the inner side with foam. This would prove to further irritate me throughout the day (one collar bone stayed sore 2 days after mas because of this), until I had to resort to adjusting it to a position that relieved all pain but made it very unstable, so any bend over-ing or jumping resulted in backpack falling all over de place. Other frontliners were also approaching me asking if I didn’t find the backpack was hurting my shoulders so I know it wasn’t just mine.

Then was the issue of congestion towards the front of the band, cause we’re being squished in on all sides by spectators and YUMA masqueraders wanting to come to the front of the band as well. Added to this, I dunno where security was because random people were just traipsing through the band like dey pay for costume too. A man from Legends even wanted to oppose my boyfriend IN YUMA COSTUME because he blocked the Legends guy from wining on me. WTF! I even had to quell a potential argument that was happening in front of me between my bf and another guy with regards to all the pushing etc….people were just getting very, very frustrated and there seemed to be no end in sight.

At least drinks were still flowing (up to a point) so my bf was graciously getting drinks for me since it would have been impossible and unreasonable for me to try to get into the thick of the band. I asked him to bring a bottle of water for me to keep for on the stage (since I get very dehydrated at that point) and THANK GOD I did because after a while there were no drinks to be found. People were BEGGING you for water; I even had security on the track at the Savannah stage asking me for a little.

Once we reached the top of Frederick Street the congestion got to a ridiculous level. You were being moved and stopped whether you wanted it or not and I was desperately trying to get ahead of the band to get some kinda air. At this point the Special Ops security was on the scene but even they couldn’t really do much. It was literally a crush of people. Plus the DJ kept requesting masqueraders to get in their section but like YUMA was just too frustrated at that stage to listen cause all kinda sections were at the front (thereby leaving no room for Oracle, far less for Oracle frontline with backpacks etc). Only the Individuals had some breathing room.

The waiting + heavy congestion + not enough drinks available + costume irritation + getting pushed around in a costume where there’s not enough space for the costume = me being extremely annoyed and miserable. Plus my boots were squeezing my feet so that just added to it. So by the time the stage was actually in sight I had ZERO zeal to be playing mas. I never thought I would see the day I would say that.

I tried all how to get in the mood, and made my way to the front of Oracle since (I wrongly) assumed frontline would get on the stage first. HA! I finally worked up some excitement, giving security a lil talks about letting us go, we READY FOR THE STAGE! Next thing I know is like de whole band rushing forward and past me…I honestly believe frontline should be allowed on first (and I had gotten accustomed to this experience with TRIBE) so imagine fighting with however many people in your section surging forward hitting your backpack, rushing to get on stage first. It wasn’t even an exhuberant chip/wine/jump onto the stage, it was just chaos *sigh* I got over that I went and enjoy myself on the stage, found my boyfriend and wine all over de place, backpack hanging off and all. I then managed to walk back into Libra (which my friend was in) and had a second nice rounds on stage. I was happily coming off the stage (ushered by security) when I turned around and spotted my boyfriend laughing and waving at me in Pisces!!! WHAT!?!?! LOL Well of course I cyah let HIM stay on stage for a THIRD section without me, so I grand charged security, got in a little tussle, ducked even lower and squeezed my way through their arms, backpack and all, headpiece falling off in the process. My boyfriend well laugh at that little spectacle J But I managed to find another friend and had a time! Then I realized I could no longer see because makeup and God knows what else got onto my contacts and stuck there…so I made my way off stage and told my bf we needed to go home so I could switch them.

On the track coming out of the savannah now, and again no security but we were stopping for pictures etc so I wasn’t too concerned. I stopped to put all the bobby pins that were attaching my headpiece to my head into my wrist pouch, and literally I look down at my hand a minute later and NO POUCH! Frantic now I yell to my friend to tell her what happened and she gets my boyfriend and we all start searching the track, up and down….no bag….so I have to assume that someone cut the bag from my hand. The only reason they didn’t get my camera too was because I was holding it in my hand as well as having it strapped around my wrist. Well if the contacts situation didn’t end my Carnival, that bag story certainly did. My bf walked me back home and of course I was !%$@ pissed. Got home and just never decided to go back out again. By this time it was dusk and the band disbanded soon after (we heard)…It was the most anticlimactic Carnival Tuesday I have ever experienced! I actually felt to cry sitting on the bed thinking that I waited all year for this day, did all these things to prepare, for what!?!?! 30 mins on a stage, 5 and more hours of alternating standing and being pushed and then to have my things stolen! And not even really getting the chance to portray and display my mas! Disappointed is an understatement L L L

So given the YUMA related logistical issues plus the other problems I had on the road, I’d give my Tuesday experience a D-

I am planning to write to YUMA again with feedback on their road experience, and offer suggestions for improvement for next year. Given that I left TRIBE because of large numbers, it was very unfortunate that we experienced the kind of congestion we did on Frederick street and I do think Security, had they been more present, could have done something about that. With TRIBE we were also still able to navigate Woodbrook etc, and that is partly a function of them not hitting the South Quay stage anymore. If YUMA wants to continue that route, maybe they need to depart earlier to ensure we don’t get into such a bottleneck again. Or perhaps better “on the road” decision making needs to be done in terms of band routing, to ensure a smoother, more continuouos road experience for masqueraders. I am also not sure whether the band’s security is permitted to keep their ropes up post leaving the stage (on the track), or if they are only allowed to continue on the roadway itself. If they are allowed to be present on the track then this definitely needs to be looked at because I am not the only person whose valuables were taken from them while in the band.

Everyone’s been asking me whether I would play with them again next year, but I am still undecided. I think a combination of value for money (in terms of costume choices + options), confidence in customer service & band management and a bit of faith will guide my decision next year.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Celebrating Independent Mas

Alice Yard cordially invites you to join us as we embark on "Celebrating Independent Mas"; a slide shows series showcasing Carnival 2011 mas. The event will include visual contributions from:

Cat in bag productions- "SNAKE IN THE GRASS"
Vulgar Fractions- "COALITION"
Alice Yard Players- "When Arima Rained"

And other bodies of local talent!

With the addition of live entertainment and a cash bar, expect a jovial ambiance as we look back on the success of our cultural talent for Carnival 2011!

We are also pleased to announce that The Cloth 25+ Alice Yard Pop-up shop will be open to our clients.

For more information, please contact

We look forward to seeing you on Friday!

Glenn Carvalho " The Mayan Empire" Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2012

Amidst other bands keeping their theme secret ,though  "I Believe" this will be revealed soon however, and others hopping mad that their idea was "stolen" by another  rival band comes the second theme revelation for Carnival 2012. Glenn Carvalho presents "The Mayan Empire" for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2012, loving the theme! 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spice Carnival 2012 Teaser....

This is all that Spice has shared of their theme 2012...I am guessing some sort of continuum of time with the past, present and future, interesting!? What is your guess?

DJ Private Ryan Presents Post Carnival Relief 2011

Hello members. Hope those who made it into Trinidad for the Carnival season have made it safely back to their respective homes. We had a time for the entire season and there was plenty good music this year so here is the mix to relive the memories.

This megamix is the ONLY one where you can find all the hits in just 1hr 17 mins. This means it can be burned onto a CD unlike Soca Brainwash which was over 2 hours.
This will be the last soca mix for a while. At least maybe till Cropover or Miami Carnival later this year.

Thank you to all who supported and followed the Private Ryan truck in BLISS and the last lap at the oval which was EPIC!!!!

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Left click the link at the bottom of the graphic.

Advantage Road Mix - Machel
Advantage - Machel (Road March)
Hard Wuk - Machel
Duracell Plus - Skinny fabulous & Machel
We Ready - Fay ann & Problem Child
Me Alone - Bunji Garlin
Hold a Burn - Bunji Garlin
Fetting for Days - Michelle X
King Road - Maddzart
Tornado - Otis
Mr Dj - hollywood Sachy
Welcome Back - Destra
Lighters - Nadia Batson & Talpree
Doh Drag the flag Road mix - Shal Marshall
Consider it done - Fay Ann
Get Out My Way - Busy Signal
Illegal - Machel Montano
Come to Meh - Iwer
Bumpy Ride - Machel Montano Mohombi &Pitbull
All Around the world - Zan
Confidence - TC
Burning up - Machel Montano &Russian
Digital Bumper Road Mix - Jahmoun
Flirt - Farmer Nappy
Mas and Wining - Patrice Roberts
Feel Like Wukkin Dj Dee Remix - Destra
Cool it down - Destra
Body Wine - All Rounder
Good Time - Kerwin Dubois &Blaxx
Its your wine - Tian Winter
Give him - Patrice Roberts
Town Ting - Cassi
Moto Bike - Shal
Speakerbox GBM Road Mix - TC
Wotless - Kes
Feel to wine - Destra & TC
Heaven in you - Kerwin Dubois
Head Nice - Patch
Party Cyan done - Bunji & Problem Child
Jouvert jam - Nebula 868 & Hypa hoppa
Carnival Jumbie - Blaxx
This Time - Bunji
Pump it up - Orlando Octave
Go Dung Remix - Lil Rick & Machel Montano
Come Gyal - Kes
Coming again - Machel Montano
Bend Ova Road Mix - Machel Montano
Bend Ova Rescript - Machel Montano & Aaron Fresh
Trini Road mix - Benjai
Doh Slip - Umi Marcano & 3 Suns
Any Day - Swappi
Ramajay - Lyrikal
Proppa - Destra
Like a G6 Soca Remix - Machel Montano
Touch D Road - Busy Signal
One Blood - Bunji & 3 Suns
Ah Ting - Kes & Kerwin Dubois
Spin Class - Machel Montano
Sweetness - Lil Bitts
Wine to the side - Benjai
Middle of the road - Destra & Swappi
Dance & Dingolay - Denise Belfon
Tanti Woi - Blaxx
Tanti Woi (Made Famous Remix) - Blaxx
A.O.A - Machel Montano
Where Im From - Kes
Where Im From (Precision Road Mix) - Kes

Monday, March 21, 2011

Ronnie & Caro 2011 Review

Collection - Collection was a BREEZE... I was in Section #1 Go Green. ALL parts were in tack. The pants were not the normal board shorts but capris that had a GREAT fit. Monday wear was also put into consideration; we were given orange T- Shirts and an orange hat.

Monday - Met the band on the Avenue because I was late. The band looked like a sea of orange and the vibe was nice. Our first judging point was Adam Smith Square them we made our way to South Quay and up Fredrick street. It was on Fredrick Street it kicked it that the stage is in front of us and we got to take advantage. At the intersection ( Park and Fredrick *to go to Charlotte) Island People blocked us but while we were waiting, they gave us pies, I had the cheese, to tell you the truth it was THE BEST I ever had, they were HOT and nice. We then continued up Fredrick Street till we got to the Savannah where we did take ADVANTAGE of the stage. We then went on lunch at QRC grounds (Lunch was great MUST say who did the food did a great job). We then got up and chipped down to Saint James where my crew and I left.

Monday Grades: Food- A*
Vibes- A *** GREAT
Overall - GREAT

Tuesday- The day we waited for was here, got up at like 5AM and got dressed for the road. Parked in NIPDEC and went to meet the band in front the Twin Towers on Independence Square and started the wassiness from the time I met the band. Breakfast was Sada with a vegetable of your choice so I had potato. We crossed Downtown for the first time in front of Legacy. YES we were the first downtown and then we were headed to the Savannah. We got stuck behind TRIBE so I went and check out the TRIBERS in full gear and trust me they looked not normal TRIBE (sic), I did see people having costume troubles. They look like they were attacked by the warriors within. So we took advantage of the stage and then headed to lunch. Lunch was pelau, BBQ chicken, fresh salad and macaroni salad. After lunch we were headed for the Avenue and when I realized they turned onto Tragerete road to get to the mas camp so I headed to NIPDEC to get my car and headed home.

I had a BALL and my foreigners too; they have applied for Vacation for next year and are currently looking for tickets for next year. So, you could tell, they had a time.
Ronnie & Caro did a GREAT job and we will be there next year once we live to see 2012 . SURVIVORS !! Wonder what is in store for 2012 ?

Monday Wear Creations!

Whether it was a  creation decorated by you, a special costume that was custom ordered or reinventing the Monday Wear given by your band, these ladies are just a small sample of the creativity that was seen on the road on Carnival Monday! 







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