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Saturday, August 02, 2008

More Close Up Pics...

Ay, I cannot wait until the website goes up!!!

Please note the bra shots are head on , click on the pic for a super sized view:


Brazilian Macaw

African Love Bird



I, like everyone else, am waiting on frontline prices and I will say from what little information I have been given that the only frontline costume that seems to be "hot" in price is Spangled Cotinga which is rumoured to be priced at $6000.00TT, same price as Nylon Pool frontline circa 2006. With the amount of interest generated in this costume I expected nothing less quite frankly, it is certainly a beautiful costume (each decorative gems is edged with rhinestones) with a gorgeous headpiece and I would play in it in a heartbeat.

As for the rest of the frontlines, I was told to expect between $4500.00 to $5000.00. I am guessing however that Bird of Paradise may just cross the $5000.00 mark as well seeing as the backline with collar option costs $3799.00.

If this price range is true then the frontlines are around the same as 2008, the most expensive this year being Pixie Dust which was priced at $5000.00 , and I will have no complaints! Truth be told the frontline costumes are really fabulous for 2009.

Will keep you posted as soon as I get word!

Of Men and Gods.. coming for Carnival 2009

There is yet another new band to be launched for Carnival 2009, this time "Of Men and Gods...The New Dynasty" promises to "blow the lid off Trinbago Carnival". A bit of what they are about taken from their facebook group:

Centaurians G.T. presents the dawning of a new age in Trinidad and Tobago Carnival. It is by far not the cliche' rubbish many have come to accept and follow now but a stylised difference and there is no compromise.

To be individualistic is to have integrity and ingenuity all the while being true to intelligence as per imagination. To repeat an action over time and expect a different result is a definition of madness.


We are coming and there will be a New Dynasty in Trinbago Carnival. No cliche', no Bullshit , all locally made quality costuming for both women and especially wonderful for the men.

Difference, No Compromise...
Ok, so the media launch takes place on August 16th, no location specified as yet, however there is a contact number and email address for this new band:


Taking a look at the costumes they have on show from their previous endeavor in the Carnival world, "Mirazh- Asgardia" Poison 2006, I am very curious to see just what this band has to offer after this diatribe by the band leader:


Welcome to the group and it is my hope that all is well with you and yours. Now many Trinbagonians say that hey are outspoken but htat is not true and That'a fact. To be outspoken all the time is difficult indeed because there is an ample amount of fearlessness and impartiality one must have.

To which the question is brought about and i say yea verily. Why do we callourselves outspoken but yet our habits and culture is being lost to outside influences.Not that this is terrible but adaptation will bring progress not adoption, save the latter for Angelina and Madonna and them.

I cheer when I replay Minshall's interviews about the content of mas and expression. Just like a "steups", a "bounce",mas is aphysical manifestation of our unique heritage. It is art lent to a certain amount of expression but again I say WHAT THE F@$%^ !!!

In art the expression is left up to the artist however there are times when you can plainly see it's crap. As an artist and a true one at that it amazes me what passes for art and what the people are accepting on the whole.


People I have seen countless Wildlife documentaries and unless it's over my head Lizards, Zebras, Cheetahs and Lions do not have feathers!!!! Unless it is my bad to be calling people abject dunces these animals have hair and one scales. Unless there are geneticists in the ranks of Band Leaders accept my apologies.

How does this pass because there is no systematic dismissal of foolishness in our Festival. I even recently saw Light green sage,as an apprentice herbalist that again is a genetic hybrid. Give me a mutha break.

Stick to your theme and if the need is for feathers be more aligned as far as expression goes.


Need I say more . The friend friend thing is killing the masquerade. Had I the fortune to have money to waste I'd be dis liked by the many so-called designers out there. A Lion with feathers...get away from here. My money would have stayed in my pocket. Hell there would be an ad in the paper stating no sponsorship to idiots.
But alas this is not so,so there is an inequity nonetheless as some get hundreds of thousands while others get straight blanked.

The only place this benefits you is in learning a skill where it is called practice or in the gym where you can get fit from that. When one band takes another's design re-colours it and calls it new A FART BY ANY OTHER NAME STILL STINKS!!!!


For those of you who don't know your behind the scenes info.There are not that many designers in our Carnival feild heck some of them are'nt eventhat bright!! Just caught a good break and milking it for what it's worth.

Guys like George Bailey could draw, build and edit their costumes themselves. Some band leaders right now cannot,i repeat cannot even build the initial tenets of the very costumes they're selling......

So the beat goes on and the designers all share notes and for the last 15 years the designs can all be traced to an obvious source.It too is a clique to a point....believe me and they taking allyuh money to boot!!!

There's not much of that in most bands it's so commercialised that most things are as insincere as Patrick Manning after he wins the Election. I said it,tough.

there are bands that are rumoured to get 1/2 million from particular sponsors as soon as they say band and Carnival. What a load of crock that is !! Then there is simple maths $$000 x 4000 people........How could you not declare a profit from that. Gimme a mutha$^U*$ Break people.

WHAT in the Hell does beads and feathers have to do with Drinks or Seasonings ???? What does a waist coat and a foot ball shorts have to do with any costume as it seem s to be the new laignappe of designing now. If you gave me that I'd slap the Band leader in his face.

Wayne Berkley made the mistake and said that carnival is woman. That was taken to the extreme and now we whose carnival is the mother of sucuumbming to the wiles of our various offspring.

All my points are simple artistic ones as carnival is an artistic expression. How does one or two Psuedo intellectuals come to be the bench marks of our festival. The nearest they've probably been to the ghetto is by employing the inhabitants in their camps.

It's disgusting to me as a trinbagonian and as a Black man. Moreso as an artist and true intellectual and worst as an individual. Take it from me ,my stuff has been laughed at but it's understandable,they laughed at Christ....
This was our Phenomenal Female from Mirazh- Asgardia
in Poison 2006(R.I.P).
Even then one could see the difference though
it had to follow the accepted mores and values.

Hmm, nope cannot see the "difference" and nothing phenomenal about it!

Looking forward to what this new band plans on bringing to the table after all that verbiage. Hopefully they will fare better than The Oracle and Taboo, two planned new bands for Carnival 2008 which failed to launch.

Ira Diabolus

Mas Jumbies has launched the first section of their 2009 J'ouvert presentation "Diabolus Imperium"; presenting "Ira Diabolus" (Anger Devils).

For more information check out Mas Jumbie's website.
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