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Friday, March 13, 2009

And the winner is!!

The results of the TRIBE poll are in and the Asian theme was voted the winner over the Space theme which is great news since TRIBE is indeed doing an Asian theme for 2010! Tribers will be taking " The Silk Road"!

TRIBE Costume Post Mortem

Hi Saucy,

I'm avid follower of your blog. Just wanted to tell you keep up the good work on a great job you're doing. It gives Carnival lovers like me such a great forum to express views, gain ideas etc. etc.

I was wondering though, would it be possible for you to write an article on TRIBE costumes on the road (seeing that was the band you played with). Specifically:
1) Which costumes surpassed your expectations on the road
2) Which costumes you thought were really hot but didn't quite live up to your expectations on the road
3) Which costumes surprised you i.e. weren't all that great at the mas camp but looked quite good on the road
4) Which costumes you thought were just as 'blah' as always.

Its just a suggestion, but i think it will foster great discussion (and probably arguments lol). I would also like to hear from other bands too..IP, Spice etc. on what they thought of the costumes on the road in general.
DQ, thanks for your letter. For comparison my original assessment of the costumes at the launch was as follows:

Least Favorite Costume – Flight of the Ibis

So-So costumes – Wild Parrot, Blue Tanager and Night Owl

Costumes with the extra oomph but I still had a problem with -Brazilian Macaw, Golden Dove

Superstars- Caged Canary, Hummingbird ,Kiskadee, Green Honey Creeper,Bird of Paradise, Ruby Topaz, Spangled Cotinga, Pheasant and African Love Bird.

1) Which costumes surpassed your expectations on the road?

I would have to say that Wild Parrot looked great on the road, surpassed my expectation because post launch it only ranked “so-so”.

Also Brazilian Macaw BACKLINE looked awesome with the large collar which was added after the launch, I initially thought the backline was way too plain but the added collar gave it the extra “oomph” that was missing before with just the tiny feathered shoulder pads

Spangled Cotinga and Kiskadee frontline surpassed how gorgeous I thought they were going to look. Even after all the drama of the skimpiness of Cotinga and the gold instead of silver, the whole section looked great ( though some ladies should choose costumes that better suit their body type) and the frontlines were just a huge feathered mass of gorgeousness!

Kiskadee's colour was outstanding on the road even though this frontline was not my first choice.

Hands down the best frontline costumes for me in terms of surpassing my expectation were Caged Canary and Ruby Topaz.The colours used in Caged Canary just lit up the streets I also loved, loved, loved the headpiece and hand pieces which photographed beautifully as well.

Ruby Topaz frontline was another stellar superstar. Gorgeous costume that I think was well suited to the petite frontliners that were selected to wear this one.

2) Which costumes you thought were really hot but didn't quite live up to your expectations on the road?

Although I still thought Brazilian Macaw Frontline was a superstar the fact that the colour red used on the headpieces and collar was VERMILLION and not ruby red lessened the impact of the costume for me personally. In all the photographs it looks like an orange red which does not match the ruby red of the bra and belt! The male costume for this one did not look as great as at the launch, they changed the style of the headpiece.

Pheasant was a superstar in my original pick after the launch but I think it got downgraded after I saw it on the road. I still think that some of the frontline costumes looked great on SOME people because it looked better on some complexions than others, but the backline costume just looked too “muted”. I loved Pheasant male costume though!

Another costume that I loved at the launch but was just so-so on the road was Hummingbird. The red beak on the headpiece fell oddly on some women, obscuring their face too much. Also I thought the green was a bit too dark and not as shimmery, could be that this costume needed brilliant sunshine to fully appreciate it but under the overcast conditions of Carnival Tuesday the green to me just looked too dark, not enough shimmer!

The fact that they changed the bra for Green Honeycreeper totally changed the look of the costume for me; it was my least favorite on the road! Not to mention the cheap bra they used broke. I lost count of how many women I saw with the back of the bra tied up and my friend had her friends in that section and they both had their bra clasp break as well before we even crossed the Savannah stage. The design on the bra would have looked so much better on a nice padded bra but that cheap spandex bra looked disappointing. Still loved the headpiece though.

I always liked Golden Dove backline; I thought it was a pretty costume. However I did not see this section in total numbers but heard it was scanty! Anyway it fell short on the road as well for me; did not like the shade of yellow in the sunlight. The frontline (ONE I saw in a photograph) did look better than the launch however so that was a good thing.

3) Which costumes surprised you i.e. weren't all that great at the mas camp but looked quite good on the road?

Although I always LOVED Bird of Paradise costume after seeing it close up at the mas camp I switched my initial costume choice from this section to another after worrying about how the “nude” shade would look on my complexion. Well this costume looked GORGEOUS on the road on all shades of women. I absolutely LOVED it and the clip on tail of the frontlines. This would have been section #1 for me if I were to put a neutral shade first as it blew Pheasant out the water.

4) Which costumes you thought were just as 'blah' as always?
Scarlet Ibis and Owl, my opinion on those did not change.

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