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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Island People Mas Newsletter

Just got this newsletter and I absolutely LOVE the idea of the "private" chat room for IP masqueraders to discuss footwear and accessories.. ... getting a good laugh from that one since I know where they are getting their ideas! Yeah, imitation IS the sincerest form of flattery.


We’d like to thank all of our loyal supporters and the many new IP Mas-queraders who have already registered for Animal Instincts! The band has been selling extremely fast and is almost sold out. We currently have limited availability and wanted to alert you of this before we sell out. Don’t wait ‘till it’s too late!

We have been very busy with registration and we have a lot of updates to share with you. Please take a moment to read this email thoroughly so that you are aware of everything that might pertain to you.

If you or your friends have registered for a costume but have not yet paid the deposit, please do so immediately. This will be your last opportunity to retain this costume before we release it and make it available to the general public.

If you have sent a PayPal payment recently but have not received an email confirmation from us, rest assured that we have received your PayPal payment and are in the process of confirming your costume. You will receive a confirmation email shortly. It is also wise to log on to your PayPal account and confirm that your payment was sent and has been cleared.

Fas-Trak is available again this year to masqueraders who pay in full for their costume by 1st December 2007. Fas-Trak is a separate location at distribution that allows you to swiftly collect your costume and be on your way!

We know that during carnival you meet, or wine on, many people but that you don’t always have a way to reconnect with them. So we are creating a new feature on our website where you can reconnect with other IP Mas fans like yourself. It’s called “We-Met” and is EXCLUSIVELY for IP Mas-queraders! Currently you can chat live with other IP Mas-queraders and soon you will be able to post photos of people with whom you are trying to reconnect but whose info or name is unknown. You will also be able to use this area to share your photos from past IP Mas carnivals or post helpful links to find good carnival footwear and other carnival accessories. Please email to be verified and receive your private password to our chatroom. We-Met is EXCLUSIVELY for IP Mas-queraders and we ask our masqueraders to assist us by not sharing their passwords with non-masqueraders. This is a place for you to enjoy with fellow IP-Masqueraders. IP Mas would like to remind you to please try to get some work done at the office while chatting ;) lol

After weeks of examining what size bras our masqueraders say they wear versus which size Costume Top they choose in the Mas camp, we have updated our online size chart and encourage you to verify that your size is correct. Please take in mind that each masquerder prefers a different fit so if you would like more cleavage choose a smaller top size and if you would like more coverage choose a larger top size. The majority of our tops have a unique X-String Tie system that allows the back size to be adjusted to suit your individual size. Thus the cup size is the more important size when choosing your top. The Size Chart can be found after selecting any costume for which to register. If you would like to make an adjustment to your Bikini-Top size, please email

We have released our highly acclaimed carnival calendar photos as downloadable screensavers for you to enjoy on your desktop. Please visit to release them onto a screen near you.

It is important to have fun during carnival and being in good physical condition helps. In addition to our “Fit To Play” workout sessions, which will resume later in the carnival season, we would like to encourage you to participate in other forms of exercise. Pilates is one of the best ways to get in shape. Maybe you’ve heard of it but never really knew what it was or where to try it out, well here’s your chance! Expert instructor Gabriela Beston offers regular classes conveniently located in her private studio in Maraval, Port of Spain. And because you are an IP Mas-querader you will receive your first class of Pilates FREE when you present your IP Mas Animal Instincts registration receipt along with your ID. Please contact Gaby directly for more information on how to sign up for her classes. T: 868.709.8097 E:

Congratulations to the winners of our 2007 Tan Lines Competition!!!! The Grand Prize Winner is Khalia Edwards and she will receive a free deposit on her costume for Animal Instincts 2008. Good luck to next year’s masqueraders.

Stayed tuned for more benefits to being an IP Mas-querader, such as upcoming wine-tastings…


IP Mas
The fun has just begun!

Mc Farlane website updated!

Looks as if Mc Farlane is getting ready to launch his website for registration on Friday. Check out the introduction To EARTH - CRIES OF DISPAIR, WINGS OF HOPE!

A media launch will be held tomorrow at 10:00AM on San Fernando Hill followed by registration for Loyalty card holders from Friday 14th September to Sunday 23rd September, 2007. This time period is a private period reserved for Loyalty Card Holders to register with the Band for 2008 before the general public. Open registration starts on September 24th.

Jab in de place!!!!!

Presenting, Jab Noir, Jab Rouge, Jab Gris, Jab Bleu & Jab Jaune sections from Mas Jumbies 2008 j'ouvert presentation "Jab":

Still to be revealed is the section Imps, which I am looking forward to when the website launches in two weeks. From the section line up I am liking Jab Rouge.. that red looks hot!

Revolution teaser........

Here are some more photos of costumes from Curtis Eustace's new band Evolution and the presentation "Imagination of Colour":

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