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Sunday, December 12, 2010 responds.....again

The Apology:

Good Day
I would like to sincerly apologise about a comment made on my fan page by slucarnival. This response was not made by me and I would really like to apologise about this and any issues it may have caused. I have corrected the issue so that I am the only one that can comment on this as SLUcarnival and really would like to apologise to you. It was disrespectful and uncalled for. 
I have further removed the image and cleared the air about it. 

Thank you

The Retraction Apologises for any issue a recent photo has caused. If this caused an issue, we apologise to anyone who got offended by this. This was not to reach this point. Once again we apologise. responds.....

So I finally get a response from as to why they are using a photograph from Harts Carnival to advertise St Lucia Carnival 2011, click on the photograph below for an enlarged view of the response: Listen Calude, why not ask the carnival band why do they buy all the unused castumes (sic) from trinidad. why dont they produce their own costumes. So WTF drifference does it matter what pic was used. If a pic of this yeard coatume(sic) was used from one of the bands it would still be a costume from TNT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SMH!!

I can understand now the level of ignorance in that response since the issue is not that bands in St Lucia buy costumes from Trinidad but that the image is Copyrighted and belongs to Harts! Even if the bands in St Lucia buy costumes from Trinidad I am positive they do not use the exact same photograph that is on the website of the band they bought it from in Trinidad to advertise in St Lucia. 

Red Unlimited buys unused materials from Spice and they also used a Trinidadian designer who produced costumes that were eerily familiar in design for St Lucia Carnival 2010. The bands Just for Fun and Toxik have bought costumes from Pulse 8 in the past.

And is NOT a Carnival Band in St Lucia, they are a website promoting their Carnival so I am sure it was very easy to pluck a photograph from any of the St Lucian band's regardless of that imbecilic response to my question. But, at the end of the day I have to sum it up to the fact that  once again Trinidad's Carnival costumes are so superior to all the other costumes in the region that they have to steal OUR photographs to advertise THEIR Carnival! How sad.

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