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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Island People Shades Of The Universe Videos

Island People Shades of the Universe Taking You Where Mas Has Never Been Before….

Well, what a LONG night it was anticipating the showing of Island People’s costumes. I was reading the chat on the livestream where people were getting restless, so imagine being at Pier 1 since 9:30PM, with a raging sore throat (I cannot even speak this morning), general malaise from a virus and having to wait until close to 1:30PM for the show to begin. And, when the launch kicked off, choked by smoke of course, have to suffer through a drawn out presentation with choreographed alien routines and robotic models just to see the costumes! Trust me; it was not a pleasant experience, now on to the review.

From the preview costumes at the media launch I did not fully get the interpretation of Island People’s space theme which came together when all costumes were presented. While the feathers on the costumes might not have been to some people’s expectations when doing a space theme, you have to hand it to Island People ( on a silver platter) because they took “out of the box” and knocked it WAY out of the box for some of these sections. Will these costumes have mass appeal? Well, only time will tell.

Quasar - Sonia Mack
My first impression on this costume is that Sonia Mack decided to re use materials left over from doing Black Widow, Island People Mas circa 2008. And, when she ran out of ideas she decided to toss in some elements of Soleil Brulee Island People Mas circa 2007! I swear, the frontline? individual? costumes for Quasar are identical to what was done for Black Widow down to the netted body suit , trimming/beads and structure of the belt. I do however love the backline costume options, loving that it uses actual fabric detail to create shapes on the bra and belt as well as the headpiece. Speaking of headpieces, I  like the one on the monokini version of this costume, including the option with the sexy “caged” eye piece and feathers. I especially like the structured geometric back pack as well; one thing I have to point out, a fact that Carnival Jumbie alerted me to is that the monokini costume comes with NETTED underwear! The individual costume for this section is HOT! I love it, love the framed skirt and the cut out bra (beware pasties needed) even though it is channeling Soleil Brulee, I still love this costume. Kudos to Sonia for also giving the men several costume options,wolverine claws, predator headpiece (Ice Warriors done better?) and all!


Nebular’s Hypnosis – Ruana Booker
Boring, hypnotized me right to sleep. I have seen that frontline bra already for the season on YUMA’s Libra and that was the most interesting item on the costume. When you launch later in the band launch season the caveat is that we are now fine tuned to all the details that we have seen before and THAT was one among several, previously seen, costume ideas that I saw showing up in costumes last night. Too many feathers in Nebular, compared to the rest of the sections it still is very much inside of the box, and this costume can easily fit into any theme in any band. Sure to be one of the popular sections in Island People despite my review on it because it is a very safe costume, nothing risqué, and blue is a seller, always! The male costume, ok.


Saturn Sanctuary – Tisha Neilson
I LOVE that Individual Costume and if the designers were smart is should be automatically bumped up to frontline status because THAT is the type of costume I was expecting to see from Island People! Simple, stunning and effective swirling disc back pack with totally blinding crystal body wear; well executed. In a total 180 I do not like the frontline costume AT ALL. I don’t know if it is the variegated beaded fringe wire bra (Rainbow circa 2006 anyone) , the fringe belt , the combination of yellow and orange feathers on the headpiece or even the style of the shoulder pieces but the total effect of this costume reads total recall. The backline costume was interesting, minus the fringe beading and I might actually like it. The male costume, humph, at that headpiece is all I have to say.


Vega – Sandra Hordatt
I love the frontline on this costume, a Sandra Hordatt creation, if only for the orbital shoulder pads! Nice space peacock headpiece on both the backline and frontline, however that is still a safe backline costume with the feathered collar. Vega is definitely going to be one that sells. Brownie points for making that unusual colour combination, with the different shades of green, work and making it look pretty instead of mossy! Two words for the male costume “ The Gimp”, and if you do not know those two words try “Pulp Fiction”, google them together.

M51 – Dianne Hunte
Can we say Touch 2.0? This costume brought flashbacks to Touch, Island People Circa 2009, maybe it is the colour pink or the working on the bra, however I just cannot get past the similarity. Another generic costume for the theme, dare I even repeat myself and say “safe” again. I am liking the monokini on the frontline just a little though. The male costume looks like a cross between the phantom of the opera gone pink and a jester that got electrocuted.


Mars Bliss – Sonia Mack
Don’t like it. On the frontline I like the neck up, the caged headpiece that Sonia Mack did for this section complements the one in Quasar and I do like that the spoke decoration carries over to the back pack, however the body wear on this costume looks a little sloppy especially for Sonia Mack’s standards. Maybe it is the appliqué trim used to decorate the monkokini but I do not like it, and if I stare at it long enough it will trigger off my trypophobia. The backline is marginally better as it uses less of that awful trim but the headpiece is a typical Sonia Mack style with a wire frame added around the eyes. The male costume reminds me of Aries in YUMA with the shoulder shield and I am really interested to see if the men do wear all the dominatrix looking headpieces on the road!


Lunar Cycle – Melanie Sebro
I like this one, a lot. It looks like something Lady Gaga would wear down to the netted eye shade, loves it! The frontline, backline and male costumes nail the theme for me with this one. And I am liking the individual costume as well, pipe cleaner shoulder pieces too booth! This section is what we are talking about when we say “out of the box”… I can see the makeup, the boots, the hair! For the funky, the daring and the stylish divas who are snubbing their noses at feathers and bling. You go girls! And guys, the male individual is “fierce” (could be that the model SOLD this costume, wicked body)!


Zune - Keisha Als
Sigh…. Persian Gold’s Space Sister. Hood? Check…. Arm Piece? Check….Back Pack shape and style…Check. I would say this was a crowd favourite and I do like it, for the same reasons I like Persian Gold! The addition of the leg piece is sexy and I like the mix of fuschia and black which can tend to veer to the tacky side but on Zune it works. The backline costume is very brief, not much to the costume AT ALL except chains and a hoodie. Don’t you feel like something is missing? The male is another nod to phantom of the opera who is now phantom of outer space.


Galactic Dust
I want to like this costume, I really do. The good parts are I like the use of the fabric, the backpack on the Individual costume is lovely! The fact that the backline costume comes with a cute small headpiece is also appreciated, complements the lack of beads since this one looks like it is trying to shrug off the “bbf” title. The male costume is one of the better ones, interesting details in the turban type headpiece. The bad part is the colour scheme! Yes, I know it is dust, but maybe in the Galaxy dust has a different hue. To make matters worse is the addition of that bronze/ pewter metallic appliqué that is distracting in the bold placement all over the costume; my eyes are immediately drawn to it.


Meteor Burst – Ruana Booker
WOW! Naked, naked, naked sums it up quite succinctly. Thanks for the addition of boy shorts for the backline costume. Male costume? Who is looking at the males in this section!


Orion’s Starbirth – Melanie Sebro
Another section that I like; in case you missed it the back of the frontline is just as brief as some of the string costumes we have seen thus far at other band launches. My favourite parts of this costume has to be the shoulder pads and collars, it would have been nice if they did a headpiece without feathers just as an alternative but overall I do not think the feathers are distracting or out of place in the design at all. The teal adds to the costume in my opinion and the shape of the headpiece is highlighted. The male costume is decent, the colour combination keeps bringing up images of Robin Hood when I look at it, but overall not too bad. The Individual costume did not have to be an ode to V, really, I know it is a classic camp/cult series but .. V..on the backpack.. hopefully that was not intentional and just coincidental.


Forever Orbit – Dianne Hunt
Oy! If there was one section to tie up the S&M theme and drive it home it is THIS one. Toss on some dog collars, chains and a whip, you are in business. Lace, a bra and tanga shorts make good lingerie however I think it FAILED as a costume. Throwing some feathers on, a la the frontline does not bump it up to costume status either. This is bedroom wear! I am guessing this was supposed to be different and interesting, to me it is neither. Least favourite costume of them all! I would take generic over this “out of the box”, thank you please very much.


Twilight Phenom
The “youth section” ages 16 to 20, priced and package for the “youths”; I guess that means NO ALCOHOL! Actually not a bad costume for that age group, maybe a little skimpy for the 16 year olds, the belt could have been wider! But it was nice to see the costume modeled by models in the target age group.

My final impression of the costumes? I think Island People did Island People and did their own take on the Space Theme which was cool and sometimes kooky. As far as sticking to theme and thinking outside of the box, they get a 6/10 for the thematic aspect of the costume and a 7/10 for going out of the box. The “out of the box” score would have been higher if some of the Individual costumes were not offered as just ONE but frontline, a whole host of costumes with orbits around their bodies, arms and heads! In that respect I think they went “safe” with the costumes that they know would be the main sellers and I do not blame them. Masqueraders ask for “different” and “unique” all the time, bored of the feathers and the beads, but it will be interesting to gauge the response to Shades of the Universe and see which costumes actually are popular and which are not!

Island People Shades of The Universe Band Launch Photos

High Quality Pics HERE
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