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Sunday, January 31, 2010

New From Mas Jumbie

Brian Wong Won and Jeremy Powell present DUO a Carnival Art Exhibition at Horizon Art Gallery featuring paintings by the two aforementioned artists.The exhibit opens on February 9th and ends on February 20th.Click on the flyers below for more information.

Pai Banan - Mas Jumbies

Presenting the 6th and final section for L'echo, Pai-Banan. Interested persons can call Lisa at 868-788-0663 to register in this unique section. It is priced at $400.00. For more info check out Mas Jumbie's website.

Micles Metallic Hot Shorts

Micles is now producing their own brand of hot shorts in the very trendy Carnival appropriate metallic colours of silver, gold and pewter. The shorts cost $110.00TT and also come in hot pink and yellow. They also have a matching bandeau top and leggings if you are also interested in that kind of thing.

The hot shorts and sizes were flying of the shelves while I was at the Mall Branch of the shop so hopefully they have lots in stock for Carnival or you may just have to hurry and get yours if you wanted a pair! 

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Guest House In Woodbrook

A friend of mine has some last minute space available at a guest house for Carnival ,where she will be staying, and asked if I would be kind enough to share the following information::

Hi All,
We have a Female looking for a roommate to share a brand new One bedroom apartment in Woodbrook Port Of Spain. The guest house is located down the block from Crobar on Robert &Carlos Street in the heart of the action. Breakfast will be served on Feb 12 to Feb 16 and dinner will be served carnival monday and tuesday. The room is reserved from Feb 11 to Feb 19 but thats flexible. Currently the price is $700 for those days but that also flexible. Please feel free to contact me for further details.<

All Dressed Up For Carnival

It was very nice to see the Ministry of Tourism building on Duke Street all decked out with Carnival costumes as I drove through Port of Spain yesterday:. And remember you can always visit the Ministry to get tourist brochures, books and maps for free!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Downtown or No Downtown?

Ok masqueraders, here is the question of the day;

Do you prefer your band of choice to take a route that includes BOTH The Downtown and Savannah judging points or do you prefer your band of choice to make a detour from downtown and ONLY cross the Savannah judging point.

Thoughts? Comments?

Please Vote in the Poll

This Is My Song Of The Day!

I work hard, hard, hard.. time to get on bad, bad, bad.. I pay for this NOBODY CYAR TELL ME NUTTIN!

Triniscene Live at Ladies First

CLICK HERE for live stream!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

TRIBE Costume Distribution Schedule


If you have purchased a costume from someone and it has not been transferred to you on our system OR you are collecting a costume for someone, please ensure that you walk with:
A letter signed by the costume owner authorizing you to collect.
A copy of costume owner's picture ID.
Costumes will NOT be released to persons without these documents.

TRIBE's Mas Camp will be closed for costume transactions from
Monday 1st February - Saturday 13th February to facilitate Costume Distribution at Cascadia Hotel.

TRIBE Customer Service Hot lines during distribution hours ONLY.
(868) 347-4944
(868) 390-2081

The Mas Camp will be open for TRIBE IGNITE ticket sales ONLY.

Tech Know Carnival

Here is the TSTT Tech Know column in todays Newsday which highlights several online sites, including Trinidad Carnival Diary, as part of a resource of communication technology online to make your Carnival expeirences better:
click for larger view

Right Now I selling TRIBE!

This has go to be the most INSANE mark up I have seen this year on a costume!

A Charmeuse Male, size 38 waist, for sale; the downpayment to the seller is.. wait for it.. $5500.00TT AND you still owe $1400.00TT to TRIBE.

And then the seller has the gall to say "sorry for the high price but this section n custome REL HOT in demand"(sic). Maybe they need the extra money to pay for some English lessons!

If you buy this costume from this seller you have earned yourself the Ramgoat of the Day Award compliments Trinidad Carnival Diary. Your prize is the special knowledge that you are the day's biggest sucker! Carry on!

click for larger view

Right Now I Selling Spice!

How much costumes in Spice you want? More than  HALF the band sold out people.. now, do the math!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bacchanal Factory Tonight At Ten

I know you all pretty much hated the first episode of Bacchanal Factory which premiered last Wednesday, but I think you should tune in tonight if only to hear Hoppy and crew talk about how much YOU guys hated the show! Should be interesting!

Tonight, 10:30PM (local time) on Synergy TV, Jump TV carries a live stream (you have to register for it).

*EDITED TO ADD at 10:50PM:
Due to some unknown reason Bacchanal Factory will be shown tomorrow night at 10PM instead......wasted my sleeping hours waiting to see the new episode. UN-PROFESSIONAL!

Breakfast Parties' Post Breakfast Parties

Two popular Breakfast Parties are extending your party time on Carnival Sunday with two new events for you and your Valentine this year.

 Sunny Side Up is having a cooler fete and there is a new Vale Party on the scene, a bring your own bottle fete called  Vale Dutch. Both fetes are operating on the concept of bringing your own drinks (Vale Dutch will be providing chasers and light food) making these events two of the cheapest and most affordable for the season:

Spice Collection Update

Sorry overseas folks, no Express Line collection unless you were registered in house:

Hey Spice crew,

To ensure that your costume collection is speedy and efficient, we have now made an EXPRESS COLLECTION LINE available to you @ The Trinidad Hilton Hotel

To take advantage of this Express Line, you will need to make your FINAL payment IN FULL @ Spice's Showroom by Tuesday 2nd February @ 5pm!

This offer however, applies to orders done IN SHOWROOM ONLY.

Please be advised as well that the showroom will be closed from Tuesday 2nd February @ 6pm.

Registrations will resume @ The Trinidad Hilton on Friday 5th February @ 12 noon.

Costume Collection will also take place @ The Trinidad Hilton. We will advise you on the collection dates for your respective sections shortly.

The Spice Team

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Special Rate At Cascadia For TRIBE Masqueraders

Protecting Those Toes!

Many of us Carnival lovers have, at one time or the other, experienced the painful punishment of discolored toe nails which fall off in some cases, after the stress of jamming against your shoes for two days on the road.While gel insoles protect the balls of your feet and overall make your footwear more comfortable sometimes no matter how hard you try you know you are going to lose a toenail post Carnival. I have been recommended to try Toe Protectors, the kind Ballet Dancers use, for this Carnival so I will be giving it a test run. However I am also sharing the information with you guys in case you may want to try it or if you have to share your experience on wheter or not they really work.

There are several versions of these toe protectors, from the simple silicone pad for an individual toe called  gel toe protectors

To the dancer favorites "Ouch Pouch" and "Pro Pads By Bun Heads":

If dancers can stand these with pointe shoes I am willing to give it a whirl with my boots; look out for my review POST Carnival and feel free to share your experiences if you have used any of these products on the road.

Monday, January 25, 2010

And The Back-annal Continues...

So, if you think it is only me having  a problem with certain sections being to the back of TRIBE's lineup and it is no big deal, think again! Word reaching the Sauce is that a section leader in TRIBE was  incensed that two newcomers to TRIBE  made it to the first half of the band in 2009 and I guess those feelings are still very much an issue in 2010! Poor thing, at least this year the section was placed in the top 10! Obviously where your section ends up in the line up is a BIG deal to more than just a few masqueraders!

And the theme of NOT wanting to end up in the back has even reached Caribana, where band leaders voted AGAINST TRIBE entering the market, especially since they are positioned to be in the top 8 of the lineup when traditionally newcomers are placed last! See, I tell you NO ONE wants to end up to the back of any line up, be it a section or a band.. .I mean if TRIBE could technically skip the line for Caribana why can't I protest the placement of Mystery of Loulan?

And in other non related TRIBE news Island People has been very quietly selling out sections! Mudra and Raja Aur Rani are now sold out along with frontline Jaipur. That leaves only Kundalini with all section options open. Way to go Island People, slow and steady wins the race!

Caesar's Army Flower Power




for Carnival 2010!!



Caesar's Army Carnival 2010

Drinks & Food Inclusive

J'ouvert Band (Mon 15th Feb)

J'ouvert Package: $380 / USD$65 (for early Groovy Birds)

*Group rates available for groups of 10 or more (J'ouvert only)



Jules Sobion: 755-6592

Zakiya Smart: 763-8726

Candace Guppy: 799-5009

Darcel Kajim: 778-0810

Darien Sobion: 758-8801

Neil Alan Phillips: 362-6771

Andre Winchester: 684-8306

Damian Archie: 687-0331

Matthew George: 680-1791

* Tenille Clarke: 1 647 654 0324 email:

New York
* Chaelle Neysa Silva: 1 917 607 8765 email:

* Raymond Nurse: 1 246 231 6325 email:

* Traci Callender: 1 876 428 7784 email:

The Hippie Hotline 707-ROME (7663) for Facebook Group more info .

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Really TRIBE?

Three more weeks until Carnival and I am thinking someone at TRIBE  loves to provoke me when it comes to the section line up! If the line up rumours are true  we have the following anomaly in the position of sections:

Section #1

Section #2

Section #3

Section #4

Section #6

Section # 13

And while I certainly was NOT expecting Mystery of Loulan to be in the top 3 or even the top 5, seeing as it was a contentious issue having been chosen by me as the best section in TRIBE this year (among other drama that ensued from that statement) I am throughly amused that #13 is where Loulan ended up;dead last!  And, ironically, the section that was my least favorite ends up as #2! Too many EGOS are involved in this process, I tell you, including mine! I enjoyed being section # 5 last year (after a two year stint in position #!1) whatever happens in 2010  my review that follows on Ash Wednesday will definitely report on how I feel about  the section placing.

Suffice to say I might even buy the reasoning behind sticking the popular sections,including Charmeuse,  in the back  as being the fact that they want to carry "the vibe" throughout the band. So, the back of the band is where all the HOT sections end up for 2010? Interesting!

What do you think? Should the more popular sections, especially the ones that sell out first be given priority placement in the lineup? How do you feel about Serica possibly being section #2? And what number would YOU choose for your section if you had a choice?  Comments? Thoughts?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dressing For Feteing Take 2!

Now that I have my Vale Breakfast party tickets in hand it is time to work on the fete wardrobe for the season. Panorama Semis is pretty easy since I am going with a pan lime and will get a T Shirt provided, so all I need are comfortable shoes and a casual bottom to match the top. The other two fetes I plan on going to, in addition to The Vale, are one all inclusive and one boat cruise. The all inclusive fete is easy enough to dress for and the boat cruise is "resort wear" as far as I am concerned.

It has been a while since I have been to a breakfast party, I last attended Insomnia in the year 2002 and Mobs 2 is a location that provided some shade, so I asked some friends of mine what was the dress code for the Vale Breakfast Party and was met with a general response of  DRESS FOR THE HEAT! My friends also went as far as to point out the dos and don'ts and pleaded with me to do a write up on how to dress for fetes, again, as they pointed out that some people just did not know what was appaortriate wear to certain fetes.

So, some pointers for the Vale Breakfast Party (and as a matter for for fact all breakfast fetes):

*Wear something cool and comfortable as you are guaranteed to be feteing under the blazing hot sun when the party gets into full swing at 10AM. Shorts, cotton tops, rompers and tank tops are standard wear for the ladies, for the men t shirts, cargo shorts, linen shorts and short sleeved shirts with sandals or sneakers are the order of the day.

*Nix the all black velvet  and knee high boots (this was an actual outfit worn by a patron last year) as well as the idea that you can wear leather or liquid leggings.I would also save the maxi dresses, jeans and jumpers for another fete, but it all depends on how comfortable you are in the heat.

* Five inch heels are not recommended, the party is held in an open venue in the neighbourhood with uneven terrain and the likely hood of mud if you venture into certain areas. Flat sandals, low wedges or even fashionable sneakers would be better for your feet.Remember the next day is Carnival Monday and you do not need sore feet on the road!

*Dress prepared to get wet, wet by sweat and wet by the water hoses. Remember certain fabrics and colours show sweat stains more than others, so you may want to take this into consideration if you plan on posing for pics; really, do you want an arm pit stain to be the highlight of your facebook pics? Do not wear hair that cannot get wet or any other item of clothing that might be ruined by water, including shoes!  I know some ladies get their hair done for Carnival so you may want to protect the expensive human hair weave from an impromptu soaking. Bikini tops worn under your clothing seems to be a popular style at this fete.Guys if you do not have six packs and plan on stripping down when you are soaking wet you may want to consider a vest worn under your shirt.

*Remember to inspect your clothing in the daylight, dress for the DAY time not the night. What might have seemed as a good idea under the cover if darkness may not look so cute when the sun comes up! All shades of black do not match, remember that.

* Accessorize for sun protection; sunglasses are a must for this fete as well as hats.

Bottom line is this is NOT the fete to dress for posing, this is the fete to dress for palancing until the sun comes up in the water and on the wall.

Bringing back the "Dressing for Feteing Post:

All-inclusive fetes:
Plan on dressing up more than you would to go to any other parties in Trinidad as these fetes are usually a “fashion show” with some people dressed to thrill. With premium drinks and a variety of dishes included in the ticket price, all-inclusive are where you go to mingle with the local celebrities, politicians and the who’s who of Trinidad social circles.

Daytime all-inclusive fetes like Beach House and Salybia require stylish yet simple attire and a cute pair of shades. Bermuda shorts, skirts, tunic tops or even a “summer dress” are all quite acceptable wear. Footwear should be comfortable; wedges, flats or nice sandals are perfect, please leave the sneakers at home!

All-inclusive fetes held at night usually bring out the sexy and the stilettos. Expect to see women in daring sexy tops showing off cleavage or back, short skirts emphasizing the legs in high heels, hipster fitted pants showing off the curves and stomach in addition to being adorned with lots of trendy accessories. Rule of thumb is the more expensive the fete, the more dressed up the women are. Furthermore, you see all the latest trends, so if you are not wearing something new you will not be in style. If you need to shop for one new outfit before heading to Trinidad, plan on something you can wear to an all-inclusive fete like Brian Lara’s or Moka.

Soca Jams:
These are large affairs with thousands of people, several live brass bands usually held in some large open space such as a car park for Customs or sports ground like the Brass Festival. Two things are most important when dressing for these fetes, comfort and comfort. This is the time to wear your shorts, jeans and sneakers, with that many people you want to safe guard your toes as well as be able to jump and wave all night to the soca bands.

The only accessories you need are a flag, rag or bandana to wave on instruction and someplace safe to stash your money. Unlike the exclusive all-inclusive, these fetes tend to attract a cross section of society, with many exuberant young boys who might get into fights or try to pick your pocket.

Theme Fetes:
Any party where you are instructed to wear white, black or a crazy hat is considered a “theme party”. Knowing which one you plan on going to in advance helps with the wardrobe. Eyes Wide shut is where you wear all black and a mask. Now, you don’t have to follow the “rules” and can wear anything you desire but the majority of people do follow the dress code, even in part, so unless you want to stand out prepare your outfit accordingly in advance.

Breakfast Parties:
Starting at mid-night and going until the sun comes up, these parties like Insomnia  test your endurance and fashion sense. What might look good in the night does not look as cute when daylight hits! Here is a tip, walk with sun glasses for when the sun rises; some faces show the stress of the night before more than others, the sun glasses hides the “morning face”. Make sure and “day approve” your outfit, anything worn or faded might look great at night but show all the sins in the light of day.

Another bit of advice for ladies is to take along some blotting sheets, lipstick, eye liner, wet wipes and body spray in your handbag. As the sun rises you can discreetly go to the wash room and “freshen” up. Lots of these breakfast parties also supply you with toothpaste packs, use them!

Zen and 51 degrees have a dress code; if you are going to either one know that men are not allowed in with sneakers and they tend to dress on the metro side, expect to see guys in man blouses and women dressing like Paris Hilton. From my experience people tend to dress very trendy to go to these clubs, lots of “what’s wearing now”. To get an idea of how people dress, just browse the galleries at

Out Door Fetes:
Any party held at Anchorage, Mobs 2, Pier 1, and other open air venues such as Bacchanal Wednesday, Girl Power or Trini Posse are defined as such. These parties are somewhat like the Soca Jam in that they attract a lot of people, might have more than one live band, but they do not attract the same element. Soca Jams tend to attract a more “rough crowd”, for want of a better word, whereas these out door clubs attract a wider cross section; middle to upper middle class, foreigners a sprinkling of local celebrities as well as the popular party crowd. The dress code is usually stylish jeans, pants or shorts coupled with a sexy top and comfortable yet stylish shoes (sandals, wedges, trendy sneakers). You do want to be comfortable to wine and jam, jump up and get on bad, but you don’t want to look like a hot, sweaty mess doing so either.

Boat Cruise:
Resort wear, defined as cool, casual and comfortable "summer wear" that is not your typical t shirts and shorts. This would be the time to break out your maxi dresses, embellished sandals,caftans, voile pants, designer cover ups over designer swimsuits,complimented by hats, sunglasses and loads of chunky jewelry. The nautical trend is big for 2010 so expect to see lots of ocean themed accessories, stripes and sailor details on shorts and pants.

Panorama Semis
If you are lucky enough to be in Trinidad for Panorama Semis know that most people in the North Greens  will be decked out in a "crew" T-Shirt/Vest/Baby Tee. Cesar's Army, Island People, Red Ants,Insmoniacs, Jamboree among many other promoters offer Panorama Packages for around $250.00TT which include one of the aforementioned garments to wear, food and drinks ALL day and a fun lime with rhythim section and alot of other drunk people (cost of your panorama ticket is not included however).

It is not necessary to join a crew to enjoy panorama, you can do your own lime walking with drinks, food etc. Some private limes also do the uniformed T-Shirts for their crew as well. An iron on pattern on a T-Shirts/Vests/Baby Tees is cheap yet effective. The other standard panorama wear is shorts, t-shirt/vest, sun glasses and sneakers! You do not want to be in heels navigating the Savannah terrain!

After Carnival Cool Down:
Whether you are heading to Tobago, Maracas or Manazanilla most likely you will end up on a beach so swimwear is the clothing of choice. I advise on wearing a cover-up when you are not taking a swim since candid camera men are notorious for stalking women in bikinis and next thing you know you are unwittingly starring in some post carnival video.Shorts, Capris, sheer draw string pants or even a wrap is an ideal accessory on the beach.

Q.R.C. All-inclusive
Fete to the Max, CAREC Grounds, St Clair
Misty Ridge
Michael Headley all-inclusive, Salybia
The Beach House Carnival all-inclusive fete
In de Sanctuary all-inclusive, Valsayn
Moka all-inclusive, Maraval
Brian Lara all-inclusive,

Soca Jam:
Caribbean Brass Festival
Customs Boys’ annual Pan-o-Brass-Pan
Soca Monarch Final
Cooler Fete, Pier 1, Chaguaramas
Army Fete
Fire Fete
W.A.S.A. Fete

Out Door Clubs:
Bazodee Fridays
Jamboree Park
Bacchanal Wednesday
UWI Splash
TRIBE Ignite
Island People’s Girl Power
Trini Posse
Mania Country Club

Theme Fete:
Wicked in White
Eyes Wide Shut Carnivale
Country Club Carnival Friday Costume Party.

Breakfast Parties:
Sunny Side Up
Diamond Vale Breakfast Party

Boat Cruise:
Flight Cruise
Menage Carnival Cruise
Silent Morning

Friday, January 22, 2010

Bachannal Factory Live From Pier 1

Cute Coloured Sneakers!

You know I am all about the boots for Carnival, particularly since the majority of masqueraders who choose the other option, sneakers, barely put the effort in finding ones that at least match their costume. Sneakers would be really cool too if everyone chose to customize them to match the costume, like Afro Chic does, but not all masqueraders go the extra mile when it comes to accessorising; everyone is different I suppose!

These sneakers from Old Navy come in five super bright colours that are perfect for Carnival, personally I would add some gemstones and maybe change out the laces but I am loving the colours, especially for the Island People section  Morgandani where I think sneakers would work well with this costume:

The other colours the sneakers come in, great for Monday as well if you do not want to do boots both days:

Photo Source:
Old Navy 
Island People Mas 
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