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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Camouflaging Imperfections

Carnival Jumbie (Diva) highlighted an excellent product on her blog recently called Dermablend which is used to cover up skin imperfections such as stretch marks, vitilligo and varicose veins as well as skin blemishes and acne scars. Her review is quite comprehensive and she has even road tested the product for Carnival, check out her blog for more information and tips on where to get the product locally.

For those who do not have access to Dermablend as it is somewhat expensive and only sourced at certain cosmetic outlets in Trinidad, Sacha also has a product that promises to deliver the same results. I have never used Sacha Camouflage but did accompany my friend to their outlet on Wrightson Road two years ago so that she could get colour matched for Sacha's Camouflage makeup. According to her it worked perfectly as she wanted to cover up stretch marks for Carnival and has been using the product every Carnival since then.

So, for those who want to play mas in thongs and have worked out at the gym all year hoping to go stocking less only to be plagued by stretch marks on body parts you never thought they would appear, either one of these products can be your solution to "perfect" skin.

As Diva says, if you don't have it fake it!

Mr. Montano

If it is one man who can send me into a total, unbridled frenzy come Carnival time it is Machel Montano. Seriously, when he performs onstage I loose every bit of self respecting dignity and scream his name until I get hoarse, much to the amusement of my husband who sends me into a frenzy for the other 363 days of the year, and I get so high off his music it's like the drug of Carnival. It's as if my body has a mind of it's own when he opens his mouth to sing, discovering moves that I never thought I could accomplish without years of yoga training and nothing gets me in the mood for Carnival more than seeing Machel perform live.

Each year I wait to hear what new soca he has for the season, and each year he never fails to up the ante! Always something new to add to the mix, though I thought the year he brought Junko was a penultimate! I remember the first time I saw her perform with Xtatic was at Jamboree's fete at Pier 1. By that time I was used to the acrobatics of Machel's "Power Puff Girls" so I was expecting another raunchy performance by them, but then he stopped his set and said "Where my girls them?" and a spot light hit the top of a scaffolding high above the stage where Ms. Junko was wining ON HER HEAD. Yeah, jaws took a long time to be scraped off the floor after that introduction. Outside of Carnival I am nothing close to being a Machel fan, I see him from time to time when he comes into my office and apart from a polite smile I go about my business as usual, his power over me is only when he is onstage.

Since the V.I.P. stand came falling down at his concert many years ago I have yet to return to another of Machel's concerts. At that time I was actually in V.I.P. , luckily not on the stands, but being involved in that tragedy where I saw many people injured left a sour taste in my mouth for any type of large concert like that. I prefer to see Machel perform at a fete where I can get up close to the front of the stage and where these isn't a massive crush of people who can get too crazy over Mr. Montano for my liking.

I am still waiting to hear what Machel has new for 2007, apparently those who were at his concert at Miami Carnival already got a taste to wet their appetites. Sadly, all I have to do is wait until his new music is launched in Trinidad.In the meantime here are some videos from YouTube of Machel performing with Walker and Machel at Bacchanal Wednesday. Those should brighten your Sunday morning. And you can also check out his My Space if you are a huge fan.
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