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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Registration woes

Seems like there were some problems with online registration for Harts masqueraders, there is this announcement on their website:

Due to technical difficulties, persons who registered online between Monday 28th to Tuesday 29th August are required to call Harts Limited at 622-8038 or email to confirm that their registration information has been received.
We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Why is it that every year registration is becoming more and more difficult? Yesterday I noticed a sign up at Tribe's mascamp, which my friend alerted me to, saying that registration begins on September 4th...hello, that is tomorrow and I have not received an email from them! I am thinking that must be an old notice, before the last email saying that they were trying to accommodate 2005 masqueraders and hence the delay in registration. But now I am not too sure since the website says nothing about registration being tomorrow but the sign at the mas camp does. Well yes, allyuh know I will be calling them as soon as they open to find out what the real deal is.

The website is not fully up and running yet, so those who have to register online need to have that in place properly as well, you will think these people did not know that registration was going to be a process that follows the launch. I am getting antsy because I already made my choice, finally settled on a costume and I am READY TO REGISTER.

I also called Island People on Friday (the day they told me to call) to find out about their registration, and they could not say anything either, just another voice on the phone saying "call back". I mean thanks for changing the website from tweeting birds to the sound of wind, it looks nice with the Sahara logo and pic but change that "Launching Soon" and put a little notice so that we will know what's going long is soon? Allyuh know how irritated I was with Harts "coming soon" the "launching soon" starting to annoy me as well. And even more so since I am not even waiting to register myself, I am doing this for my friends. Like I don't have enough stress waiting for TRIBE!

Now I see Harts had some problems with their online registration, see why I don't trust those things? In this technologically advanced world it is supposed to make everything easier, faster and more user friendly but in the MAS world like it is just there to frustrate your soul. After last year's scene with me at my computer waiting for TRIBE's registration and seeing the screen freeze I am taking no chances with online registration again!I will be at the mas camp in person, don't mind they told me I will have to enter the information on the computer at the mas camp, if something goes wrong at least I am there. And the other thing that people got caught with last year was that credit cards and debit cards were either taking too long to process or were not being accepted, another glitch in the technological world. Smart me walked with cash! Nothing was faster and I did not have to line up and wait to pay hoping my card went through.

So I am waiting patiently to call TRIBE at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning, that is if I don't get an email from them later today. I think I am getting too old for all this stress and wasn't this whole TLC business supposed to make things easier? Tender Loving Care better had be "coming soon"!
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