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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Island People Registration In Barbados

Island People is making it easy for their Bajan masqueraders to register without having to fork over half the  costume amount  in deposit with online registration; just register in person in Barbados. Check the flyer below for more details:

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

D Krewe Is Open For Business

D Krewe's website is up and registration has started. Three more sections have been added to the website as well so go check them out!




Friday, October 29, 2010

The STAGE Returns!

For those of you who wanted proof, after my Facebook announcement last Thursday that the BIG stage will be returning to the Queens Park Savannah  for Carnival 2011, here it is in print as reported by Peter Ray Blood in today's Pulse, Guardian Newspaper.

"Peters also said the Parade of the Bands competition would be returning inside the Queen's Park Savannah, its traditional home, instead of proceeding along the outside southern perimeter of the venue. He added that a main stage would be returned, with north and grand viewing stands. "

Full article can be read HERE.

We will be getting a stage !

Gems Website Is Up!

Prices for GEMS MAS 2011 presentation... Conquests of Alexander are as follows:

Macedonia Female Individual: $4,200.00
Macedonia Female Front line: $3,600.00
Macedonia Female Back line: $3,200.00
Macedonia Male Back line: $2,800.00

Persia Female: $3,395.00
Persia Male: $2,595.00

Innocence of Issus Female Front line: $3,895.00
Innocence of Issus Female Back line: $3,395.00
Innocence of Issus Male Back line: $2,595.00

Granicus River Female Front line: $3,800.00
Granicus River Female Back line: $3,000.00
Granicus River Male Backline: $2,595.00

Tyre Treasure Female: $2,500.00 (Add $500 for backpack accessory)
Tyre Treasure Male: $2,295.00

Pleasures of Babylon Female Front line: $3,295.00 (Add $500 for bigger headpiece, tail piece and Leg piece)
Pleasure of Babylon Male: $2,595.00

India: Punjabi Clan Female: $3495.00
India: Punjabi Clan Male: $2,595.00

Gusty Gaza Female: $2,995.00
Gusty Gaza Male: $2,595.00

Greek Guardians Female Front line: $3,595.00
Greek Guardians Male Front Line: $3,395.00
Greek Guardians Female Back line: $3,200.00
Greek Guardians Male Back line: $2,995.00

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dream Team Launches in New York

This Friday, October 29th, Dream Team is taking their whole presentation to the Big Apple, click flyer below for details:

Sold Out Section Update

Rumours are that Bliss is either sold out or very close to, with masqueraders only being able to register in Apache which is interesting news seeing as Apache is not advertised on the website!  YUMA says they have costumes available in four male sections, but their website does not indicate which ones. I don't know why these two bands are taking so long to slap a sold out sign on their website.

*edited to add, YUMA's website  does have the sold out male sections listed on the homepage, scroll down, bottom left (yeah I just went straight to the costumes and did not scroll down).

Anyway here is a list of sold out sections in other bands as of today, please note that I have no clue what is sold out in Spice as their website is a chore to navigate, one would hope they would have made it more user friendly, and I am not clicking infinite size combinations to see what is available. So if anyone knows what is actually sold out in Spice, let me know.

Ronnie and Caro
Save The Earth Go Green -  Female floor and frontline SOLD OUT

Island People
Saturn Bliss - Individual and Frontline SOLD OUT
Nebular's Hypnosis - Frontline SOLD OUT
Mar's Secret - Female SOLD OUT
Meteor Burst - Frontline SOLD OUT
Vega - Female floor member and frontline SOLD OUT
Lunar Cycle - Male Capitan SOLD OUT

Brian Mc Farlane
Giving and Receiving  - Female SOLD OUT

Ametrine - SOLD OUT
Goldstone - SOLD OUT
Howlite - SOLD OUT
Azurite - SOLD OUT
Aquamarine - Female SOLD OUT
Turquoise in Matrix -  Female SOLD OUT
Chryscolla - Female- SOLD OUT
Helidoor - Frontline -SOLD OUT
Rhodocrosite -  Female -SOLD OUT

Gilia - Frontline SOLD OUT

Dream Team
Bom Bassa - SOLD OUT

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Accessory Upgrade!

Last year I absolutely hated the necklace that came with my costume, I wanted more "bling" but I got blah. So, that prompted an accessory upgrade which led to me buying all new ear rings, necklace, bracelets and ring to match. I then used the accessories given, paltry as they were, to add to my costume and boots after taking them apart; hey no use it going to waste, recycle and reuse!

Original Costume Accessories 

Accessory Upgrade!
 Ring $15
Necklace set $26
Bangles $15 each - $30
Bag $8

I know I am not the only one who buys their own accessories even if there is a matching set that comes with the costume. Some ladies just want to be different or they may not like what they are given (like me) or they may be looking for accessories to wear on Monday . So here are some budget friendly pieces for you Divas looking to add your own personal touch to your costume and all  very wallet friendly at under $20.00!

Bling on a Budget

Spikes, Stones and Studs

Fur and Feathers

Also check out Make Me Chic and Urbanog for more accessories, lots of these sites offer discount codes so do a search for before you buy.
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