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Monday, August 14, 2006

Hearsay, Mauvais Lange and Mas

I have been checking out some comments about TRIBE's costumes on other forums (apart from IMIX) and I have to say Trinis have their own special brand of badtalking, especially when they get third and fourth hand information. If you were not at the launch why say "yuh hear it fail" or that "yuh hear people were laughing at the costumes". That is just so ignorant!

These designers, from all the bands, have put alot of time and effort into their costumes and I think that we have to remember that when we make criticisms. I appreciate constructive criticsim especially when it comes to costume design since the masquerader is the customer and some of these designers try to get away with a shoddy product. I also value comments about the relevance of the theme to the costume portrayal, queries about the value of the product for the price and of course the fact that some bands may be using discriminatory practices to keep certain masqueraders out of the band. Again, not going on hearsay but facts. All the alleged rumors and inside talk about race, politics and backstabbing I take with a grain of salt until I have proof that it's true.

Listen, TRIBE, Island People, Pulse 8, actually none of the Carnival bands putting money in my pockets, I am not affiliated to any of them and they not giving me a free costume. I will play with any band that meets MY criteria, and trust me I have my standards set pretty high. So, why do other people find it constructive to try and bring down a band because of some pre-conceived bias?

If you don't like a band, watch their costumes, screw up your face, say what you like or don't like but don't get caught up in the band vs band battle. You not getting anything from TRYING to bring down a band, especially one that will still sell out in two days no matter how much people badtalk them (in fact I think the badtalk does only make them stronger).You have your favourites, good for you,life is about variety, play with whichever band you like, but at the end of the day don't forget it is all about the money.I am sure that the band leaders laughing all the way to the bank come the end of Carnival. And while some people getting caught up in throwing stones at other bands the same bandleaders are friends with one another!

So, get over all this nonsense and enjoy the mas,enjoy the Carnival, enjoy the fact that you have so many choices now and that competition is healthy. I expect all bands to come good with their presentations for 2k7, bring on the mas!

Recap of the Launch Party

For those of you who have come to this blog looking for photos since TRIBE's website has not updated nor are there any other photos from the launch on the regular photosites, you can also view more photos in Island Mix's TRIBE Gallery (including some of mine).

Now that I have had my rest over the weekend I just wanted to make some comments about the launch itself. Last year's launch was better, and I am not just saying that because it was FREE drinks, but this year's launch was lacking in some aspects.

The free drinks last year was great, the 2-4-1 specials this year would have been great if ALL drinks were 2-4-1 and the bars were in such a mess! I don't know how you could have offered free drinks last year and the bars were running smoothly and this year to get a drink at the bar you had to wait for at least 5 minutes!

Another thing that bugs me is the chit system, I know there is probably some accounting or safety reasons for using chits, but I personally find you always end up with a few unused chits after the party is over. And, the difference is that at other parties you can take in the chits before you leave and get back cash, but not at TRIBE's launch..I ended up with a $1.00 left over, and only because I tried my best to get a drink for the $8.00 chits I still had left.

Even though the launch was not drinks inclusive we still had a fair share of "complimentary" drinks from Malibu, Baileys and Hennessy who had their "girls" dishing out samples for the patrons who got there before the show started. If you missed it, tough luck, the girls were quite generous, giving you two drinks at a time so that took care of the drinks for me, I only spent $20.00 in chits for the whole night! Also, TRIBE gave you a chit for a free drink at the door. At first I was misinformed from other patrons that the free chit only entitled you to juice, and they gave me their chits. Imagine my surprise when I went to get a cranberry juice and the bartender asked if I wanted vodka with it! Thanks to all the people who gave me their chits, but I thought you should know that you could have gotten both rum and vodka with your juice!

I liked the position of the stage this year, but the decor to me could have been more elaborate. I was really digging the aquarium vibe at last year's launch and all the glitter on the floor (which was copied promptly by another band at their launch). The fabric with lights was pretty lame and I found that they could have done some huge cut outs of the ole time characters and place them all over the venue, or have the costumed ole time characters walking through the crowd. I give them kudos for the Moko Jumbies, but that has been done before.

The give aways are always a nice touch since people seem to like freebies, it is also good marketing for their sponsors since I have about half a dozen digicel blinking necklaces, two cups, a drawstring bag, a blinking digicel whistle and some perfit panty liners..oh, and just to add the full length mirrors at the ladies toilets/washroom area ..BRILLIANT!

Finally I have to say Kees the Band sucked, don't get me wrong they put out a good effort and a somewhat decent show BUT Destra and Atlantik last year was 100% better. I mean, Kees the Band has ONE original song and the rest are covers of other people's hits. I think they did nothing to up the energy of the crowd, that's where Island People excelled at their launch last year..they had Machel Monanto!

All in all I was really there for the show and in that aspect I was not disappointed. I hope to make it to Island People's launch on the 27th of August, they better had come good with the party AND the costumes (though I expect the costumes will be on FIRE!!).
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