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Sunday, August 14, 2011

YUMA "Press PLaY" We Have Video!







YUMA "Press Play" The Review

YUMA launched their 2012 presentation "Press Play" last night at Pier 2 and it is obvious that this Sophmore band is out to up the ante from their debut in 2011, from the massive circular stage that afforded each patron a view of the costume presentation no matter where they were in the venue to the costume designs which were a collaborative effort of several of Trinidad and Tobago's leading designers to the fact that the launch was premium drinks inclusive event YUMA came out to play hard and they did not dissapoint.

I had two minds on doing a review to be honest, because I can find very little to fault these costumes. Generally I  could probably say that the costumes possibly did not reflect the theme as much as others would have liked, I know some people were expecting Anime and Cosplay looking costumes, however knowing the designers and having seen YUMA's presentation for this year I never had that expectation. When you have a design team like Richard and Anthony,for instance, there is no way you are not going to get over the top, feathered to the ground, bejewled costumes as that is their Hallmark. The male costumes I think are the best I have seen so far for the season, guys have actual headpieces that is if they choose to wear them, I am going to predict that Call of Duty and Gods of War are going to be very very popular with the guys.

So, on to the review.

I love the little rhinestone skulls used to decorate the Frontline headpiece, this costume has lots of little details like the spikes that can only be appreciated with a close up view. Nice cut of the frontline wire bra, I think this is a very "safe"but well decorated section, especially the backline bra, which is entirely covered in sequins . I see YUMA is also offering the trend of a tiara headpiece as an option for backline in addition to the regular headpiece.

Heavenly Sword 
Again another tiara headpiece as an option for backline  in this section, I think it is interesting that the entire halter bra is not decorated, as much as I don't like seeing under decorated bras this does not look like the decoration was skimped on, it in fact is a nice change from the other heavily gemmed and sequinned sections. I think the backline is a cute alternative to those who do not want much bling but it still looks like a coordinated effort was made to decorate. Very nice shade of blue with gold . Like the frontline back pack , the asymmetrical style still has symmetry and love the Individual's wings.  

Call of Duty 
I LOVE the frontline on this costume though I hope the monokini comes thong optional. I am not too sure if the addition of a feathered back pack was necessary as this is one of the sections that stands out because it is not your typical bikini and beads costume. Not feeling the feathers on the backline bra but it is a cute costume with lots of military inspired details (check out the rope inspired ear rings) that already seems to be a hit with the ladies who do not want backpack or headpiece to keep them back on the road. The male costume is also popular for the same reason, the board shorts and ID band set actually like the beret !

Can I just say I LOVE LOVE LOVE this section, one of my top picks in YUMA for sure. The frontline, AWESOME, the headpiece shape looks Mayan as well as the decoration on the back pack and the colour combination, even the feathers give you the feel of the Aztecs.  The overlay bra piece is very unique. Nice male costume with an actual headpiece with feathers and the backline costume is also well embellished, love the pattern on the bra and the shape and style of the headpiece. This entire section is a stand out.

Golden Eye
If you are looking for beads to cover your behind, this is the section for you. The backline is all delicate seed beaded belt , I really like it and think it will look pretty in sunlight.The shape of the headpiece reminds me very much of a Las Vegas Showgirl, liking the style on the frontline a lot. I am not a fan of the size and length of the crystal beaded fringe used on the Frontline but I like how the entire look comes together. The male costume is simple enough, liking the decoration on the collar and waist band.

I think by now the whole world knows that I am over the moon in love with this pink and red feather fantasy that gives a gorgeous spin on the traditional Indian Mas. LOVE LOVE LOVE how they did the bib on the Frontline in gems and of course I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Frontline headpiece. Fierce! I love the long fringed belt, in fact I need a new word to express how much I LOVE this costume, LOVE is retired for Apache. It is also nice to see so many options for this section, even the males have a choice of headpieces and the backline have the war bonnet or a simple two feather headband if they want to keep it simple.

Angry Birds
If I had to choose a least favourite it would be the Individual on this section, the black corset was not working for me. The frontline model sold this costume, I loved how she stomped on stage! The one thing I would have to say as an avid Angry Bird fan (the real game that is) this section does not represent it at all! Maybe they could have done different costumes in the colours of the birds of the game... that would have been cool! 

Final Fantasy 
The back line on this costume looks a little short changed, especially when compared to Frontline, Premium Frontline and the Individual costume. I do like the male costume, enough stuff going on there for the guys who want extra. The Frontline is awesome, the premium frontline fantastic, wings to the ground yet it still looks nice and light and manageable for the road. The Individual magnificent, however I am hoping the actual costume does NOT have wings touching the ground, white plus dirt and grime is not going to be a pretty sight at the end of Carnival Tuesday.

I am liking the use of salmon for costumes this year especially coupled with sand and turquoise. The backline bra is one of the best decorated in the band as well as the headpiece is of substantial size, cannot say the same for the belt with those teeny three strips barely covering the ass crack. Male costume could have been stronger I think, looks generic. GORGEOUS frontline bra, the model also sold it. Love the back pack, hope the pheasants don't get crushed on the road.

I really like the male costume I think it overshadows the backline and frontline to be honest. Frontline is cute, safe, don't get the idea of wings for Transformers but the colours are those of Optimus Prime. I do not like the backline headpiece or the under decorated bra. Least favourite backline costume.

God Of War
Ok a burgundy costume I actually LIKE. Also liking the infikini on the frontline ( multi-way monokini), the wings and the belt design on the infikini. The backline costume has the baddest headpiece in the line up! That sucker is huge and the male is also very "warrior" looking, great costume for the guys still wanting to play out their Roman/ Spartacus fantasy.

I LOVE this entire section, backline frontline, male and especially the Frontline; the Frontline is what is called Individual in other bands! Really love the necklace and the decoration on the belt. Also the Individual has a stellar belt design that , love that! The male costume looks like an actual complete costume,well thought out and executed.

Bejeweled Blitz 
Wow this section had so many options and so many different variations to look at . Really like the idea of the silver body wear and then the shock of colour with the headpiece and back pack. The Frontline has a very nice shoulder piece detail that , it is my favourite part of the costume. The Individual rocked pants, I like that because it is different. Overall a striking section that will look great on the road.

YUMA's masqueraders are going to have a tough time making a choice and I am actually jealous of that fact! This is how masqueraders should always feel after a launch, excited for possibilities not dreading having to choose the best of lacklustre designs. Here is hoping that ALL these fabulous costumes translate well from launch to the road.

Damian Luk Pat for Triniscene

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