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Thursday, February 07, 2008

TRIBE Photos

Many Thanks to "Redz" for me being able to "borrow" her pics !

Mama Dis is "Marse"!

Congratulations to Brian Mc Farlane winner of the Large Band of the Year and Ronnie & Caro who took home the prize for Medium Band of the Year. Mc Farlane’s Earth looked stunning; I loved the translation from sketches to actual costumes, it was quite impressive! On our way to meet TRIBE downtown we passed through Mc Farlane so I was lucky to see the entire band, my favourite sections were Fire, Pestilence and Gloom.

Ronnie and Caro were in front of TRIBE at the Savannah so I was again able to see the entire band; albeit it was a small presentation the costumes looked very vibrant and the entire band was well organized. Of the other bands I only managed to see a few costumes here and there; Evolution looked nice from the little I saw, Orange Appeal and Tantalize in Teal being my picks on the road. From Island People Kingfisher looked beautiful, as well as Egret, Zebra and Silver Fox. I noticed the design on Silver Fox was changed a bit with a piece of jewels added to the middle of the costume from bra to belt; I absolutely loved how this looked in person!

Of course I am totally biased to the band I played with and I thought MOST sections in TRIBE looked gorgeous; Lady of the Lake was impressive, when the sun hit the diamante the costume sparkled, Mystique was dazzling as purple is my favourite colour so I really liked how that section looked on the road. Goddess of the Chase is another section that stood out to me along with Water Nymph and Sun Goddess, though I did notice with the latter section some masqueraders got really full headpieces while others got a baby version! Titania looked surprisingly cute, feathered collar and all; I am neutral in my opinion on Pixie Dust and Amalthea. Black Magic I loved on the road, but I still don’t think I can ever play in so much black. I did not see many ladies wearing the wings for Autumn Sprite and to me that is what made the costume stand out, so I didn’t get awed by that costume at all.

The most underwhelming costume was Silver Mist. The costume looked too much like grey with very little silver, considering this was one of the hottest sections in the band initially I expected more glitz. I have to say the frontline Back Pack made the costume stand out, and to those ladies credit the frontliners looked great. Kudos to the Silver Mist ladies who were also able to wear that back pack ALL day, from what I heard it was very uncomfortable with no padding on the straps!

Overall I was generally impressed by the costumes I saw on Tuesday, most of the bands did a very good job and I was certainly pleased with MY costume! Hopefully for 2009 the standard of costuming will only get better with even more spectacular, beaded and feathered costumes for those of us who love our bikini and beads! Mc Farlane will hold down the mantle for the creative “marse” lovers, of course, and I wish that Oracle and other bands of that vein, will indeed offer more options and variety to appease the critics who seem to think that bikini and beads is not “marse”!!! As for me, once I am of able body, mind and health I am looking forward to 2009 with TRIBE!
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