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Monday, September 04, 2006

More Pulse 8 pics !!

Once again is giving me competiton! Their Pulse 8 Gallery is online.

Ok, hear dis

The girl at TRIBE was very nice this morning, she said registration will begin before the end of this week, they just have a few TLC cards to distribute and the website has tp be up fully before regsitration begins. I also wanted to know if I could register both myself and my friend who played in 2005 and she said yes, once you have a TLC number you are going to register first, so that business about 2006 masqueraders being first followed by those who played in 2005 is out the window. Everyone who played in 2005 and 2006 are now on equal footing to register at the same time, so there might not be a mad rush like last year but there will be a rush to get into the section you WANT nevertheless. I feel by the time they give out TLC cards all 3500 masqueraders will have ting! So look out for an email from TRIBE sometime this week.

I was even so boldface as to ask her about the rumour I heard about Imp selling out, she laughed and said it was not true, that it was just a RUMOR. I will leave that piece of bachannal alone for now, but let me ent get into the section I want and allyuh will hear my mouth!

As for Island People I did not get to hear the voice recording, when I called the mascamp they are still saying that they cannot give out any information as yet, but I heard from a VERY reliable source that registration is starting next week.

Pulse 8 the Aftermath .......

So I almost did not make it to the launch at Zen, my mother in law left for a European tour yesterday evening and we were thinking all along that she was leaving on TUESDAY so my husband was delayed at the airport last night!

We eventually made it to the launch, getting there at 7:30pm saying that we would be seeing costumes by 8:00 as stated on the invitation. Like any event in Trinidad which always runs late, the actual costume viewing was delayed by an hour. But, before I get into that I must say the atmosphere for the launch was quite nice, we arrived to rhythms of the steelpan as a small panside played outside the club and the inside of Zen was decorated with beads hanging from the ceiling.

My first reaction to seeing the stage and runway was that it was too small, but I guess that is the caveat for having the launch at a club, space is limited. What I liked was that we were periodically kept informed of when the show will start, and prior to the showing Meg Cheekes made a little speech where she announced that Freddy Mc Gregor was not only in the crowd but that he would be playing with Pulse 8 come Carnival.

On the dot as 9:00 rolled around the show started, though one of our friends had to leave early as she is a teacher and was expecting the show to start at 8:00 since school reopens today. The catwalk being as small as it was did not hamper the girls from "throwing waist". I have to tell you, of all the band launches I have been to so far this is the first one where the girls did not sashay down the "runway" but instead real wine down the place, so much so that in nearly all the photos they are in motion.

The costumes are nice, certainly they all look much more "uniformed" than Poison, where to me each section had it's own designer and it looked as if the sections were just thrown together to create a band. I saw some costumes that channeled neckelmanns and some that were quite unique like Mojito which is designed by Peter Elias. Poison fans will be pleased as I think generally the costumes are an upgrade from "Old Poison".

At the end of the presentation balloons were released, inside some of them was a voucher for "special prize".I found one of these vouchers and it says I have to collect my "special prize" at the Mas Camp on Wednesday though I am sure I heard Meg say that the prize was a discount off the costume, if anyone who wants my voucher can have it since I am not playing with Pulse 8 next year.

We left just after Second Imij came on stage, so I cannot give a review on their performance. After the costume presentation the venue became quite crowded as everyone filtered away from the stage and the runway was also taking up space. My husband's complaint was that there was nothing to eat (he loves his belly) and that there were no girls giving out free samples!

When we were leaving we were presented with a white envelope, the Pulse 8 logo to the front, and in it was a glossy drinks card ,held together with a silver O ring, which not only had a photo of each section on every page, but drink recipes too!I think that was quite a clever idea since I already have a calender from Island People and enough TRIBE books to giveaway.

From what I saw and experienced last night I will say that Pulse 8 is putting out a great effort to do things properly and keeping their patrons needs in mind. If this extends to all the services of their Carnival experience I believe they will not only have a successful Carnival but might also give other bands some competition in the future!

Pulse 8 Pics...........

It was rather difficult to get good pics of the costumes last night, between the fog machine, a short runway and jostling for space with other photograpers I only have a few good shots. Also, I had to spend alot of time editing the photos as the fog lingered in the air and made the pics blurry. Nevertheless, here is the first look at Pulse 8 (click on the pics to make them bigger)
More photos can be found in my album on Photobucket:















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