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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Carnival News Update!

Bringing you up to speed on all the gossip, happenings and events in the mas fraternity today.

Genesis Mas launched two Sundays ago and I am yet to see their website updated with any mention of such and apart from two articles in one local newspaper I am yet to see a full gallery of launch photographs anywhere; if you have seen costumes from Genesis "The Desert" please send me the link. Were any media invited to the launch at all apart from Sean Nero?

Dream Team's website is up and ready for registration. All regular female costumes are priced under 3000.00TT and Frontline under 4000.00TT. Costumes are looking ok, I need to view them in person before making an assessment but I give Dream Team kudos for their virtual marketing; I get updates on facebook, their group is active and they updated their website with photo links from their launch to get a preview before the website went live.

I have been reliably informed that one of Spice's sections is getting a revamp, can you guess which one? Hopefully the new design will be revealed soon as I am eager to see this one, the headpiece is a showpiece stunner I have heard. Also, seems like several sections in Spice have reached their allocated quota online, I am still wishing for a sold out sign on which ones which will avoid having to click on every bra and belt size combination to figure out which sections are no longer available.

The unflappable Harts is STILL selling out faster than you can blink! Only 9 more sections remain as Mas Sweet Mas/American Indians and The Unknown/Superstitious are now sold out.

There are TWO new mas bands that I am hearing about but information is pretty scarce on both bands. The first band is Treasures of The Desert by Scorpion Mas, two sections from the presentation pictured below from the Trinidad Express Woman's Magazine:

What is super interesting is that these sections (along with another one not pictured) are the SAME EXACT costumes from the band Carvalho Mas, which was launched last year but never made it on the road for Carnival 2009! Who exactly is Scorpion Mas pray tell?

The other new band is Jhalwa - The Real Fire , this band is being brought by Sangeet Radio 106 FM. With eight sections and costumes designed by Harts the band is due to launch on October 25 at Club Zen. More information to come as soon as it is available.

You may or may not have noticed but Pulse 8 did a price adjustment to their frontline costumes, they are now priced cheaper than my benchmark frontline Mystery of Loulan in TRIBE.

If you are curious to see photos of Trini Revellers Band Launch, The Newsday an nice article written post launch with a few pics. Hey look, another India section! On that note do not forget that Legacy launches "Masala" this coming Saturday October 3 and Evolution should be launching the following day on Sunday October 4. However, eerily similar to the last launch date which was postponed, the Evolution camp is silent on the band launch... even their website is no longer up! Very interesting developments!

DJ Private Ryan Miami Carnival Soca Mix

Miami Carnival is next week and for all those who are coming in town I'm sure you are reaaaaal excited for the last big Carnival before Trinidad next year.

So just like last year here is a mix of some of the popular Trinidad 2009 songs mixed with some new tracks from other islands such as Barbados, Antigua, St Lucia, St Vincent and Grenada to get you prepared. It also has alot of the new Trinidad Soca and has an EXCLUSIVE Nadia Batson named Dangerous that hasnt even been released in Trinidad yet.

Directions to download

Go to

Right click the DIRECT DOWNLOAD link located under the graphic

Select Save Target as, Save As, Save Link As or Download Linked File depending on the browser you are using.

Left Click to stream


Thursday 8th October -
TRIBE IGNITE @ Opium Hardrock

Friday 9th October -
BLACK & WHITE Free Drinks @ The South FL Conference Performing Arts Center

UWI All Inclusive feat. Bunji & Fay Ann @ The Central Broward Park.
GEN X Cooler Fete @ Rancho Columbia

Sunday -
Live on the Rd with Generation X @ Bicentennial park.
Live @ EDEN @ The Grass Lounge (promo cd available at


1. Intro by Devon Mattews
2. Doan Hold me Back
3. Spread Out
4. Ready With The Rags
5. Turn it up – Patrice Roberts
6. Hardest Jam – Nella D
7. Bacchanal – Destra
8. Pon D Floor Soca Mix – Major lazer
9. Wont Stop – Machel Montano
10. Juk Juk Juk – Stabby
11. Gutter – Lavaman
12. Wicked Jab – Talpree
13. D Beast Leggo – Skinny Fabulous
14. Dangerous – Nadia Batson (EXCLUSIVE)
15. Floor On Fire Precision Mix – Machel Montano
16. Wild Antz – Machel Montano
17. Meet Super (Scratchmaster Mix) – Fay Ann Lyons
18. Tusty – Blaxx
19. Middle of the Road – Krosfyah
20. Middle of the Road Rd Mix – Krosfyah
21. Rags Up – Alison Hinds
22. Radica – Kenneth Salick
23. Fly Away – Machel & Collie Budz
24. Wine to the Back – Alison Hinds
25. One Juk – Lil Rick
26. Lights Camera Action – Denise Belfon
27. Standing up – Rupee
28. Real Tight – Peter Ram feat. Chelle
29. Waistline Roll – Patrice Roberts
30. Hold You Down – Zan
31. Backbone – Zan
32. Bumpers – Devon Matthews & Ziggy Ranks
33. Pelt it Back – Dru from Crossovah
34. Slow Wine – Machel Montano
35. Looking to Wine – Farmer Nappy
36. Work it – Patrice Roberts
37. Jep Sting Remix – Kes, Hunter & Friends
38. Fun Fun – Benjai
39. Gimmie A Taste – Tian Winters
40. Murdah – Shurwayne Winchester
41. Sweetness – Shayne Bailey
42. Pure Sweetness – Shayne Bailey
43. Gimmi More – Precious
44. Bump and Grind – Tian Winters & Patrice Roberts
45. More Water – Zoelah
46. Ramajay – Machel Montano
47. All Night (scratchmaster mix) – Statement
48. Thunder – Kes
49. Hold me – Lil Bits
50. Obsessive Winers – Destra, Denise Belfon & Alison Hinds
51. Tell Me – Machel Montano
52. Drunk Again – Benjai
53. Staggerah – Fox
54. Hot Sun & Riddim Rd Mix – TC
55. Lumbah – Wayne Marshall
56. Take it or leave it – Ragga
57. Minis Pumps – Kerwin Dubois
58. Soca Baby – kerwin Dubois & David Rudder
59. Bubbling Gal – Patrice Roberts
60. First In Line – Zan & General Grant
61. Overboard – Jimmy Neutron
62. I In Dat 2010 - Wildfire

Hope you enjoy!!!!!!!
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