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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Myst Antigua unveils "What's Your Obsession?"

So, Myst Antigua unveiled their costumes on Sunday and sure enough Touch (Obsessed with Candy) , Carnival (Obsessed with Bacchanal) , Heavenly Skies (Obsessed with Hope) and Midnight Bloom (Obsessed with Mystery) from Island People Mas 2009 along with three "new" costumes were shown as sections of the band.

According to reports on Myst Antigua will be offering the costumes in a tankini option, with boy shorts and tank tops for Monday, with the cost of costumes between $700.00EC to $850.00EC (260.00US to 316.00US) and will be catering to 750 masqueraders, preference for registration given to those who played with Myst in 2008.

For photos from Myst Antigua's launch you can visit THE OFFICIAL ANTIGUA CARNIVAL FACEBOOK GROUP.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tribal Nights Bird of Paradise.....

Tribal Nights launched their Caribana 2009 "Bird of Paradise" on Saturday and these costumes are STRIKINGLY similiar to TRIBE's Brazilian Macaw and Pheasant.

I guess it is true what the say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!!!!

A Tribute to Harold Saldenah

Louis Saldenah Mas Band is doing "A Tribute To Louis Saldenah" as their Caribana 2009 presentation. The 1o sections of the band will each represent all the Band of the Year winners that Harold created in in Lifetime.

The section names include:
1. MEXICO 1519-TO 1521

Saldenah's band launch takes place on May 3oth check out the information and flyer below for more details:

Inside Embers Banquet Hall
781 Warden Ave. Scarborough Ont.
(South of Eglinton Ave.)
Music By:
• Dr. Jay
• Wukup Productions
• Soca Vibes
• Soca Prophets
• Soca 101 Entourage
Hosted By:
• E-Man De Man With De Steel
Admission - $15.00 In Advance!
19+ Event - ID A Must!
Strict Security In Effect
• Printing Press (Scarborough) 416-291-3292
• Mona’s Roti (Scarborough) 416-412-1200
• (Mississauga) 905-625-5249
• Louis Saldenah (Central) 416-560-4419
416-560-4419 |

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Trinidad Carnival Diary in the Trinidad Guardian!

So, I just got a call from Afro Chic that I was featured "in the Guardian" today, an article on Social Mixing For Success by Mark Lyndersay where he uses this blog as an example of special interest blogging.

The piece is well written and I especially like this part:

Then, there are the folks I call attractors, people who command an uncommon authority on the Web in a specific area of expertise. These folks can be a blessing or a curse for you. These are the new filters of the web, the Internet’s subject matter experts who command the attention of hundreds of slices of information focus. Take Saucy Diva (if you’re a Carnival bandleader, you’ll probably add—please).

The Diva is the anonymous author of a highly focused blog at Saucy is the final word on pretty mas bands, a hugely entertaining source of gossip, advice and general bacchanalia on the subject. In 2008, a two sentence note from the Diva generated six times as many Web hits for my Carnival project as a link posted on the same day on the Guardian’s Web site. When I launched the Web page for my coverage of Tribe’s production process this year, I sent her a note about it and she kindly posted notice of the new work, driving just under 2,000 visitors to the site over the next week.
You can read more of Mark's feature HERE and yes, I am sure several bandleaders are definitely saying "TAKE SAUCY- PLEASE"! You won't believe how many meetings have been called to discuss things written on this blog, but at the end of the day there is nothing like bad publicity, right?

Get ready for another new band for 2010

I have been reliably informed, and it has been confirmed, that jouvert band Chocolate City Mas will be making a foray into pretty mas for 2010 with a new band called "Chocolate Tuesdays".

And if you are wondering exactly who is behind Chocolate City Mas here is a little bit about them and the bandleader Zarin Morean:

The concept of Chocolate City started with its founding members Archiba Zarin Morean and Desmond Campbell, who formed the parent organisation - North South Crew. Initially focusing on boat rides and cruises, they daringly ventured into bringing the Treasure Queen to journey south for the famous "Point Fortin Borough Day" celebrations in Trinidad. After such success, North South Crew further extended their horizons to include tours to various Carnivals of the Caribbean; event management which primarily specialised in the co-ordination of sports and family days; and then to breaking the barrier with a different concept from the traditional J'ouvert - Chocolate City: "No Body Paint, No Mud, Jus Liquid Chocolate". This became an immediate success as revellers enjoyed parading drenched in chocolate, and has significantly grown over the years with participation in both local and international carnivals. Like its masqueraders, the North South Crew family has extended to include Gary Jackson, Houston Frederick, Maria Mohammed and Carla Quanvie, who all significantly contribute towards the strong backbone of the extraordinary Chocolate City.

Expect more information to come about this new band "Chocolate Tuesdays" which will debut for Carnival 2010 along with "Showtime"!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Cropover Websites

I have been getting emails asking for Cropover website links with information on Kadooment and the various bands. So far none of the websites have been updated with information for 2009, that usually happens around June when band launches start however you can bookmark these websites for future:

Kadooment Divas

Bajan Fuh Life

Baje International

Berger Boyz



Power X 4


Refugees Camp

Jump Barbados

Youth Explosion


Village Style Impressions

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Winnipeg Carnival

After a two year hiatus Winnipeg Carnival "Caripeg" is back for 2009, taking place on August 15th in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. Caripeg will feature several events including a parade and a fete to culminate the festivities.

More information on Caripeg can be found on the official website or if you want to register to play mas visit their Facebook group for details and a list of Caripeg activities.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spicy Wasabi goes Toxik

Look which costume from Pulse 8 showed up as part of St Lucian Carnival band "Toxik":

click to enlarge:

Friday, April 24, 2009

Borough Day Bands

Point Fortin Borough Day takes place on May 2nd and you can visit the website South Trini for a listing of bands that will be participating in the celebrations. In addition to Obamarama Jouvert and Legacy, Chocolate City Jouvert will also be making an appearance at this year's Borough Day along with D Krewe:

Roland St George & D Krewe in collaboration with Shut Up & Wine will be heading 2 Point Fortin for Borough Day. COME AND BRING YUH KREWE! Music Truck, Siparia Rhythm Section and Benji! $250 ALL INCLUSIVE(Breakfast, Drinks and Outfit) Contact ROLAND 771-4MAS DEXTER BAILEY- 685-1418 HOUSE OF JACQUI 652-1965 We Lovin d' Borough Day!

Other bands to check out:
Royalty- All Aboard

Radical Promotions - Afrikan Ants

Army Ants

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Makeup by Renee

When I had my makeup done on Carnival Tuesday with Kirk Thomas another makeup artist was also sharing space at Corner Bar diligently working on a waiting pool of customers. All I knew was that the young lady doing airbrush and gems was also playing in TRIBE but never got her name or contact information for those who might be on the lookout for a makeup artist come Carnival 2010.

Well thanks to a feature done on Renee Milford by Sweet 7 I finally found out that Renee is the very same makeup artist who worked with Kirk:

Rene applying airbrush eye makeup

Renee also has a blog which you can visit to follow her postings, video tutorials, contact her or view her work. So, add Rene to the roster of Carnival makeup artist and bookmark her site. I was pretty impressed with her work and you know we are always on the hunt for a great make up artist!

Collage of Carnival Faces by Renee Milford

Photo Source:
Collage -

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Media Launch for 2010 debut band today!

Coming very early into the 2010 Carnival season is the media launch for the former section of Legacy, Showtime, which will be breaking away to produce their own band for 2010. I have been informed that some well known names involved in mas production will also be on board this new band with sections of their own.

The media launch takes place at 8PM tonight at Alchemy, however I will not be able to attend and as a consequence Afro Chic will be doing the honors of covering the event. So, make sure and check her blog tomorrow for photos and scoop on what it to be expected from this new band which so far has kept all information tightly under wraps.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Orlando Carnival - Island Fantasy

Island Fantasy presents "Seasons" in the 22nd year of Orlando Carnival which takes place on May 24th.

The band comprises of 4 sections (Fall, Winter, Summer, Spring) with one section already sold out ahead of the band launch on May 1st at 360 Nightclub in Orlando:

click to enlarge

For more information on Island Fantasy:
Band Website:
Email Address:
Orlando Carnival Website:

Monday, April 20, 2009

More stirrings in the mas world!

So, the rumour mill is once again churning with news reaching The Sauce that several bands are not sure to make a showing for 2010!

One band is currently on a chaotic hunt for a designer as they got rid of the one that was the cause of some costume issues, interesting as this particular designer also had problems with another new band in 2008.

Seems like the trend for 2010 is a switch up in mas camps, one only knows what is going to happen to the band whose "band leader" defected to his former band but I have good information that those new arrangements are set in stone and this former "band leader" now has major "pips" in the new band under the heading of "designer", though this is surely going to cause a rift in the camp with section leaders who do not want to work with the Judas.

Another band not sure to return for Carnival 2010 is one with ties overseas that is going through a split, I mean shake up, of it's own outside of Trinidad and Tobago.

Stay tuned for more Carnival drama as it unfolds!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Trinidad Carnival on Show at the Summit of Americas ...

For the past few months Trinidad and Tobago has been consumed with preparations for the 5th Summit of the Americas, today marking the final day of the 3 day conference. In honor of the closing of this event, which also sees the hosting of a free fete featuring top soca artistes produced by Dean Ackin and team of TRIBE under Ultimate Events banner, I am finally going to give mention to the opening ceremony and cultural display.

If you missed the Cultural Performance, produced by Brian Mc Farlane, which culminated the opening of The 5th Summit of the Americas you missed an opportunity to see Mc Farlane's costumes from the past three years revamped and reworked to fit the storyline, the following videos are just part of the show:

Apparently as a Trinidadian I am supposed to feel nothing but pride for that Cultural piece as it put Trinidad and Tobago on the world centre stage. All I am going to say is since when the Calypso "Hot, Hot, Hot" represents Trinidad Carnival!?!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ramajay Mas for Labor Day 2009

Labor Day 2009 and there is a new All Inclusive Band on the scene; "Ramajay Mas" will hold their official band launch on May 31st (check the flyer for more details) and you can read all about Ramajay Mas in the following narrative:

click to enlarge

“Dare to be different…” New York City ’s largest Caribbean festival—The West Indian Day American Carnival Parade—welcomes a new face to the color and beauty of mas bands which brings this world-renowned parade to life. Labor Day 2009, RAMAJAY Mas will make their debut to the world as an ultra all-inclusive premier band.

RAMAJAY Mas’ Creative Design Team intends to pull inspiration and ideas from their many years of experience within the fashion and mas industry to bring forth innovative, breathtaking and ultra-sexy costume designs to the their masqueraders and the parade’s millions of spectators. They intend to bring the fantasy of M-A-S (Make A Statement) to Eastern Parkway while still paying homage to the splendor of our Caribbean culture. This team—collectively known as TEAM G.B. (GB God Bless Productions, D’Original Divas, Divas de Carnaval & Massive International) consists of individuals who both know the craft of mas/costume designs, fashion and entertainment. Their background includes Fashion Institute of Technology (NYC) graduates, winners of WIADCA’s coveted King of the Band competition and band/section leaders from well-known & respected NY Mas Bands such as Borokeetes, Rango Mas and Hawks International. Together these talented individuals equal over 30+ years of mas design experience.

RAMAJAY Mas’ vision extends to being more than just a pretty mas band but providing to their customers an EXPERIENCE. Born out of the void of masqueraders not able to have a totally ultra-inclusive experience on the road, RAMAJAY Mas felt it was time to fill this emptiness. They want to give NY masqueraders the same vibe and ultimate mas experience that is already felt by their mas counterparts in Trinidad and Tobago , Canada and other Caribbean islands. Outstanding Customer Service will be a key factor to the premier experience presented to RAMAJAY Mas masqueraders. Along with great customer service RAMAJAY Mas will also extend all the popular amenities of an all-inclusive band such as tasty lunch & snacks, unlimited non-alcoholic drinks, roaming photographers and the best DJs/Soca artists providing incredible vibes in the ‘All-inclusive Road Party”.

Join us for our debut theme as we travel to the breathtaking South American rainforests to explore AMAZONIA : Unleash your inner savage…

“Close your eyes and let your mind drift free of your surroundings…hear the charming songs of the Yasuni Parrots as they fly above your head, feel the warm mist of the Tropical Raindrops against your skin and smell the sweet fragrance of the Brazilian Orchids at your feet…you can only be one place and one place only: the serene jungles of AMAZONIA…”

With the hustle and bustle of our hectic everyday lives, we sometimes forget to enjoy the beauty of Mother Earth around us! RAMAJAY Mas urges you to reconnect with the rhythms of the jungle as we enter the Amazon Rainforest (Brazil) and let go of that inner savage that has been whispering to be set free. RAMAJAY Mas will serve as your tour guide on a journey of passion, wildness & color through this spectacular rainforest showing you how life will be without inhibitions. Join us as we allow you to live life without boundaries and restraints as we become UNLEASHED....

We welcome you to take part in this EXPERIENCE and dare to be different as we present to NY & rest of the world for Labor Day 2009—RAMAJAY MAS .

“We believe the essence of mas is ones ability to experiment and indulgence in the freedom of creativity…”

Friday, April 17, 2009

Myst Antigua Unveils

Myst's theme for Antigua Carnival 2009 is "Unveil" , the unveiling of costumes (their band launch ) takes place on Sunday April 26. Now I am totally convinced that this band is owned by someone with shares in Island People mas, I mean second year, second time reusing Island People's costumes from Trinidad Carnival. This trend annoyed me last year and annoys me again this year.

I wonder how it works exactly, does Island People order extra costumes in anticipation for Myst? Do they sell the costumes that were not collected from Trinidad Carnival or do their suppliers in China keep materials on hand to produce costumes for Antigua when needed? Do masqueraders in Antigua know that the costumes are from Trinidad Carnival and if so does that affect their decision to play mas in Trinidad at all or do they simply wait for the same costumes (cheaper) and play mas at home in Antigua? I would really love to know how this process works.

Island People should offer their masqueraders with SO many issues a chance to "do over" by offering them a FREE all inclusive experience with Myst for Antigua Carnival once they played in any of the sections that will be recycled in Myst. Now isn't that a cool idea? And which sections do you think will be Unveiled next Sunday? My first guess is the obvious, TOUCH! I am also guessing Midnight Bloom and Chocolate & Caramel.....what are your picks and if you are an Island People masquerader how do you really feel about Myst Antigua?

click for large view

Thursday, April 16, 2009

De Garage Boy bringing Mud Antz to DC Carnival

Time to break out that red adult romper and feelers because there will be Antz, Antz, muddy Antz all over DC Carnival!

Please sign the petition...

To all UK residents, please sign this petition for our masqueraders across the pond who will be forced to pay an additional £100 on flights to the Caribbean from November 2009 as part of a new UK Air Passenger duty. This will undoubtedly have a negative effect on the price of airfare to Trinidad for Carnival.

Deadline to sign the petition is 19 April 2009 so pass on the word to all your UK friends.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Carnival Nationz Band Launch


click for larger view

Adm: $15 adv ~ more @ the door… Tickets: CNz is utilizing a new ticketing system courtesy one of our sponsors, i.e. The Printing Press. So please check the website for more information and for the easy purchase process…
Info: Marcus @ 416.565.4079: Bryce @ 416.985.8488: Dwayne @ 416.930.9650

Section Leaders: Hayden “Pumpkin” @ 416.220.4972: Ross @ 416.301.7761 : Denise @ 416.820.3304 : Al/Brant @ 416.684.5062 & 416.456.6984 ~ ~

Brian Won Wong's Art Featured

"Steelpan band coming down Ariapita Avenue" a painting by Brian Wong Won now graces the wall of the Hyatt Waterfront Complex in Port of Spain:

The larger than life reproduction is actually the print that was given away during the pre- Carnival Trinidad Carnival Diary's 5 days of Giveaways so I hope it is pretty cool for the winner of the art print to see it 20 feet high.

Brian Wong Won is among 24 local artists whose work was chosen to be on the Waterfront Art Wall.

For more about Brian Wong Won visit his website where you view a gallery of his work.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Prodigal Son Returns ....

Sometimes I wonder what really goes on in the head of a band leader, when they would take back a designer who left in the middle of producing costume prototypes to head ANOTHER band. A new band which was coming to "CRUSH" the designer's former band, the former band being a band with which the designer worked with for several years, I might add.

So, big meeting took place last week, and the prodigal son returned asking to be taken back into the flock. Lost money with the new band he said, had no "creative control" he said, ironic since his reason for leaving the former band was "lack of creative control"!

Sources say that even though this designer abruptly left the band last year and was touted as bandleader of the competitor he has been welcomed back and will be collaborating on designs with at least three section leaders.

Imagine that! Well you can imagine my curiosity as to what this reunion will bring. I don't know how some people even have the face to eat their words so publicly but I guess the reason he is back is because when it comes to costumes for 2010 it will be a competition of who can be bigger, bolder, brighter and the BEST! And this is not only competition between OTHER bands but within the band as well! I heard one designer is quite perturbed at having lost the title of having the "sexiest" costumes in the band to a newbie renowned for her barely there rio-esque costumes.

And let us not even get to the upcomning showdown for the title of best costumes for 2010; this will be a no holds barred, all out band war that will be fought with the battle of the beads and bikinis!

Things are spicing up!

New Band Alert for 2010

Coming out of the quiet that is post Carnival 2009, news has reached me that we can expect a new band on the scene for 2010.

Word is that Showtime, a private section with big band Legacy, will be breaking away to form their own band.

Only time will tell if this new band actually gets off the ground.

Monday, April 13, 2009

To Answer the Question about Band Launching Dates

It seems like lots of people are planning to take advantage of cheap airfare deals and are trying to make it to Trinidad for their band’s launch, as I cannot tell you how many emails I gave gotten so far inquiring about band launch dates.

Consequently I thought it best to broach the subject publicly, as I kept repeating the same thing via email anyway. As of now there are no confirmed band launch dates for any of the bands that I know of. My advice to someone who wants to purchase a ticket to Trinidad for a particular launch is to email the band in question and ask if they have an idea of when their launch might be held.

Short of that one can only hazard a guess as to when exactly a band will hold its launch. Especially as the trend is to hold launches much earlier than in the past and Carnival 2010 is relatively early. In my history of launches, many years ago, the first band to launch would be Harts. Their launch was held a week or two after Cropover in Barbados. Most bands launched between September to November, last of which was Peter Minshall.

Nowadays the trend is for “medial launches”, some started as early as May in 2008, followed by actual band launches taking place from the first weekend in July! The past two years TRIBE has moved up their band launch to the last weekend in July, Island People normally holds their launch in August after Cropover and Legacy now holds the spot of the last big band to launch in October. Evolution was the first to launch in 2008, followed by a series of band launches immediately following each other. 2008 Band Launch season was a hectic one, if you visited Trinidad any time between July and September you were almost guaranteed to be able to catch at least one band launch on any weekend.

It would be very hard for me to guess exactly when any band plans on holding their launch for 2009 but I do know that none of the big bands launch the weekend that Cropover takes place in Barbados. So for those of you planning on visiting for your band’s launch, good luck in getting the exact dates from the band this early; if you do let me know.

Mas Jumbies on the Road!

Thanks to Brian Wong Won of Mas Jumbies for the following Road Movie:

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Paying a visit to the Minister of Culture...

Soca Monarch, and Road March, winner Fay Ann Lyons paid a visit to the Minister of Culture Marlene Mc Donald on Wednesday 8th of April; accompanying her was husband Bunji Garlin and chutney singer Hunter of "Jep Sting Nania" fame:

Faye Ann Lyons at the Ministry of Culture

One has to wonder if this quiet, low key, media not invited meeting had anything to do with collecting prize monies seeing that there has been a controversy over the winnings from Caribbean Prestige Foundation .

Fay Ann, I hope you FINALLY collected your cheque!

Friday, April 10, 2009

After viewing so many Carnival tights ripped to shreds this year, I am hoping that the costume designers realize rhinestones on waist bands are NOT a good idea! In addition I think the quality of the tights were pretty poor.Both Micles and Samaroos carried the "Silky" brand tights and while it held up well on Monday (I did not get one run) on Tuesday I went through two pairs!

So, in the quest for an alternative source of leg wear for Carnival 2010 one of my friends asked a Cheerleader at a basketball game what brand tights she wore and was told "Peavy brand". This is also the brand of tights worn by Hooters girls.

Peavy brand boasts durability and can be found online at and, I have even seen them sold on ebay.

Danskin also manufactures sheer to the waist tights and sell a brand that is touted as "run resistant"! I wonder if those tights ever got snagged on rhinestones?

The hardest part of buying tights online for me is matching to my skin tone, however I am willing to give these tights a try for 2010.

I know some of you ladies wore Danskin tights, if you did I am interested in your feedback on the quality, durability and the match to your complexion. Also, if anyone wore the Peavy brand tights I am very curious as to reviews on those too. Finally, if you wore tights that were another brand let me know where you bought them and how they held up as well.

Leave me a comment.

Photo Source:

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Jamaica Carnival Postponed.. is reporting that this year's Jamaica Carnival has been POSTPONED:

The local entertainment industry has started feeling the effects of the recession with at least one major annual event being postponed.

Soca lovers will have to forego Jamaica Carnival this year as the organisers have decided to call off the event due to a lack of funding.

President of Jamaica Carnival, Julianne Lee-Samuels, says the event has been severely impacted by the current economic climate......

For the rest of the article click HERE.

No word on if the pre-Carnival events such as Beach Jouvert will be affected.

Stay tuned for more updates on this latest development.

All quiet on the mas front!

Post Carnival 2008 the gossip grapevines were hot with news that several new bands would be making a debut for Carnival 2009. Rumours of designers being kicked out of certain bands and founding members leaving to form a new element on the Carnival scene gave us lots of fodder for Carnival bacchanal. This year Kaotic, Elements and Spice made their foray into mas adding lots of excitement leading up to the band launch with media launches and sneak peek of costumes.

Carnival 2010 and nary a peep is being heard about ANY new bands! In fact the wait is on to see who survived Carnival 2009 to forge ahead again for Carnival 2010 in spite of losses. I know Spice, Island People and D Krewe have already announced themes for next year and word is that Trevor Wallace's 2010 presentation is "Fire and Ice".

A certain popular design duo are allegedly being snubbed by a certain big band, sources say they have been branded as "difficult" and "cost too much"; inspiration has to come from within, I suppose, but great designs do not come cheap! How this bodes for the costuming in a year when the Asian continent will be represented by several bands one can only wait and see. I for one am not looking forward to taking a step backward when it comes to costume design, my expectations are extremely high for 2010 as the costume is certainly no longer "complimentary!".

And in non mas related news, the LOWEST Carnival airfare scored so far :

MIA to POS on American Airlines, February 10th to February 17th $272.60US!!!!!

Which of the Asian Continent Costumes are you looking forward to seeing the most?
Island People's "Kuchela"
Spice's "Spice Route"
TRIBE's "Silk Road"
Free polls from

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

7 Deadly Sins of Nottinghill Carnival

Here is a first look costumes from Bachanal Mas' "7 Deadly Sins" un-edited photo shoot for their 2009 Nottinghill Carnival presentation:

Greed and Wisdom

Lust and Love

Envy and Tolerance

Wrath and Truth

Sloth and Freedom

Gluttony and Courage

Vanity and Creativity

Costume prices as follows:
Frontline costumes £210.00 (Completely Sold Out)

Midline Costumes £160.00 (some still available)

Female Costumes £120.00

Male Costumes £110.00

Children under 14yrs Carnival Sunday - £50.00 flat

Package includes:
Food, Unlimited Premium Bar (Smirnoff, Jack Daniels, Baileys, Hennesy, Malibu, Gordons Gin and all de Rums), Souvenir T-Shirt, Cup and snacks throughout the day.

Bachanal Mas will be having 2 x 45ft Trucks on the road with the highest quality sound systems and Djs both local and international.

Also look out for Bachanal Mas' Jouvert style band on Carnival Sunday called "LIQUID GOLD" this package includes:
Paint Paint Paint, T shirt, Bandana, Drinks and Cup and is priced at £15.00 if your playing mas on Monday or £20.00 if your not

2009 Carnival - Break Biche

Kermit has once again shared his fete review,this time Break Biche... enjoy!

Break Biche; to miss attendance at school/work, deliberately and without legitimate excuse.

Greetings peeps, Kermit here again.

The crew and I are walking toward Club Tsunami in Chaguaramus to Break Biche, an all-inclusive event on Carnival Friday from 2pm-8pm hosted by the Sunny Side Up Crew. If you recall, my first fete for the season was Voodoo which was also hosted by the SSU Crew and it was very good despite it being a brand new fete. This was the second year for Break Biche and I was expecting great things and I am happy to report that this fete exceeded even my lofty expectations.

We got there around 4 pm and sauntered into the fete with nary a line at the gate. This was slightly surprising since security at Voodoo was so tight (with all the S.T.U.D.s and everything) I expected something similar today but I guess this was a more genteel clientele and that kind of “flying squad” protection would not be necessary. We entered through the familiar Battery entrance, picked up our blue cups and bounced up the DC massive seated around a table looking all relaxed and well fed. After documenting their state of non-inebriation (i.e. the “before” pics) we made our customary circle to scope out the scenes. As you walked in, the food was set up immediately on your left. Continuing into the party, you pass several tables (around which one can recline and look relaxed and well fed) and then you reach the main area; the bar is to your right and on your left, with its back to the sea, is the stage. It was not a huge stage but it was just the right size for this fete. Past this main area I saw my Absolut girls and the bartenders extraordinaire of the Absolut bar.


I immediately reacquainted myself with the lovely ladies and obtained a delicious and refreshing beverage. This was starting out nicely. The folks that were here looked like they were having a nice time sipping their drinks and enjoying the beautiful sun and seaside vibe. There was a cool breeze coming off the ocean, DJ Cin was spinning hot tunes and everything was real beautiful and serene. I was reminded briefly of the A.W.O.L. fete just before it got out of hand but I thought to myself that surely these people will not be getting on with that kind of behavior. Surely, I thought, this exclusive and intimate event could not possibly turn out like that. Boy was I wrong! It all began with Karma.

Karma, the first of the two bands that would be performing that night, took the stage and began jamming some serious chutney soca which immediately brought the masses to life. You have to understand peeps, by now, it is late afternoon and most of the patrons have been consuming the delicious (and nutritious) alcoholic beverages for several hours. They have also been chatting and mingling and being generally quite social and well behaved for a Carnival Friday fete. All they needed was a catalyst to start the reaction and get the fete bubbling and Karma was just the ticket. The crowd gathered stage side and began to loosen up their waists. Karma regaled us with a lively chutney set then launched into the rest of the mainstream hits which had the crowd eagerly responding to their energy. I had never heard of this band until today but I heartily enjoyed their performance and spirit plus after seeing virtually the same bands performing the same tunes at the fetes, it was refreshing to see a newcomer (at least to me).

After Karma’s exhilarating performance, the natives were now fully awake and restless. No longer could they simply mix and mingle as their blood had been heated and it called for action. The DJ carpe’d the diem by changing gears and upping the tempo of the music and again the crowd eagerly responded. It is now early evening and we could see Roy Cape setting up and that could mean only one thing: it would soon be time to get TUSTY! To keep pace with the DJ’s selections, we needed to make sure we were hydrated therefore we redoubled our efforts at the bar. By the time Blaxx and Trini Jacobs were ready to go, so were we. The sun had set, we were tight like a crapaud bamsee and all the Carnival Fridayness that we had suppressed all day was on the verge of breaking free; all we needed was a spark when.....


and BOOM, de jamishness exploded and it was chaos in de place. I can’t even begin to describe the actions and antics of the crowd and the pictures I took couldn’t begin to capture the moment. For the next half an hour, being at Break Biche was like being in the middle of a riot while wining; all you could see was a seething, heaving crowd with a foot fling up here, a hand passing there and steady wining everywhere! Trini Jacobs sing and de people went mad. Blaxx joined she and they went madder that that! A drunk big belly man pranced across de stage and nobody batted an eye or missed a beat. After a while, people had to slow down to take a breath and look around to see who they had been wining on (and in some instances introduce themselves) so the band segued into the section of the program called “Let’s Invite Random People in the Audience to Sing Tusty”.

As I had seen at several fetes earlier in the week, this activity has the potential to provide some real kicks since the people that go on stage to take part invariably are 1. Quite inebriated, 2. Seriously overestimate their vocal abilities, 3. Forget the words (and in any case can’t sing them as fast as Blaxx), and 4. Are REALLY quite inebriated. Of the courageous people that took part, three stood out in my mind which is not to say that the rest were not worthy of comment. Oh no, I caught plenty kicks from every performer but these three were head and shoulders above the rest.

The first fellow had a kinda insane look about him but he was memorable because he would launch into the chorus and halfway through he would stop singing AND TELL THE BAND “LOW LOW LOW”. He was up there in a wife-beaters wheeling de people an dem professional band! The first time he did it, they did as he said more so out of surprise than anything. Still, we all got a good laugh out of it and they passed the mic to the next Trinidad Idol. True to form, he was definitely inebriated but we weren’t sure if he forgot the words or if he was just speaking a different language. No one could understand what de hell he was saying until he got to the BAD BAD BAD BAD part then the band kicked in and the crowd went wild. Hilarious! The final impromptu performer was the most memorable because her rendition was clearly the most passionate of the night. Yes peeps, I said HER rendition. All this time, the band was calling for any fellas to come up and sing and this young lady decided that she had enough of that! She stated her case quite loudly that none of the men really impressed her so far so she wanted to sing and besides, women are tusty too and in some cases even more tusty than men! It was as though Moses himself parted the crowd as a lane instantly opened up to allow this young lady access to the stage and while her singing voice was not as…ahem...musical as some, her “wining while singing” skills more than made up for any tonal deficit. After that display, Trini Jacobs, not to be outdone on her own stage, resumed the show with a wining demonstration of her own which one stage side couple embraced whole heartedly and took to another level. (The move is called the “Back-to-Front Donkey” for those of us of sufficient years to remember such foolishness.)

After that, all attempts at social behavior were abandoned and it was pure, hard core feteing for the rest of the night. It got to a point where you couldn’t just walk through the crowd anymore, you had to defensively wine your way through or you risked getting hip sprain. If you weren’t moving as one with the crowd, you were getting mashed up by the crowd; it was plain and simple. Sadly though, the fete ended (dammit) and as I drank my Battery-for-the-Road and looked around for some corn soup (which I didn’t find – dammit again) I reflected that this was the one of the BESSS fetes I had been to in a long time. The venue was intimate and just the right size. The people were there to have a good time and they could be as social as they pleased one minute then doing their best to wear out your waist the next. The DJ was excellent and both live bands were on point. The only complaint was that it ended too soon but isn’t that always the case with BESSS fetes. See you there in 2010.

Enjoy the pics, Sunny Side Up is next.

Kermit out.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

That thong th thong thong thong

please please please can you raise the thong issue??? I mean I understand people are more and more open to the idea of wearing a thong, why not. But please tell them it is NOT for everybody.

How many times my eyes were hurt by women who do NOT have the shape to wear such and it just looked nasty, or even worst , some were not EVEN wearing stockings ( was playing with TRIBE)

On Monday I saw a few wearing a thong only with NO stockings...thanks to "some" waistband on Tuesday it was less horrid but still...

I may be too picky but the "once you go thong you can go wrong" anthem I hear, this mas is WRONG!!!!!!

The previous quote was an email I got from one young lady who, as you read,was quite vocal in her outcry against the thong.

Personally I favor the thong (I have been wearing it for years) the regular bikini is almost as skimpy and rides up uncomfortably anyway.I have no problem with ladies who choose to wear the thong to play mas either, though I might tend to agree with the writer that a thong sans stockings requires a certain gumption and impeccably toned Gluteus Maximus, however I certainly did not notice any offending masqueraders that looked "nasty". As a matter of fact there were several ladies I know who did the thong without stockings tastefully, as in it did not look vulgar at all.

Saying that the thong is for only certain type of bodies is as with everything else a matter left to the discretion of the individual, but you need not be a size 2 only to wear a thong and look pretty decent! Making the decision to wear a thong, or not, in my view should be decided based on the skimpiness of the costume belt, among other factors. The thong is not to be brazenly on show, but more of a teasing glimpse beneath the beads.

At the end of the day it is all about your comfort level and confidence whether you thong or not and if one chooses the right costume to play up their assets the thong becomes a moot point. Someone wearing a thong in Spangled Cotinga (with the 6 beads covering their bum) will surely look different to someone wearing a thong in African Lovebird with the full beaded belt. So for me the matter is not about the thong really, but what I always advocate and that is knowing your body and choosing the right costume for it, thong or not.

So, what was below your bikini belt ladies and are we in favor of the thong or not?

Monday, April 06, 2009

Bachanalmas Launch Review

Hey Saucy,

here is a little review from Bachanalmas band launch at the Rhum Jungle, London.

Prior to the launch, there was a lot of hype for this party and I was especially looking forward to seeing the costumes up close on the night.

In true Trini style, I got to the venue about 11:45pm and by the time my friends and I paid the admission charge and hung coats etc it was after midnight. All good though as the party was in full swing.

Costumes - The models were wearing the backline costumes gluttony, vanity, greed, lust and sloth and made their way through the crowd showcasing the costumes. All the midlines were displayed on mannequins.There were no frontline costumes on display but from what I was told the frontlines would be similar to the midlines but would have elaborate backpacks and bigger headpieces. Personally, the backlines did not appeal to me at all but the midlines were gorgeous and from the drawings of the frontlines on the Bacahannalmas facebook page, they would be even more spectacular. I can't wait!!!!

Venue - Definitely too small and too hot for the band launch. Walked in and was hit with the heat. Initially took up a position near the bar so that I was able to scope out the scene. The midlines and registration were tucked away on the left of the room so you had to walk through a very thick crowd to view them and people were standing in front them so it was a job getting up close. As I said before, the models were walking through the crowd so caught glimpses of them throughout the night. I was uable to partake in the variety of rums on offer but was told that the cocktails were the best.

Music - SIGH!!!!! I will just say I was not impressed and really hope its not the dj we have on the road.

Generally, the atmosphere was really good. Everyone was having a great time!!!! The costumes are gorgeous particularly the midlines so hats off to Paul and the rest of the Bacahannalmas crew.

I'm afraid I didn't get too many pics on the night just because so here are a few that I was able to snap.

Trinidad and Tobago to get Mas Academy?

The Trinidad Guardian reports that president of the NCBA, Owen Hinds,has announced that Trinidad and Tobago will get a Mas Academy before the end of 2009:

Trinidad and Tobago will get its first mas academy by year-end, says Owen Hinds, president of the National Carnival Bands Association (NCBA). While he did not say where the institution of “higher learning” would be located; where it would source funding; or the estimated cost for setting it up, he’s optimistic the NCBA’s dream would become a reality before 2010. Convinced that the art of mas must stay alive 365 days a year, and not retain its present rank as a two-day affair, Hinds said for the NCBA “mas is a serious business.”.....................................

Hinds said the purpose of the mas academy was:
• to provide training and development in the art form;
• to enhance the standard and quality of T&T Carnival at home and abroad;
• to ensure that the junior Carnival continues to develop in a way to reflect the cultural and moral values of our nation;
• to certify craft people in the production of costumes;
• to build a reservoir of talent and to equip young people with mas-making skills.

The full article can be found here.

This is interesting as the U.K. Centre of Carnival Arts, which I wrote about in October 2007, was finally completed in March 2009.

For all the talk about preserving our culture and the art form of mas dying bandied about by the critics it is a crying shame that the idea of a Mas Academy is still an "idea" with no definite plans. Take a page from Luton Mr Hinds, as they have been in successful in accomplishing what is still a "dream" of the NCBA .

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Myst .. Antigua Carnival 2009

Myst Carnival of Antigua (you know the one with Island People's 2008 costumes) will be unveiling what is in store for 2009 "soon" according to their teaser.

And since they even have the Mysfit, similar to Island People's shape up for Carnival, I am beginning to think that Myst is Island People transplanted in Antigua!

Now all I need to see is Ocean Whispers or Love recycled for Myst in Antigua Carnival and I will be convinced that this is true!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

New Band for Caribana - "All Spice"

Curtis Eustace has parted ways with Carnival Nationz, the following is an email confirming that he will be launching a new band "All Spice" for Caribana 2009:

To all,

First of all I would like to thank all of you who have supported me in the past and who continue to support me to this very day. Whether it may be through Unite D’Nationz, Memoirs of Soca, Las Lap, All Ah We Boat Cruise, 4 Kings Fete, Carnival Nationz, Evolution in Trinidad and lets not forget all those great times in Fortress North (Those who were there know exactly what I’m talking about).

Sadly, as life changes-so do people. Therefore, it is with deep regret that I announce my separation from the Carnival Nationz family in order to pursue my own ventures in life. In doing this I would like to also thank the rest of the the nationz family - for their continued support and enlightenment in all aspects of business and would like to wish them nothing but unparalleled success, not only now but also in the future wherever their paths lead them.

I would also like to take this opportunity to announce that I am in the planning stages for the production of a new Mas Band for the 2009 Toronto Caribana Parade. It going to be a band with lots of energy, positive vibes, sexy ass costumes and crazy music! When fused together it cannot be called anything but “All Spice”. I personally think that there is and always will be room for improvement with our CARIBANA Parade.

With the experience I believe I possess, I hope to take this new venture to the highest level and try my best please the public. With that said, I look forward to your continued support, now and in the near future. May God bless and once again thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Curtis Eustace
Band Leader

Rumour has it that Marcus Eustace is staying with Carnival Nationz while Ian & Andre Defreitas together with Godfrey Wickham are joining Curtis in All Spice. Sources say the reason for the split is allegedly due to "money issues" with section leaders not being paid!

All I want to see are costumes for All Spice, who knows which section would be receclyed for Trinidad Carnival 2010!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Solid International Antigua - Band Launch

The "summer Carnivals" are fast approaching, soon there will be a plethora of regional and international events to keep the Carnival Tabanaca at bay.

Solid International of Antigua will be holding their All Inclusive band launch on Saturday 23rd May 2009. Solid's 2009 Carnival presentation is "Awaken In Africa"!

More details on the launch, such as surprises acts, will follow!

Metallic Sneakers...

Since many of you have already starting shopping and preparing for Carnival 2010, these metallic sneakers are reasonably priced and not bad looking if you need gold or silver sneakers. They can even work as Monday footwear if you want to save the boots for Tuesday. Unfortunately I am not seeing many cheap boots online ,as I thought for sure they would have been on sale. The hunt continues!

Wet Seal has these retro hi-top sneakers in gold and silver on sale for $24.50.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Carnival 2010 Airfare ...share your deals!

So, several bloggers have taken the opportunity to secure their Carnival 2010 airfare and the steal of a deal prices that are available now. One person paid 50% less for airfare for 2010 than they did for 2009. Here are some of the deals scored so far

DCA to POS -Continental Airlines $405.00US February 8 to 19
DCA to POS-Continental Airlines $405.00US February 10 to 17
EWR to POS -Continental Airlines $322.00 US

If you have already secured airfare for Carnival 2010 please share the price you paid, the dates, airport of departure and dates so that someone else may benefit from any low airfare prices at the moment.

The Joke Is Over....

It's April 2 and time to come clean! As many of you guessed "Cherry Blossoms" is not a real section in any band.

The sketch was a gag done upon my request by Richard (of Richard and Anthony Productions) for an "ugly Asian looking costume". I am surprised that some of you thought it was not that bad as Richard put CHOP STICKS in the hair!

I was laughing when he sent me the sketch and sorry to say I am still laughing as I write this, I am pretty much a nerd when it comes to April Fools Day and I try to trick as many people until midnight!

Anyway, the Minshall returning for Carnival 2010 was NOT an April fools joke; so I heard it is so I am telling it... it remains to be seen if that is true or someone was playing a joke on me!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Minshall to return for 2010?

So, I am sitting in my office today when someone who I know very well and is a reliable source of gossip comes to inform me that Minshall will return with a band for Carnival 2010! Apparently, they heard this news from 3 Canallast night.

Well, I know you must be thinking this is an April Fools joke and I am pretty sure this rumour was floating about last year as well. However, the source was adamant that Minshall will be returning as is expected to take back his members that have "strayed"!!

Interesting news.

Exclusive First Look - Cherry Blossoms!

Now what could I find in my mail box today but this sketch of a costume for a band reportedly doing an "Asian theme" according to my source!

The notes on the costume sketch has lots of little details but the most interesting thing is the name "Cherry Blossoms"! Add this to the fact that I heard some people were shopping for baby pink supplies along with "twig like things with berries" and I am thinking this MIGHT be a possible section!

What do you think, yay or nay?

Click for Large View

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