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Monday, April 30, 2012

United Colours of Mas - Nottinghill Carnival 2012

 UCOM (United Colours of Mas) launched their Nottinghill Carnival 2012 presentation "Tribes of the World"on Saturday. You can view more costume photos and information on their website but here is a sample of their fantastic frontline costumes:

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Karabana on Caribana

People have been asking why am I not showing the band launches for Caribana any love. Well over the years Karabana has pretty much established herself as the go to blog for everything Caribana so in case you missed any of the band launches, check out her blog for photos, reviews and comments.

Friday, April 27, 2012


Island Fusion, one of the biggest and more popular Foreday Morning bands, has gone a step further to ensure its revellers enjoy all the benefits they possibly can with the introduction of its Membership Card, which offers more value for its members this year.

The card, which will be distributed to every member of the band, offers discounts of at least 10% on a range on goods and services including clothing, shoes and accessories, beauty salons, supplies and services, bars and restaurants and other products and services which include auto care and health and fitness.

Commenting on the initiative, Danielle Brome, the director responsible for the Marketing of the band, noted that she had worked closely with the team to ensure that this year the card would offer maximum benefits as it also provided the opportunity for small businesses to get involved with the band and Crop Over by extension. 

Sade Jemmott, director with responsibility for Media and Public Relations added: "The entire team has really invested considerable time and energy into developing this membership card programme. We wanted to offer discounts on a wider range of goods and services for our Island Fusion family but we also recognised the enormous opportunity it presented for us to work with small businesses and offer them a creative seasonal marketing avenue." 

Jemmott also noted that the membership cards are complimentary upon registration, are not for sale separately and cover the period June 1, 2012 to August 31, 2012. Any business interested in placement on this year’s card may feel free to contact the Island Fusion team via email at but must do so before May 10, as the cards go into production shortly and a few categories have already reached capacity. 

Launched in 2010, Island Fusion has more than doubled in size since its first year on the road. This year, apart from creatively themed costumes and signature tote bags full of goodies, Island Fusion plans to offer its members the same great Foreday Morning experience – a secure, fun jump with fully equipped music and drink trucks, followed by an all inclusive breakfast - under a brand new theme yet to be revealed. 

For further information, please visit,

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Caesar's Army Mai Tai Roast

What is a ROAST ?

A ROAST is Caesar's Army definition of an event that becomes a RAVE through an enhanced presence of HEAT.



Bring yuh hawaiian cooler

Wed May 30 (Holiday)
2pm - 10pm

Strictly Hawaiian & Beach Wear Only

ALL Hula Girls We Welcome You.
Grass Skirts and Coconut Bras We Welcome You too.

Music by Dei Musicale : The Musical Gods

NO Coolers after 6PM
NO Glass Bottles

Early Hula Limited Advance tickets available now from Caesar's Army committee members ONLY.


If YOU cant take the HEAT then YOU know what to do.

Just don't say Caesar's Army did not warn YOU.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Carnival Nationz Guest Review

So Saucy – here I was waiting for a review from you cause I know you always update about designingDaryl  but since I eh see one, I will just send this to you and hope you post it .

A group of my friends and I went to Nationz bandlaunch cause we always support launches even tho we live about 45mins from most venues (Brampton, ON). It was nice to see that Nationz had a Hennessy cocktail station giving free stuff to folks as they enter to get em in the mood. Little did we know we would have needed the drink for what was in store. 

You talk about a long drawn out process for a launch? Too much. These bands need to understand that ppl there to see costumes and that’s it! Launch at midnight, keep on schedule and call it a day. For me they started off wrong from JUMP. Luckily they had an opening scenario with a local celeb and we laughed away the aggravation. That was short-lived, a story followed about Empires that really was lost after the first sentence. 

Fast forward to the costumes, I would give you my feedback, but then I saw a post on Karabana’s blog that was spot on! I would only add my additional two cents to it but overall, I was not really impressed with the costumes, just a few but overall not that impressed. And it seems that the ones I was impressed with are from a mutual designer.

Wait, since we are on this subject – and perhaps why I liked the anonymous post – Nationz have it big and bold on their site.. designed by etc etc – these are COPIES!! If they are copied shouldn’t it say “Adapted by Carnival Nationz for Caribana?” 


Anonymous said... (I put my comments in BOLD)

Love the costumes, good job Carnival Nationz.

Here's my 2 cents:

Mongolian empire - looks like Ibizia - Tribe costume.

Russian Empire - looks like Yen from Oasis.

Shang Dynasty - the headpiece is from Spice 2k10 and Island People - Inka.

The Pink Empire - individual costume is a bit to much pink feathers, should mix it up a bit. - and the price of $925.00 come on the Designer who in their right mind paying that price - it is much as Trinidad frontline costume and I could jump up for 2 days and all inclusive.

I give the section leader big props for including a plus size model, good job. I don’t know where anonymous get this info but I didn’t see $925 – the price is on the website. The plus size model WAS a major bonus tho! She was really good.

Rio - another costume from Trinidad but just a different color. - the colors on the headpice is a bit dull.
Rio and the wings - it does not represent Rio Carnival at all. I liked the blue!
Espanol(Spain) Empire - what's up will all the Basketball wives earrings on the entire costume - its a bit to much.

I love the Egypt costume it represent the theme, love the color combination.

The Sparta empire - love the headpiece, love the men's costume -stuck to the theme, love the makeup on the sexy men's costume.

Akkadian Empire - love the costume and that monokini- all I can say is wow - loving it. - bright colors, will look nice on the road. I thought this looked a bit like the basketball wives earring costume but maybe cause they both used orange bathing suits? I dunno

My top picks are: Egypt (headpiece looks like a blue version of Pink Empire - imo)Akkadian. Pink Empire, Sparta.

Aztec (DEAD DEAD replica of Anya Ayong Chee’s Project Runway TRIBE costume down to the footpieces!! And Nationz have the audacity to say dey have designers that design that!! – madness! – they should be paying Anya royalties if yuh ask me!)

To the person who says the costumes does not represent the theme.

Here's my question - if they stuck to the theme and made costumes that looks like the theme, would you play in Nationz. Sorry in today's world beads and bikini sells.Agree!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Blue Box Cart "Spek-Ta-Color" Cropover 2012

Backline Costume Prices      
BLACK/ SLATE            BDS$445
PINK/ SILVER             BDS$435
ROYAL /GREEN          BDS$435
PURPLE / TEAL           BDS$425

Backline Costume Prices

YELLOW                     BDS$650           
CORAL / PINK            BDS$650                        
TURQUOISE / TEAL   BDS$650             
PINK/ SILVER             BDS$650           
BLACK/ SLATE            BDS$650

Male Costume Prices
YELLOW                     BDS$345        
PINK/ SILVER             BDS$345
BLACK/ SLATE            BDS$345
ROYAL /GREEN          BDS$345
TURQUOISE / TEAL   BDS$335             
PURPLE / TEAL           BDS$325

Tel #: 436-7225
Fax#: 436-5069

Beach House in May

Undoubtedly Beach House was my best All Inclusive Fete for Carnival 2012, relive the memories...

BEACH HOUSE CARNIVAL 2012 from Beach House Entertainment on Vimeo.

And see you at Beach House in May!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Island People Theme 2013

I guess the rumours of Island People not returning for Carnival 2013 turned out to not be true, here is their theme for next year:

New Bands Alert - Antigua Carnival

Antigua Carnival will see two new bands this year with one, Scorch, boasting costumes produced from the designers of Bliss (Trinidad) Carnival...very interesting! 

SCORCH welcomes you to the real ULTRA-All-Inclusive CARNIVALE Experience. Our 2012 carnival features costumes produced from designers of BLISS Carnival, true pioneers in the masquerade industry for doing it bigger, better, and sexier.

 This Mas is for the daring, upwardly moving, young, young at heart and progressive adult who are looking for the NEXT Generation Mas. SCORCH is up, we will heat up Antigua's Carnival with a host of premium services and products; Next Generation Costumes, Premium Over stocked Bars Only, new Security initiatives, mobile SCORCH zones for your comfort, Live entertainment, Celebrity SCORCHaders and array of surprises to come. Antigua is about to be SCORCHED, we are HOTT!!! we are New!!! we are Different!!! we are SCORCH!!! 

Become a SCORCHER today!!! Carnival comes early this May 5, 2012 as SCORCH launches its highly anticipated, inaugural production for summer 2012, "CARNIVALE". Six sections of bliss awaits you as we are about to heat-up Antigua Mas. Our NEXT Generation Costumes will SCORCH you!!! Become a SCORCHER... Venue and Entertainment information to come soon

IGNAZIA CARNIVAL is a troupe that aims to provide an exclusive mas experience for all mas players by Antiguans. IGNAZIA, which translates to “The Light”, aims to rekindle the classic Antiguan way of playing mas, jammin’ in your costume on BOTH days, celebrating Antiguan culture, showcasing local talent, all with a theatrical parade that has never been seen before. 

 “Experience the magic of mas.”

 Ignazia Carnival also promises these magical events:

 ILLUMINATION- Theme, costumes and storyline will be revealed, showcasing the artistic vision of Ignazia, giving attendees a magical experience. This annual event will fuse the idea of a dramatic fashion show and cocktail reception, becoming one of Antigua’s most prestigious affairs. 

 UP CLOSE &; PERSONAL- Time to let loose and truly engage in what carnival in Antigua is all about! People can view Ignazia’s costumes again, while listening to good music, grabbing a few drinks and socializing with fellow masqueraders.This will be your chance to beat the crowd, register early & guarantee you and your friends a spot in Ignazia. Get a small taste of the magic!

 NIGHT MAS- The best solution to carnival withdrawal! An evening of mas with Ignazia! Wear your costume one last time… at night! Wave fluorescent wands and dance to the wee hours of the morning at a venue that replicates Carnival Monday and Tuesday. Drink trucks, sound trucks, good music & roaming photographers will all be there! Masqueraders of other mas troupes are more than welcome!!

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