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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Calling all Frontline H.O.s and wannabee H.O.s read this...

Ok, so I know many of you are wanting to bring out the inner H.O. for Carnival 2008 and have decided to play a front liner with TRIBE. I have also seen many people on facebook with photos of costumes in their profile which, sorry to say, are not frontliners but Individual costumes. Like Phoenix that means only ONE costume is going to be made, tough luck there. The individual costumes are Black Magic (gasp, that is NOT a frontline costume), Phoenix and the white one with the body suit which I believe is the Individual for Almathea.

Frontline costumes are available for the following sections:

Autumn Sprite
Goddess of the Chase
Pixie Dust
Lady of the Lake
Silver Mist
Butterfly Bliss

Also rumour has it that to be a frontliner you need to be committed to the cause and as a result your pocket will show just how much and how badly you want it. Deposits on frontline costumes will be more than the usual $1200.00 or $200.00US, so be prepared for that one. In addition, there is a strong possibility that frontline costumes might be required full payment before costume production. Thing is, I heard that many people get caught up in the excitement to be a frontline H.O. then realise later on that their budget cannot meet their desire and they never collect their costume. Unfortunately these errant H.O.s might have made things tough for all the other F.H.O.s. I suspect that many people might drop the thought of being a H.O. when they see the prices this year as well. Those frontline costumes are NOT cheap (have you seen the feathers used in Goddess of the Chase) and I can only hazard a guess that the individual costumes will be just as hot in price as they look.

Point is if you really want to be a frontliner for 2008 be prepared to pay up; being a H.O. is never cheap!

Caribana Photos!

Thanks to J.J. who is Toronto enjoying Caribana at the moment for this slideshow that she created with photos from yesterday's parade. Looks like the costumes were great and everyone had a good time. I can't wait for the reviews from all the bloggers who participated in Caribana 2007.

D Krewe....Love is preview

Last night D Krewe presented a V.I.P. preview of their inaugural 2008 Carnival presentation "Love is" for sponsors, specially invited guests and associates at the Chaguaramus Convention Centre Ballroom.

The concept behind the name of the band is looking at the stages of love from the "First Look" coming full circle to a "Fling" and "Forbidden Love". Only 15 of the 16 sections were presented, with "Marriage" not available for viewing at the time but it will be ready for the scheduled public launch on September 15th.

I did not give a thought to the venue when it was indicated on the invitation that this was where the show would take place. Entering the ballroom of the hotel I was totally unprepared to be greeted by a long runway flanked by chairs on either side; it was very reminiscent of the set up for a fashion show, not a band launching and it was then I realised we were in for something different. Taking a seat with as close a viewing point as possible, waitress came around to offer cocktails, wine and any other beverages. On the invitation it said the show would begin promptly at 9pm, having arrived with minutes to spare I was glad that the show ran a few minutes late. About twenty minutes later guests were asked to stand for the National Anthem and then calypsion "Skatie" took to the stage for a repertoire of love songs and calypsos. Thankfully his set was short.

The real show began after a dance routine with a fashion parade of sorts, I have no idea what was the purpose of having the models parade in different coloured fabric "outfits" but they came out in white, then red, then black and yellow, green, purple, black and red and blue and white makeshift garments. My estimation is that some sort of Monday wear was on show perhaps, who knows, but it did serve to titillate the audience as the Models wore pieces of their costumes underneath and ever so often one would get a glimpse of beads or a sequined bra.

After this parade the story of love unfolded.

Love is .. The First Look - To my instant recognition this costume looked very much like Love Potion #9 from Pulse 8 this year. When I compared the two costumes it is indeed the same with the exception of the headpiece. I think this is the section that got cancelled in Pulse 8 this year. There were two versions offered, one with fabric and one without. A nice costume, I liked it in Pulse 8 and I like it here as well.

Love is ... Fantasy - You can never go wrong with a blue costume and this one is no exception. It looks very much embellished, with a cute headpiece sporting a mobile butterfly.

Love is ..Music - I like the bra and belt of this costume with the sequins used to decorate it and I get the piano key motif on the hat tying in with the theme, however I am not a fan of hats with costumes especially this particular design.

Love is ...Seduction - Gorgeous front line costume in a bright orange, I like the colour a lot. The front line bra is a wire fame covered in feathers and cupping the breast. The back line of this costume is nice, the only thing I did not like was the strapless bra and the decor on it. I felt bra embellishments looked heavy and overwhelming on the costume.

Love is ...Tootoolbay - My first thought was "another black and silver section!". It looked striking and just as the model sauntered down the runway and I was getting used to the fabric to the back of the costume she turns and the front line has a projection coming out of the butt! I don't know what the designer was thinking but all I thought was how the person wearing that costume is going to sit, needless to say that those silver swirls are a "wine" deterrent to any man looking to "tief" a wine. Other than that crazy protrusion the costume looked striking because of the colours.

Love is ...Love - I liked this costume, very nice back line and interesting front line with lovely headpiece. Again, I am not a fan of pink but the pink costumes are quite appealing to me this year.

Love is... Honeymoon - Again, another pink costume. I liked the detail on the belt with the garter like design on the legs with the tuft of pink feathers. Nice headpiece as well.

Love is... Karma Sutra- I like the big beads used on this costume, very retro as that type of beading is rarely seen in costuming anymore. I am not too sure I like the headpiece but at the launch I liked the overall impact of this costume.

Love is ...Tantric - I think the male for this costume was one of the better ones, the female costume is nice with the major detail being the Indian jewelry worn in lieu of a headpiece and also on the hands. I think the fabric on the belt could have been a bit longer to give the effect of the exotic Indian theme.

Love is ...Moods - I am liking the colours used on this costume a lot as well as all the sequins used on the bra and belt. The headpiece design is nice as well.

Love is... Illusion - For some reason I like this costume. I think the detail on the bra that is mirrored in the headpiece is interesting. The front line's back pack is nice but familiar.

Love is ...Secrets - I adore this costume, in spite of the strapless bra with the dreaded clear straps. The Arabian design on the headpiece is cool, but what I like is that the bottom piece of the costume that is a sheer, pleated pants.Having played in pants this year I found them to be quite comfortable and liberating !

Love is ....Lust - Somehow I picture lust and I see red or even green (to symbolise envy) but I just did not visualise brown and copper. The hubby likes this costume; maybe on a different model whose complexion was not so close to the colours of the costume it would stand out more; all I saw was brown and more brown.

Love is a....Fling- Being the only yellow costume I want to like it and nothing is wrong with the costume at all; I like the front line and I like the fabric used on the belt but I do not like the tube sprouting feathers on the front line headpiece and the decoration used on the back line bra.

Love is ...Forbidden Love -This costume created the biggest reaction of the night with the bondage undertones of cracking whip, a neck piece with a chain that allowed the male to lead the female like a captive animal, thigh high fishnet stockings and the ridiculously skimpy costume. The whole package was well received by the audience, with cheers and applause. How practical it is for the road I don't know but I would surely love to play in this section just to wear that mask and crack my whip!

The finale saw all the models back on stage doing a choregrpahed dance number and I have to give it to D Krewe for trying something that goes out of the realm of regular band launchings. The entire production was more like a fashion show than a fete, with models strutting down the catwalk, and doing a routine with their partners. I have to indicate that the male costumes on show will not be the final protoype, apparently there was an issue with the construction of the male costumes, with the exception of 4 sections, the others had to be adjusted temporarily for the show last night. The male costumes will be on show at the public launch in September.

It was an enjoyable evening with a complimentary open bar and eats that was served after the show. I left many people enjoying the live steel band that was on hand to entertain guests and enjoying the refreshments. In summary I think D Krewe has a solid presentation but I have a few minor gripes with costume construction as I saw some of the costumes with sequins or beads missing after the stint on the runway.I hope that is probably the fact that some costumes might have been hurried for the launch and the final product is not only sturdy but attention is paid to offering a well made costume of a high calibre.

If it is one thing masqueraders can look forward to for 2008 is choice with all these new bands venturing into the competion next year!

For more photos from D Krewe's presentation love is visit my photobucket albumn here.
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