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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Congratulations to K2K Alliance

K2K Alliance in their debut year  of Carnival 2012 has managed to capture  four Awards for their presentation "The Waters". Awards were given at a ceremony held at Queens Hall on Tuesday March 27. Congratulations to K2k Alliance for the following awards:
  • 1st place in Costume Design in the medium band category 
  • 1st place for our presentation Downtown /"Band of the Day" in the medium category 
  • 1st place for our presentation in the Queen’s Park Savannah /"Band of the Day" in the medium category 
  • 4th place overall in the medium band category in the Band of the Year competition for Carnival 2012

As for a hint of their theme for Carnival 2013 this is what they had to say; "our masqueraders will be moving out of the Water and will be coming onto Land! HOLD TIGHT – 2013 COLLECTION COMING SOON!"

I cannot wait to see what is next.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Pulse 8 Clearance Sale

Headpieces for $40.00, bras and belts for $20.00 and entire costumes for $300.00 and that is in TT dollars folks! Sale on at Pulse 8's Mas camp ONLY today and tomorrow. Word is the band is going to be revamped for Carnival 2013, new name and new band leader! 

Pulse 8 is having a Clearance Sale this weekend Friday 30th and Saturday 31st March at the Bandhouse Corner Alfredo St. and Ariapita Ave. 
 Time: 10am to 4pm Items On sale: Costumes, Accessories, Headpieces, Beads, Mannequins, Miscellaneous. 
 Cash sales only.

Spice Carnival Hints At Their Carnival 2013 Theme

Guess that theme is turning into well a "theme"among the popular bands it seems. First TRIBE with their version of an Rorschach inkblot test, and now Spice who seems to be counting down to their 5th Anniversary as a band; well that is my guess anyway.

After such a quiet (read dead) pre band launch season for Carnival 2012, I am liking all the action mere weeks after Las Lap! Bring on more teasers Spice: 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

TRIBE Releases Another Teaser

I am beginning to think that the name of the TRIBE's theme for Carnival 2013 is really "Ink" or "Inked" based on the teasers we have been given so far... anyway, I await either more teasers or just release the name of the  presentation already!

SamCheewah is set to Fly for Carnival 2013

Guess we will be seeing more wings for Carnival 2013, from the band that brought you "X", SamCheewah presents "Fly" for Carnival 2013. I am looking forward to seeing this!

Carnival Goes To Hollywood

Carnival is coming to Hollywood at The Los Angeles Culture Festival (LACF) June 28th- 30th, 2012. Lets hope this one actually takes place and does not end up like the ill fated Las Vegas Carnival which never materialized! To learn more about The Los Angeles Culture Festival (LACF) check out their website:

Celebrate the Annual Los Angeles Culture Festival in Hollywood, California on June 28, 29, & 30, 2012 

(Los Angeles, California — Thursday, March 15, 2012) Regulaz Entertainment, Inc. is proud to announce the Annual Los Angeles Culture Festival, three (3) days of events featuring the unique tradition of “Carnival! Caribbean Style!” 

This celebration of our Caribbean culture will feature splendid colorful costumes, various island culinary dishes, arts & crafts, and pulsating rhythms of Calypso, Soca, Reggae, Chutney, Kompas, Zouke, Punta, Meringue, and Steel-band music. Additionally, as our community celebrates Caribbean Heritage Month, there will be a special tribute to The Republic of Trinidad &  Tobago, the mecca of all Caribbean Carnivals, as they are about to celebrate their 50th Anniversary of Independence. 

Regulaz Entertainment invites everyone to experience first-hand the colorful pagentry, tantalizing cuisines, live entertainment, and melodius sounds of the Caribbean, with these five (5) exciting events: 

ÐÐ Thur-June 28, 2012: “Welcome Lime” at the Caribbean Treehouse (7pm – Until)

 ÐÐ Fri-June 29, 2012: 10th Annual International Soca Awards (iSA) Ceremony at the Hilton Universal City (5pm – 10pm)

 ÐÐ Fri-June 29, 2012: 10th Annual iSA After-Party at the Hilton Universal City (10:30pm – 2am)

 ÐÐ Sat-June 30, 2012: Parade of the Bands on the world-renowned Hollywood Boulevard (11am – 2pm)

ÐÐ Sat-June 30, 2012: Regulaz Entertainment After-Carnival Fete on Hollywood Boulevard (9:30pm – 3am)

 The Annual Los Angeles Culture Festival will be a history-making and proud endeavour for Regulaz Entertainment as we introduce a unique experience to our Hollywood residents and businesses. Our vision is to work hard and collaborate with multi-ethnic groups to introduce them to our Caribbean cultures.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pulse 8 Is Having A Sale

Pulse 8 is having a Clearance Sale this weekend Friday 30th and Saturday 31st March at the Bandhouse Corner Alfredo St. and Ariapita Ave. 
 Time: 10am to 4pm Items 
On sale: Costumes, Accessories, Headpieces, Beads, Mannequins, Miscellaneous.
 Cash sales only.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

TRIBE Carnival 2013... Another Teaser!

Your guess is as good as mine what TRIBE's theme for 2013 is....

Settlers: The West Coast Experience - Barbados

Cropover may get all the attention when you think of Carnival in Barbados but in just 17 days another Carnival will be taking place on Barbados West Coast. In its second year Settlers West Coast Experience takes place on April 14, 2012 in St James, Barbados.

click to enlarge

The Settlers West Coast Experience is an all inclusive costumed midnight Carnival culminating with Barbados Breakfast Festival. To read more about the event and book costumes check out :

Facebook Fanpage

Monday, March 26, 2012

Ronnie & Caro Borough Day Package

Registrations for Borough Day Celebrations 2012 starts on Monday March,26 at Ronnie and Caro's Mas Camp from 11am to 5pm or at Ronnie and Caro store #31 Frederick street,
8am to 5pm.

Take advantage of the "Early Bird Special" Masqueraders...$400.00
New members...$600.00. Offer ends Sat.14th.April,2k12. After April 14th..PAY MORE!

Package includes: Breakfast,Transport,Lunch,Premium Bar,Premium Djs and Premium Security.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

TRIBE Carnival 2013

Your guess and mine is probably the same when it comes to TRIBE 2013...... Papillion 2013? One can only hope, nevertheless it looks interesting! 

Jazz Artist On The Greens - The Review

Event: Jazz Artists On The Greens (JAOTG) Farm Road, St Joseph 
Price: $250.00 Advance, $300.00 at the door 
Date:March 24, 2012

Yesterday Jazz Artists On The Greens celebrated their 10th Anniversary, started in 2003 and produced annually by Production One Ltd. Jazz On The Greens has now become a staple on the social calender for Jazz Lovers and music lovers alike. I have to say this was my first Jazz On The Greens but certainly not the last. I think more people should be aware of the event, albeit there was a good crowd turn out, and know that there are options for an open air Jazz concert right here in Trinidad. And if you are looking for post Carnival activities this is an event to consider for the future.

I liked the fact that Jazz on the Greens was held in St Joseph, easy access for those coming from the East, South and North. There was no traffic and easy parking by the time I arrived. The actual concert was held at WASA Sports grounds and there was more than enough room for the stage set up, seating for patrons, bar, food tent etc. The layout was good, even if you had a seat to the back you could still get a view of the stage and you were close to all the amenities.

Food and Drink
Most patrons walked with their own refreshments, picnic style and it was in fact it was nice to see how people stocked their picnic baskets spreading  out their goodies on blankets and even tables ; wine was the drink of choice for most. Angostura set up a cocktail bar offering complimentary cocktails for a couple hours, there was also free coffee and snacks. Drinks were on sale and if you were hungry you had a choice of bake and shark, corn soup, hamburgers and fries. 

Showtime started promptly at 5:00PM and the schedule was on point for the rest of the evening which I very much appreciated. The artists were staggered in that we had an instrumental followed by a vocalist followed by an instrumental followed by a vocalist and so on. First performer was Carlton Alexander and The Coalpot Band, very mellow music to start the afternoon as patrons were still coming in during his performance. By the time Llettesha Sylvester came on stage the venue was filled and her range of well known R&B selections from  Alicia Keyes, Adele and Jill Scott was very much appreciated by the crowd. 

Clifford Charles Quitnent performed some of their own music from their album but also roused the crowd with an instrumental version of Bacchanalist which actually had people out of their seats and waving stage front. The performer I enjoyed the most was Michele Henderson from Dominica. Michele has an AWESOME voice whether she was singing in English or Creole, just amazing. Unfortunately I left before the evening closed with Annise Hadeed so I missed his performance this time.

Crowd Vibe 
I thought it was a nice mix of patrons, a more mature crowd for sure but there were many younger people attending as well. Several couples, children and even teenagers with their parents adding to the mix. Everyone was dressed nicely for the occasion, maxi dresses for the ladies and fedoras on the guys was the official "Jazz wear". These people were definitely there to support the music and the artistes, very responsive and appreciative. I loved the whole ambiance of the evening.

Overall I would give Jazz Artists on the Greens a 9 out of 10. It was my first "Jazz" experience and although I had some reservations as to if I would actually enjoy the performances I have to say I did. The music, the company and the wine made it a fabulous evening and I would not hesitate to spend another Saturday at Jazz on the Greens for 2013.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

All About Jazz Today!

Following my tips on beating the Post Carnival Depression, today I will be taking in some Jazz on the Greens as Jazz Artist On The Greens celebrate 10 years. For more information and to find out where to get tickets visit JAOTG website:


Friday, March 23, 2012

Sorted Ltd. Trinidad Carnival 2012 Review

Simply put let them know which fetes you want to attend and that you need transportation. When you arrive in Trinidad all you need to do is just absorb that incredible Carnival vibe because all of the logistics what I call “headaches” are taken care of for you.

The man behind Sorted Ltd is Anton Hosein, he provided us with all of our fete tickets even the very difficult ones. He also organized the transportation to and from all of the fetes and even on Carnival Monday and Tuesday. The cost of this service I guarantee can even meet a College student wanting to experience Carnival on a budget.

What made Sorted Ltd service so excellent was Anton, he not only just organize the logistics he brought that special Trini Island vibe which made the carnival experience a safe, hassle free, and just incredible for the entire group.

He went that extra mile, he had put together little packages which were a delightful surprise. One of the packages had things like sunblock, toiletries etc things we did end up needing on the road Monday and Tuesday. The one package I loved was the cooler in the bus you get after a fete its loaded with water, and gatorade that was so thoughtful and trust me its much needed after a Trini Carnival fete.

I had decided very late the Saturday before Carnival Monday to play with Fantasy (awesome band) and I called Anton knowing that its near impossible to get a costume but I called Anton anyway. This guy is so incredible he pulled it off when everyone was saying I wont get a costume. He spent many hours behind this task I know because I was with him through every step.

So Anyone traveling to Trinidad for Carnival and needs someone to handle their logistics I highly recommend contacting Sorted Ltd they are professional, courteous, and above all they know how to pull off the near impossible and show you a great time.

I know I will be calling them again

Contact information for Sorted Ltd

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Production One Limited Exercises Social Responsibility With The Launch Of ‘JazZ BuddZ’

Veteran Event Management Company Celebrates The Tenth Anniversary Of
Jazz Artists On The Greens

As Production One Limited commemorates the decennial anniversary of its flagship event, Jazz Artists on the Greens (JAOTG), the leading jazz concert producer will signal a new era with the introduction of its music education programme, JazZ BuddZ, for Trinidad and Tobago’s at-risk youth. Focused on making a positive contribution to the social atmosphere of its homeland, the veteranevent management company will launch this ground-breaking programme on Friday March 23, 2012 at the Little Carib Theatre. Concurrently, celebrations of the momentous accomplishment of ten years of Caribbean jazz will culminate in the 10th annual JAOTG on the Greens at Farm Road, St. Joseph, this Saturday March 24, 2012.

Amidst the degrading communal framework of Trinidad and Tobago’s society, JazZ BuddZ was born with a vision to bring a rewarding experience to and to create an outlet for expression for young people from rural and under privileged communities across Trinidad and Tobago. The programme will award scholarships to youth to attend workshops offering practical training in an array of musical disciplines geared toward cultivating an understanding of and an appreciation for music in young minds.

Whilst JazZ BuddZ is in its preliminary developmental phase, Production One has reached out to several ministries including the Ministry of Gender, Youth and Child Development; the Ministry of Arts and Multiculturalism; and the Ministry of Education, as well as the University of Trinidad and Tobago’s Academy for the Performing Arts to establish synergies that will maximise the programme’s success. The concert producer is thankful for the opportunity to present JazZ BuddZ to government officials, diplomats, the media and other stakeholders. “Launching this programme is a statement of our commitment to make a difference in the lives of our nation’s youth and our country as a whole. We have looked to such brands as Bare Fruit Juices, Chop Chops and Barton & Guestier who have rallied around us to make this launch a reality,” shared Production One’s Director of Marketing, Rolf Doyle, as he expressed his gratitude.

With its latest socially responsible initiative quickly gaining traction, Production One festively prepares for the 10th annual Jazz Artists on the Greens. This year, jazz and world music lovers can look forward to JAOTG’s usual treat of fine Caribbean contemporary jazz with Dominica’s kweyol (creole) jazz fusion singer and flautist, Michele Henderson; leading Trinidadian jazz pianist, Carlton “Zanda” Alexander; London-based Trinidadian steelpan virtuoso, Annise Hadeed; Trinidadian smooth jazz guitarist, Clifford Charles; and the charismatic soulful songbird, Llettesha Sylvester.

Come for the music, enjoy life and join the celebration at this open-air festival-styled event on The Greens. JAOTG patrons can enjoy an advance ticket price of $250.00, however, at the door, the price is $300.00. Tickets are available online at the JAOTG website at and at select locations nationwide. Connect with JAOTG on Facebook at and on Twitter at or email or call (868) 620-6920. 

Patrons may also reminisce with Production One and join the JAOTG Facebook giveaway promotion, JAOTG Rewound, for a chance to win one of ten JAOTG 2012 tickets.

Production One Limited’s annual outdoor festival-styled jazz concert, Jazz Artists on the Greens (JAOTG), through the years:

Barbadian singer, Rosemary Phillips, at JAOTG 2006.

Percussionist of Toronto ensemble, Kalabash, at JAOTG 2010.

Female saxophonist of Toronto ensemble, Kalabash, at JAOTG 2010.

Toronto-based Trinidadian saxophonist, Nick “Brownman” Ali, at JAOTG 2010.

The Holistic Music School Band at JAOTG 2011.

All photos courtesy Production One Limited.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kes The Band to Launch New Song at Fiesta Plaza Movietowne

On Thursday March 22 Kees will launch a new song "We Are Conquerors"  a gift to Trinidad and Tobago's Independence  at 6pm at Fiesta Plaza Movietowne Port of Spain.

The new song will be part of a full, free, live performance by Kes The Band.

Olympic qualifier Njisane Phillip (cyclist) and Paralympic athlete Carlos Greene (shot put) will also be at the event.

Triniscene will be streaming it LIVE for all that cannot make it to Movietowne!

Carnival Coming to Phoenix, Arizona, in May

Yet another Trini-styled Carnival will take root in the State of Arizona, USA.

The ”first ever” Trinidad &Tobago Caribbean styled Carnival will debut on May 25th to 28th (Memorial Day weekend) in “the Valley of the Sun” under the banner Phoenix Carnival.

This year, the people of Arizona and other Carnival Associations will be introduced to a version of the traditional Trinidad &Tobago Carnival.

This dazzling parade and festival with the theme presentation “You Ain’t See Nothin Yet Mama… Is We Mas” will feature stilt walkers, Pan Round De Neck Bands, Steelbands, Traditional OIe Mas, Junior and Senior Masqueraders in colorful garb and masks and Native American Dancers among others.

“Once upon a time, out of the desert emerged, the earth people of Arizona. There were several tribes who worshipped the gods, but a tribe from the Diaspora called trini2dbone loved to party, got together with the other tribes for the annual festival known to all as Carnival……….”

As a prelude to the Parade on Sunday 27th May in Downtown Phoenix, there will be several pre-Carnival events and parties.

Phoenix Carnival will be one only of a few such carnival events officially sanctioned by the government of Trinidad &Tobago.

The Caribbean American Phoenix Carnival Cultural Association (CAPAZ) is the driving force behind the Carnival Parade. CAPAZ is a registered non-profit, tax exempt organization that works diligently with community leaders, businesses and the Caribbean Community to establish a voice for the people of the Caribbean.

For more information on how you can join in and be “chippin in the streets” please contact CAPAZ at 623 582 2038 or email

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Brazil - Trini Revellers Theme 2013

Finally a band is doing the theme "Brazil" and it is Trini Revellers for Carnival 2013:

So….how does a theme get stolen exactly?

With Fantasy’s very early release of their theme 2013 “Savage” behind the scenes of what seems like a quiet post Carnival period it was as if a bomb dropped in a pile of glitter! The ricochet effect in the mas world was palpable, and the buzz was not over excitement of the theme.

Word is that allegedly another band planned on using the theme “Savage Beauty” for Carnival 2013 which prompted Fantasy to rush release of their theme to the public first. As rumour has it the name of Fantasy's theme was not Savage initially so it came as a surprise to some when the artwork was released yesterday. Coincidence that a designer presumably leaves and the name changed?

Savage Beauty logo from Moonstone Books

As I heard this other band had their theme since June 2011 and once Fantasy started aggressively pursuing their designers and committee to make a switch somehow the theme was leaked. Now who supposedly had the theme first is based on who you talk to, personally I know that Fantasy’s designers were talking that theme since October 2011 (I have the exact date to be precise) but I cannot say for sure that the theme did not exist since June with the other band.

The aftermath is now that one band released their theme and we now have to wait and see if the other band will change their theme or stick to their guns and release "Savage Beauty" anyway. I am feeling the former  option will be the one chosen.

Barbarossa "Savage"

In all fairness this theme is not original, Barbarossa did “Savage” in 1988, and I doubt that masqueraders care who had the theme first. At the end of the day it is who released the theme first that will be important, not who had the idea first. It is kind of like having an idea for a headpiece design only to see the actual headpiece materialize at a section launch before your idea is brought to life, surely the irony is not lost on me. But  what has the mas world riled up is that this type of “savage” behavior is being seen as another round of dirty play, in addition to head hunting and designer poaching!

Carnival 2013, I think you have officially begun complete with all the bacchanal.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Fantasy Carnival Theme 2013 - Savage

To our Fantasy Family:

 We at Fantasy would like to extend a big THANK YOU to all our spectacular 2012 Masqueraders!!!
·         Thank you for participating and taking the chance in our first year!
·         Thank you for bringing a wonderful mix and vibe!
·         Thank you for the beautiful display of our costumes!
·         Thank you for your patience and understanding!
·         Thank you for all your feedback, good and bad!
·         And thank you for all the encouragement for 2013!
With all your valuable feedback in mind we will be striving to improve on ALL aspects of our band to make your overall experience more attractive, more exciting and more memorable for you, our Fantasy family for next year and years to come!
Our team has begun addressing ALL the recommendations made by you and have already begun implementing measures to ensure an even better experience in the future.
Special thanks to all our volunteers, workers, well wishers and family who put in the extra time and effort to help us all the way through.
Big thanks to all our sponsors and our designers and production teams that helped us build Fantasy Carnival from dream to reality.
We have also made exciting additions to our design team and can't wait to see you all again soon for our 2013 Launch!
Fantasy Carnival
3 Alfredo Street, Woodbrook, Trinidad

Ronnie & Caro Trinidad Carnival 2012 Review

I should preface my review by firstly saying since I have been playing with Ronnie&Caro I and my crew have NEVER had any problems with the service whether it be customer service, costume collection, food and drinks, etc. , so I was surprised to see a masquerader from the band write a such distasteful review of the same band that provided me and my crew with such an enjoyable time in 2012 and previous years.

Costume Collection...
I collected on the day assigned so I had no problems. The Monday wear was simple yet sweet and the costume was the same as the prototype for a male costume, that was commendable (as usual with this band). I was happy with everything including my goodie bag. My friend who was a frontline for my section (Cheetah) got a call from the mascamp informing her that Canival Saturday her costume will be ready. The frontliners wer given cute boexs as a gift with accesories to match their costume and she was pleased.

Carnival Monday...
First year that we reached the band on time because last year we were late and the band left on time. Ronnie was most present working hard and instructing security and orther band workers as to the plans. We left ON TIME as specified by the band. Our first judging point was Adam Smith Square and form there we wroked our way downtown then to The Savannah. Monday the flow was very smooth. As the trucks left we crossed the stage and then the met us for lunch. On Monday we had the optine of Creole, Fish or Aribic as listed in the band's info guide. I had arabic which was good. NO FIGHTING FOR FOOD. The drinks never ran out on Monday. Before lunch (while waiting to cross stage),we had snacks like pastry pies, etc. which was warm and nice .I must say I had a ball on Monday.

Carnival Tuesday...
We met infront of the Twin Towers where we had breakfast of bake and saltfish and other things but I did not eat all of mine as I had some of the Carnival Tuesday Pealu that has becaome a tradition at my grandma's house. We crossed downtown first and my section was first. The Cheetas looked great, Mardi Gras, Parasite, Freeedom and Deceit were the superstars on the road. When we were finished downtown, we made our way up Abercombry street wich was VERY congested. The band had not grown in numbers but it felt so when we reached on Abercombry Street. The reason for us being a Large Band is NCC changed Medium Bands from 1000 masqueraders to 600. The wait was the worst, we spent over 8 hrs. waiting to cross the stage which was no fault of the Bandleaders but on the bright side the drinks never ran out we also had snacks on Tuesday like Geera Chicken, Soldanza Chips, etc. After crossed the stage we went on luch which was Chinese as stated in the info guide. My lunch was warm still although lunch was more like dinner because of the time. We only spent 30 minutes and then headed On The Avenue wich was too cramped mainly because of the time. After we crossed Adam Smith, the music had to be stopped infront of SweetLime because stormers were outrageous.

Overall I had a good time although I enjoyed Monday more than Tuesday. NCC needs to change back the route because the new route is NOT working. I am awaiting 2013 to be back on the road with Ronnie& Caro because once again they were GREAT. To the other person who had a bad experiece I want to ask if you are SURE you played with Ronnie& Caro ? The service was great and so was the experience. 5 Stars Ronnie& Caro !

Sunday, March 18, 2012

They Call me Mrs Fete :Las Lap - The Review

Fete : Las Lap, Pier 1 Chaguaramas 
Price: $180.00

Held at Pier 1, same as last year, with a slightly different lay out. The main stage faced North as an actual stage for "crossing" faced East. Ample parking and no traffic congestion, we got to the venue at 11. Entrance was to the back of Pier 1 as opposed to the front.

TRIBE section banners were used to decorate the venue, the stage was dressed up in TRIBE colours with a huge TRIBE sign and there was also nice lighting on approaching the venue that could be seen from the street.
Las Lap is a cooler event so your bar is only limited by the selection of drinks that you brought. In case you did not feel like lugging around a cooler there were drinks on sale and a FREE Sno Cone vendor who was serving up Puncheon Sno Cones

Gyros, fries, gourmet hot dog, corn soup (from what I can remember) were on sale. I had the hot dog, it was really good.

Farmer Nappy kicked off the performances segment of Las Lap and as he was warming up I moved stage side. Shal and TC followed warming up the crowd some more, so by the time Benjai came on the crowd to the front of the stage was jamming like if it was Carnival again.The surprise performer was Machel who allegedly came direct from a boat down the islands and he looked it in board shorts and bare feet! Taking swigs from a bottle of 3 Zero Rum he killed it for the short time he was on stage. I also have to commend Machel for pointing out that I was in a YUMA costume in a TRIBE fete, kudos you actually know the different costumes!

Crowd Vibe:
I personally felt the crowd was a bit "stush" this year and took a LONG time to warm up and break loose. Maybe the fete should have been closer to Ash Wednesday to still capture the Carnival hype but nevertheless my "Stress Less" crew had a great time. We took a wine for all who could not be there. On another note TRIBE people the YUMA masqueraders really put you to shame, there were way more YUMA costumes in a TRIBE fete! I was also disappointed to see so many people not making the effort to be in some type of costume/Monday wear but you know Trinis they too cool for school, they will show up in a costume fete wearing a sweater vest and shirt. No words, no words!


Eye Candy
Hats off to all the yummy shirtless guys who came out in bits and pieces of costumes, you rock! And the women who were brave enough to wear costume you looked awesome as well. Otherwise it is a TRIBE fete so your usual high percentage of pretty people.

Two bathrooms for the ladies, at first both were easily accessed with AC working fine. Then the second bathroom (closer to the pool side) became hot and crowded. I love the fact that they both have full length mirrors though.

THE STAGE! For Las Lap TRIBE constructed an actual stage, about four feet high with a ramp to get on. When they announced that the stage was open for crossing madness ensued. The stage crossing was fantastic for about five minutes then it became a mob of people and me praying the stage held up and did not go crashing to the ground under the weight. I cannot lie, it was a fabulous idea and people did not want to exit the stage, I swear it was always occupied for the rest of the night.

Overall Rating:
I would give Las Lap a 7.5 out of 10. Have to say I enjoyed it much better last year but as usual I had fun with my friends who could make any event a success because they bring the "vibes" and leading up to Las Lap planning for the event made me feel like it was Carnival all over again with getting costume organised. I would definitely go again next year, I just would prefer it wasn't so late on the calender post Carnival! 
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