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Saturday, September 23, 2006

At the close of registration today, here is the damage..

Dragon - SOLD OUT
Fancy Indian - SOLD OUT
Dame Lorraine Option A- SOLD OUT
Jab Jab Orange - SOLD OUT
Jab Jab Fuschia - SOLD OUT
Fireman (no backpack) - SOLD OUT
Warrior Spirit - SOLD OUT
Jamette Corsette - SOLD OUT
Jab Molassie Frontline - SOLD OUT

Oh, and if you are thinking of registering online you still have access to that part of the website, so buublenut I hope you and your crew registered tonight!

Roll Call

With open registration today at TRIBE and Island People's online starting sometime next week, I wanted to get a "head count" of who is playing with what section/band. I know several people have left comments saying that they are playing with Island People but they used "anonymous" so I cannot list them here. Don't be intimidated by all the TRIBERS who regularly visit this blog, please let me know which band you are playing with and what section by leaving a comment and I will update the following list as I get the information. Island People is leading TRIBE in my poll so I know there are lots of people who visit this blog and are playing with Island People!

Roll call for 2007 Carnival

Hottie Hottie - Dragon
island spice - Dragon
diva - Dragon
'rah - Dragon
partyc - DragonFrontline
sweettrini- Dragon
foxyroxy- Dragon
Ro- Dragon
Homeless- Dragon
Gracia (aka soul rebel) - Dragon
Shandy - Fireman
Caisoqueen - Fireman
waspwidfirecracker - Fireman
sexyislandgirl - Fireman
wonderfulkc- Fireman
skyedc- Fireman
tinywiny226 - Fireman
yankeegirl - Fireman
~RL- Jab Jab
sexy eyes - Jab Jab
nairian- Jab Jab Orange
sexychocoL8- Jab Jab Orange
Anne & the Jamaican Crew - Jab Jab Orange and Fuschia
Tash - Jab Jab Fuschia
Kevian- Jab Jab Yellow
jagirl- Jab Jab Yellow
keisha night nurse - Jab Jab Yellow
amprincess - Jab Molassie
caramelsista & brother - Jab Molassie
Warrior Like Me - Warrior Spirit Mojave (frontline)
deredting - Warrior Spirit Mojave (frontline)
aisha - Warriot Spirit Mojave (by 17!!!)
TrInIgYaL - Fancy Indian Mojave (frontline)
Gibson0016 - Fancy Indian
Lahgahoo Crew - Jab Molassie
bagogyul - Bat Frontline
Jamette - Jamette
Stacy- Jamette (corsette)
Icahwait* - Jamette
lisa (ny) - Imp
nicolay- Imp
Hot and Groovy - Imp
trinichica- Dame Lorraine A
Risse - Dame Lorraine A
nicky - Dame Lorraine A
LaKesha- Dame Lorraine B
Trini-in-Toronto - Cow Mas
Karabana- Cow Mas

anonymous1 - Le Soleil Brule
fiestyspirit- Harem Girl
empressdahlin- Sacred Sand
Alexia- Sacred Sand
anonymous2- Sacred Sand
TriniK- Cacti
sexynatts & crew - Raiders of the Desert

squeezle - Shangri La

To be confirmed
buublenut - *Cow Mas

Those of you with the asterix by your name let me know what section you got in.

Glitz, Glamour and Fantasy

Since I have been receiving a lot of enquiries about Professional Makeup I went into my archives and found this advertisement, which was on earlier this year offering makeup services for 2006 Carnival.

After further research I have discovered that the address on the flyer is the same for Ephraim Hunte Productions Ltd. who has a website which lists all his contact information. Mr Hunte also writes a beauty column for the Trinidad Guardian Womanwise Magazine.

The Trinidad Guardian it seems is also the place to find articles on professional make up artistes in Trinidad. They have profiled Kirk Thomas and Leigh Rachael Marhue, with Kirk also writing a beauty column for the Womanwise Magazine. Leigh Rachael Marhue has done work for TRIBE's band launching and is out of the country at this time but will be returning to Trinidad in January.

Other well known make up artists in Trinidad are Kamla Koon-How Regrello, who is the head make up artist at Sacha Cosmetics and author of a make up guide which is free to download online, Arlene King (who does make up for Lisa Wickham) Leasel Rovedas and Sandra Hordatt.
Leasel Rovedas can be contacted through TRIBE and Sandra Hordatt through Island People Mas, though I doubt either of them will have time to do make up for Carnival seeing as they are both involved in producing sections for their respective bands. If anyone needs a contact number for Arlene King, send me an email.

At the Dream Team's Launch I met the make up artist Tsahi Baxter who was responsible for doing the faces of the models, that was the first time I personally saw her work and I took her contact information since she informed me that she also does Carnival make up including applying face jewels. If you are interested in "airbrush make up" (not airbrush body painting) I have been informed that "Makeup Artistry by Jamie" provides that service. I also got a contact number for the person who did TRIBE's body airbrushing and his name is James and his number is listed below.

Now, I don't do the professional makeup for Carnival since I really don't have the time and the only makeup artist I have used and give my personal recommendation, is Arlene King. If anyone has had any negative experiences with anyone that I have listed and would like to share this information for the benfits of others please do, just keep it clean of personal attacks.

Contact information:
Kirk Thomas -
Ephraim Hunte -
Leigh Rachael Marhue - 637-5312, 718-7579
Tsahi Baxter - 745- 6786
Kamla Koon-How Regrello -
Makeup Artistry by Jaime - -9388
James (TRIBE's airbrush artist) - 786-0684

Sacha cosmetics -
Free Makeup Guide -

Open Registration Begins Today!

For those who are registering today here is the email I got from TRIBE:


Carnival 2007

“Ole time someting…come back again”

September 22nd 2006

Thank you for your support during the first phase of our registration process. We were pleased to hear that masqueraders found the registration process quick and smooth and we are looking forward to seeing you on the road for Carnival 2007.

Open Registration -NON-TLC Holders & new masqueraders

All are WELCOME !!!

· Date & Time: Saturday 23rd September - 1pm to 6pm

· Place: Cascadia Hotel & Online

See Website for available sections!

· Minimum Down Payment :-

Regular - TT$900 or US$150

Frontline – TT$1200 or US$200

· Payment Methods

Cascadia - Cash, Cheque or Linx

Online – Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard)

* Measurements/sizes required to register :-

Females – waistband (belt) size, bra size, bottom piece (bikini bottom) size.

Wholepieces, Tankinis and Hot shorts also available. (See measurement guide on the website)

Males – waist size.

Inner seam (for long pants only) – long pants available by special request in midnight robber and Jamette males only.

Unfortunately we will be unable to facilitate changes in sections and sizes once your registration is complete. Masqueraders are kindly asked to ensure that their sizes/measurements are accurate.

If you have any problems during registration please call our Digicel hotlines at:

353-7978 or 353-7981 or 353-7983
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