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Thursday, August 23, 2007

TRIBE Open Registration Day 1

Well, on my way home I got a call that there were thousands of people at Cascadia for the start of open registration. TRIBE was giving out numbers to persons waiting to register and at that time they had reached 300 before distributing any more.

According to TRIBE's website at the close of registration these sections are sold out:

* Black Magic
* Silver Mist
* Mystique
* Goddess of the Chase
* Isis - Female (Options A & B)
* Lady of the Lake Frontline
* Sun Goddess
* Water Nymph
* Mystical India

I hope everyone got into their section of choice!

Another Section Sold Out in Harts

Jewel of the Nile is sold out in Harts, surprising as this was not even one that I thought would be a favourite even though the male costume is nice. The price is $1885.00 (small headpiece) to $2250.00 (large headpiece) so it is not one of the cheaper ladies costumes.

TABOO preview ....

Here is a preview of the section "Walk Like an Egyptian" from The 80's Show a presentation by new band on the scene Taboo. Band leader Addae has told me that costume prototypes are finished and these sketches are just a "teaser" of what is to come.I mist admit I was skeptical when I heard the theme of the 80's and was expecting lace tights and rubber bangles but I like how they interpreted one of the popular songs of the day into this particular costume. I am truly looking forward to the launch in September.

Island People Costume Viewing - the aftermath

So, yesterday afternoon I took a visit to the Island People Mas Camp on the first day of costume viewing. There were several potential masqueraders having a first look when I got there and was greeted by the stark white of the exterior which was repeated inside,with only touches of zebra print pedestals adding any colour. I like it, the space looked bigger than it did last year and the costumes really stood out against the background.

I was pleased to see that Red Tiger has an alternate option to the barely there body suit, which is a regular bra and belt (same cut as for Zebra and Cheetah) in the sequined tiger print fabric and the headpiece worn at the launch. The bodysuit I learnt is the frontline option. The first thing that was obvious with most of the costumes is that they were pretty skimpy!

Silver Fox I paid particular attention to as this is a very popular choice among many. The bra and underwear is made of a fabric that is silver dotted with black, so it looks more of a darker rather than shiner silver. The belt piece is actually a jeweled belt which for the backline you wear like a chain belt but for the frontline it is even skimpier and attaches to your underwear. The same jeweled chain is draped on the bra and decorates the headpiece. At first I though the headpiece was made up of boas but it is actually ostrich plumes strung together, giving a nice cascading effect. The corset option of Silver Fox has a different belt to the backline, I think this may be an individual option and the headpiece was not on show but I was told it is even more elaborate than the frontline.

King Fisher is a nice shade of blue-green, more green than blue; the burnished gold jeweled belt of the frontline is very skimpy and reminds me of the chain belt effect on Silver Fox. You have no coverage with that belt either to the front or back. I was told the option with the feathered wings on the arms is the frontline option and the version with the back pack is an individual costume. The backline option has a regular bra and a regular, albeit very skinny, belt with feathers falling to the front in lieu of beads.

Dragon Lizard is not as bright a yellow as I expected in the daylight, and the costume is made of a yellow fabric covered with clear sequins and black beads making the pattern. The version with the collar I was told is the frontline and the backline has a triangular bra and very small headpiece. Again, the option with the large backpack of pheasant feathers is supposedly an individual costume. This is the information given to me by the young lady at the mas camp so I am just repeating what she said concerning which ones are frontlines and which ones are individuals.

Zebra reminds me of Sacred Sand, not only in the design of the bra and belt but also because it is very well decorated. The entire bra and belt is beaded in a zebra pattern with what looks like small, shiny glass beads. Don’t expect the white to be bright white; it is actually more of a grey white in person. The headpiece on display was the backline, and it looked good. Overall this is one of the sections I would choose if I were playing with Island People as it is well decorated, I like the colours and it is not ridiculously skimpy.

Surprisingly I like Egret backline when seeing it at the mas camp, it looks very elegant and again another costume with some coverage. The bra is fully covered in decoration and the costume comes with very nice accessories. I also like Cheetah as it looks complete with additional parts such as the leggings, however the leggings do not exactly match the same pattern and colour on the bra and belt. LOVE the tail on Cheetah, it is pretty cute. Another costume I liked a lot in person is Portuguese Man O War; the detail on the bra and belt is superbly decorated as well as I like the fabric pieces hanging from the costume. The only caveat is I am still not a fan of the backline headpiece.

As much as I like Black Widow spider I would choose the backline over the caped version. The backline looks good and the entire bra and belt is decorated in this flat silver trim that looks like rectangular plastic rhinestones. I prefer the headpiece with more silver in it than black. The caped version, not sure if it is a frontline, is way too much black. It is gorgeous and the detail on it with the silver braid to create the web effect is great, but the cape is made of a faux nubuck material that I am afraid might be too hot on the road.

Lion has a nicely decorated bra but I am not digging the ribbon belt. Bear and Crocodile in person did not change my impression of them, seeing them in person.

The things I was looking for were well decorated costumes that looked as if they were properly finished. Two things I love on a costume are beads and feathers and many of the backline costumes were lacking in that department. While I found a lot of the costumes too skimpy, and therefore it looked as if they were missing beads (you are not going to find costumes with beads that go “swish swish” when you are jumping up) or other parts to complete the look there are some that personally would be a choice for me.

Those would be Zebra, Cheetah, Silver Fox and Black Widow backline. Frontlines I again would go with Zebra, Cheetah, Portuguese Man O War and Egret. As much as I love the colours and winged arms in Kingfisher I would have to see the other option for the frontline as the nipple bra is only for a select few, it would be my pick for the right person and the right body. Silver Fox as well, the frontline has to be worn by a person with the right body type as it is very skimpy. As much as everyone loves Silver Fox the costume is not for everyone and every body type.

Finally I have to say kudos to the staff at the mas camp, the girls who were assisting you while looking at the costumes were very pleasant and helpful without being overbearing; nice to see some good customer service in this area. Prices are expected to be released by Saturday according to information given, which should be right seeing as registration starts on Monday!

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