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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

That thong th thong thong thong

please please please can you raise the thong issue??? I mean I understand people are more and more open to the idea of wearing a thong, why not. But please tell them it is NOT for everybody.

How many times my eyes were hurt by women who do NOT have the shape to wear such and it just looked nasty, or even worst , some were not EVEN wearing stockings ( was playing with TRIBE)

On Monday I saw a few wearing a thong only with NO stockings...thanks to "some" waistband on Tuesday it was less horrid but still...

I may be too picky but the "once you go thong you can go wrong" anthem I hear, this mas is WRONG!!!!!!

The previous quote was an email I got from one young lady who, as you read,was quite vocal in her outcry against the thong.

Personally I favor the thong (I have been wearing it for years) the regular bikini is almost as skimpy and rides up uncomfortably anyway.I have no problem with ladies who choose to wear the thong to play mas either, though I might tend to agree with the writer that a thong sans stockings requires a certain gumption and impeccably toned Gluteus Maximus, however I certainly did not notice any offending masqueraders that looked "nasty". As a matter of fact there were several ladies I know who did the thong without stockings tastefully, as in it did not look vulgar at all.

Saying that the thong is for only certain type of bodies is as with everything else a matter left to the discretion of the individual, but you need not be a size 2 only to wear a thong and look pretty decent! Making the decision to wear a thong, or not, in my view should be decided based on the skimpiness of the costume belt, among other factors. The thong is not to be brazenly on show, but more of a teasing glimpse beneath the beads.

At the end of the day it is all about your comfort level and confidence whether you thong or not and if one chooses the right costume to play up their assets the thong becomes a moot point. Someone wearing a thong in Spangled Cotinga (with the 6 beads covering their bum) will surely look different to someone wearing a thong in African Lovebird with the full beaded belt. So for me the matter is not about the thong really, but what I always advocate and that is knowing your body and choosing the right costume for it, thong or not.

So, what was below your bikini belt ladies and are we in favor of the thong or not?

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