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Friday, November 21, 2008

Coloured Bras..

For those of you looking for coloured bras to match your costume (for whatever reason) here are a few places to look for bras:

Wet Seal
Basic T Shirt Bra in a variety of colors (red,yellow, purple, orange, pink) up to a C cup - $9.50US

LaSenza UK
Satin bra in a variety of colors (pink, blue, orange up to an F cup -£15.00

LaSenza US

Lots of bras, sizes up to a E cup - prices range up to $39.50

Do not forget to check ebay (easy to search for exact colour and size) Victoria's Secrets (pricey and limited sizes) though the latter option was best earlier in the year when there were more colours on sale.

Who will survive?

Three more months to Carnival and with only two and a half bands sold out in the face of a global recession it is any one's guess how many Carnival bands will survive after Carnival 2009!

Contrary to popular gossip Saucy and Carnival Jumbie are not responsible for the lack of masqueraders registering in certain bands. The fact is prices are too high for an unknown band asking people to gamble on a chance that the band will deliver on said promises. In addition it seems that a bikini is not just a bikini and a board shorts is not just a board shorts! If your costumes are not cute or remotely attractive who is going to be paying the exorbitant price to parade around in an ugly bikini? Clearly not many people see the costume as "just a bikini" or else we would have masqueraders registering in droves all along Ariapita Avenue.

Finally the marketing strategy of bus limes and mas camp limes is not working; don't blame people for drinking out your free alcohol and not even glancing at a costume when that is what you are offering.. fire the marketing team and come again! The only thing to save some of these bands is costume redesign and DROP THE PRICES!! These bands are too fresh to think that they are TRIBE or Island People pricing costumes accordingly, especially when the costumes are NOT CUTE!

And you may think I am being harsh this morning, but I am simply astonished at the gumption of some of these bands that will not do something to change the situation that they are in! Hello, the world is in a recession, people are cutting back on spending,some are losing their jobs and many people will not even make it to Carnival 2009 so who are you waiting on to buy these costumes at the last minute? Yes I am asking YOU that question! The time has come to do something drastic and do it quick or else I am afraid we will see only micro bands on the road supported by their ever faithful committee members for Carnival IF they make it on the road at all.

So the question of the day is, of the new bands that debuted for 2008/2009 which one/s do you think, unfortunately, will "buss" ?

Which Band/s Will Not Survive Carnival 2009?
Wee International
D Krewe
Ronnie and Caro
Free polls from

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