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Monday, July 05, 2010

The Secret Is Out!!! TRIBE and BLISS for Carnival 2011!

Finally, the big news I have been sitting on for the past couple weeks, for Carnival 2011 TRIBE Carnival will be bringing BLISS, the smaller more intimate experience!

I am absolutely happy that TRIBE is offering this option for those of us who have really gotten jaded with the size of the band, even though TRIBE 2011 promises to be smaller as well. Rumour is TRIBE will cater for 4000 masqueraders while BLISS will cater for half of that number.

So, TWO sets of costumes, TWO routes, TWO lunch stops and TWO Sets of TRIBE/BLISS madness when band launch kicks off. The only caveat is ONE band will not be going to the Savannah and ONE band will not have any private sections, only TRIBE in house sections! And if you did not know before, the in house designers are Gail Cabral, Monique Nobrega and Lana Nobrega.  Decisions , decisions.

Are you ready?

We thank all of you for your feedback via emails, phone calls and the recent masquerader survey conducted in May. The results of the survey were extremely heartening as TRIBE received a positive rating in 27 of the 30 questions asked, indicating a very high level of customer satisfaction and a real indication from our valued customers. We would like to sincerely thank all of our masqueraders for endorsing our Band and our Brand!

On the Road
We recognize that road congestion along the parade route was the major reason that the band did not move as freely as it did in 2009. The authorities have full control over the movement of all the bands on Carnival Monday and Tuesday, and other Bandleaders have received similar feedback from their masqueraders in 2010. Spectator congestion along Ariapita Ave. was another issue raised by masqueraders in all bands. Both these issues will be collectively brought to the attention of the authorities by all Bandleaders. Additionally, TRIBE intends to avoid all congested areas along the route in the future.

Costume Re-Sales
NO MORE COSTUME TRANSFERS! Reports of TLC cardholder abuse and costume profiteering have been repeatedly brought to our attention. To stop this practice, one measure we will implement is a strict “NO Costume Transfer” rule.

Registration and Fraud Activity
Once again we would like to re-iterate that the ONLY persons authorized to collect monies for registration are the TRIBE Mas Camp/office, Committee members (see website) and TRIBE Management. TRIBE shall not be held responsible or accountable for monies not directly submitted via these channels. Please feel free to contact our office to make any inquiries or to report suspicious or potentially fraudulent activity.


Get battle ready for a new unbelievable Carnival Experience!! The Launch of Carnival 2011 is here and on Saturday July 24th TRIBE will unveil its most outstanding presentations to date.


As Carnival continues to evolve and the masquerader demands shift, TRIBE’s cutting edge approach enables us to adapt to these varying needs. As such, TRIBE has heeded your suggestions and will offer two different carnival experiences for Carnival 2011. We are pleased to introduce two smaller bands, TRIBE & BLISS, which will improve manageability and maneuverability on the road, thereby significantly enhancing your Carnival Experience.

Those of you who enjoy the “organized bacchanal” can continue to ‘palance’ in TRIBE…The ULTIMATE Carnival Experience. Those who desire a much smaller band with the same high quality product and service as they have become accustomed to in TRIBE, now have the option of BLISS…The INTIMATE Carnival Experience.

This carefully studied and planned approach allows each band and its respective masqueraders to have their own distinct identity with each having its own parade route and band management. As our launches approach we will release more information on the both bands.

The Battle has begun…release the Warrior within!!

You Asked For It, The Saucy Skullduggery Review!

There was a lot of anticipation for Skullduggery, not only was this the first band launch of the season, we were also privy to sketches and prototype teasers leading up to the big reveal of all the sections and this was a band endorsed by Peter Minshall himself!

The designs for Skullduggerry are certainly different, save one section they do not fit the bikini and beads formula nor, for me, do they quite fit in with the Minshallesque and Mc Farlane artsy “Marse” costumes. Skullduggery’s costumes are a birthing of Halloween caricature, rock wild child, Dia de los Muertos and fanciful whimsy spiced up with some Trinidad flavor and truth be told I like it.

And while I might like the overall effect of the costumes I do think that there are some issues that need to be addressed, as I saw it, looking on as a potential masquerader. Some of the costuming material looked cheap, Vie que Vie’s green T Shirt dress seems like something I can whip up at home. I am not liking the use of plastic chains which to me screams Halloween prop shop and cheapens the overall look of the costume.

The elaborate bustier, hoop skirts, wings and tutus create impact but one has to wonder how practical they are for the road when it took three people to dress the model! The overwhelming use of black coupled with layers of clothing , including long pants for men, might be a turn off for some worried about the heat; for me I would just adjust the costume to suit the temperature! And finally some of the section translations were a bit too literal Two Face with the smiley face could either be seen as witty or campy and the eyeball festooned Mal Yeux can really creep one out if you suffer with a case of Trypophobia. I also thought Mamaguy looked a bit odd as it was the only costume with feathers and beads.

The stand out costumes for me were: Soucouyant, a temptress with just the right mix of Vamp, sexiness and Goth. I wish the top hat was as big as the prototype, but the detail on the bra and waist band is spot on and I absolutely LOVE that tulle bustle; my number one pick if I were playing in this band. Ironic that the most naked costume is also the crowd favourite, ent ? Jagabat is another one of my favourites, LOVE the wings! Sketelleton was close to the sketch, though I preferred the look of the corset type bustier to the full bustier, this costume had impact, but I am not too sure how you would even attempt to use the restroom with all those pieces to take off and put back on! As far as male characters go I give top marks to Horn and I think ALL Trini men should rush and sign up in that section!

Which brings me to the sections I liked but not necessarily loved first being Horn Chile .Juvenille looking costume channeling the perky, punky inner child, I get it, don't love it. I liked Ratchifee, it looks like a precocious character from a Tim Burton movie and the back pack is a cute idea. Baa John was one costume I did not get quite the interpretation from with a first look but the barbed wire, cowboy hat and T Shirt with an eloquently positioned skulled hand giving the middle finger finally drove home the point to me, interesting but I prefer the male version. I may be in the minority but I do like Greese-han, both male and female. I got a fancy sailor vibe from the male and it is pretty creative to construct an entire costume made from fake paper money! In the same vein I like the concept of Maco with the use of the newspaper (waterproof I hope) not too sure about the execution.

The duds for me were Bacchanal Woman, what happened, I had such high hopes for this costume from the description but it turned out looking like my granny’s church hat coupled with her shower curtain draped around a body! And as much as I wanted to like Blight, I just could not get past the white FUR (loved the leggings on the female and the caution tape makes sense here however). Bamboozle is another costume whose interpretation was lost on me, it looked like a person stuck in a painting ! I did not like Bol’face, the shade of green did not do it for me, neither did the wastepaper basket headpiece, sorry.

Overall I can foresee that some tweaks to the costumes may be needed for practical reasons. Masqueraders also want comfort on the road and some of those costumes are not looking road ready in my opinion. On impact the band will surely bring something different to the streets of Port of Spain. Not every band could or should be looking identical and I disagree with the critics who opine that the band looks like Jouvert. Skullduggery never set out to be bikini and beads or the second coming of Peter Minshall; they stayed true to their vision and format from day one and much respect to them on that one (though they need to take Mamaguy back to the drawing board for it to conform).

Minshall’s last presentation Sacred Heart was a stripped down pair of chaps, jeans and a puffy heart necklace; I think if the critics could love and embrace that presentation they can surely see something redeemable in Skullduggery’s first offering.

You Review, First Up Skullduggery

Each year the format for my post band launch aftermath goes the same. I attend the launch, take pics and wax poetic with reviews from my point of view. The contention is that the “designers”, section leaders and band leaders have been challenging what authority I, Saucy, have on deciding which costumes are hot or not. Never mind that as a masquerader I am the target market of these costumes and therefore I am the one you, Mr/Mrs designer have to please; it seems like my reviews have been rubbing people the wrong way.

And while I personally do not care who is offended because I did not give their costume top ratings, I mean I am after all a paying customer and I will put my mouth where my money is, I have decided this year to be a little more “fair” when it comes to my review process just to humor the critics.

I have been accused of having a bias well then I will leave the reviews up to YOU, readers of the blog because I feel as mas virgins or veterans you are the ones these costumes are made for and YOU are the ones to say if you like them or not. You may not have years of creative experience behind you (neither do some of these “designers”) and you may have never created a costume, however you do have the purchasing power! Sorry designers, as much as these costumes are your creations the ultimate test on whether they make the grade lies with the customer!

To give your review, simply leave me a comment. I will do a compilation of the reviews together with my top picks/faves the following day.

So, the floor is ALL yours readers, let’s hear what YOU have to say, YOU review… first up Skullduggery.


Bacchanal Woman




Greese -han

Horn Chile




Mal Yeux




Two Face





Skullduggery Photos

Here are photos from Skullduggery's band launch, all 535 pics! Enjoy

Click the photo below to be taken to the album on Photobucket.

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