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Monday, October 19, 2009

Kaotic is Back for Carnival 2010

Just when I was thinking that only a few more bands are left to launch for Carnival 2010 comes news that Kaotic will be presenting "Precious Gems", band launch to take place on October 25 at Aura. This is surely surprising news as I was reliably informed that after their debut in 2009 Kaotic would not do a sophomore presentation,next thing I will be hearing Elements is also coming back!!!

Trinidad Carnival 2010 Fete Calender

The following is a tentative listing of fetes and events for Trinidad Carnival 2010; I cannot vouch for the complete accuracy of the dates, however this is the information exactly as I received it:

Friday January 29, 2010
* Central Bank All Inclusive

Saturday February 3rd, 2010
* Privilege ‘Hysteria’ Cooler Fete
* Agua Trinidad – The Paddock
* Fete – Pier 1 (Chaguaramas)
* South Cancer Society All-Inclusive
* Chutney Soca Monarch Finals – Skinner Park- 8pm
* O’Farrell All-Inclusive- Mobs 2, Chaguaramas – 8pm

Sunday February 4th, 2010
* Panorama Semi-Finals – Queens Park Savannah
* Friends of Blood Bank Fete All-Inclusive – Trinidad Country Club – 2pm
* Mc Leod Annual All-Inclusive – 2pm
* US Embassy All-Inclusive
* T&T Air Guard All-Inclusive – Prisons Sports Complex – 5pm
* Maritime All-Inclusive

Friday February 5th, 2010
* Misty Ridge All-Inclusive – Hadeed Ranch
* Wild Meat All-Inclusive – Celder Grounds, Tunapuna
* Carnival Under The Trees – Normandie Hotel, 10 Nook Av, St Ann – 8pm
* International Soca Monarch Semi-Finals

Saturday February 6th, 2010
* Red Cross Kiddies Carnival, Jean Pierre Complex, POS – 11am
* Fatima College All-Inclusive – Fatima Grounds, Mucurapo Rd – 7pm
* Carnival Under The Trees – Normandie Hotel, 10 Nook Av, St Ann – 8pm
* Karma Sutra 9 – Country Club, Maraval – 10pm
* Machel Montano’s Alternative Concept 8 – Haseley Crawford Stadium – 9pm
* White Oak Chutney Brass 8 – Guaracara Park (Point-A-Pierre) – 9pm
* Victoria Garden’s All-Inclusive

Sunday February 7th, 2010
* Privilege ‘Jamboree Sunday’ – Jamboree Park, Valsayn – 2pm
* Heart Beat Hilton
* T&Tec Soca Shoka IX – St John’s Complex
* CAREC All-Inclusive – Federation Park (St. Clair) – 2pm

Monday February 8th, 2010
* People’s National Movement (PNM) Fete – Balisier House, Victoria Ave. POS – 9pm
* Mardi Gras- 10pm

Tuesday February 9th, 2010
* Army Fete – Macqueripe Rd, Chaguaramas – 4pm
* Bishops Junior School All-Inclusive Fete
* Carnival Under The Trees – Normandie Hotel, 10 Nook Av, St Ann – 8pm
* Islandstyle GLOW- 10pm
* Eyes Wide Shut – Queens Park Oval – 9pm
* Senior Kings Semi –Final/ Queen’s Park Savannah, February 09, 2010, 7:00pm

Wednesday February 10th, 2010
* S.O.S. – Maracas – 12pm
* The Ranch – Cunupia
* Carnival Under The Trees – Normandie Hotel, 10 Nook Av, St Ann – 8pm
* Bacchanal Wednesday – The Hanger, Chaguaramas – 9pm
* Custom Boys Fete- Hasely Crawford Stadium, Port of Spain – 9pm

Thursday February 11th, 2010
* Beach House All-Inclusive – 11am
* Escape to the Sanctuary – Salybia – 11am
* Blanchisseuse All-Inclusive – 11am
* TRIBE Ignite – Jean Pierre Complex – 9pm
* UWI Splash – Chaguaramas – 9pm
* T&T Police Assoc. Annual Carnival Fete – Police Training College

Friday February 12th, 2010
* Fantastic Friday (Soca Monarch Finals) – Queens Park Oval – 7pm
* Island People Girl Power – Jenny’s Car Park – 9pm
* Privilege ‘RISE’ All-Inclusive – Moka, Maraval – 9pm
* Blue Range Cooler Fete – Diego Martin
* D’Cooler Fete – Pier 1, Chaguaramas – 9pm
* Senior Queens Semi-Final -Queen’s Park Savannah - 7:00pm

Saturday February 13th, 2010
* Re- Enactment of the Camboulay Riots - Piccadilly Greens, Port of Spain - 5:00am
* Privilege ‘EUPHORIA’ All Inclusive – Jamboree Park, Valsayn – 3pm
* Atlantis 2009 (Nauti Krew All-Inclusive) – Pier 1 – 4pm
* National Panorama Finals – 7pm
* Trini Posse Fete – The Hanger, Chaguaramas
* Island Style Insomnia Fete – Mobs 2 (Chaguaramas) – Midnight
* Dawn, Sunrise In The City – Jenny’s Car Park
* Lions All Inclusive Fete – Lions Civic Centre (Port of Spain)

Sunday February 14th, 2010
* D’Original Breakfast Party – Diamond Vale, Diego Martin – 3am
* Sunny Side Up Breakfast Party – Palm Avenue West, Petit Valley – 4am
* Dancing In the Sanctuary ‘Headley All-Inclusive’- Windsor Road, Valsayn – 11am
* Eye Spy – San Fernando Hill
* Brian Lara All-Inclusive – Chancellor Hill, Queen’s Park West – 2pm
* Harvard Club All-Inclusive Fete – Harvard Club, St. James – 4pm
* Dimanche Gras, Jean Pierre Complex, Port of Spain – 7pm
* Free Drinks Mania – Country Club – 9pm
* Hilton Poolside – Hilton Hotel (Lady Young Rd, Port of Spain) – 9pm
* Is Just A Fete (TASA) – Queen’s Hall, Port-of-Spain
* Cotton Tree Foundation All Inclusive Fete – Spanish Acres

Monday February 15th, 2010
* Jouvay (4am)
* Parade of the Bands
* Carnival Jump Up – Hilton Hotel (Lady Young Rd, Port of Spain)
* Monday Night Mas – Paramin Hill

Tuesday February 16th, 2010
* Parade of the Bands – Judging points @ Adam Smith Square, Piccadilly on the Greens, Queen’s Park South
* Pan Trinbago Pan on the Road – Victoria Square and Downtown Port of Spain
* Pan Trinbago Las’ Lap – Western Main Rd, St James

Wednesday February 17th, 2010
* Beach Lime – Maracas Bay, Las Cuevas, Blanchisseuse Bay
* Wild Meat Cool Down – Balandra Bay
* Ash Wed Boatride – Treasure Queen (Pier 2, Chaguaramas)
* Annual Ash Wednesday River Lime – De Freitas Ranch, Valencia

I am back!!! What is new?

After a hectic Miami Carnival and subsequent vacation in Orlando I am back in Trinidad (still super tired from all the activity) and catching up on all that is happening in the mas world... so what is new?

While I was away Wee International held their band launch for "Tesoros del Caribe", photos from the launch can be found on their website.

Harts has now sold out ALL their male costumes, with only SIX female section options still open; the Harts men are not playing with their Carnival!

By now all registered TRIBE masqueraders should have gotten a receipt via email, if you have not hopefully you are not one of those whose "registration" was not registered!

Most Carnival bands have already launched for Trinidad Carnival 2010, still to come is Glenn Carvalho's "Aloha" which takes place sometime this month and Jhalwa - The Real Fire launching on the 25th of October. Other than those two still to launch, potential masqueraders now have their pick of bands and sections as none are fully sold out save TRIBE.

Island People, Legacy, Harts, Pulse 8, Genesis, Trevor Wallace, Trini Revellers, Dream Team, D Krewe and Spice still have spaces people!

Oh and Triniscene, you are really late with the Miami photos, even Trini Jungle Juice has beat you to the punch!

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