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Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Oracle launches section IV

After a somewhat long wait,6 days to be exact, The Oracle finally publicized section IV, Section V will be revealed in 1 day and 15 hours.........

Life can be tough at times, it is especially in these times that we must recognise doubt for what it is, nothing more than an opinion, of course the logical mind can recognise real reason for doubt from the superficial kind that plagues us into believing that we cannot do or achieve something that in our heart of hearts we know that we can. I know this doubt too well, it danced with me all through the process of bringing this band. It was hard but I decided our dance must come to an end so I kicked up the pace and waltzed and hula hooped doubt right into a puffing helpless sack in the corner. That said, when I am tired or grumpy or affected by the nasty comments of others, I find myself spinning on the dancefloor again only to realise the experience for what it is and treat it with scant courtesy. A quick one two step and out the door for madame doubt.

The process of creating doubt usually has to do with two things, our own self perception and that of others. 'what you perceive you receive'. If your own opinion of yourself is negative,well than you are! simply because you believe it to be so, but if you just start changing that thought pattern you will in effect realise change, change in any direction you desire. Think of yourself as who you want to be and in that direction you will head. It is a difficult process because the other factor comes into play here, the others. Self doubt reigns supreme amongst us, millions and millions of us all not believing we can be who, or what we choose, and when you decide that you can and will be who you choose, be prepared, envy of your happiness will shout out loud from the depths of unfulfilled hearts. Sinply say to them 'thank you' for they offer you a point of relativity, a there and here situation by which you can guage your own progress, now, who are you?

Love Is...

D Krewe launched "Love Is.." their debut 2008 Carnival presentation last night. This follows a private VIP/Media launch which was held in August and I have to report that some of those costumes have been revamped and upgraded while other sections have been added on, bringing the total count of sections to 19!

Marriage will no longer be a section, however it will be the Queen of the Band. The new sections revealed were "Love is... Cloud Nine", "Love is... Climax", "Love is...Envy" and "Love is... Savage". Here are some photos of the launch, full review to follow:

Love is...Climax

Love is...Moods

Love Is ...Cloud Nine

Love is...Love

Love is...Illusion

Love is ...Seduction

Love is ...Lust
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