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Friday, April 01, 2011

Josie's Jamishness- Take 4

ATTENTION - Calling ALL JAMMERS! - Jamishness 2011 is ON.

This year we going back Ole School so get ready for the ultimate EXPERIENCE!
The paint, the fun, the games not to mention the wildness will be in full form and trust us - we should be getting charge for the surprises in store!

For our Jamishness Veterans - We wanted to show you our appreciation so we are inviting you all to bring a peice jamishness memorabilia when purchasing your ticket (an ole cup, stain up socks, an earing stanied green from the paint - The more creative and original the better) for the chance to win two FREE Jamishness tickets (or be refunded for 2 already purchased)! The prize will go to whoever can make us laugh the loudest.

Now for those of you who have never had the privilage, you will find out the location upon collection of your official Jamishness package (T-Shirt, cup etc), which are VERY limited.

Ticket prices: ALL INCLUSIVE (Premium Drinks & Food)
Female - $425 CASH ONLY
Male - $475 CASH ONLY

Tickets will be on sale at #5 Bengal street St. James (Opposite Scotia bank carpark) this Sat, 2nd April from 12PM - 4PM. Also from Mon 4th - Fri9th April between the hours of 5 pm and 8 pm ONLY.

Spice 2011 Review #2

This is my second year playing with Spice, as I also played with them in 2010. I guess I was one of the fortunate masqueraders who didn't experience that whole costume pick up fiasco, because prior to reading up on Spice’s reviews from last year I couldn't help but notice there were a lot of very negative connotations from others towards the band. Some (rightfully) being past 2010 Spice masqueraders, but most were/are masqueraders from other bands who’s never even played with Spice. For the past year that I’ve been attentively following this band, there hasn't been one time where the name Spice wasn’t mentioned and someone didn't take an opportunity to bash their name. I have my own opinions about how people are constantly poking jabs at this band (way more than the other bands) but that’s for another day and time…onto the review!

Registration was quick and easy. Being a masquerader from the States, I ordered online, paid in full and printed my receipt. Done.

Costume pick up was also a breeze. I picked up my costume on the day it was scheduled to be distributed and while we waited for a Spice member to get our things, there was a cute little boy walking around with a snacks box that had a variety of chips and such. Spice members also asked if we wanted anything to drink as they had an assortment of beverages and energy drinks for people who were in the waiting area.

Carnival: As everyone know, Monday is more of a carefree day. This is the day you get to wild out and get on bad—so I did just that. One of my favorite moments on the road was when we got to the Cool down Zone. If you noticed, it was a huge Coca Cola looking fun house off to the side of the street. Masqueraders went inside to jump up while getting sprayed with air mist.

On Tuesday we got to the meeting point at 7:00 AM but stood there for a few hours. As it was the same last year, I assumed this is how it is every year for carnival and in every band..right? I was honestly relieved when I noticed that we were in line to cross the stage before Tribe and Yuma. Thank God! I would have died if a small band such as ours were stalled behind 2 of the largest bands on the road.

As we waited and moved closer to the stage inch by inch, the DJ’s did a good job at keeping us entertained. The music was great and it was a good variety. 95% of Soca was played but they mixed it up with a few other songs. This I guess is a personal preference as I know some people have a problem with DJ’s who play anything other than Soca on the road. I’m not one of those people and it’s nice to hear a different song thrown in every now and again.

So we finally get really close to the Stage and what do I hear come on? Machel’s ‘Advantage,’ BUT the song has a twist to it. As you listen, you hear “The Stage is in front of us, SPICE time to get Advantageous!!” It kept playing and playing and playing! Boy I can’t tell you the sense of Adrenaline that overtook my body. The hairs on my skin stood straight up the Goosebumps traveled down from my neck to my spine. Finally we get to the stage, the security locks their arms, and the music comes on even louder. The security are moving to the beat of the song while I give one of them a lil wine. Next thing yuh know, they let go, and I let loose!!! That my friend is a feeling and memory that’s worth all the money spent on this entire trip!

Final Thoughts
I had a great time playing with Spice. If they continue to provide the same awesomeness that they did this year I will be a loyal Spicequerader for life! Spice, if you’re reading this please note that the people who jumps up with you share one thing in common: we love the fact that we have our own space on de road where it isn’t overcrowded or having to worry about being pushed around.

Just a few areas of improvement. As the other Spice reviewer posted, please do something about the wee wee truck issue. Last year it was kept so clean. I cyah say the same for this year. Men may not have a problem but females have complicated costume designs and we need to worry a little more about this kind of stuff. It's one thing that we trying to squat on a moving truck while pulling up we costume while at the same time trying not to rip we stockings too, so a little cleanliness would go a long way for we. Thanks. The security also has to be a little more on top of their job and a little bit more snacks on the road would do.

People, please feel free to disagree with my review, but I had an amazing time with Spice. I’m sure there are some masqueraders who didn’t have the same experience as I did, whether it be faulty costumes, unacceptable customer service, missing costume pieces, etc… You have every right to be upset but I’m pretty sure that no matter what band you decide to play you will have issues too. When dealing with thousands of people there will always be an unsatisfactory percentage, so my advice would be to go with very little expectations and make the best out of it. This year Spice went above and beyond and they’ll be seeing me again for 2012!
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