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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spice 2010 Review (2)

After playing mas with IP this year all of my friends decided they didn’t want to play with them again so I was like cool but once you all know we not getting into TRIBE so after realizing I was right we settled on Spice our section of choice was Moroccan Heat, firstly the halter mess as some ppl were calling it wasn’t bad at all it was HOTTT at least to me an I saw most ppl rocking it without any problems one or two made it into a regular bra seemed okay but I preferred the original design.

From registration to collection was a breeze for me very good service always whenever I sent an email to make enquires it was answered within the hour maybe I was just lucky but again this is my experience, phone calls made were greeted with a pleasant and patient voice on the other end. Honestly I cannot say how long my collection took to me the collection is all a part of the fun in carnival I love the vibe u get when you go and u see people who you will see on the road. We were told to try on our bras as they had to adjust the straps for the neck piece because all were the same length and also my sisters belt was too large that did not take long to fix I would say the entire thing took roughly a half hour to forty-five minutes. I think the wait came in us having to wait for 4 persons to try on also to pay off our balances. Monday was great and Tuesday was even better the whole experience to me was one I would relive tomorrow with my sore muscles even. The WEE WEE truck was clean very clean seemed like they cleaned them very regularly and were stocked with the feminine necessities. The food wasn’t bad either there was a variety to choose from unlike another band where you have to eat what they give or nothing at all. The taste of it wasn’t bad either but I guess it’s according to the individual. All in all I do not have much complaints those I have were minor things. My sister is an extremely fussy person and she is giving Spice top marks and says she plans to play with them again

The meeting time was too early on Monday they told us to come out for 9:00am but we moved off somewhere around 11:00am they need to make the meeting time a little later because that’s what ended up happening anyway. They also need more food tents as someone mentioned some of the lines were really long not that I was in any of them but they were. A couple bartenders were apparently annoyed that they were in the bar and not on the road I know Spice can’t control that either but I’m just saying. A friend of mine almost got into an altercation and this chick came over and was like “Put him in his place you pay for that!!” I was cracking up on the side was very funny. Last but not least the sun was just too hot and I could not drink enough water but then again Spice doesn’t control the climate J Spice 2k11 here I come!!!!

Spice 2010 Review (1)

Here is my Spice review. Right off the bat I will give them a B

I have played with Poison, Legacy, Harts and Island People so I have a lot to compare Spice to.

First off the costume pickup payment for online masquraders was CRAZY. I had to resort to all types of trickery to get my costume on time.

They had a ballroom at the Hilton and our pickup was supposed to be at 12pm. Of course I got there late and my crew and I received number 70 something.

They were calling number 6. We got out of there 3 hours later but passed a chick 20 CND to piggy back on her low number. The actual costume pickup was a breeze. My waist band was to small so instead of making me wait to get it fixed, the girl just gave me a new 36 waist band. I like to wear mine low like a skirt.

When we left there must have been 300 people in the ballroom. I see they meant well but didn't plan properly for online or overseas masquraders next year I know they will learn their lesson. Now my husband isn't Trini and he said if we would have arrived EARLY and got one of the first numbers we would have had no problem. He is all about being efficient good thing he plays mas with me becasue on Tuesday his bright ideas help us all out.

Once getting home my costume was FAB. Everything looked identical to the prototype, including the headpiece. No skimping anywhere. Now of course some rows of beads were becoming unstuck. I always walk with my glue gun so that was no prob. My husbands costume was beautiful as well and looked very manly. He especially loved the head piece no sun burn for his head this year!

Monday mas was great. NO MONDAY WEAR though. You had to pay for a Spice T-Shirt and boy shorts if you wanted them. That was a bummer since I"m used to getting a little something extra from playing with IP.

The only bump I encountered was the security really doing their job and looking at EVERY SINGLE wrist band when we got to the QRC grounds. This caused a crazy bottle neck at the entrance AND when trying to leave. Food lines were long as hell but there was a great choices for meals: Italian (Lasanga, Spagetti and Meatballs), Arabic (rice, lamb and potatoes), and Creole (mac pie, lentils, rice and stew chicken). And they ran out of some food options but that was fine I went to the Italian line and got the food right away. Couldn't get alcoholic drinks until we were rolling on the road though but that was fine plenty of water and Red Bull in coolers around the grounds.

Tuesday we were a little late to catch the band but I knew they would be stuck on Charolette street and we wouldn't miss breakfast. Breakfast was doubles (yum) and bake with ham along with fruit salad. Drinks were being served at this time as well. I took this time to walk thru the band taking photos of everyone looking fresh. Frontline Wings of Isis HOT HOT HOT. Individual Greece (Rinell) beautiful. Frontline Rubies were also beautiful. My band looked HOT. Crossing the stage was nice. Lots of room to Palance and Palance I did. I loved the fact my section wasn't so crunched up and packed.

After crossing the stage my husband and I collected our friend meal chits and headed to QRC to secure some nice seating. This was his idea of course early bird get the worms before they run out of worms. Once we got there no lines, only the few smart folks who left the band early to get food. We also got a nice table and bench setup under some shade. After being done eating I had time to touch up my makeup and my crew's makeup. I walked around some more taking pictures. We left after the DJ announced it was time to leave for more fun on the road.

I left the band at this point to go watch IP and Tribe. I caught up with them later and crossed the stage at Aripitia. Not before walking thru Harts where people were LITERALLY hanging off of street signs (that band is really a good time band). I first took full advantage of the cool down bus first to fix myself again. All in all good vibes with Spice, great music (mix of oldies new stuff and other). I talked to some of the designers and let them know I will be back next year either frontline or individual. Everyone was nice no girls giving me the stink eye as they do in other bands. No one bothering my husband because the THINK he's white (not he is Puerto Rican).

Oh one more thing. Lots of augmented girls in Carnival this year. My husband said this year was the year of the silicon. Mas boots aren't the best accessories anymore it's silicon boobs and silicon booties!

Im out till 2k11 (Trini Princessa aka TriniBaby)

Island People 2010 Review (3)

The Costume
I played backline Chandsitarie. Initially, I wanted a frontline costume because I love huge headpieces but these sold out quite quickly. Why, I do not understand as there were probably only about 8 frontline costumes in the section on the day! The bra was lovely- very intricate beading and detail with lots of gemstones and mirrors to reflect the moon and stars concept of chandsitarie. This costume stayed true to the theme and was not spoilt by unecessary feathers! The detailing on the belt was also fantastic and we received LOTS of lovely bangles as handpieces. The headpiece was also well made and sturdy. I felt that at times less glue and more stitching should be used on the belt as in the heat (and even before I left) bits were coming off the costume. I was supplied with a clear plastic strap which I thought was not sturdy but it held up my DDs in spite of all my jamishness on the road. The sari detail of the headpiece could have been attached with a larger bit of velcro. All in all, 9.5 out of 10. I loved my costume! I felt like a princess.

It took us 10 minutes flat to collect our costumes during the week. The ladies were also able to engage in a bit of banter and we were asked whether we wanted extra goodies for our goody bags (nice!). It was only when I arrived at home I realised that my neck piece was missing- this was replaced on the Saturday with minimal effort although the customer service agents were a little bit more busy and less friendly!
It would have been nice to have water or some beverages available as it was hot! 7/10

Carnival Monday
I admit I loved the idea of the wrap and what people did with it amazed me- I saw dresses, dhotis, hot shorts, even gladiator sandals with that bit of cloth. More forewarning is needed however so we can at least accessorise the cloth! Some people were prepared with brown and purple boots and the like. Very nice touch. The band looked less like jourvert although some gold hot shorts would have been nice.

I only got to the band at about 12 pm and could not believe that lunch was not served yet. Someone said pizza slices were handed out earlier. The lunch itself that was "catered to be tasty and lean" was not so tasty. It was very carb heavy (both rice and pasta) and lacking in veggies (only some corn on the cob). Granted, you can't please everyone but the food could have been better.

I am an equal opportunities Carnival Baby and I loved the back of the truck which played some nice chipping songs. The vibes was great- no"stushness", it was real bacchanal and a sense of festivity. My only complaint was running out of water and the lack of ladies' drinks like Baileys, Hennessey and the like. Not everyone likes Johnnie Walker Black. At one point there was no coconut water, no water, no gatorade, no hydrating drinks whatsoever. Dangerous. Given the heat.

All in all I had a great time.

Carnival Tuesday
Some costumes that looked fantastic in the booklet looked less so on the road- Bindi was one of those for me. The red costume and Nakashtra (black) did not stand out and Chutney Bhaav looked like the yellow cloth we received for Carnival Monday. :(. Mudra looked really cute, and Taal was sexy as hell! Sonia Mack's section was on fire - those Kalpana costumes made me jealous. I think Island People were very original

We waited for ages to cross the Savannah as did everyone but the band was very lively and there was a good mix of men and women to make the ramajay and palance nice! Lunch at the Oval was a very good idea. We got to eat, put our feet up and use the bathroom. Talking of bathrooms, I used the WEE WEE truck and I was NOT impressed. It stank and consisted of basic portaloos which had no mirrors. Hello! Us ladies need to fix up. Island People, please spend the money and use Andyloos.
Afterwards it was much more palancing although water and drinks ran out again. That is not on. There was also no after party as promised.

Security also started drinking and wining after a while and forgot they were there to keep masqueraders safe "is carnival tuesday we can't have a good time too" is what I heard. I compared this to Tribe security who were lined up tightly. I also saw a child performing a security function. What the heck. Is that legal?

Overall, I would say 10/10 for atmosphere but 5/10 for service. The band is probably too large to be manageable and to give people a premium experience. Every year it's the same complaint- customer service sucks. The masqueraders and the designers make the band. The persons doing logistics needs to begin a complete overhaul. But I am in there again next year! Vibes too nice.

Island People 2010 Review (2)

I played in Taal Frontline with a backpack.. My costume was gorgeous it was well worked up including my bra which was “the own bra option.” I must thank Tisha Neilson who offered to cover my black bra because I was not finding the right shade of purple. The backpack was not exactly what I expected (somehow I thought it would have had wires lol lol lol) but it was gorgeous. The brighter royal purple and the fuchsia pink look fabulous in the sun and I would admit I love

I collected my costume in less than 5 minutes on the first day of collection and there was just a trickle of people. The goody bag was enough nothing too elaborate

What annoyed me was the wrong spelling in the booklet…..”incourage” “ad here”…IP spell check was tooooo much
What was funny in the booklet…….they suggested you get a “me 2, bmobile off course”……IP big plug for the sponsors

Carnival Monday

The Good
The vibes was nice nice nice, plenty jamishness, the dj was on point and the performances on the road was mad.swappi, shurwayne Winchester , Zuki and Tim Tim (Zuki nearly fall off the truck lol lol lol lmao). The pholurie and chutney sauce was a hit and a big hit too

The Bad
The cloth was not a good idea in my humble opinion, I didn’t know what to do with it but I must admit that there were some very creative people in IP. The 5 o’clock lunch was TERRIBLE

The Ugly
Why the hell ¾ of the band needed to be by DJ Trevlyn truck…..ok I know that that was the truck with all the performances but gosh whole day alyuh screaming for Trevlyn sooooo. Then there was Busy Signal, beginning was on point but the dancehall vibes in meh soca is ah big no no no no no. Ok then the band run out of water……I had to ask if WASA was limiting the water supplied to the band

Carnival Tuesday

The Good
Ah the big day had arrive, jamishness palance palance gosh it had serious vibes, costumes were beautiful, taal was hotttttttt, mudra was also adorable, japuir, the yellow, white and the black also looked stunning, morgandi although very simple was “dressed up” by several masqueraders, bindi was nice too, the other costumes was kinda blank but chutney baav was my least favourite. Frontliners came out deck down with boots and makeup.

I loved the security details at the savannah where they allowed frontline with backpack to cross then other frontliners and the backliners but as usual there are some people that don’t care about these logistics hmmm.

The Bad
Salty Peleau and once again they run outa water oh gosh I really had to ask if WASA give alyuh ah limit.
Young ladies Trevlyn truck was not the only truck gosh

The Ugly
Why did IP run down the avenue early in the morning so hmmmmm I had to wonder if that was to get in front of Tribe to cross the stage

The tooooo wild
Ok Island people have some ridiculous women that turned the snack truck into the slack truck…..a strong handsome man winning on the truck and some women wine on the man till they pulll of the dhoti hmmmmm pure slackness lol lol lol and what was worst the group of men standing nearly that was laughing get pants too lmao but they fell real bad and the women involved was vicious with it.

My summary of it all

All in all with all the ups and downs of the two day I felt like my costume, what I ate and drank and the palance that I palance was well worth $4600.00

Now I’m like a roast chicken recovering

Trini Revellers 2010 Feedback

I am writing this on behalf of my mother, who was driven to tears in frustration because of the absolute horrendous level of nonsense that occurred with respect to her Carnival costume. I am trying very hard to keep this civil, although strong language will be used. I would appreciate not only a positive response, but some action to be taken, not only on behalf of my mother, my aunt and my cousin who were paying members of your band, but for anybody else who was part of this horrible crime.

Imagine, Carnival Monday comes and goes and a section leader, representing your band has yet to distribute costumes to masqueraders? This is what happened to my mother. In fact, I should start earlier. My family members went to collect their costumes since last week, and were told to return Saturday afternoon. They went back Saturday afternoon, still no costume, but were given a t-shirt and told the costumes were to be delivered on Sunday. An agreement was reached where the costumes would be collected in the band MONDAY, As in Monday, same day as J'Ouvert, same day as Carnival Monday itself. Monday comes and goes, the section leader, ERIC RICHARDS is no where to be found.

MONDAY kept getting worse. The all inclusive lunch that was promised could not be called lunch, not at the price of the costume. One cold, stale bake and shark is not lunch, not to sustain the kind of energy one needs for carnival. I know Bake and Shark is expensive, at about $25 per sandwich, but you and I both know that is a poor excuse for lunch, especially for a costume that should have at least $100 budgeted for food. A proper caterer could have produced a more fulfilling meal for that price. Substandard service, hustled down at the last minute by someone too cheap to do the work for the band correctly, that is what that was. I also heard stories that, just like parts of costumes were missing, parts of the carnival kit were missing as well, including one's drink bands, as my cousin related to me the story of one woman who had to go through a full interrogation and raise hell on earth to get a drink that was already paid for in the cost of her costume. Really? That's the kind of service that people deserve for the money that they earn and choose to spend playing in your band? All that was needed was for whoever distributed the costume to double check that all parts of the costume kit were included in the package, in front of the customer, before handing over the items.

Please remember that to have people in your carnival band is not a right, but a choice, and at the rate that this man, ERIC RICHARDS is going, he's ruining your credibility with carnival players. Word of mouth for the ridiculousness that went on this year will kill your membership list severely.

TUESDAY's lunch was no better: Provision and fish or pork, once again, delivered about 4 pm in the afternoon, after the 3rd judging point. Who eats provision while doing any aerobic activity? Do you want to put your bandmembers to sleep? Furthermore, if I were a masmember, I would have hit the roof at that point because I do not eat fish from strangers (after choking on a supposedly boneless piece of fish when I was younger) and I don't eat pork. Once again, poor planning. Consultation with ANY catering company would have told this man that this was a bad idea, and given a simple and more effective meal that most people would have appreciated.

As for the costumes, my family members were missing costumed bottoms up to Tuesday morning. Upon cornering ERIC RICHARDS he produced some bottoms, which were the wrong type, as specified by the registration form. My aunt is one who prefers relatively modest costumes, and the short-of-a-length bottom offered by ERIC RICHARDS were definitely not what was requested on the form. How do I know? I was there when they asked about the options for parts of the costume, like we do every year. My family is the type to ask to see samples of what a bikini bottom looks like versus what bicycle shorts look like. If my aunt requested a specific bottom, she knew exactly what it was supposed to look like and trying to force something else on her is dishonest.





I know that every outsourced section must pay Trini Revellers a portion of the money received (approximately $1000) per registered member for the right to be part of the band. Please don't deny this fact, I have confirmed this from multiple sources and it is correct. So, by the action of receiving this $1000 payment, as well as by the three questions and answers above, you, the Trini Revellers organisation, are also responsible for the complete nonsense that occured. How you handle the disgrace that is ERIC RICHARDS is an in-house matter, but he needs to be dealt with. And, as an action of good faith, a good portion of the money taken for the cost of the costume needs to be refunded, preferably from ERIC RICHARDS' pockets, but from the whole organisation. While a good time is not guaranteed with the purchase of a carnival costume, the receipt of the whole costume, relevant wristbands, and a reasonable and fulling meal is part of the agreement upon purchase. TRINI REVELLERS FAILED TO DELIVER ON THIS AGREEMENT, THROUGH IT'S AGENT, ERIC RICHARDS, WHO REPRESENTS THE COMPANY THROUGH HIS AGREEMENT TO PAY $1000 PER COSTUMED MASQUERADER FOR THE USE OF THE TRINI REVELLERS BAND AND SECTION.

As a result, I want action: I want action to be taken against ERIC RICHARDS, whether it be in-house or in court. Not only has he delivered a horrible product, but he did so under your name, damaging the reputation of your company. The people affected are going to say they are never playing with TRINI REVELLERS again. In taking action against this man, I want my family members to be compensated for not receiving the goods they paid for: costume, appropriate food and unlimited drinks. Not one of your committee members, managers, or owners would appreciate this level of garbage being forced upon people who supported your band by purchasing your costumes. So why are you encouraging it?

Island People 2010 Review (1)

This was my first year playing with IP after 2 consecutive yrs in Tribe (and yes I have a TLC, but don’t ask lol).

Good: I absolutely LOVED my costume. Played in Bindi and found this costume to b superb..the best costume I’ve played in ever! It actually made me begrudge my past Tribe really Tribe, y’all could’ve done better hehehe.

Security was on point as well. I’ve never played with IP b4, so I have nothing to compare them too, but I really saw the ‘Eject team’ walking through the band and looking for stormers. At one point, I saw one security guy scanning me for my band…and I was in FULL costume!! Once he spotted it, he moved on and proceeded to remove a female stormer from the kudos.

Lunch at the oval…I appreciated the rest in d cool from all d jamming.

Bad: That piece of cloth they give we for Monday wear. It was a decent idea, but I got my cloth on Carnival Thurs. Unfortunately I have no seamstress fren who couldda sew anything for me last minute so I had to do my best with a wrap top and a skirt. I just find they could’ve warned us early so that we could make proper preparations…Imagine my surprise when I gone to collect my costume and this yellow piece of cloth was shown to me! At the very least, they should’ve offered assistance in tying this blasted cloth for Monday. I did see some ppl tho who completely worked this cloth..good for y’all! (Maybe they had a seamstress friend)

Ugly: No effin baileys or Smirnoff or gatarode or lucozade in their PREMIUM bar! WTF!!! Imagine my shock when I gone to ask for these drinks..I’m not much of a drinker, so I doh drink Johnny which seemed to be about all they had. And get this…WATER RAN OUT! Yes I said it, my only drink on both days and it ran out both on Monday and Tuesday (I think they restocked on Tues though).

The food...I guess being spoiled by Tribe where u actually have a choice of food, I found the food to be not very fulling and I would appreciate a choice man. I’m not a pelau fan but this was actually better than the Monday lunch which I just ate cuz I was friggin starved! (I mean lunch at 5 PM?? R y’all serious???!!?)

So anyways, so I back to TRIBE again next yr, cuz after this IP experience, I feel I could take d lil jostiling in TRIBE J
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