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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spice 2010 Review (2)

After playing mas with IP this year all of my friends decided they didn’t want to play with them again so I was like cool but once you all know we not getting into TRIBE so after realizing I was right we settled on Spice our section of choice was Moroccan Heat, firstly the halter mess as some ppl were calling it wasn’t bad at all it was HOTTT at least to me an I saw most ppl rocking it without any problems one or two made it into a regular bra seemed okay but I preferred the original design.

From registration to collection was a breeze for me very good service always whenever I sent an email to make enquires it was answered within the hour maybe I was just lucky but again this is my experience, phone calls made were greeted with a pleasant and patient voice on the other end. Honestly I cannot say how long my collection took to me the collection is all a part of the fun in carnival I love the vibe u get when you go and u see people who you will see on the road. We were told to try on our bras as they had to adjust the straps for the neck piece because all were the same length and also my sisters belt was too large that did not take long to fix I would say the entire thing took roughly a half hour to forty-five minutes. I think the wait came in us having to wait for 4 persons to try on also to pay off our balances. Monday was great and Tuesday was even better the whole experience to me was one I would relive tomorrow with my sore muscles even. The WEE WEE truck was clean very clean seemed like they cleaned them very regularly and were stocked with the feminine necessities. The food wasn’t bad either there was a variety to choose from unlike another band where you have to eat what they give or nothing at all. The taste of it wasn’t bad either but I guess it’s according to the individual. All in all I do not have much complaints those I have were minor things. My sister is an extremely fussy person and she is giving Spice top marks and says she plans to play with them again

The meeting time was too early on Monday they told us to come out for 9:00am but we moved off somewhere around 11:00am they need to make the meeting time a little later because that’s what ended up happening anyway. They also need more food tents as someone mentioned some of the lines were really long not that I was in any of them but they were. A couple bartenders were apparently annoyed that they were in the bar and not on the road I know Spice can’t control that either but I’m just saying. A friend of mine almost got into an altercation and this chick came over and was like “Put him in his place you pay for that!!” I was cracking up on the side was very funny. Last but not least the sun was just too hot and I could not drink enough water but then again Spice doesn’t control the climate J Spice 2k11 here I come!!!!


Zaira said...

i just want to put this in simplest form...spice sucks. In fact spice has made me question whether i should continue to invest in this mas thing ever again. I dont care how beautiful the costume is because at the end of the day when u calculate the cost..service, product and experience does not add up.
first off collection was horrible I had to wait for four hours to collect my costume..all of the reps of spice were nasty and if u ask me none of them dont know how to run a business. besides i will refuse to give my money to a bunch of wanna be bougeorise folks, who feel as if their costumers owe them something. It amazed me to see Anya walking around oblivious, sipping wine while the choas was goin on.
Also, their DJ's sucked...why the hell am i hearing rihanna and house music for carnival. there was absolutely no space on the road and again from their security to the bar tenders and spice management had such horrible attitudes.
thank god i play mass with the love of my life, who makes the experience worth while and helps me maintain my sanity cuz i dont believe i wasted 616 us on such nonsense.

Trini Princesssa said...

LOL I did see her sipping some champagne/wine on Saturday during all the chaos. Thank god I was already paid and collecting my costume I might of ruined my chance of ever plaing in Spice again LOL.

afro chic said...

I agree with Zaira 110%, Spice will never again get my money unless they change their super stink holier than thou attitude.

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