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Monday, August 27, 2007

2 Sections Sold out & Registration Update

First day of registration for past masqueraders and already Silver Fox and Kingfisher are sold out in-house. I had a strong feeling that the popular sections would go first and they did, even without the huge crowds of last year; starting registration at an earlier time and thus staggering the crowd might have contributed to this as when I passed Stone Street after 4:00pm there were no lines at all!

As for online registration, it still has not started but Island People sent out this email notice to those patiently waiting:


We know you are waiting patiently to register online and we appreciate your patience. Although we have started registering people in Trinidad, THIS WILL NOT AFFECT THE ONLINE QUANTITIES. We have allotted for twice the amount of online masqueraders as last year.

To ensure the integrity of our online infrastructure we chose to test the online registration while in-house registration was in progress. There was a minor issue that is currently being resolved and the online registration system will be up as soon as possible.

We will notify you as to what time online registration will start. PLEASE DO NOT SEND PAYMENTS UNTIL YOU HAVE REGISTERED ONLINE.

We are sorry to inconvenience you but we wanted to keep you updated. We appreciate your understanding.


Island People's Registration has started!!

Ok, so I am just back from checking out the action at Stone Street, that's at Island People's mas camp if you did not know. Registration was slated to begin at 11:00 a.m. and being a Monday morning just before the lunch hour it was a prefect time as the crowds had yet to arrive when I left at 11:15am.

Upon arrival there was a young lady giving out numbers, the hubby and I were #22 and #23 and we gave the numbers to two potential masqueraders when we left. The last numbers were actually #26 and 27 so there were that many people at that time.

We had to take a seat under tents in the yard as the first set of masqueraders were already registering. I can foresee that by the time noon rolls around the space will be filled as many cars were pulling up as we were leaving.

Seems as that for the moment things are running smoothly down at Stone Street, though online registration has yet to begin I have been informed that it should start at 4:00 p.m. Keep checking the website for updates as well, a photo of Kingfisher full bra option will be posted.

Black Widow update..

So the number I posted for Sonia Mack is in working order and you can call her for more information at 868-680-2442. Registration for Black Widow will not begin today but tomorrow as there is a small issue with the costumes advertised as backline and frontline on Island People's website.

There will be two options offered for backline; one with sequins & spider legs and one like the caped version but minus the cape. In addition there will also be two frontlines, one with the cape and the one with the longer sequins and bigger headpiece.

Keep checking Sonia's website as well since it will offer much more details and all costume options.

Please note that previous masqueraders of Sonia will be giving preference, as always.
And Island People's website is updated with all contact information on Sonia Mack:

Sonia Mack


#1A Maingo Drive St Lucian Road Diego Martin


So lets talk prices....

There was lots of talk when TRIBE's prices were released and now we have Island People's prices which are generally in the same ballpark as TRIBE, with the exception of the individual costumes which I will get to later. I like the fact that the men playing with Island People this year are coming out on top, not only are the male costumes among the best I have seen for Carnival 2008 the prices are reasonable as well! The cheapest male being $2275.00 (Egret &Man O War) with the most expensive at 2595.00 (Silver Fox & Kingfisher) and I suspect the popularity of the latter sections might have added to the price as well.

For females the backline prices are not that far off from 2007, the average price being $2762.00 for 2008. Honestly I was not expecting Bear, Crocodile and Cheetah to be as expensive as they are seeing as none of those costumes uses any feathers and very little beads. Personally I see Egret as being a good alternative, the price is not bad at all considering you do get a feathered headpiece and the costume looks very nice in person (minus the jacket) and it comes with lots of accessories. As expected the popular sections of Silver Fox, King Fisher and Zebra are the most expensive and quite probably the first to sell out.

Frontline prices are in keeping with other bands, even Ronnie and Caro has frontlines pushing $4000.00, so I was not expecting cheaper frontlines. The larger headpiece option for Zebra and Lion put them in frontline category as well; the best frontline options are King Fisher and Silver Fox to me. I can see those with all the feathers used and especially the winged arms of King Fisher that there is some substance to the costume that can be used to justify the price if pushed for a rationale. Red Tiger, however, is baffling me at what makes a sequined swimsuit with the male headpiece frontline and to me it is the one costume that is outright not worth the price being called.

As for the individual costumes, most of which I thought were frontlines, some masqueraders will surely need a seeing eye dog and/or eye patch with those prices that are eye gouging!! I thought TRIBE was mad out of their minds to call $8400.00 for Goddess of the Chase Individual when it does not offer anything but a larger headpiece and a slightly upgraded backline costume. But Island People's Individual prices are even more insane! I am sorry but King Fisher Individual is basically the frontline costume with a winged backpack..... in fact the headpiece is smaller than the Frontline's.

Kingfisher Individual

Kingfisher Frontline

At $14, 495.00 Kingfisher Individual to me offers the same as Oasis (2007) frontline and that costume did not even cross $5000.00 at $4495.00 with a huge backpack and headpiece.

Oasis (2007) Frontline

Silver Fox with the corset is another Individual I think is Frontline with a jacked up price, really the Frontline Silver Fox and the Individual are the same with the exception of a corset and some boas... is the difference really worth $2900.00?

Silver Fox Backline and Individual

If I were even contemplating an Individual costume the better deal would be two costumes, one for Monday and another for Tuesday. Even playing in the most expensive Frontline and backline costume on both days I would come out cheaper than doing one individual!! I wonder what the perks are for being an Individual as well. Does one get special registration, custom made costume, a handler, make up artist on both days perhaps (all which are provided by TRIBE for their Individuals) ? It would be nice to know what perks are afforded someone who drops 15 thousand dollars for a costume.

Finally no prices on Sonia Mack's costume Black Widow Spider. Her personal, separate and apart from Island People website states that it is "coming soon" and I guess one would have to contact her personally for costume pricing seeing as registration begins today. Last known contact I have is 868-680-2442, as her store and subsequently Mas Camp, has moved from Delhi Street to parts unknown to me. If it will help this year her prices ranged from $2595.00 to $3895.00.

Good luck to all those registering today with Island People, here is hoping you get the section of your choice!

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