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Monday, December 31, 2007

Fast Track or Not?

To fast track or not to fast track, once again I am asking myself this question on the very last day to make the choice. After the experience I had collecting my costume this year I swore I was doing fast track for 2008, however I did not expect the fast track deadline to be so early and I am thinking the longer I hold on to my money the better it might be. Call me paranoid but I keep thinking “what if”, what if I get in accident before Carnival and I can’t play mas, how am I going to sell my costume at the last minute and recoup allll my money? When you have to fork over $2,500.00 and not get the product in hand until the next month that’s when the questions arise; is fast track really worth it, how much faster do you really collect your costume, with TRIBE being VERY organized there really isn’t that much of a wait unless you happen to be collecting on Carnival Saturday!

This year it was so easy to collect hubby’s costume, which we did during the week, however collecting my costume on Carnival Saturday was another story. I am hoping the fact that costume collection is slated to end on Carnival Friday , February 1st as per the emails from TRIBE that Carnival Saturday might be reserved for persons who could not collect on the days set aside for each section and that frontline masqueraders will be able to collect on a day during the week as well. Of course I am hoping this so that it will save me a trip to the mas camp today! The other thing is that I can stay at home and pay the balance via credit card BUT then there is that SENVIA credit card fee!

The incentive to pay off early, apart from the speedy collection, is the added prize of wining your costume free, however I highly doubt that I would win, I mean would it not look very suspect if I win a free costume? When I sold my costume this year and got into Sailor the Anti-Saucy Crew took the position that TRIBE did me a favor to shut me up (still laughing at this one) so you could imagine the uproar if Saucy wins her costume free!

Anyway I still have a few more hours to decide whether or not I am going to pay off my costume today, but how many of you have decided on the fast track route for 2008.. .or not to fast track?

After all this contemplation I bit the bullet and paid off for my costume!! Thanks for all the comments, you guys made me realise that it is easier to just have this over and done with. Now it's MY costume paid in full! lol

2007 Year End Review

As we come to the close of 2007 it is time to reflect on all the happenings in what as been an exciting Carnival year!

Masqueraders no longer had the Savannah Stage for 2007 and mas on the streets, though hailed as successful, still encountered the same problems of long waits for some bands. Work on the much anticipated Carnival Centre has yet to commence.

A number of new bands have entered the mas landscape giving masqueraders more choices among them Wee International, Ronnie and Caro, D Krewe and Evolution. Though quite exciting with their concept and costumes, Oracle bowed out of the race and Taboo never launched.

Even with these new bands TRIBE still accomplished a SOLD OUT band in one month, followed by Harts who was also completely sold out in December. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that these two bands held a historically early band launch in July!

The early Carnival Season spawned a new word for Christmas; “Chrisnival” bridged the gap between Christmas and Carnival to the vexation of Christmas loyalists.

Once again the Savannah issue has been the site of much controversy. The Culture Minister revealed plans to host pre carnival activities in the Savannah with a temporary stage and stands proposed to be built. Subsequent to this all plans were halted and construction taken down. The new site moved to the Western end of the Savannah with plans for both Panorama and the King and Queen Competitions to be held at Skinner’s Park in San Fernando. While Pan Trinbago is mum on the subject bandleaders are upset at the latest development. Coming together to protest the fact that only Brian Mc Farlane received an increase in prize money the newly formed Association of Band Leaders plan to protest the Ministry of Culture today.

Normally I would give the best/worst costumes of the year but will deviate to highlight the two most sought after costumes for both TRIBE and Island People as advertised on

Black Magic

Silver Mist

Silver Fox


Sold to the highest bidder!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Bandleaders to protest tomorrow

Wed The Trinidad Guardian has this report on the brewing controversy over prize monies awarded to Brian Mc Farlane; the following band leaders have now come together to fight the seeming injustice of awarding only Mc Farlane an increase in prize money:

Mike “Big Mike” Antoine of Legacy; Dean Akin of TRIBE; Earl Patterson of Masquerade; Ian McKenzie of Genesis; Paul Sing of DreamTeam; Roland St George of D Krewe; Stephen Derek of D’ Midas; NCBA secretary Renwrick Brown of Stampede; and Trevor Wallace of Trevor Wallace and Associate

The bandleaders have dubbed their united front "The Association of Bandleaders" and if this matter is not resolved have threatened to boycott all "NCC competition venues, especially Queen’s Park Savannah in Port-of-Spain and ultimately embarrass the State." So that means the possibility exists that Island People Mas, Harts, Pulse 8, Ronnie and Caro,Evolution and Mc Farlane could parade at these NCC venues regardless; guaranteed wins for the large bands Harts, Island People and Mc Farlane with medium bands Evolution, Pulse 8 and Legacy also having the 1st, 2nd and 3rd spots!

While I think it is awesome that the bandleaders have come together against the NCBA and NCC, it would be more effective if ALL bands gave their support to this Association but I guess the tribal wars would never lead to unity for some bandleaders, which is really a pity.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Adventures in Detox-ing

It is not with fondness that I remember when my grandmother would administer to me as a young child a wicked cocktail called "carrot water" as a "cooling" to "clean out" the body. This potent liquid was consumed daily for as long as a week, and was subsequently followed by the most dreadful thing ever; a purge!! That senna tea would be so lethal it cramped the stomach and meant you spent a lot of time in the toilet!! Oh and the joys of a spoonful of castor oil and epsom salts! This was all usually done during the August vacation before going back out to school.

Today the purge has been sophisticated and hailed as a not only a weight loss method by celebrities but also a way to help the body rid itself of accumulated waste. Of course no one calls it a purge in Hollywood, it is all about colon cleansers and colonics! My friend swears by the colonics she takes routinely as a tool aiding in weight loss; alas I have yet to brave that tube inserted in the rectum! And that "cooling" granny used to make is now labeled a "detox" as in using fresh fruits and vegetables to get rid of toxins in the body. Which leads me to the fact that I am now in my third day of "detoxing" and between me and you, my grandmother's carrot water was much easier!

I had taken the vow to "cleanse" my body of all the bad things consumed over the two days of Christmas celebrations and went shopping for all the ingredients for the detox while I was shopping for turkey and cookies! As soon as Boxing Day was over day 1 of the detox began with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in water as soon as I woke up the next day. What a way to wake up! When the vinegar hits your throat you feel like gagging and then the aftertaste lingers until you move on to having fruit for breakfast. Lunch that day was steamed broccoli and cauliflower served up with 1/2 cup of brown rice:

In between I had snacks of more fruit and sipped echinacea tea. For dinner I made a nice big pot of cabbage soup, in it went mushrooms, cabbage (of course), tomatoes, onions and the secret ingredient of vegetable juice. Everything was going well that day, down to the rice cakes which tasted like styrofoam that I munched on while looking at a movie. It all went downhill when I was possessed to take a drink of vodka and cranberry juice! No explanation as to why I did it, but the effects were brutal as I was a lush in no time.The hubby said after I passed out on the couch he tried to get me to bed and I woke up screaming,chasing him around the house fighting; I have no recollection of that event. Lessened learned, alcohol and detoxing DO NOT mix!

Yesterday I woke up feeling terrible, this was not your usual hangover as I felt sick all day, sick and tired. That is another side effect of the detoxing, you have no energy. Now I am napping during the day, something I never do. Day 2 was pretty hard simply because of the lingering effects of the alcohol and the fact that the hubby drank ALL my cabbage soup!!! That pissed me off to no end as another side effect of the detox is irritability.

This morning I woke up with a headache, but I am still plodding along with my glass of water flavored with apple cider vinegar, it was not so bad as instead of sipping it I chugged it back like shots of tequila! Breakfast is the best part of the day as I just had a nice big bunch of grapes, yummy!! And I get to have bananas in a couple hours as well. My goal is to do this detox for two weeks (if I can last that long!) and then switch back to my low carb regimen. As you can see from the meal plan it is basically eating a combination of fruits and vegetables with NO MEAT, and I am not advocating or recommending this for any one to try as it is not for everyone.

As I continue my detox program I will let you know the pros and cons as well as the side effects, but I can say from now it is not easy at all! I figure that in the end it will all be worth it as I hope to emerge feeling more energized, ridding myself of the nagging headaches and sluggish feeling that has been dogging me these past months and with the added bonus of possibly loosing a few pounds as well. Stay tuned for more adventures in detoxing!

Friday, December 28, 2007

You know Carnival is coming ...

When you see these booths around the Queen's Park Savannah:

The strange thing is that the booths line the outer perimeter of the Savannah, then navigate INSIDE as in the photograph and where the bands usually exit they return to outside the Savannah. This strange placement leads me to believe that MAYBE they expect the bands to pass THROUGH the Savannah (no stage) since there is construction across by the Princess Building grounds.

I cannot wait to see the plans for the actual parade route as the placement of the booths indicate that there is some expectation for persons to be trafficking inside the Savannah!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Amnesia 2008 Canceled!!

Well I really heard this rumour today from macco#2 who is just as good as me in getting the inside scoop, and it has been confirmed:

Dear Ipeeps,

Due to developments that will compromise our ability to provide you with the high level of service, it is with the deepest regret that we will for this year not be producing Amnesia 2008. We apologize for any inconvenience.

We look forward to serving you with excellence for the rest of the carnival season.
For our many loyal ipeeps who have already secured tickets please call 628-WISH

My source said that the all inclusive fete was canceled because of the Temperature concert featuring Sean Paul and Machel which takes place the SAME night at MOBS2. That concert is priced cheaper than Amnesia and many Amnesia faithfuls I know were complaining that the fete was just too expensive compared to the other options out there. So that makes it two big all-inclusive fetes that are no more for 2008; TRIBE's Bliss and Island People's Amnesia.

On the Hunt for Vale Tickets!

Yesterday the hubby and I had to make an obligatory visit to his family in the West, remembering that Boxing Day was the day that the much sought after Diamond Vale Breakfast Party tickets quietly began selling I decided to track them down. Now, I must say I have NEVER been to the Vale fete, though I have heard much about it. Everyone swears it is supposed to be THE best Breakfast party on Carnival Saturday/wee hours of Carnival Sunday yet I have chosen in the past to go to Insomnia and recently Dawn.

For 2008 I had decided to give this Breakfast Party a try and upon questioning friends who have been before to find out why tickets were SO hard to come by, what made this fete so special I was told it was all about the vibe and the people since there were no live bands. To tell you the truth, any fete where I have to track down tickets like a hunting dog on the trail of a rabid hare, leaves me with a somewhat acrid taste in my mouth. So it was more curiosity that led me to "the house" last evening.

With several calls to the person who knew a person to get directions we eventually found "the house", rang the bell.. waited and waited and waited some more before I got a bit tired of standing in the streets hoping for someone to come down and bestow tickets on me and left!! Another call from my friend as we made our way home and I was told that HER friend just left "the house" and was able to score tickets at $400.00!! Dammit!! Once again my lack of patience did me in. I should add that the friend also waited at the gate and was only attended to when OTHER people showed up, possibly persons who were expected, so she was lucky!

So, news reaching me today is that it was probably a good thing that I did not wait for those precious tickets since another "newbie" also made their way to "the house" yesterday for tickets and was given the "Spanish Inquisition!". The persons with the golden ticket wanted to know who newbie was, how did newbie hear about the party AND wrote her name with contact information down in a book! At that time tickets were reportedly close to sold out as well, so you would think that all the interrogation was not necessary. Listen, between you and me I am NOT jumping through hoops for any party, I am sorry. And, I have been told that every year that with this particular fete it is the same drama to get tickets.

I for one would not have succumbed to the interrogation especially since no one is doing me a favour by selling me tickets! Seriously, isn't the fact that I am willing to get out of my house on BOXING DAY no less and pay the ridiculous price of $400.00 enough, now you want to know who I am and how I heard about the party before you decide to sell me tickets? Sorry to say the Vale fete will not be seeing me next year and I already have an alternative fete in mind. That fete at least has live bands and is all-inclusive for roughly $50.00 more than the price of the Vale tickets and I do not have to buy a ticket more than a month in advance either!

Hopefully those of you who must go to this fete have gotten your tickets already as I am sure by now they are sold out! As for me, the little adventure was an experience and though I do not have tickets in hand, I learned a little bit more about the dynamics of this whole Carnival hype, what draws people to some fetes more than others and even discovered something about myself; I realised that I was and never will be a Carnival masochist!

Wild on BodyArt !!

Bodyart Caribbean is offering body painting services for Carnival to all masqueraders and those in Island People's Animal Instincts will be especially interested in these "wild" airbrushed designs:

The costing in TT dollars is broken down as follows for body painting:
Face/Arm/Leg/Chest/Back - $200 each
Full Body - $1000
Temporary tattoos average $35 to $100 depending on size.

Bodyart is currently taking bookings and can be contacted at:
Body Art Studio: 1.868.799.9032, 1.868.637.8287

In addition to "animal" body painting Bodyart also offers temporary tattoos and airbrushing services; for more photos visit the album on Facebook.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Sign Up With Pulse 8 for a free bag ...

I think last year's offer of free Scotch was much more tempting than a "free" goody bag:

Playing with Pulse8 for Trinidad Carnival 2008? Register in any of these 4 Pulse8 Sections* for the extra Diplomat carnival package!

Sign-Up in a "Diplomat" Section* and receive a FREE bag (along with your Pulse8 bag) full of useful Carnival goodies; Jergens® Cream, BiorĂ©® Facial Wash, John Frieda® Shampoo & Conditioner, Ban deodorant, Perfit Sanitary Napkins & more!

Info: Call 681-9337, 481-4932, 767-5919 or see website for details:

Just tell your Pulse8 rep you're signing up through "Diplomat Entertainment" and you're done; remember this bag is totally COMPLIMENTARY!

This offer is valid until January 4th, 2008. Act now to secure your FREE bag!

Please show the attached Diplomat Entertainment Promo-card upon registering to ensure receipt of your extra Diplomat Carnival Package!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

Hope you all have a very enjoyable holiday and remember that the average person consumes 6,000-plus calories and 360g fat on Christmas Day; it would take roughly 780 minutes of running to burn off those calories So, knowing that Carnival is RIGHT around the corner here are some tips I compiled from various websites to keep the calories in check while we celebrate:

  • Have an alcoholic drink but try to drink plenty of water, too. It will help you stay sober longer and will greatly reduce the likelihood of a hangover!Two glasses of Baileys equals to around 250 calories), if you want to indulge, stick to low-calorie drinks like wine (87 calories per glass) or Champagne (89 calories per glass). Creamy, sweet liqueurs are packed with calories and fat.
  • Ignore the high-fat nibbles at parties. We can easily consume 500 calories without feeling we have eaten anything – so they are just not worth it.
  • Just say no sometimes when the chocolates and sweets are being handed around. Remember, it takes 20 seconds to eat a single chocolate but 20 minutes of exercise to burn it off!
  • Try sending your guests away with a doggy bag if you have too much food left after your party. You really don’t want it hanging around in your fridge!
  • Forgo the skin and chose white over dark meat.
  • Compensate for those extra calories. Go ahead and indulge an enormous meal in the afternoon but balance that with a light evening meal and a light lunch the next day.

• 1 large beer
• 2 large glasses white wine
• 1 large Baileys
Total: 592 kcal and 7.6g fat

• 1 gin and slimline tonic
• 1 glass Champagne
• 1 dry white wine spritzer
• 1 brandy
Total: 284 kcal 0g fat

Monday, December 24, 2007

Carnival Event Schedule

The following is the N.C.C.'s official list of Carnival Events:

click for larger view

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Rio Carnival Costumes and the Greatest Show on Earth

The fact that spectators are now allowed to purchase a costume and participate in Rio’s Carnival illustrates that as times advance traditions do change. In this aspect Rio’s Carnival has taken a step in a direction comparable to Trinidad’s Carnival yet the two Carnivals remain distinctly different.

As I had reported before I am on the mailing list for Rio Carnival and frequently get updates, yesterday I got an email saying that costumes were ready for slection:

Dear Saucy Diva,

Thank you for already using Rio Carnival Services.

Per your request, we are pleased to let you know that all costumes for the 2008 Rio Samba Parade are already available.

Come and visit our dedicated page which explains how to buy your costume in order to be able to participate

We suggest buying your costume in the first two weeks of January when usually all costumes are still available. However you will find costumes, sometimes with huge discounts, even a few days before the Parade for the less sought-after schools.


Rio Carnival Services

After perusing the many, many websites of Samba Schools which are offering “foreigners” a chance to experience Rio Carnival at a fee, I have come to the realization that the scantily clad samba girls on the float are only ONE genre of costuming in Rio’s Carnival. Sector members are the ones who actually comprise the entire band and each wing has a different costume. These costumes are akin to Mc Farlane, Minshall and even the ostentatious costumes of Trini Revellers to me. However the detail and decoration is theatrical, you can look at these costumes and gather a sense of the theme immediately, the fact that the costumes are only worn for ONE day at the maximum of a few hours affords the designers the flexibility to create costumes that are larger than life. Whereas our costumes in Trinidad for the most part emulate the skimpy samba girls and anything that is too elaborate is seen as cumbersome since we parade our costumes differently; it is two days of street partying for Trinis whereas in Rio it is a much more structured event focusing less on having a good time and more on strict competition:

General rules for participation

You have to have with you and wear all pieces of your costume. Nothing else can be seen with or on you (like other pieces of clothing, bags, cameras etc.) Do not change or substitute any parts of your costume. Most people already arrive in their costumes at their meeting point as there are no changing cabins. If you prefer changing there, just wear some bikinis or shorts and do as some of the locals do and feel free to change in the street.

Be also careful with all your costume items. Do not wear them anywhere before the Parade.

Be careful with the amount of alcohol or any drugs you might take before the parade. If any director of the School or your president notices that you are intoxicated you will not be allowed to parade because you could jeopardize your school's whole year's work.

Video and picture cameras are absolutely forbidden during the Parade, and rightly so, because they could spoil the procession and the glamour of the costume. But nothing and no-one will stop you from taking photographs during the preparation times, still outside the gates, as long as you find somewhere to put your camera before entering the gates (someone with you could keep them for you).

Do co-operate with and follow the instruction given by your president. He/she might prohibit you from parading if he/she finds anything wrong (e.g. with your costume).

During the parade, pay attention to your wing's flow of and cooperate with the stewards. Avoid gathering on only one side or leaving gaps, which can occur if people keep to only one side of the run-way, leaving the other side empty. The wing must parade and proceed in a symmetrical and evenly spread fashion, keeping the lines you formed during the warm-up.

I think the fact that the Samba Schools are allowed to parade in such an organized way through the Sambadrome creates a vivid impact which is relayed around the world. This is what the Savannah Stage was to Trinidad I suppose, an arena to showcase to the public the entire cohesion of your Carnival Band. With mas on the streets this is entirely lost I am afraid and until the coming of the much anticipated Carnival Centre, which mimics Rio’s Sambadrome in design our costumes will continue to be portrayed as a blur of bikinis.

Reading the description of what to expect at Rio’s Carnival I must say that it does not sound like too much fun, exciting yes, since you are in competition and get a chance to observe the entire spectacle from up close but nothing that is as liberating at our “greatest show on Earth!”. There are many rules to adhere to including no alcohol and to me the structure of the Carnival is a bit too rigid being used to “freedom” on the streets of Port of Spain and that is one element in which the two Carnivals vary greatly.

While I do harbour the dream of visiting Rio’s Carnival sometime in the future I am quite happy to enjoy Trinidad’s Carnival; it is all about the excitement leading up to the day for me and the fact that for two days I can let loose from all societal rules and truly let loose in total abandon. From choosing a costume to deciding how I am going to alter it to make it more “me”, the free expression that is uniquely Trinidad’s Carnival translates right through! We can all wear the same costume yet retain an individuality with make up, accessories or even how we choose to dance across the stage. The ONLY rule we need to adhere to is to jump, wave and breakway and that to me is what makes Trinidad's Carnival THE greatest show on Earth.

The following are only a small sample of costumes available for purchase from each of the Samba Schools, to get more information visit the links provided:

G.R.E.S. Mocidade Independente

Unidos do Viradouro

Beija Flor

G.R.E.S. Unidos do Porto da Puerta

G.R.E.S. Sao Clemente

Unidos de Villa Isabel



Unidos da Tijuca

G.R.E.S. Unidos Do Porto Da Pedra

And finally to read more about Rio's Carnival and what takes place visit this website; it is an interesting read if only to compare it to Trinidad's Carnival.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

TRIBE Holiday Opening Hours

The following is the most recent email from TRIBE re: opening hours during the holidays.Note the deadline for costume transfers for all those buying costumes from other persons and the fact that the mas camp will be CLOSED from January 2nd! They are not playing with this early Carnival as costume distribution STARTS on January 23rd and ends on February 1st which is a Friday.. I wonder what is happening on Carnival Saturday?
TRIBE Holiday Opening Hours:

Christmas Eve - Dec 24th – 10:00 am to 1:00 pm
Christmas Day – Dec 25th - CLOSED
Boxing Day- Dec 26th – CLOSED

Thursday 27th Dec & Friday 28th Dec – 12:00pm – 6:00pm

Saturday 29th Dec – 12:00pm – 4:00pm

Old Year's Day - Dec 31st - 10am to 2pm

Last day to make payments at the Mas camp & Senvia (Online)!

Last day to make any costume transfers!

New Year's Day – Jan 1st – CLOSED

Jan 2nd – Jan 22nd – Costume Payments Suspended

Costume Distribution & Final Payments – Wednesday 23rd Jan – Friday 1st Feb at Cascadia Hotel

Costume Collection Schedule will be released from Jan 14th via the website, email and newspapers!

Final Payments at Cascadia via cash & linx only

Seasons Greetings from all of us at TRIBE!

Revived and Rewind!

What do you call it when you rewind and remix from you OWN band?

Harts 2000:

Harts 2008:

Ever since I saw the section Showgirls and that "nude" decorated bra it has been nagging at me as I knew Harts had done the exact same costume before. At that time it was a special section and I was wowed that it was not offered to the regular masqueraders. Fast forward 7/8 years and it the design has been revived! At least they did it 8 years apart unlike TRIBE's Anemone 2006 remixed as Jab Jab in 2007

Friday, December 21, 2007

Island People Mas Fas Track Update

This email explains the online payment details for those who had questions:


If you would like to be eligible for our Fas-Trak system you may do so by paying off your balance by the 31st of December. Fas-Trak has a separate line at distribution, which allows for a faster process when collecting your costume.

For all online registrants interested in paying off costume balances:

Please note that due to the close proximity of Carnival, we can no longer use PayPal to process payments.

Instead, please Western Union your payment to Tiffany Hutcheon.

After sending payment, please send an email to with your transaction number, full name, address and registration details. Please head your email as 'Western Union Balance-YOUR NAME' in the subject line.

We thank you for your continued support and can't wait to see you on the road!!

IP Mas
'the fun has just begun'

As seen at Payless West Mall

While attempting to do some Christmas shopping for myself yesterday I ran into Carnival Jumbie at West Mall who pointed me to the direction of boots at the local Payless Shoe Store which she had discussed before in a comment on Afro Chic's Ate Logo boots find. Oh, a note on the Ate Logo Boots is that the metallic ones are very nice, I am thinking they can be worn as is , no further decoration needed and they are very light.

The boots at Payless West Mall are $240.00 and come in these two styles:

Sizes are somewhat limited at this branch since I saw nothing larger than a 8 and 1/2. These boots are certainly cheaper than the ones at Ate Logo and Piccadilly (check Afro Chic's blog to see photos of those), but will require spray painting to get the desired metallic effect. I tried one style at is it quite comfortable, I like that the inside is lined with a soft material that cushions the leg. As you can see many stores in Trinidad are getting on the boots bandwagon for Carnival!

I also heard from Tiffany (another blogger I ran into) that there are boots at a store upstairs West Mall but unfortunately did not have time to check them out; maybe sometime over the weekend I will brave the masses of shoppers to journey once again to the mall. And there you have it, another boots report for all those still looking for footwear!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Carnival 2008 launches and leaves questions unanswered

All the Minister of Culture, Marlene Mc Donald could say during the launch of Carnival 2008 yesterday was that mas on the move was a success for 2007, therefore it will continue for 2008. There was even an official Carnival song launched "the road so nice we doing it twice" which totally PISSED me off! There they go again with the MYOPIC view that we masqueraders so enjoyed mas on the move that a stage was not necessary; I will however save what I have to say for the subsequent email which I will be sending out along with the petition.

When pressed for answers as to why the initial construction of a stage and spectator stands was demolished and moved to the Eastern end of the Savannah none of the representatives of State or N.C.C. could give an answer; the Trinidad Express gives full details on this soap opera saga of Carnival 2008:

C2K8 launch raises questions
by Wayne Bowman

Thursday, December 20th 2007

National Carnival Commission chairman Keston Nancoo made a dash for the exit in an attempt to evade questions from the media, as did Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs Minister, Marlene McDonald, following yesterday's launch of Carnival 2008 at the Hilton Trinidad in St Ann's.

The question-and-answer segment, which followed a long-winded NCC public relations exercise masked as a media conference, was over after only two questions from reporters.

And still, only one question received a credible answer from Acting Deputy Police Commissioner Gilbert Reyes, who responded on what assurances he could give that there would be no police brutality upon members of the public during Carnival, as well as what measures would be put in place to ensure that plainclothes officers properly identify themselves before taking action.

Reyes said his officers would be out in full force from February 1 to ensure citizens' safety for the Carnival period.

Nancoo failed to provide satisfactory answers to questions on the challenges of switching from the original plans for C2K8 to the new one that was presented, as well as why the Panorama final was being held at Skinner Park, San Fernando, although the majority of panmen, including some from the South/ Central region, are in opposition to returning to that venue on Carnival Saturday.

Nancoo responded by saying that people need to exercise maturity in such situations, adding that it was Pan Trinbago that chose to return to Skinner Park and that the NCC was only facilitating the organisation's request. Asked how come neither Pan Trinbago president Patrick Arnold nor any other representatives of the pan body were present for the launch, Nancoo called for the launch to be ended and headed straight for the exit, alongside McDonald.

Arnold was, in fact, on the ferry heading for Tobago at the time of the launch, and no other member of the Pan Trinbago executive had been scheduled to attend. Trinbago Unified Calypsonians Organisation president Michael "Protector" Leggerton was also notably absent.

Although the National Carnival Development Foundation has the majority of large bands in its membership, it was also represented at the launch, during which time the route for the Parade of the bands was revealed.

In her address, McDonald reminded the nation that in spite of their close proximity this time around, Christmas comes before Carnival and she admonished that the two festivals must be kept apart and people, "remain loyal to the traditional Christmas practices that can't be dislodged".

She called on the nation to enjoy the parang and religious celebrations of Christmas before getting started with Carnival.

In the same turn, McDonald said that because of the closeness of the two seasons, as well as the fact that everyone's focus a few weeks ago was the general election, time is of the essence and the Culture Ministry must play catch-up to have everything ready in time for C2K8.

"We will fearlessly confront the challenges and make use of the opportunities created in Carnival 2007," McDonald said, adding that the Ministry and NCC will build and improve on the present foundation as the nation moves towards realising Vision 2020.

SOURCE: Trinidad Express

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Happy Holidays from Island People

To all who did not get this recent email from Island People Mas:


We'd like to take this opportunity to extend warmest Christmas greetings from the IP Mas family to you and yours. We wish you all a wonderful and safe holiday season and a bright and fun-filled New Year.

Please note that due to the short Carnival 2008 season, we are no longer accepting PayPal payments for Animal Instincts. Please inquire for instructions on how to send overseas payments.

As well, please note our altered holiday opening hours below:

Mon to Fri - noon to 6pm
Sat - noon to 4pm
Christmas Eve (24 Dec) - 10am to 2pm
Christmas Day (25 Dec) - CLOSED
Boxing Day (26 Dec) - CLOSED
Old Year's Day (31 Dec) - 10am to 2pm
New Year's Day (1 Jan) - CLOSED

Don't forget that December 31st is the deadline for all Fastrack payments.

The 2008 carnival frenzy has begun and we can't wait to unleash our Animal Instincts with you!!

Thank you,

IP Mas

The Fun Has Just Begun

BLINK Carnival Crew.. posers wanted

Well look how Blink (TSTT's broadband service) is looking for people to be part of their crew to represent at Carnival fetes in "sizzlin hot style":

We want you to go to the HOTTEST FETES and represent BLINK in style!
Join the sizzlin' BLINK promoter crew for Carnival 2K8.
If you are stylish, outgoing, love to fete, come down to TSTT Carpark, corner New and St. Vincent Streets,Port-of-Spain on Saturday 22nd December 2007 at 9:00am.

What do you need to bring?
Walk with 2 photos [head shot and full body]

Call Sharon for more info at 688-3778
Join the BLINK Revolution....Just BLINK, it's CARNIVAL!!!

I have to confess that when I was younger I did a party promotion for a certain brand of Vodka during Carnival with my friend and though it seems kind of lame and corny at first, when you were done with your "job" (pouring shots into guy's mouths) you were free to party! Best thing of all was that we also got paid so that was even better. What can be better than being paid to party ?

Anyways I have no idea if this BLINK promotion involves payment but at the very least it's an easy way to get into fetes for free if you are "hot and sizzlin"!

3 Canal is looking for talent

If you attended the 3 Canal Carnival Show this year you know it was a phenomenal performance. Well, auditions are now on for singers and dancers for next year's show, if you've got the talent this one is for you:

Are you ready to SHINE?
3canal is looking for "triple threats" [singer/dancer/actors] for The 3canal Show 2008.

The Hunt is still on for talent for The 3canal Show!
We resume auditions on SUNDAY 23 DEC at The Little Carib Theatre from 2:00PM

Potential performers will be required to come with a prepared song, dance or dramatic piece no longer than 1 minute.

Please come suitably attired i.e clothes that you can be flexible in, Track Suits, Tights, Leotards, etc. Jeans are NOT recommended
If you are interested come dong! to
Venue:The Little Carib Theatre
Cor White & Roberts Sts.
Date: Sun 16th Dec
Time: 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

more info call 623-7411 or email

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Boots Alert!!

Ever the industrious boots hunter, Afro Chic has found some gold and bronze boots on sale locally at Ate Logo; check out her blog for photos, price and commentary! This is an excellent find for those of you in Trinidad, so get to Ate Logo and try on a pair if you are still looking for footwear.

Bling Fanny Packs

I am not a fan of fanny packs for Carnival, but I still see lots of people wearing them, I guess you can always sling it over the shoulder if it is that indispensable and wear it like a baguette! Thanks to "triniwifey" who is playing in Island People's Egret (frontline) for finding this Patricia Field sequined fanny pack:

The fanny pack comes in several colours and patterns as shown below and cost $24.00:

You can check them out at Patricia Field Online!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Spray Painting Suede

I had a question asked concerning spray painting suede boots, as popular opinion is that suede boots cannot be spray painted. My boots are "faux suede", or should I say more like faux nubuck and I have every intention of spray painting them gold. Blogger cb also bought faux suede boots and had great success spray painting them using FABRIC spray paint; here is the website of the actual brand that she bought and her photos:

click on photo for large view

The type of spray paint that cb used is called "Stencil Spray Paint For Fabric" the colour she applied is copper and it took two cans to spray paint both boots to the finish you see above. The boots look great , shimmery without any type of cracking or peeling. In fact I am so impressed with the patina I am getting the exact same paint for my boots in gold. It costs $6.50US which is around the same price one can of the regular vinyl spray paint.

So, now you know that you CAN spray paint suede, just look for the right type of spray paint for your project.

Silver Mist Boots

Everyone is getting into the boots business for Carnival 2008.Customised Silver Mist Boots are now available, here is the email that I got:

click on photo for large view

"Silver Mist Boots"
for Sale!

Custom Designed Especially for YOU!!!!

We found a fabulous pair of Sexy faux suede slouch boots, in Grey!!!
They match the costume PERFECTLY!

AND!!!!...they're super comfortable!...with a 1" wedge rubbe r heel : )

We are trying to decide whether or not to bring them in...
Depending on how many of you want them ....and how soon you reply to this email,
will make all the difference.

We did up a sample for you to see....
We trimmed the boot out in matching Grey fur around the top with assorted silver gems delicately scattered to enhance the boots front. Rhinestone fringe hangs freely
beneath that, giving your boots sass and movement.

Silver gems are also placed all over body of boot for that extra shimmer-shimmer!

The best we can do on price is.... $560TT 0r $86 USD

If you are interested in getting a pair?

Your Order MUST be in by this THURSDAY in the morning please!!!
Thursday 20th December, 2007 by 12noon

To place your order:

* Please see attached (A) Pic of boot & (B) Ord er form.

* Please download and fill out form, re-attach completed form and email back
to me.

* Your confirmation will follow as soon as we have sufficient size requests to
make the actual buy.

* 50% deposit due on or by Friday January 11th...
Balance can be paid when picking up boots.

* Pick-up dates: The entire week, st arting
Friday 25th Jan -Sun 3rd Feb...Carnival Sunday 12 noon

Contact JanineRenee -
Contact numbers: 212.926.2217 now
& 868.796.4475 from Dec 29th onwards....

To view actual sample: Contact Leasel Rovedas your Section Leader

Thank you...
And looking forward to seeing you on de road!!!!

Happy Holidays!
Happy New Year!!!
Here's to an Amazing Carnival 2k8!!!!!


And here is the order form that you can copy and email to Janine Renee:






Sunday Lime

Sweet Eye's Christmas show yesterday was unbelievably almost sold out by the time I got there, which was around 35 minutes after the official start. I still managed to score a necklace and a pair of ear rings that will match my costume! yay for me, sorry to all the people who turned up later and left empty handed:

It was amazing to me that the jewelry was gone SO quickly, and there were some gorgeous pieces that I missed out on, like the matching bracelet to my necklace. Hopefully after Carnival we will again be treated to another show.

After that little soiree at Sweet Eye it was off to Triniscene's Christmas Lime in Valsayn which was a "thank you" to their friends, supporters and well wishers. Twas a nice get together; I had fun, enjoyed some pastelles, ruined my diet and even bounced up a blogger!

The lime was not only in Trinidad over the weekend as the bloggers overseas met up for a baby shower AND a birthday brunch. I saw the photos, you ladies looked like you had a great time!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Myths and Magic Kings and Queens

Forgive me if I am late with this one, yesterday was a hectic day for me so now catching up on the new developments over at TRIBE. If you don't know what I am speaking about, take a look at the sketches that have been revealed on TRIBE's website for the "King" and "Queen" of 5 sections:

Isis Queen

Pixie Dust Queen

Silver Mist Queen

Sungod(dess) King

Water Nymph King

The King costumes I like, especially Water Nymph but the only Queen costume I am liking at the moment is Pixie Dust which looks as if a scaled down version could have been a frontline option! Isis does not match up with the Goddess theme to me, where does the top hat and hoop skirt come in though I love the idea of the corset? Silver Mist looks quite avant garde, and one I will have to see how the drawing translates to the real life.

The good news is that these costumes are available for anyone desirous of portraying a King or Queen and the designs can be tailored to the individual, so bits and pieces can be added or removed within the context of the design, all at a cost of course; price range for the King and Queens are not cheap! So, if you are interested contact TRIBE's mas camp for more details.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

A.W.O.L. 2008

With the trend of all-inclusive fete prices starting at $400.00+ for Carnival 2008, the cost of rigorous partying will surely buss some people's pockets as one weekend of fetes will drain you at least $1000.00! Thinking about it, if one was to hit up all-inclusive fetes every weekend for January they will spend MORE than the average cost of a costume!

Amnesia is $575.00 by the way and tickets go on sale from Monday the 17th of December at the IF house (628-wish/9474); I am sure by the time the actual party date rolls around on January 5th the price would go up, crossing the $600.00 mark.. that is $100.00US to you people overseas.

Anyway, I was pretty surprised to see that A.W.O.L. is "only" $350.00, though this may not be as popular a party as others during the Carnival week I heard it was very good this year and might be an option for those looking for an enjoyable fete that will not leave you broken!

And on the topic of parties rumour has it that Diamond Vale Breakfast party tickets are SOLD OUT!! Sources say this rumour is spread every year among foreigners, but those in "the know" will be where they are supposed to be on Boxing Day. Good luck in securing your tickets!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Free Costumes to be Won !!!

TRIBERs take note if you have not yet gotten the email:

The Carnival Party Pass

So, I have been informed that there is a TRIBE Carnival Party Pass soon to be released to folks who want to attend all Tribe / Red Ants events for one price with a small savings thrown in as added incentive.

The Carnival Pass costs $1100.00TT and the fetes it is valid for are:

*WITCO ONE Fete January 13th

*Blue Range All inclusive Fete January 19th

*TRIBE Carnival Thursday Fete January 31st

*Blue Range Cooler Fete February 1st

Works out to a minimum $100.00TT savings, but considering that ONE Fete is now $450.00TT if you plan on going to ALL those fetes, the party pass might be worth it.

The idea is a good one, even though I am only interested in ONE fete on the lineup, and in that case I suspect people can buy a pass and pass it along among friends to go to specific fetes. The savings however could have been greater than $100.00, especially if this pass is being offered to TLC Cardholders, but, a savings nevertheless as you know that ticket prices start out at a specific price and when the demand goes up the prices goes up as well.

Thing is the Party Pass has to be bought BEFORE Christmas, so contact TRIBE mas camp for more details as I got the scoop before they started marketing and promotion. Hey, maybe I should add this to my Chrisnival wish list!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Oracle is no more....

On the heels of a much anticptaed mas camp opening tomorrow, I got this email which has left me both saddned and shocked as I had alot of hope that for 2008 we would see The Oracle make an impact for Carnival:

Hello Everyone, well it is with a heavy heart but still steely eyed determination I write to tell you the 'The Oracle' is officially off for this carnival.

I want to thank each and everyone of you for the support you have given to this venture and also offer you an explanation that I believe you more than deserve. Before I go on let me inform you that this 'failure' for me is a wonderful thing, it strengthens and tests you to see just what you are really made of,I could go into a corner and weep, but instead I am even more determined now, I have a story to tell and no matter what obstacle is placed before me (feel free to test that theory out), The Oracle will take her place firmly in Trinidad Carnival!! maybe not this year, but she is coming and when next you see her, you will understand her evolution.

Now to the reasonings:-

I can assure you that we fought this down to the very last minute, but there have been certain circumstances surrounding the band that made it impossible for us to 'successfully' mount the sort of presentation that we believe to be fitting to our story. The major reasoning for the postponing of the band is a very untimely delivery of necessary funds for us to be able to guarantee the time we offered. I am a firm believer in doing something as best you can or not doing it at all, and with the short season, elections, prototype issues and others that we were faced with this year it has come down to this, I could do a band, but I would not be able to guarantee my product, and I would not be able to efficiently deliver the beauty and wonderment that I envision in the given time and since my main intent with this band is not for monetary gain, I have decided to cut my losses and allow her another year of growth. So if I cannot be sure of it, I am not going to take the public's monies or trust.

The naysayers

There have been several things said about us and several harsh remarks made by surprising peoples and to this my response is simply, we are killing our own, we are our own biggest enemy and as time passes it gets worse and worse, we really, really need to recognise ourselves and find that highest vision of ourselves, we need to stop the 'fight down' the 'naysaying' and the 'backstabbing' there is enough for all of us, and we cannot stop time from unfurling before us, the most we can do is work with her,we will age, none of us can be the princess forever, unless we find the true secret to eternity, let it pass through you, do not let it stop at you. Art in Trinidad is already so very difficult, so instead of fighting down each other we need to learn to appreciate each other, a lot of us preach it, but we must practice it as well.I wish all the naysayers the peace of the promise and hope for you to become the best most highest vision of your own selves, I know I am extremely excited at the opportunity to spend the entire year creating instead of jamming it all into an impossible six week period.and thank you for making yourselves available for me to test my determination out on.


South Connections of London has invited myself and team to design and produce their upcoming presentations in Nottinghill London (once again what is ours is quickly swept up by another man's land) so the mas will continue to grow through the year, but 'The Oracle' is a trinidadian band and she will be known as such, in London it will be myself doing some designs, but 'The Oracle' don't want to come out anywhere else, so she will rest a bit!

All in All

All in all, I can say I do not regret this decision, things happen for a reason, and if you believe in sending out to the universe what you expect to get back, you are already half way there.

Thank you's

In this process certain souls found themselves aligned with us and volunteered to stay in that position to these people I say, from the bottom of my heart, thank you

Thank You

Trini Orisha gyal,
your heartfelt wisdom and guidance and Orisha blessings have reached us giving us the directions of a higher hand.

Lesley Ann-Bernard,
for believing in us and this and adding your expertise and guidance and pulling the strings I was too afraid to pull myself

Afro Chic,
If it were for your faith alone we would have delivered a thousand magnificent bands, and I do not for a moment forget the promise I made to your son, he is free to call me on it and if he doesn't i will call him on it.

Mystie Thongs
Mystie, Mystie, Mystie,girl go strong girl go strong, big things ah soon come from this daughter of the soil (A A but like I have a little rapso in me)

Rommel Lai Khan,
this place have to watch out for you yes, your ambition is scary!

Matthew Jon Ward,
From day one to day now, you waved the flag hard hard, thanks Matthew!
for telling the world our story with an impartial voice

This list could go on and on and as I am sure you guys must be tired of reading I will end it here for now, to every single one of you,thank you, thank you and to your own self be true!

(you would swear I won some sort of award, you know what though? I did, I realised some self, I can do this band and realise this dream, not this year, but I can and will, don't worry you won't miss it)

gnothi seauton,

Aaron Schneider, The Saldenah Legacy and the team of 'The Oracle'

Who Can She Be?

Popular local radio station Red 96.7FM was all abuzz this afternoon with allegations of a “sticky finger female mas camp employee” who was caught stealing material from a Carnival Band where she was employed and promptly fired!!! Said female is allegedly the significant other of a popular soca artiste AND it is rumored after being dismissed she is now working with another band!

Now WHY did she steal material? Did she have hopes of making costumes on the side or , maybe she was really selling secrets to the rival band that took her in. To add fuel to the fire, it is said that Ms. Glue Gun fingers is going around “bad talking” the mas camp from which she was fired, when she really needs to "cool it". Once again, don’t shoot the messenger; I am just giving it to you all as I got it!


Well, well, well.. after all the speculation that the band in question is VERY POPULAR, I have to say upon getting new information that it is quite the opposite!! No, it is none of the bands that I thought it was before HOWEVER what this young lady had to gain in stealing from the band I now KNOW it is, baffles me!!! Maybe it's a case of the "fox and the grapes" ... and that is all I have to say about this bacchanal!

Temperature The Concert

The short Carnival season means a PACKED fete calendar and on the same day as Amnesia and QRC’s Outta De Blue fete we also have a concert featuring Sean Paul and Machel Montano!!

"TEMPERATURE" Saturday 5th January 2008 @ MOBS 2

Purchase your general addimission ticket at any Francis Fashion / Shoe Locker Store and Get $20.00 Off your ticket for the First 3 days of Ticket Sales!
Purchase VIP Tickets from any Committee Member and Get a Discount on your VIP ticket.

General Adimission Tickets - $150.00
VIP Tickets - $400.00 ($350 if you purchase from a Committee Member)

All Francis Fashions & Shoe Locker Stores Nationwide, Crosby's North & South,
Cleve's Fredrick Street, Kam's Long Circular Mall, Bobby's Bar Curepe,
Southern Styles San Fernando - 653-2707
VIP Tickets Committee:
Jordanna 682-9071 | Michael Sealy 683-6938 | Andros Belfonte 688-8888/6-TICKET | Roxanne 762-9973 | Jerome Lewis 688-8897 | Jules Sobion 755-6592 | Adiesha 746-5546 | Karen 743-9243 | Mark Mollineaux 758-8119 | Kevin Cudjoe 683-5778 | Marc Sitaram 684-3098 | Anya Doyle 781-2883 | Danielle Beaucoud 682-9766 | Gisel Laughlin 762-1377 | Sharmila 713-6466 | Imzaan Edoo 683-5448 | Marty 468-8089 | Dean Ghouralal 461-4927 | Ashley Whittet 773-9300 | Michelle Antoine 364-6969 | Kaleem Amin 689-8329 | Mathew Burke 310-3527 | Kelly De Gannes 778-1879 | Kelly Lawrence 735-7290 | Anson Khan 678-4041 | Kavita Ragbir 310-2925 | Nasser Khan 744-5157 | Shane Baird 785-2241 | Vashti Bajnath 684-4969 | Brendon Fernandes 757-5700 | Khalid Ghany 688-9977
Info Lines: 622-3147 or 622-3115

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Savannah Saga Continues

Amid the call to sign the petition for Masqueraders to Cross the Savannah stage that is supposed to be constructed in the Savannah for "pre Carnival" activities, and a subsequent press release which I sent out to the media houses yesterday comes reports that work in the Savannah has been ordered stopped, as reported by the Trinidad Express:

Official: Stop Carnival work at Savannah
Chaos over plans...

Wayne Bowman and Kristy Ramnarine

Wednesday, December 12th 2007

WORKMEN erecting temporary structures in preparation for Carnival 2008 at the south-eastern end Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain, were given orders to cease construction yesterday following a directive from a top government official, the Express learned.

The work stoppage and the cancellation of the official launch of Carnival 2008 has added to the confusion surrounding plans for next year's event.

Culture Minister Marlene McDonald said late yesterday: "Keston Nancoo, the Chairman of the NCC, is the person responsible for Carnival and he will put out a statement tomorrow. I have nothing more to say, there is nothing to add and I want to disassociate myself from whatever was mentioned to my secretary when you called this morning."

The Minister was referring to reports that the stop work order came from Prime Minister Patrick Manning.

McDonald was scheduled to deliver the feature address at the launch which was carded to take place at a breakfast meeting at Hilton Trinidad, Port of Spain.

A source from the Culture Ministry told the Express yesterday that Manning had instructed McDonld, that under no circumstances any Carnival activities should be held at the Savannah.

It was only last Sunday, Nancoo took McDonald, Minister of State in the Ministry, Donna Cox and Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry Junia Regrello on a tour of the area at the Savannah.

Nancoo then announced that the Parade of the Bands will remain on the road for Carnival 2008. He added that all major pre-Carnival shows normally staged in Port of Spain (including the King and Queen of Carnival competition and Panorama semi-finals) will, however, be presented at the facility currently being constructed on the south-eastern end of Savannah. Nancoo also said then that the facility was expected to be completed on January 10.

Panorama semi-finals are scheduled for January 20. Attempts to contact Nancoo throughout the day at his office and on his mobile phone proved futile.

In addition the official launch of Carnival has been canceled and the new Culture Minister is mum on the subject. Seems like someone has gotten wind of the conflict between building a structure in the Savannah while mas remains on the streets! At least I am hoping that an official of the NCC, NCBA, NCDF and Ministry of Culture knows that we masqueraders are quite displeased over the whole situation; but if the result is to stop work altogether on the Savannah venue that is just a low blow.

Maybe someone does not want to rile or embarrass ex Culture Minister Joan Yuille Williams who stated firmly that Carnival will NOT return to the Savannah until the new Carnival Centre is built, yet here is her replacement seemingly making the "impossible" possible. What this bodes for us masqueraders only time will tell, though knowing the stance from this year I am sure the NCBA will grind their heels in and rave at how well mas on the move was, a smoke screen for those "bandleaders" sticking their heads in the sand.

Do not forget to SIGN THE PETITION, please do not use any aliases or nicknames, initials will do if you do not want to use your real name. Regardless of what happens all your signatures and comments will be forwarded to these "decision makers", since everyone is deciding on what is best for US without asking us what is best for us. We the masqueraders are the ones who put on the world's greatest show and for once we will let our voices be heard!

Peter Samuel and friends join Masquerade

Finally, word on Masquerade since the website is still not up and I did not get a chance to visit the mas camp, which will be rectified soon enough:

Peter Samuel & Friends

Dear Friends,

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! to one and all. First let me apologise for the long time without any news. Things are hectic as usual and plans are underway for carnival 2008. First off, we’ll be participating in Masquerade's presentation “Caribbean Splendour“, an exposition of colour and dynamics that I’ m sure that you’ll enjoy.

We know that the season is short and that money will be tight, and in checking around it's clear that everyone has gone crazy with their prices ($2,375.00 - $5,000.00) that is one of the main reason that we choose Masduerade, as their costumes are affordable ($1,800.00 - $1,975.00) All-Inclusive and they are also well made and finished.

Our mas camp is located in the same place as the last two years (2006/2007) 40 Alberto Street , Woodbrook, where you can see the designs up close, we’ll be open from 10.00.a.m. on Wednesday 12th December 2007. There will be the usual lime at Masquerade mas camp ( 19 DeVertueil Street Woodbrook) for all masqueraders and friends on Saturday 29th December 2007 from 5.00.p.m.

For further information please do not hesitate to e-mail

Best wishes to all,

Peter Samuel

For a gallery of photos from Masquerade's media launch visit

News from D Krewe

Masqueraders registered with D Krewe should be quite happy to know that "fast tracking" costume payments does not entitle them to only a special line to collect their costumes but also a chance to win TWO cars! Yup, if your costume is paid in full by January 18th 2008, you, D Krewe masquerader are eligible to win this prize. Also, note that the mas camp will be closed for the Christmasl period from December 19th to January 1st, reopening on January 2nd 2008.

Click on the photo for a larger view of the letter:
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