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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bliss Warrior Within Prices

Female Regular - $3875.00
Male - $2995.00
Frontline - $5995.00

Female Regular - $3950.00
Male - $2990.00
Frontline - $5495.95

Female Regular - $3895.00
Large Headpiece - $325.00 extra
Male - $2975.00
Frontline - $5950.00

Female Regular - $3685.00
Large Headpiece - $200.00 extra
Male - $2865.00

Female Regular - $3895.00
Male - $2795.00
Frontline - $4995.00

Izumi Clan 
Female Regular - $3795.00
Large Headpiece - $200.00 extra 
Male - $2895.00
Frontline - $5975.00

*Prices for Ice Warriors have not been released as up to the time of this post.

Let's Talk Warrior Prices!

Lots of people seemed shocked by The Way of the Warrior Prices for Carnival 2011 so I decided to do a side by side comparison of what we paid this year (2010) for costumes by the same designers.

Solange Shaw Gopaul
The Mystery of Loulan
Floor Member TT$3,750 (US$625)
Frontline TT$5,350 (US$892)
Male TT$2,950 (US$492)

Persian Gold
Regular Female - $3750.00
Large Headpiece - $450.000 extra, Collar $650.00 extra
Frontline - $5850.00
Male - $2975.00

Lana Nobrega
Floor Member TT$3,795 (US$633)
Floor Member (Large Headpiece) Add TT$200 (US$33)
Frontline TT$5,995 (US$999.)
Male TT$2,895 (US$483)

Floor Member TT$3,575 (US$596)
Floor Member (Large Headpiece) Add TT$300 (US$50)
Frontline TT$5,975 (US$996)
Male TT$2,825 (US$471)

Regular Female - $3825.00
Large Headpiece - $280.000 extra
Male - $2975.00

Gail Cabral
Floor Member TT$3,550 (US$592)
Floor Member (Large Headpiece) Add TT$300 (US$50)
Frontline TT$5,950 (US$992)
Male TT$2,775 (US$463)

Floor Member TT$3,625 (US$604)
Floor Member (Large Headpiece) Add TT$285 (US$48)
Frontline TT$4,295 (US$716)
Male TT$2,875 (US$479)

Tyrian Purple
Floor Member TT$3,575 (US$596)
Floor Member (Large Headpiece) Add $295 (US$49)
Frontline TT$5,595 (US$933)
Male TT$2,850 (US$475)

Mongol Fighters
Regular Female - $3875.00
Large headpiece - $200.0 extra
Frontline - $4950.00
Male - $2795.00

Monique Nobrega
Xi Ling Shi
Floor Member TT$3,695 (US$616)
Floor Member (Large Headpiece) Add TT$295 (US$49)
Frontline TT$5,495 (US$916)
Male TT$2,875 (US$479)

Floor Member TT$3,650 (US$608)
Floor Member (Large Headpiece) Add TT$275 (US$46)
Frontline TT$5,600 (US$933)
Male TT$2,795 (US$466)

Mayan Eagle
Regular Female - $3950.00
Frontline - $5995.00
Male - $2895.00

Regular Female - $3695.00
Large Headpiece - $300.00 extra
Male - $2895.00

Arctic Warriors
Regular Female - $3750.00
Large Headpiece - $200.00 extra
Male - $2785.00

Melissa James
Lapis Lazuli
Floor Member TT$3,725 (US$621)
Frontline TT$4,250 (US$708)
Male TT$2,695 (US$449)

Knights Templar
Regular Female - $3725.00
Large Headpiece - $450.00 extra
Frontline - $5295.00
Male - $2695.00

Quita Correria
Floor Member TT$3,499 (US$583)
Floor Member (Large Headpiece) Add TT$200 (US$33)
Male TT$2,750 (US$458)

Regular Female -$3795.00
Large Headpiece - $275.00 extra
Male - $2775.00

Peter Elias
Silk of Rajasthan
Floor Member TT$3,550 (US$592)
Floor Member (Large Headpiece) Add TT$300 (US$50)
Male TT$2,795 (US$466)

Masai Tribal Warriors
Regular Female - $3895.00
Male $2875.00

Sandra Hordatt
Threads of Morocco
Floor Member TT$3,550 (US$592)
Floor Member (Large Headpiece) Add TT$350 (US$58)
Floor Member (with Wings) Add TT$400 (US$67)
Frontline TT$5,250 (US$875)
Male TT$2,950 (US$492)

Xi An
Regular Female - $3750.00
Large Headpiece - $450.000 extra
Frontline - $5650.00
Male - $2975.00

Cocktail Girls
Floor Member TT$3,725 (US$621)
Frontline TT$4,795 (US$799)
Frontline (with Back-pack) TT$5,950 (US$992)
Male TT$2,850 (US$475)

Regular Female - $3925.00
Frontline - $5495.00
Male - $2950.00

 Honestly on PAPER the 2010 prices are basically the same as what we paid in 2010, give or take an increase of between $25.00 - $100.00 TT. Even some of the males are cheaper  than what my husband paid for his Mystery of Loulan and they are getting more costume this rounds! Every single costume listed is cheaper than my costume as well, but that is a different story as I paid "Individual" price!

Anyway the question is this ... taking into consideration inflation and higher prices on EVERYTHING in Trinidad and Tobago do you think these costume prices are "fair" given that the increase is either non existent or nominal? Do you think that for Carnival 2011 you are getting LESS costume for the same price?  Would you have preferred MORE costume for MORE money?  Which costumes you think are worth it or not, who is overrated based on price and which designers are giving you the most bang for your buck? Have prices affected your costume choice or even your decision to play in TRIBE at  all? Discuss!

Spice Guest Review Edited To Add Pics

Just an update to say that we now have pics with the Spice Guest Review! I have to admit the first time I actually looked at each section was when I was going through Laura's photos. From the comments I was expecting worse but some of those costumes don't look too bad, lots of recycled material I see. Anyway you can read the review with pictorial visualization now:

Many thanks to Laura for all her hard work!

More Spice pics HERE.

TRIBE Way of the Warrior Costume Options

Now that we have seen the prices for TRIBE and may be wondering exactly what does the "small" headpieces for some of these sections look like. The small headpiece for Gladiators and Amazons were not on display when I visited the mas camp, however I understand that Amazon's smaller headpiece is now up for viewing so I will try to get a photo of it as soon as I can.

TRIBE's facebook page has been doing well with releasing information not found on their website and they have upgraded the costume gallery there with more pics of the different costume options. Check out the fan page here for more pics.

Gladiator comes with a monokini option that I actually really like:

And also a regular bra

Iroquois frontline gives you a choice of monokini or wire bra:

Xi'An's small headpiece that comes with the regular/backline costume:

Persian Gold regular/backline costume comes with a wire headband and NO collar:

You can choose to upgrade and add a collar:

Or add the headpiece

Or add both which will total $4850.00 for Persian Gold to look like it does in the book! I think that is a pretty expensive backline costume to be honest as BOTH my frontlines in 2008 and 2009 cost $4500.00 with a tons more feathers than is on Persian Gold's headpiece and Collar...sigh. So Persian Gold "fully loaded" as I like to call it can be deemed a "frontline" in it's own right at that price!

What was not mentioned in the price listing is the fact that Persian Gold's frontline can be purchased with or without backpack, without backpack it is $5150.00 as pictured below:

And here we have Kinghts Templar small headpiece;

Mayan Eagle regular/backline costume,small headpiece please note:

Love the back that can be tied in different ways:

Mayan Eagle FRONTLINE, price still to be announced

And Frontline with Backpack., my favourite costume!

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