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Monday, March 05, 2007

Did you get the email?

A concerned blogger sent me this email last week, and today it again popped up in my inbox from one of my friends . This was was a coincidence since I heard Paul and Nikki on their radio programme discussing said rumours and allegations this morning. Now I am quite skeptical to believe that this is true seeing that the popular soca artiste in question would know better, in my estimation, than to physically assault a fan! And I am sure that it would have made legitimate news if it were true as the victim has enough grounds to seek legal action and get some money for her troubles knowing that this particular artiste is one of the highest paid in the business. So I am more inclined to think that someone is up to mischief more than this entire incident actually happened yet no one has come forward to back up these claims in some form of media.

For those of you who got the email you know who the allegations are made against and for those who did not, well I think I gave you enough clues to figure it out! I don't want anyone suing me for libel so I will not name names. You can read, digest and come to your own conclusions but the email is making the rounds and if it is not true will only serve to smear the name of the entertainer, which is a shame seeing as he has such big things on the horizon!

From: M..... T........

Sent: Friday, March 02, 2007 1:24 PM

This is something that i experienced personally.
While playing mas in island people this year (great band!) i saw many famous faces including brian lara, chinese laundry jenna marie andre,jeanille from tempo and ______ ______. ______ played in a section called sahara jumbie which was directly after my section called cacti.

One of the ladies who played in my section saw _____ in the band and immediately ran up to him and started winning. She had a drink in her hand and the drink spilled on ______'s back.

To my horror and dismay ______ ______ pushed the lady so hard that she almost fell and then proceeded to slap her. There were some men in the band (supposedly his bodyguards) and they held him back but he was cussing and looking around to find the girl to fight her. ______ ______ wanted to fight with a girl, he wanted to hit a woman! and we tell our youths when they find themselves in a similar situation to walk away and here he is wanted to beat up a woman.

Shame on you Mr. __. I have lost all respect in you as a person and an entertainer.

Pass this around to everyone u know. This is a true true account of what happened. I saw it with my own to eyes and ask anyone who played mas in the cacti or sahara jumbie section on tuesday. The incident occured around lunch time or so by the holy name convent school on charlotte street while the band was awaiting to cross the savannah stage.

Island People Theme 2008...........

So I was peeping on another forum and saw this photo posted which supposedly gives the theme for Island People's 2008 Carnival presentation....what do you think it could be?

T.L.C. 2008?

My friend and I were discussing the merits of TRIBE’s TLC card, whether it worked efficiently or not this year and would it be wise of them to offer masqueraders the TLC card again for 2008 Carnival. Personally I am all for the TLC card, registration was a breeze for me because of it and not the nightmare that we had to endure in 2005 for the 2006 presentation. My only concern this year is who will be eligible for a TLC card. See, if TRIBE decides to award TLC cards to every masquerader who played this year, well I am afraid the band will not only be huge once again but it would be just as difficult to register as in 2005.

See, my estimation is the band was nowhere close to the average 3.500 masqueraders like the previous years, it appeared to me that TRIBE was much larger this year, possibly by 1,500 more masqueraders in addition to 750 security personnel! As a casual observer no one could miss the never-ending parade of truck after truck that made up TRIBE this year and the huge sections like Fancy Sailor and Warrior Spirit. Maybe it was the fact that the band was so large which lead to three sections being “left behind” on South Quay with no music or drinks trucks while the rest of the band was on Tragarete Road.

Therefore if TRIBE’s band leaders have any wish to decrease numbers for 2008, which personally I think would be wise considering the fact that the band was a bit too large for my liking this year, how does the TLC factor into that? Would it mean that the TLC will have to be treated as a “real” loyalty card, not only becoming a reward to loyal masqueraders but loyal masqueraders who have been playing with TRIBE since its inception? Therefore persons who played in 2005, 2006 and 2007 would be afforded the TLC card and first preference in registering.

Last year I thought the plan to have 2006 masqueraders register first was brilliant, until they started giving out TLC cards to 2005 masqueraders and having them register at the same time as those who played in 2006. I think there will be no choice this year to stagger the registration, I mean those who did not play for three consecutive years would understandably be pissed at not being treated as “loyal” but the TLC card defeats the purpose if the really LOYAL masqueraders are not afforded some type of tangible benefit in the registration process.

Honestly I do not want to be left to “fend for myself” when it comes to registration this year, and yes I may be somewhat selfish in not considering the “newbies “who might want to play with TRIBE in 2008. I know many persons gave up on TRIBE with the TLC card last year and played in other bands. But, look how long it took the band to sell out this year. Costumes were still available up until registration was closed for costume distribution. And, if you failed to register for a costume between September and February there were many, many costumes for sale on Carnival Junction. Last resort being heading to Cascadia on Carnival Sunday where the costumes of all those stranded in the U.S. due to the snow storm, in addition to costumes of delinquents like my friends, had to be sold.Point being, as a newbie there are still several avenues to get a costume with TRIBE! I am sure even if TLC cards were distributed not everyone would be using theirs and just like last year persons would register under a friend or family’s TLC card or purchase one as they were on sale by thrifty individuals as well!

So my hope is that the TLC returns for 2008 registration, and this time it is truly a LOYAL masqueraders card giving the ones who have stuck with TRIBE faithfully from it’s beginnings as a new band some “extra special” treatment.
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