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Monday, November 06, 2006

Hitting the Gym!!!!

Ok, better late than never right? I have procrastinated enough and today I am starting the gym since the weather lately has been un-coperative for my walks and ruining my "fitness regime"! Hopefully when it stops raining I will also tackle Lady Chancelor Hill, mix up gym days with walking up that hill.

I realise that time really is flying! Soon it will be January and then it's all over, too late to think about "getting fit" for Carnival. So my plan is to continue eating healthy (I have been learning all sorts of new ways to cook pak choi, cabbage and melongene) and couple that with my walking and now the gym.

Funny enough the Trinidad Guardian has a nice description of the "gym characters" in today's fitness section, thankfully I fall into none of the following categories:

Gym characters

Most people who frequent gyms take their training seriously. They are committed to their respective fitness programmes and are focused on reaching their various exercise goals.

A well-equipped commercial gym can undoubtedly change your body and increase your fitness level once you apply yourself properly. However, as in other workplaces, you can find quite an assortment of funny and irritating characters in the gym arena.

Today I thought it would be a good idea to have a lighthearted look at some of these characters.

Read my list carefully and you might recognise one of the following characters in your gym.


This is the guy who screams with any weight he is pressing or squatting, whether it is 50lbs or 500lbs. While it is quite understandable that when you are handling heavy weights a grunt or shout may naturally escape your lips, there are some men who grunt and scream even if they are only pushing ten lbs. They then proceed to drop the weights on the gym floor with reckless abandon, hoping that the noise would then draw your attention to how hard they are working out.


This woman comes to the gym with matching gym outfits and handbags, moves from machine to machine without breaking a sweat and then after 30 minutes on the gym floor goes to the changing room and re-appears in a new outfit for her aerobics class.


This is a male or female who feels it is his or her duty to ensure that every mirror in the gym is in good working condition. Sometimes when they are on the Stairmaster, they have the potential to put themselves in a deep state of hypnosis with the great degree of admiration they have for their reflection in the mirror. In other words, they become legends in their own minds.


This is the guy who is never seen in short pants. He always trains in a track suit pants and only does upper body work. The end result: He comes out with a big upper body and skinny legs, very much in keeping with the look of Big Bird or cartoon character Johnny Bravo.

He also flexes his biceps, while taking utmost care to hide his calves, when engaging you in conversation.


While it is quite understandable that a woman may develop a fair amount of cellulite on her legs, this person should also take the necessary steps to wear the appropriate clothing to the gym and spare other members the pain of having to view legs that should not be

in mini-shorts, but in more selective gym apparel.

Anjée takes her training seriously and isn’t on the gym characters list.
Photo courtesy Brian Chin Leung


This guy needs to understand that perfume and sweat do not mix well; he should avoid trying to use out the entire contents of the bottle in one gym visit. A nice bath, accompanied with a good quality deodorant and clean gym wear, is usually all the preparation necessary for you to make your grand entrance into the gym



This guy is neither an instructor or trainer, but he knows everything about training and feels compelled to show you the “correct” way to do every exercise, even if your form is flawless. As a result, you have absolutely no time to enjoy your own company.


Even if she arrives late for her class, she manages to wiggle herself into the frontline and then feels it is her duty to indicate to the instructor how much time he must allot for actual aerobics training and how much for floor work.


This person finds everything in the gym to complain about, ranging from the gym fees to the fact that she is tired of seeing the instructors in green polo jerseys. If the gym was too clean, she would probably complain about that as well.

It takes all types to make up this crazy world we live in and whether you are at work or in the gym, you are sure to spot a character that will bring either a smile or frown to your face. Keep training.

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