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Monday, August 09, 2010

TRIBE Costume Close Ups - Way of the Warrior

TRIBE 's Mas Camp is now open for viewing and as usual I have closeup pics for your viewing pleasure. At the Mas Camp Amazon was drawing everyone in; told you so! The details on that costume are very pretty!

Check out the full gallery of pics HERE and for those of you on facebook the Trinidad Carnival Diary fan page has Close Up pics of both TRIBE and Bliss plus photos of all the band launches so far, link HERE.

Spice Guest Review

Hey y'all! I'm Laura and I blog about all things styling, fitness, and Trini living over at Adventures in Tralaland, and I served as Saucy's eyes last night at the Spice 2011 Signature Collection band launch.

I arrived at Zen nice and early to snag myself a good spot, settled in with a drink, and waited. When the lights went down around 10, we were serenaded by a great classical quartet—plugged in and sounding pretty fierce and definitely complementing the "classy things in life" vibes that the theme promised. The playing came to an end, the lights went back on slowly, and out came… (in order):

Walk of Fame (red):
I'm liking the large red stones (I played Rubies of Mumbai last year, so no surprise). There are just two colors of stone, which keep this really sharp and clean. I don't usually go for white and red, but I think the headpiece pulls it off with the touch of gold (and the forehead design on the frontline is really beautiful and well complemented by the shoulder feather detailing). My only slight quibble is that the stone arrangement on the belt looks like Rubies last year. As for the males… Well, let's hope the next one does better.

Haute Couture (greys/golds) 
Oh my… Beautiful!! I love the tassel detailing on the backline and frontline; the backline really doesn't look any less gorgeous. This is the first grey costume I've ever seen that I love. Swirls in the backline bra, that intricate chain attaching from the bra to the belt, and the contrast of colors make this one pop. Beautiful headpiece (lots of big embellished stone among the feathers) and leg/arm bands. As for the males, I'm liking the necklace and the feathers on the headpiece. I would totally approve of my man in this one (good thing—he likes it too).

Tres Chic:
That tinfoil silver is a great backdrop for the saturated pinks, greens, and violets. I loved the look in the media launch, and it didn't disappoint. I like that the difference between floor and frontline is mainly in the headpiece and leg/arm pieces—it's one of the few costumes where equal attention was paid to the backline model. As for the boys, nice and shiny as well, though I'm not sure why the board shorts are orange instead of pink.

I'm a sucker for peacock colors, so I'm loving this one and its color combo. The dark teal makes the gold and violet highlights pop and the belt detail will be really flattering for lady legs. Nice sway on all the headpiece options sway beautifully. The frontline options were outrageous; pretty, but the models were struggling to carry them around, which doesn't bode well for the road. As for the male, there's a nicely feathered headpiece and bold belt, but that chestpiece? Man bra. A bra on a man is not getting my vote. Spice, please redesign that contraption so that my man can rock some peacock feathers, please. No man wants to look like he's containing his moobs!

Carnival Vicuna:
Pretty color mix, very bright, and nicely detailed headpiece. I really like the mix of saturated pink and touch of orange here—very bright, with a well-detailed headpiece and a very pretty belt. However, I'm a bit stumped—it's a very similar shade of pink to Tres Chic, that headpiece is very Roman Empire from last year, and the striped bra detailing is very similar to some of the other costumes that came out. As for the male… Bleh.

Ladies, we have us some purple! Some very pretty, very skimpy purple, with nice contrast in gold, amber, and light green detailing. I like the idea of it, but I wish there was more going on in the armband/legband department. I also understand that not everyone wants the weight of ten birds on their head, but that headpiece is TOO small—where did the rest of it go? As for the menfolk, I like the headband, but WHAT is the string around the chest? Did someone go fishing in their carnival costume and fall off the boat? Scissors, please and thank you, because that is sloppy-looking.

Peruvian Splendor:
Oh boy. IF Spice hadn't put out Wings of Isis last year, and IF Wings of Isis hadn't had the exact same shade of turquoise and the exact same gold trim (albeit in a different arrangement) and fabric hanging from the belt, I'd be ALL over this. But they DID put out Wings of Isis last year, and I can't look at it without thinking back to that costume. It's a shame, too, because this is a really beautiful costume (and I actually prefer the headpiece to the one from Wings) with unique detailing across the bra and belt. Male: meh. The necklace could be bigger.

Vines of Syrah:
I would sell half my belongings to get my hands on that frontline! The backpack feathers swish and contrast in shades, the bra piece attaches to the belt in an amazing, well-crafted gold swirl, and the headpiece jewels on the forehead are spot-on. The backline is beautiful, as well, and I'm glad to see the intricate detailing was carried through on this one, too.
Male: neat necklace, though again, I wish it were bigger.

Bordeaux Beauty:
Pretty detailing on the bra and belt; I really like the inverted V connecting them, and the wine pops against the nude shade. I think it would pop more if the wine shade were used more in the headpiece feathers—more contrast is always a good thing.
Male: I like the criss-cross thing going on with the necklace, but.. something's missing?

Tuscany Sunset:
Gorgeousness! The striped feathers, the large beads with the contrasting thin metalwork on the bra and belt, the asymmetric shoulders… LOVE. And the frontline is stunning, with that beautiful jeweled piece between the belt and the bra.
Males: nice necklace, but what's going on with the headpiece? It looks like an alien antenna, and I'm not sure if that's an entirely good thing.

Jubilee (silver)
Frontline—totally gorgeous. It really shines. The cage bra version is stunning (and tiny), and the monokini version works the mesh in beautifully with some unique armpieces, and the mesh option also features unusual leg pieces with feathers from knee to ankle. Backline? This reminds me of bad wedding gift lingerie. You need to work pretty hard to make a white costume look like more than basic-issue bra and panty, and this one didn't even try. A wire headpiece does not a carnival costume make. This was by far the worst costume at this launch, and possibly the worst I've ever seen from a big band (yes, even worse than Tribe's Serica last year). The designer either fell asleep or the dog ate their homework. I really hope this option gets scrapped, or that at least gets redesigned with some of the lovely detailing from both frontline options, because I do not want to see ANYONE wearing that misery of a so-called costume out on the road.
Male: I'm digging the white headpiece. Is it a bandanna or a fez?

Canary Frost
Very nice detailing on the bra, which has a unique shape in the front, very geometric and fresh in the frontline and highly decorated in the floor model. Remember Thailand last year? So do I—because I'm looking at the same belt for frontline, which is nice, but I'd actually say I prefer the smaller belt on this one. The headpiece is bright yellow, but it pulls off the intensity—not a touch of Big Bird here! Very nice. My only slight quibble is that I wish the bra was the same shade as the headpiece.

Sha Jahaan
More pink? Yes. Pretty bra detailing, but I wish there was another color here. I also commend the designers on trying to go feather-free in the floor member, but I'm not digging the spiky headpiece, which I'd swear is the same as on the disaster that is Jubilee floor member. And I want those pink frontline butterfly wings returned to Victoria's Secret, please.

Here's hoping some engineering goes into the headpiece designs so don't go flying this year—except for Rubies of Mumbai, last year was a sea of tilting headpieces. It didn't help matters that the models were really struggling with some of the frontline headpieces and backpacks (and even with some of the floor models)! I hope this gets resolved.

Men's costumes: I'm actually feeling sorry for Mr. Laura, who will wear whatever gets dished out because there isn't a SINGLE male option with any real effort put into it this year. Didn't last year's men in Rubies of Mumbai, Wings of Isis and Merchants of Venice show that sometimes a man DOES want more than board shorts? I was unimpressed and he was even more so. I know it's the same story every year… But it's still disappointing.

Frontline vs. floor: A LOT of detailing went into the frontlines, and they are breathtaking. However, that same detailing didn't translate into all of the floor costumes. In some cases, the only way you get a good idea of the theme and design of the floor member is by looking at it next to its corresponding frontline. I really wanted to play frontline last year but there was no reason to, because the floor numbers were stunning. This year, I want to play frontline because the floor members don't translate the vibe so well. That's not how it should be.

Models: very pretty, all, but very stiff! These are carnival costumes, folks! With feathers! That are meant to swing! It would have been helpful if the models had paused for three seconds at each pose to maximize the wow (and the photo ops)—some just sped off like their phones were ringing backstage. However, major props to the frontline model for Tuscany Sunset—she set that costume on FYAH!

The theme is still baffling. Yes, I get it in theory, but in practice it's just a way of having us some (very) pretty mas, because except for Jubilee Frontline and Bordeaux (which are very literal) I don't see how it comes together. Fine costumes, yes, but I'm not convinced it comes together as a theme, though kudos to the designers for trying to convey something a bit more ephemeral.

Also, I didn't like the fact the replicas from last year. Big red stones on both, the Peruvian Wings of Isis, the pink and orange of last year's Gates of Petra on a darker pink this time, similar belts for Canary and Thailand from last year… If the same colors are going to be used, a real effort needs to be made so we don't see what we see last year. More attentions should have been paid to this.

I know it sounds like I'm truly negative here, when in fact I do think that there are some beautiful costumes that will look good on the road. Apart from the disaster that is Jubilee floor member, there isn't a single one that doesn't have something to recommend it. However, nothing grabs my eye the way that so many of them did last year.

I played in Spice last year, when I would have done so on the basis of costumes alone, even if I hadn't heard anything else about the band, because those costumes rocked. This year, the decision to play in Spice would be based on my experience on the road last year rather than on the fact that I'd DIE if I didn't get to play in X costume. I don't feel the need to bring out my nails and stand in line to make sure I get THAT costume—and that's really disappointing.

Spice Signature Collection Video

Zodeack Review

First off I would like to say thanks to the YUMA crew for allowing us, Afro Chic, Carnival Jumbie and I, full access to backstage with a preview and up close detailed look at the costumes. From that perspective  we were able to see the costumes in all stages, from lying on a table to the models getting dressed and then on stage. We also were able to examine each and every costume up close which I believe gave us an advantage over those of you seeing them for a few seconds on stage. 

And to the commenter who said “you mo-fos are ridiculous! Aftr people put their blood sweat and tears into their work..all you can do is sit there and critize!? “(sic). I hate to break it to you but this is what masqueraders do before we hand over our hard earned cash. We look at costumes in and out, poring over photos, making numerous trips to the mas camps and having consultations with friends. We DO have an opinion on whether we like costumes or not. After all, we are paying THOUSANDS of dollars for these blinged out bikinis . So until they are giving them away for free, I respect that a lot of hard work and effort would have gone into these costumes, but at the end of the day it is a product for public consumption and as a result it will be held up to measure. With that said, unto the costumes!

The Oracle
The frontline of this costume is very well done with all the bits and pieces that make up the bra , I love the fact that the back pack uses fabric as well as feathers and my opinion on it has not changed since the media launch. The regular costume is nicely finished as well, but I do have to say it reminds me of Spice’s Greece (circa Carnival 2010). Other than that I am liking this section, sure to be one that is popular. The Individual costume balanced a bit precariously on the model when she was on stage, leaning backwards, however she was dancing in the costume at the end of the show and did not seem bothered by the back pack.

Interesting colour combination for Virgo as I was expecting white for virginity even though the colour associated with Virgo is blue, but I was definitely not expecting mauve and baby pink! This one did not stand out to me, when all the parts came together it looked “pretty” but I was expecting more from Virgo, something along the lines of the Individual costume. Too bad the female Individual model raced on an off the stage and the male looked as if he was having problems with his wings.

Different bra options for both the frontline and regular costume. Regular costume is simple but lots of gem work on the bra and belt. The frontline is lovely, but I have seen that backpack in Caspian Sea (I am sorry I know it is the same designers but I do have to point out the obvious). Other than that I really love the colour yellow and the overall impact of the frontline. I would love to know how comfortable the cut out bra was for the model as she was dressed for hours before the show.

One of my favourite costumes, if only because it is my Star Sign! Yes the beaded monokini reminds you of Spangled Cotinga but when last have you seen such a shade of red mixed in with black and a wicked Mohawk? Fierce! I love it. Now mind you I was expecting a tail or stinger of sorts on the frontline and I have to say I was disappointed that element was added to the individual costume. The regular costume is just as fierce but that belt may just be a tad too wide with all the stones, looks a bit chunky from afar.

I like the decorated underwear and skirted bottom/belt, as an option apart from the teeny tiny belts on the other sections it could appeal to women looking for more coverage. However I am not partial to the colour, muted shades of earth tones don’t really grab me. The headpiece is interesting, and one of those that vary in style a bit thought they all basically have a similar shape. The “horse” element of the sign is captured in the headpiece with a braided ponytail….I will get back to you on how I feel about that one after I marinate on the idea!

I never really met a black and gold costume I liked until this one. I love the chains and the studded detail on the bra. At first when I saw it I went “what the hell is that supposed to be” But when all the parts came together I have to say I like it. I especially liked the sleeves on the frontline but those leg pieces! Great idea but not so good an execution as the model had issues in walking properly; I cannot see this working in a crowd on Carnival Tuesday . Love the headpiece with the gold feathers!

I still think the regular costume is very pretty, quite possibly one of the prettiest in the entire band. If this costume represented one thing it was all the stars in the night sky glittering with ALL that bling, wow, bling overload. The frontline costume sent the crowd wild, especially when they got a look at the back. I loved the Individual costume for this one, headpiece meets back pack ;very nice!

I love the frontline costume with the plunge bustier; I get the “water” effect of this costume, very well done. The headpiece is a sort of 3 dimensional shape that is best observed up close. The regular costume is cute, and mirrors the frontline with the dripping beads and that headpiece that frames the face like a flying fish. Can you tell I am not a fan of this particular headpiece shape? I loved the wings on the frontline, liking anything with fabric on these costumes as it added something different and interesting with ALL that bling!

Disappointed that this costume is grey, I was looking forward to some more colour from Aries especially as this sign rules under the colour red. Rather generic regular costume, albeit well decorated. The frontline costume just had a larger headpiece but the Individual was  hot! I loved the structured dominatrix corset with the chains and that headpiece! This could easily be Scorpio as well. Aries the ram? Not seeing it, but I do love the Individual.

Hands down Taurus is my favourite costume in the whole collection. I LOVE this shade of “earth tone”, the sandy colour and beige is supposed to represent a bull charging through dust….ok, then. Love the horns on the headpiece and LOVE the circular gemmed detail on the belt of the regular costume which is repeated in the gemmed over lay halter top of the frontline, HOT! This frontline would be my pick in YUMA, I love it.. love the backback with the horns…love everything about it. As for the individual costume those Swarovski covered sleeves look mighty familiar! And there are the pants I was hoping to see, I did have pants on my wish list for Carnival 2011. The male Individual needs to give those arm pieces to the male in TRIBE’s Xi An section!

My least favourite section. I dig the belt on the frontline with the jeweled panties, however the panty needs more gems, as they are too spaced out so it looks unfinished. I do not like the shade of green or the mix with the pearls but the model wore this costume well! The regular costume is ok, the green is just not my personal favourite shade of green.

The female costume is supposed to represent the coral that the male costume, the crab, rests on…..I would give kudos to the fact that the design details on the female costume does give a coral effect. The regular costume is nice, I like the bra and the shape of the headpiece as it is a bit different from the rest. The frontline has many things happening at once! I like the leg pieces and that underwear reminds me of Venus on a Half Shell for some reason. My main issue with this costume is the headpiece as it kept falling forward on the model all evening. Hopefully something that can be sorted out in production.

A controversial costume between Carnival Jumbie and myself, read her review for her take on it. I happen to like Leo! Ok so maybe I am not totally feeling the fur on the costume however I do like that headpiece! The use of hair weave? Brilliant! I love it, so you can comb and fluff your headpiece before hitting the road! Frontline Leo.. my word, I don’t think the crowd was expecting that back and I am sure I saw the President mopping his brow when the model turned around and her entire ass was outside! This monokini is NAKED! Clearly for the brave.

I am not even going to review the male costumes, for one the guys were in a hurry to get off the stage so I barely saw the costumes! I only remembered a few, Scorpio stood out as well as Taurus and Capricorn. But on the whole they were all rather generic, the females stole the show on the men once again.

Overall very pretty costumes no doubt, with TONS of bling and feathers. I gave up trying to “see” the star signs in the costumes as some of them did not even translate with the colour attributed with the Zodiac, theme, what theme? Just appreciate the costumes on aesthetic value. I do think many of the headpieces looked similar, same style, same placement of feathers so it did get a bit repetitive even though all the headpieces were well done. What I like is how finished all the costumes were presented; you can really see that the designers designed down to the last piece as a compliment to the costume. The main issue I think for some of the Individual costumes is that they looked laborious on the stage as the models had issues carrying them around. The good news is that all the bits and extras are all optional on the costumes, so you have the choice to remove or add pieces as you see fit.

So, tell me are you feeling YUMA?

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