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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

TRIBE section update

Lo and behold Luna is SOLD OUT , only Myths of Babylonia is left in TRIBE! Check the website for the update.

Black Widow Prices

Here are the prices for Black Widow Spider, Sonia Mack's section in Island People's Animal Instinct, please note registration for this section begins tomorrow:

Option 1:

Frontline (with cape) - $3795.00
Backline (without cape) $3195.00

Option 2:

Frontline (with spider legs) - $3895.00
Backline (without spider legs) - $3395.00

Both costumes pictured below are "special" costumes and you need to contact Sonia for more information on those.


Sonia Mack


#1A Maingo Drive St Lucian Road Diego Martin


Island People Registration Day 2

Online registration is still not available, I just called the mas camp and was advised to keep checking the website as they are having some technical difficulties.

Also, Kingfisher BACKLINE is still available at in house registration, and is not sold out as previously reported. However both Kingfisher frontline and Silver Fox ((backline AND frontline) are sold out.

Edited to add:

Update from Island People at 11:45AM

Thanks again for your patience in regards to online registration. We are prepared to start online registration at 12 Noon today. We had a HUGE rush yesterday in the mas camp and we expect the same online. If you get a message saying a costume sold out then please choose another costume.

Please remember that your online deposit is 50% of the costume price plus the 5% PayPay surcharge. This is the equivalent of calculating 52.5% of the full costume price. Please make paypal payments to and include your name and costume selection in the subject/message line of the paypal form.

You will have 24 hours to make the payment. We will notify you when we've processed your registration request and again when we have confirmed your correct payment.

Thanks soooo much!!!


First Look at Dream Team

I had all intentions on going to Dream Team's launch on Sunday especially as they were generous enough to offer me a Media invitation but circumstances beyond my control led to me not being able to attend. For those of you on Facebook the Carnivalscene group has from Dream Team's launch of Bejeweled as well as

In the interim I am working on getting some more costume photos for viewing on the blog, but the ones I have seen so far from Carnivalscene and are looking good. Check them out!

Unoffical Carnival 2008 Fete Calender

Last year there was a bogus fete calender making the rounds on the Internet so I was a bit hesitant to post this one as the only dates I am 100% sure of are Carnival Monday and Tuesday. But, since everyone has been enquiring about the this calender, here it is:

Unsure when these fetes are………
* Wicked In White
* Blue Range All Inclusive Fete - Diego Martin
* Pearl Garden All Inclusive Fete - Petit Valley
* BGTT Energy-Inclusive Fete - Chaguaramas Golf Club

Tuesday January 1st, 2008
* Trinity College's Soka In Moka - Trinity College (Maraval)

Saturday January 5th, 2008
* QRC Outta de Blue VII All-Inclusive - QRC Grounds (St. Clair)

Sunday January 6th, 2008
* UWI 17th Annual All-Inclusive Carnival Fete - UWI Grounds (St Augustine)
* ISLAND People Amnesia Fete - Pier 1 (Chaguaramas)

Saturday January 12th, 2008
* Bishop Anstey All-Inclusive - Bishop Anstey Grounds (POS)
* St Mary's All-Inclusive Fete - St. Mary's College (Pembroke St, POS)

Sunday January 13th, 2008
* bpTT All-Inclusive

Friday January 18th, 2008
* Central Bank All Inclusive - Eric Williams Plaza
* Bazodee Friday - Pier 1 (Chaguaramas)

Saturday January 19th, 2008
* NGC Sports Club All-Inclusive (Country Club)
* O' Farrell's All-Inclusive - Mobs 2

Sunday January 20th, 2008
* Panorama
* Mc Leod All Inclusive - Pier 1 (Chaguaramas)
* Annual Blood Bank Fete - Country Club (Maraval)
* U.S. Embassy Annual All-Inclusive (Chaguaramas Golf Course)

Friday January 25th, 2008

Saturday January 26th, 2008
* Fatima College All-Inclusive
* Machel's Alternative Concept 6

Sunday January 27th, 2008
* CAREC All-Inclusive - Federation Park (St. Clair)
* Nestle All-Inclusive

Monday January 28th, 2008
* PNM Fete - Balisier House

Tuesday January 29th, 2008
* Eyes Wide Shut CARNIVALE - Queens Park Oval
* Island Style Glow '07 - Mobs 2 - Chaguaramas
* Bishops Junior School All-Inclusive Fete

Wednesday January 30th, 2008
* Bacchanal Wednesday - Chaguaramas
* Customs Boys Fete - Hasely Crawford Stadium (Port of Spain)

Thursday January 31st, 2008
* Michael Headley's All Inclusive Fete - Salybia
* Beach House Carnival - Ortinola Estate (Maracas)
* Alternative Thursdays (Down de islands)

Friday February 1st, 2008
* Island People Girl Power - Queen's Hall (Port of Spain)
* Blue Range Cooler Fete - Diego Martin
* Rise All-Inclusive - Country Club (Maraval)
* Cooler Fete - Pier 1 (Chaguaramas)

Saturday February 2nd, 2008
* Panorama Finals
* Island Style Insomnia Fete - Mobs 2 (Chaguaramas)
* Trini Posse All-Inclusive Fete - Chaguaramas
* Sunny Side Up All-Inclusive Breakfast Party - Palm Av W, Petit Valley

Sunday February 3rd, 2008 (Carnival Sunday)
* Moka All-Inclusive Fete - Maraval
* Brian Lara All-Inclusive Fete - Chancellor Hill

Monday February 4th, 2008
* Parade of the Bands

Tuesday February 5th, 2008
* Parade of the Bands

Like I said, I am not sure of any of these dates so take it with the knowledge that later on they might turn out to be incorrect. The "official" fete calender is usually released by Peter Ray Blood later on in the year.
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